Family Guy

Season 11 Episode 6

Lois Comes out of Her Shell

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 25, 2012 on FOX

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  • Terrific

  • I have yet to see a worse episode.

    Normally if I don't like a Family Guy episode, it's just because I find it boring. But this one is actually awful.

    The plot is basically just a uncreative way to make Lois act like "young" again like she did in Model Misbehavior. But why compare to a way, way funnier episode?

    Lois was off the charts here, and not in a good way. Here she was just irritating when screaming almost the whole time and delivering many cringeworthy lines. The reactions to she and Peter having sex in the laundry room are so wooden it's embarrassing. The subplot could have been something, but they never take the premise as far as they can and the fight scene ends with Super Mario stomping on a turtle. AFTER ONLY 30 SECONDS!!! Why??? Why, oh why, oh why?!

    Watch this only to see Peter beating Justin Bieber's brains out, other than that it's a dreck.
  • AAAAAAh!!!!

    Annoying episode. Conway Twitty joke popped up and Lois never come out of your shell again.
  • It's episodes like these that make me want to shoot Lois full of arrows.

    Lois goes through a midlife crisis and decides to act like a stereotypical 20 year old. This is where things get really bad. From moments like Lois showing off her tramp stamp, Conway Bieber, and Lois saying do me here in the basement, it's a episode that'll make you want to kill Lois. I cannot tell you how bad this episode is - you'll have to see for yourself why I hate this episode, but even then it doesn't sound like a good episode in either case.
  • Lois Comes Out

    Another weird episode of Family Guy, a bit too mainstream was the humor (the Justin Bieber material for example) but it was not all that bad. Still, these Lois-centric episodes never seem to catch on or really entertain me, and this one was no different.

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