Family Guy

Season 6 Episode 5

Lois Kills Stewie (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 11, 2007 on FOX

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  • Sonic

  • Part 2

    Presumed dead, Lois returns to name Stewie as the person who tried to kill her. On the look out for Stewie, Joe leads a manhunt around Quahog. Determined to take over the world again, Stewie does whatever he can to become supreme ruler of the world. Desperate to stop Stewie, Lois realizes what she must do. I'm only generous for the score because of evil Stewie here...but this part was not as good. If I wasn't generous at all, it's be a great score. Either way, there were some funny parts like Conseula's appearance, Stewie in American Idol, Stewie going asleep then he accidentally shot the gun while the car go crazy, Stan and Bullock's cameo (who both are from American Dad), and a couple more. Overall this part wasn't as funny as part 2. 10/10
  • Part 2 of the 2-Part episode was SUPERB (except it was a little better than Part 1)

    Presumed dead, Lois returns to name Stewie as the person who tried to kill her. On the look out for Stewie, Joe leads a manhunt around Quahog. Determined to take over the world again, Stewie does whatever he can to become supreme ruler of the world. Desperate to stop Stewie, Lois realizes what she must do. In my opinion, Part 2 of this 2-Part episode was a little bit better than Part 1 and it didn't have any dragged on or boring parts except for maybe the Jafar cutaway which I can let it slide. My score was only a tiny bit low because I didn't like it when Stewie was forcing Brian to compliment Joe and then end it with an insult to make Joe feel sad and not very happy... felt bad for Joe and didn't find it funny. Also, the other reviewers like Part 1 better than Part 2 BUT for me, it's the other way around. Peter and Lois switching bodies was funny especially when Peter was playing with Lois' boobs. Chris not being tied up by his hands the whole time was also funny and the law with everyone having to throw apples at Peter very time they see him was funny as well. The continuation from the cliffhanger in Part 1 was also very good and I really enjoyed seeing Stan Smith (from "American Dad") making a cameo appearance. The fight scene with Lois and Stewie was also awesome but pretty brutal. Most of the reviewers found the fight scene to be boring but I honestly found it to be entertaining. Also, I kinda saw the ending coming when I first saw this episode so it really wasn't a surprise to me but the ending was pretty funny. Overall, Part 2 was a little bit better than Part 1 in my opinion. 9.5/10
  • Kinda boring compared to Part 1


    Presumed dead, Lois returns to name Stewie as the person who tried to kill her. On the look out for Stewie, Joe leads a manhunt around Quahog. Determined to take over the world again, Stewie does whatever he can to become supreme ruler of the world. Desperate to stop Stewie, Lois realizes what she must do.

    Peter shooting stewie was VERY disturbing, and the fight was boring.


  • Part 2

    This is Part 2. Lois comes back to life, because she wasnt really dead. She actually floated to an island, and came across a Merman (fish head, man body), a group of nazis, and a fat camp. Stewie goes missing, and the police start looking for him. The Griffins find him in the house, and Stewie makes Brain drive with a gun to his head. Stewie goes to the CIA, and becomes ruler of the Earth, until Lois comes and kills him. And.... it turns out the whoel thing was a simulation that Stewie made to see how it would work out if he ruled the world and killed Lois.

    Overall Grade: 85%/B+
  • decent

    everyone knows how evil stewie is now. so now the police are after him. he ties the griffins to chairs and runs away with brian, and has a new plan to become ruler of the world. Lois realizes what she must do to thwart him- she must kill him.

    OK episode, had some good laughs and an interesting story. It was a nice continuation of the cliffhanger that ended last week's episode. I did not like the ending much but otherwise good {and yes i did get the ending i just did not find it very funny}. Overall grade- B-
  • Not as good as the first part, and doesn't live up to the hype, too much filler material.

    Okay, 2 weeks ago, I thought Family Guy lost touch with its roots, having no real plot and just of bunch of random flashbacks for filler material. But then a week ago, 'Stewie Kills Lois' aired and I loved show again. And after watching this, the conclusion episode, I found it to be opposite of last week's episode. It was like they were going 4 speed last week and just drop to two this week.

    The biggest problem about the episode wasn't the ending, where we found it to be a 'simulation' sequence, but really the material used through out the episode to slow down the plot. They were some really great jokes worthy of Family Guy in this episode, but there was too filler material throughout the episode, the usual overstretched flashbacks and jokes.

    Normally, I would give this a Seven (Good) level rating, but compare this episode to South Park's recent 'Imaginationland Trilogy' and The Simpsons' Classic 'Who Shout Mr. Burns' Two-parter, this conclusion was a big wet-down when the staff could have done SO much better, so I gave it a mediocre scoring.
  • it was ok but part 1 was way better and the ending was dissipointing

    I was so glad stewie did not really die cause he is what saving the show after season 4 he is the best charter in the hole show and plus the title is not right because in the simulion it was peter that killed stewie and too tell you the truth I really really hated that I actally wanted stewie to kill lois and he was about too until peter killed him whick sucked thank goodness that stewie did not die but what also sucked that it was a simuliation the hole time whick sucked I wish it just end bye stewie killing lois but it being a dream I think thats actally better but the episod was ok but part 1 was way better.
  • Ferocious content, even for Family Guy, but hilarious.

    This is a pretty nauseating episode - nauseating even for Family Guy. I believe it was a little too extreme - the idea of Lois willing to murder her baby. The images of Stewie being torn apart at the hands of his mother are pretty vicious content. But this installment had enough funny moments that I'll really enjoy myself up until the point that a mother brutally slaughters her child. Ultimately, this is definitely not lacking in all the marvelous stuff that makes Family Guy so outstanding. I also doubt there are a great number of Family Guy fans who would be terribly disturbed by extreme violence. After all, it's not like we haven't seen it before.
  • The conclusion - and its great!

    The conclusion to Lois and Stewi saga is worthy of family guy. And I don't care about the ending!
    Best bits: Lois' explantion of her survival; the merman with the fish head and human body; Lois falling in love with the neo-nazi; Stewie on the run; Joe searching the Fortress of Solitude; The whole Joe/Brian thing; Stewie being confronted by Stan Smith and Bullock from American Dad; Stewie actually taking over the world and his new laws; the family tied to the chair and Chris clapping (its no good getting pissy I think we've had a great time!); the fight in the White House; Stewie's death and the ending where the middle finger is raised at the audience. But its a rather funny ending.
  • This episode was so cool, that I can't believe it almost happen, I mean, the final battle was good.

    Well, I thought this episode wounldn't be that good, but I was wrong. Lois entering the courthouse the last episode, set up the rest of the plot. Lois kicked butt, the third time we see her fight someone. Stewie beeing evil enough to shoot and kill clexlandm and American Dad crossover, that was the best part. I was a little shock that from Peter's first mistake on the ship, the rest of their trip when on smoothyly, when Stewie was in the simulation. Bottom line, best wpisode of season 6, and just like that show, they cut black at midsent-.
  • It doesn't get much better...

    So Stewie killed Lois in the previous instalment of Family Guy. But now, Lois Griffin comes back to life and seeks revenge on her now high flying son, Stewie. In the end, Lois kills Stewie and she has got her revenge!

    This episode is absolutely great. It is a truly great sequel to the first part of it. I don't know which one I like better!

    The best part is that after Stewie is dead, he wakes up and all of it was just some long dream. That's absolutely classic!

    The best two-parted episode of Family Guy! It really doesn't get any better than this!
  • One of the best episodes ever of Family Guy, epic...

    Lois escaped from her inpending doom on the previous episode, but with serious consequences.

    Now, Stewie has all but taken over the world, he killed two people, ONE of them being Cleveland. Hell, this episode had it all - high laughter, high storylines, high suspense, and a shocking ending - but in a good way!

    The plot thickened as Stewie got his wish by gaining world domination, Lois wouldn't give up without a fight. Not only that, but this episode contained my favorite flashback of all time! "Stewie on American Idol" - Damn gummit hilarious. I'll never ever forget this one for as long as I live, that means this episode. The killing scene was epic! "It's just been revoked" said Peter (just shot and killed Stewie). Then, this whole thing ended up to be a simulation. A real twist to the plot, and an unforgettable one.

    Overall, one of the most exciting episodes in the dawn of Family Guy. The show just keeps getting better and better.
  • It was good, but it didn't end. It was only part 1. This week we had part 2, so after Stewie killed Lois we were to see how she would kill him.

    And because of the way the first part went, I didn't expect anything special about this episode, anything else than being a good and funny half-hour of television.

    So I watched it, and while I would not call myself disappointed by the episode I thought it wasn't really that good, or funny. As an episode alone, it was probably an okay-episode, nothing else. Compared to part 1, I'd have to say it was a disappointment. But let's start with the end, because that's the way things usually works, right?

    So here's a bit "twist" : this was all a simulation, none of what we saw was real. I won't call it a pretty cheap move, but I fully agree with Bryan's point of view on the whole thing : it felt indeed like a "giant middle finger", but let's be honest we all saw it coming. We could already suspect it from last week, because Lois revealed that Stewie tried to kill her.

    From that point on, things couldn't be the same on Family Guy, whether or not he was to be trialed, whether or not she was to kill him, things simply couldn't stay as they used to be. Lois couldn't just take her whole family and go home, knowing that the little Stewie once tried to kill her, no way. And there wasn't many ways to get out of it, only one, in fact : that none of this was actually happening.

    This is what this show is all about, this is how things works here. There are no such things as consequences or character development. It's not new that things don't really evolve as they would in reality in the world of cartoons, Maggie has been a baby for a few decades, Cartman and his friends have been eight years old or so for 10 years or so, and Bonnie (Joe's wife) has been pregnant for an awful long time now, it always happens.

    But on Family Guy, it goes further, with every episode being a succession of jokes without necessary the need for either a story or character development, and for certain none of what happens will stick around. So it wasn't really a surprise, but I think we could have expected a bit more, maybe, for a special 100th episode.

    Because in the end, while the first part last week was pretty funny, this one wasn't. Sure, a few jokes worked - I really liked to way they recap last week's episode, now that was good. Stewie falling asleep in the car and starting to shoot everywhere was hilarious, I loved the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes bit, and Peter's reaction when he was in Lois' body was only natural (and I assume they just triggered it again to switch back, and that Peter didn't fight for some reason. I wonder if it wouldn't have been better if from this point on, things occured as they did, only with Peter and Lois still not in their own bodies), and while it was more of a background thing I laughed when I saw how Cleveland's dead body was "hidden" under the couch.

    But overall it was disappointing, because even in a simulated world, in the universe of Family Guy, the way Lois got healed was really a non-sense. It felt like they need to have us believed she was actually dead, and then brought her back without having a real explanation for it. Just like the way she spend one year not knowing who she really was, just another cheap explanation for the whole thing that didn't make any sense.

    And besides that, the picking on Joe wasn't really funny, the way Stewie got into the CIA and become President of the World was a bit too easy/quick, felt like another one of those quick things that just needed to happen but hadn't been thought trough that much. And then, as a variation on the Peter versus the Giant Chicken we had Stewie and Lois to fight for some time, with a bit of The Matrix effects throw in…

    Wake up, viewer. Nothing of this was real. The End.
  • This episode was awesome!! Until I found out it was a computer simulation...

    This is the continuing of Stewie kills Lois. Where Lois tells the jury the real murderer, when everyone thought it was Peter, except Brian cause he knew. Anyways, when she says so everyone was confused, because he was only a baby. But she insisted on saying he was evil. She also told waht happened, and how she survived. She said she she got saved by a merman, who turned out to be the other way around, he had a fish head, and a human body. She also said she got amnesia, she didn't knew who she was or anything. She then attended a Fat girls Camp, it didn't turn out so good. After that she met a sweet guy. Until she found out he was a raciest, when she attened one of there meetings, she got hit in the head with a bottle for bashing them. Thats how she got her memory back. When she was done, Stewie was gone!! Joe and his team surched everywere for him. When they got home, Stewie was there, and blackmailed them. He even made Brian drive to the CIA HQ. Stewie also went to the white house, were he started to plot to take over the world. Lois found some weapons of Stewie's and took the the White House. There they had a full battle scence. Lois surrenders, cause she didn't want to kill her own child. When Stewie is about to shot, Peter shots him in the head and dies. Lois and Peter hug each other, and Peter closes Stewies eyes. When suddenlt on the screen is said SIMULATION OVER. It turned out Stewie wanted to see what would happen if he tried to kill Lois.
  • Lois is turn to kill Stewie

    In the previous episode we presumed that Lois was dead and that Peter had been found guilty of her murder, until she made a comeback at the end of the episode.

    At the beginning of the episode Lois tells the court that Stewie tried to kill her and how she made it back, before you know it Stewie makes a disapearing act and the whole poilce department have him on the wanted list.

    The Family get back to the house where Stewie ends up holding them hostage, he makes Brian take him to the C.I.A headquarters so he can become supreme ruler of the world in which he succesfully does, Lois realize that Stewie must be stopped; the pair end having an amazing fight and tussle between each other (Hilarious Scene). Peter all of a sudden comes in kills Stewie with a line from Leathel Weapon 2.

    No more Stewie, Nooooooooooooo! Not quite people; Stewie was Imagining it all along in his Stimulator, A Life without Stewie on Family Guy it can never happen.
  • So Lois comes back, and Stewie runs away. Everybody tries to find him, and then he is found at the Griffin house.He ties the family up, and plans to take over the world...

    Well, this was a very good episode! I really did like it. I also laughed...a lot! The American Idol part was real funny and good, also the Katie Holmes, and American Dad part. Those were just some Awesome scenes. I think that it was also funny when Stewie made Brian drive him around, and when Stewie made Brian say things to Joe that were rude. I love this show, and if they keep making good humor like this one, I am sure everyone will love it! I encourage you to watch this episode! If you saw the first one of the continue, you should watch this episode of Family Guy. It was also very exciting.
  • I wish i tuned out the last 5 minutes.

    Well Well well they'v finally done it Stewie finally kills Lois and take over the world.They dont just leave it there they make it inot a two parter.Oh wait they dont leave it there they make it into a Family Guy/American Dad crossover.A very well crafted and put together episode with funny scenes and great action sequences a fine example of fine planning and after 6 seaosns we finally get the answer tot eh question we'v all been asking since the very first epsidoe what would happen if Stewie killed Lois and took over the world.Unfortunalty so does Stewie the last 5 minutes i wish i tuned out it turns out[Major Spoiler ahead]Stewie never really killed Lois or took over the world r met characters from American dad it was all a stimulation a posh word for dream so none of the two parter actually happend in Family guy reality it was all just a Stewie dream.
  • A Mermaid?????????

    This is one of my favorite family guy episodes but there were things that pissed me off. Finally concluding the 100th episode, this episode was a great ride. I especially like the fight at the end where Lois and Stewie fight to the death. The two things that pissed me off is that Lois was saved by a mermaid. WTF???????????? That was a terrible reason for her to survive. The other thing was the end. Stewie dieing would of been a great finale of family guy. Instead we get a craptastic and cliché ending of him actually being alive. I'm just like Brian said the people would be if they saw the end. PISSED OFF! Aside from that this was a great episode. R.I.P Cleveland Brown Episode 1-101 :(
  • Awesome

    This episode starts with a recap of the previous one in which Stewie went along on the boat trip and killed Lois. We find out that Lois is alive and was saved by a half-man, half-fish. She then went to North Carolina and met a man. He took her to a rally, and she got a bottle threw at her and regained her memory. The family discovers Stewie's hideout, and Lois realizes she must kill Stewie. Stewie, meanwhile is president. Lois goes to the White House and battle Stewie. Stewie is eventually killed by Peter. Overall, a great episode, one of my favorites.
  • A stupid ending

    Directly following the events of the previous episode, Lois returns to Quahog after her presumed death and tells everyone that Stewie tried to kill her. The others are confused, saying that Stewie is just a baby. However, Lois insists that Stewie is evil and begins to explain what happened to her.

    She starts with Stewie's murder attempt, saying how he shot her right on the cruise ship, causing her to fall overboard into the ocean. Sinking to what could have been her watery grave, a passing merman carried her drowning body to the surface and swam her to shore, nursing her back to life. After awakening on a beach (and being put off by the fact that the merman who saved her was the reverse of what she expected), she found herself suffering from amnesia. Aimlessly wandering the country, Lois eventually ended up at a fat camp in North Carolina where she was hired as a councelor. A few months later, Lois met and hooked up with a young man who initially seemed very nice, though it turned out he was actually a white supremacist. He took her to a convention where, after she spoke out against them, Lois was hit in the head by a bottle thrown by an enraged attendee, which caused her to regain her memory, and she rushed back to Quahog where she is now. As soon as she finishes her story, everyone realizes that Stewie has escaped. Stan Smith and Avery Bullock face Stewie in a standoff.Joe initiates a manhunt around town to track down Stewie, though his team has little luck. The Griffins return home to find Stewie waiting for them, armed with a gun. Knowing that his crime and maliciousness is no longer a secret to the family, he uses his gun to boss around them around. Eventually Cleveland walks into the house in a casual manner, only to be shot and killed by Stewie in front of the terrified family. Realizing that neither the police nor the press would overlook his disappearance, Stewie ties up the family and forces Brian to drive him to the CIA Headquarters. Posing themselves as agents, Stewie gains access to the CIA's supercomputer and takes control of the planet's power grid. Two agents (who turn out to be Stan Smith and Avery Bullock from the show American Dad!) attempt to intervene, but find themselves helpless against Stewie's threat to rid the world of electricity, and fulfill his demand to become "President of the World."

    Meanwhile, back at home, Lois and the family manage to escape (discovering after fourteen hours that Stewie forgot to tie down Chris' arms) and try to find out where Stewie is heading, but stumble upon Stewie's secret weapons cache in his room. They are utterly speechless when they discover that Stewie has taken over the world. As he broadcasts all of his oppressive new laws across the planet on the news from the White House, Lois quickly becomes enraged and fed up with his tyrannical reign. Realizing what she must do, she arms herself with various weapons from his reserve and heads out to assassinate her baby.

    Lois crashes through the window in the Oval Office at the White House and confronts Stewie. Stewie, however, is armed with his own arsenal of weapons, and they clash in a violent, drawn-out and destructive battle. Lois eventually gains the upper hand and prepares to kill Stewie with her shotgun. After being spurred on by Stewie, however, Lois ultimately realizes that although he is evil, he is still her baby and she could never bring herself to kill him; Lois surrenders, allowing Stewie to gain the upper hand. Just as he is about to kill Lois, however, Peter arrives and shoots Stewie dead. As Peter and Lois hold each other brokenheartedly in silence over the loss of their son, the words "SIMULATION OVER" then pop up on the screen.

    The scene pulls away to Stewie sitting in a strange chair-like device. Brian comes into the room with postcards from Peter and Lois on the cruise, which is reportedly going well for them, when he finds Stewie coming out of the device. It is revealed that most of the events from the past two episodes were in fact a computer simulation Stewie was watching to see how attempting to kill Lois would pan out for him after being told by Brian that he never would; in other words, most of the events of the last two episodes (starting with the dinner at the captain's table on the cruise) didn't really happen or even matter. Stewie tells Brian things didn't work out so well for him in the simulation, and that his plans of matricide and world domination will have to wait.
  • Lois comes back! Not really dead! Trying to kill Stewie!

    This episode is pretty random but it was pretty disapointing when we find out that it was a simulation. Whats awsome is that Stan and his boss were in it. For those of you who dont know Stan he is the main character of American Dad! Anyways in the end she didn't want to kill Stewie but Peter coes and POW! Stewies shot in the head. Twice. Theres alot of flashbacks in this episode pretty Weird!! I like how they used American Idol even though they {Simon & Randy} over reacted and Paula just being Paula! Overall this was a series classic!
  • absolutly amazin

    I wanna see this like so badly but i missed it the first time it was on...if any 1 knows when it will be on nexdt lol like oplz tell me cuz this episode is like sooo amazing heheh i love them good. I would totally watch this and the first one like everyday this is so good and ive seen like 100 episodes since when it aired but i never saw it i am like desperate to see it..... no omne ever puts the real thing on youtube and that sucks.....tell me when it is on lol plz ty
  • Go Stewie!

    Go STewie! GO stewie! After 100 episodes Stewie does something INSANELY evil. And, the writers couldn't have done it better. But, I was pretty mad, ( and lauging! ) When "Simulation Over" came up on the screen, and then Brian and Stewie had that conversation. I love Brian and Stewie conversations. They're the best, and this episode does not break that rule. It was kind of sad when Stewie died, and Peter closed his eyelids for him. A tear didn't come to my eye, but it was still sad, and I might have been sniffling if I were the only one in the room watching TV. Great episode. Episode 101.
  • FINALLY!!!! Stewie does something actually Evil!!!

    This episode is special because it actually had a good story, funny jokes, and Stewie is finally EVIL!!!!! (About damn time.) These were one of the first episodes in a long time where I felt like Stewie was acting how he should act on the show. The one thing that pissed me off about this episode was that it was a simulation. I know that they wouldn't really kill Lois or Stewie off, but of all the things it could have been, it had to be a simulation. It's not the fact that this never happened that irritates me about this episode, it's this particular quote. "I guess I'm not ready to kill Lois or take over the world...yet." Since when Stewie says he's not ready to kill Lois yet, he means when he's older, and since the characters on Family Guy don't age, this means Stewie will never try to kill Lois or anything evil again. They're going to go back to Faag Stewie where he's just annoying and has stupid s**ty subplots like in the episodes before this and this happened in Peters Daughter. So Overall, Great Episodes, Horrible Ending. That's why this Episode gets a 9/10.
  • Funny, full of action, and just great!! 10/10

    Well, continuing from when Stewie kills Lois, this episode is action packed, funny, and has a little surprise at the end! My favorite part of the episode is when Lois and Stewie face off at the end in the White House. After the fight, the whole episode turns out to be fake!!! That's what makes it funny. Turns out that stewie was in a Simulation trying to find out if he was ready for World Domination, and since he died in it, it proves he is wrong!! Anyway, 10/10! Awesome for all comedy fans and action fans. Family Guy really kicks it off this time!
  • Stewie is wanted! Dead or alive! (Bon Jovi reference!) 8)

    Lois survived her deadly encounter with Stewie but only because a reverse merman saved her from drowning and treated her wounds. Unfortunately, she couldn't remember who she was with amnesia. She spent a summer at a fat camp, keeping the fat kids from eating each other. She then fell in love...with a white supremacist and got hit in the head! But the bump brought her memory back, allowing her to rush back to Quahog to clear Peter's name. Unfortunately, Stewie escaped during Lois' story and refuses to be caught! Instead, he traps the Griffins into bondage and Murders Cleveland when he discovers Stewie's insidious plot! The worst part is Stewie is forcing Brian to say everything he Wants Brian to say or he Will kill Brian! Fortunately, Chris gets free and frees the other Griffin's. Lois and Peter then stumble upon the most horrifying thing they've ever seen: Stewie has an entire arsenal of hidden weaponry for taking over the world! And that plan has Finally come to fruition! Stewie hacks into the C.I.A.'s Power Grid and manages to hijack all of the world's satellites! Now every electrical device in the world is in his command! Even Stan of "American Dad" can't stop Stewie! It seems they have no choice but to make Stewie President of the World. But when Stewie declares a law that anyone who sees Peter Griffin must throw apples at him, Lois Griffin Knows what she must do. She Must kill Stewie Griffin, no matter how difficult that might be. She swings in, breaks the window, and throws down with Stewie in the most incredible fight ever seen! The action is tense, and both know they can Not afford to lose! But when Lois overcomes Stewie, her maternal instincts prevent her from doing the right thing. She Can't kill Stewie, no matter how much she wants to. Too bad Stewie doesn't have any qualms about killing her! But...B.A.M!!!! Someone Does kill Stewie...Peter! The nightmare is over...Literally! :lol: It was all just an incredible simulation Stewie experiences! But someday, it Might be different! :idea: Enough said! ;)
  • A dream would have been better

    It was really obvious that it was just a dream or illusion or something. They wound never kill Lois or Stewie. I thought this was a good two parter but it was way more serious and i think they needed more jokes. I thought seeing Stan was interesting and how Stewie called him Joe was kind of interesting. I loved it when Stewie made fun of Joe. That as really funny. I loved the whole Disney thing too. Its funny because its true. Anyways i thought it should have been a dream. The fight between Lois and Stewie was really good too
  • Read Review *Contains Spoilers*

    Everyone realises that Stewie tried to kill Lois and he is on the run from the law. Some of the funniest Family Guy lines appear in this episode like when Stewie has the gun on Brian and tells him to say mean things to Joe as follows:

    (Brian and Stewie back out of the driveway)
    Stewie: Oooh, there's Joe. Say "Joe, I think you're cool."
    Brian: Joe, I think you're cool.
    Joe: Well, thank you Brian. That's gonna get me through the rest of this yard work.
    Stewie: No, just kidding, you suck.
    Brian: (to Joe) No, just kidding, you suck.
    Stewie: Queer.
    Brian: (to Joe) Queer (Brian drives away)
    Joe: Ah, well there goes my smile. Also Stewie shooting Cleveland was so unexpected and so funny especially what Stewie says afterwards:

    Stewie: Won't be long before the police notice Cleveland's disappearance. Black man gone missing, my God the media will be all over that.

    This along with Part 1 is one of my favourite episodes I hope Family Guy continues down this streak. :)
  • A decent ending to a two-parter...

    Whilst it wasn't necessary to make this arc two parts, it was a decent duo of episodes, although by no means one of the better Family Guy episodes. Some gags did run on a bit too long perhaps (i.e. Jafar with glasses), but there are plenty of quality gags too. The ending was a bit of a cheap shot, but then they made glorious light of this fact, so it's difficult to get bent out of shape about it. The last gag was a nice reference for Sopranos fans, too. We'll have to cherish this episode, as with the writer's strike, the ride may about to get a little bumpy for a while.
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