Family Guy

Season 6 Episode 5

Lois Kills Stewie (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 11, 2007 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • When the family is first searching Stewie's room Stewie's toy box with the baseball bat is on the same wall as his door. When Lois goes in there to get to the secret room, the toy box is on the wall perpendicular to the wall with the door.

    • During Stewie's American Idol audition, Randy is shown with a gold bracelet on his right wrist. When Paula starts to talk, the bracelet switches to his left wrist.

    • During the scene where Brian is driving Stewie to the CIA, when his gun goes off a total of 18 shots is heard, when in fact a normal gun clip can hold 16 shots.

    • Stewie's entry number for American Idol was 09346

    • There are a couple of inconsistencies with Lois and Stewie's injuries during the fight scene.

      When Stewie is hit with the vase, his hands are bleeding. The blood disappears when he's playing with the pins from the grenades, but then re-appear when Lois surrenders.
      A scratch on Lois' left cheek mysteriously appears when she starts attacking with the pole. When Stewie starts using a flamethrower, the scratch has gone again.

    • When Stewie forces Brian to drive away from the house, the sound of the engine turning over can clearly be heard. However, because of the way that the engine is designed, a Toyota Prius has a silent ignition.

    • During the battle between Lois and Stewie in the oval office, the presidential portraits can be seen on the wall. Bill Clinton appears naked in his portrait.

    • The fat camp that Lois goes to work at is called Camp Putdownadaforka.

    • The sign that Lois sees says:
      North Carolina
      First in Flight
      48th in Education

  • Quotes

    • "Little List" Lyrics
      Stewie: As someday it may happen that a victim must be found,
      I've got a little list, I've got a little list.
      Of society offenders who might well be underground,
      And who never would be missed, who never would be missed.

      There's the white kid with the baggy clothes who's talking like hes black,
      The girl you date who doesn't get the jokes in Caddyshack.
      The Asian guy who cuts in front of every single line,
      And Britney Spears for accidentally showing her va-gine.
      And Bill 'O Reilly's ineffective dermatologist,
      May none of them be missed, may none of them be missed!

      Social Security Guards: He's got them on the list,
      He's got them on the list.
      And may none of them be missed,
      May none of them be missed.

      Stewie: There's the guy behind the news reporter waving like a fool,
      And senator Bill Frist, I've got him on the list.
      And the fat kid smiling warmly while hes peeing in the pool,
      He never would be missed, he never would be missed!
      There's the foul smelling boy who comes to school in camouflage,
      And every bleeding member of the cast of Entourage.
      And while we are on the subject, HBO deserves a whack,
      For ending the Sopranos with a f***ing cut to black.
      And guys who when you shake there hand just bump you with there fist,
      I don't think they'd be missed, I'm sure they'd not be missed!

      Social Security Guards: He's got them on the list,
      He's got them on the list,
      And may none of them be missed.
      May none of them be missed.

      Stewie: There's the guy who sits beside you and keeps farting on the plane,
      And Shakira's lyricist, I've got him on the list.
      And the smarty on thanks giving who says its the "trip to fame,"
      He never would be missed, he never would be missed!
      There's the blonde who tells you loudly with a voice just like a knife,
      "You know someone should do a sitcom based around my life!"
      The guy who watched The Simpsons back in 1994,
      And wont admit the damn thing isn't funny anymore.
      And a-ny-one and everyone who's ever... made me... pissed!

      Social Security Guards:(Made me pissed, made me pissed, made me really really pissed!)

      Stewie: I've got them on the list,
      May none... of them... be... missed!

      Social Security Guards: He's got them on the list,
      He's got them on the list,
      And may none of them be missed.

      Stewie: May none... of them... be... missed!
      Solo Guard: None of them be missed.

    • Brian: Hey, Stewie, we got a postcard from Peter and Lois on the cruise. (Stewie gets out of the simulation chair) What are you doing?
      Stewie: Oh, hello, Brian. Well, you recall my complaining about Lois and the Fat Man not taking me with them?
      Brian: Yeah?
      Stewie: Yes, well, you said I didn't have it in me to kill Lois, so I was just running a simulation to find out exactly how killing her and taking over the world would play out for me.
      Brian: Yeah? How'd that go?
      Stewie: Not well, Brian. Not well. I suppose I'm not ready to kill Lois or take over the world… yet.
      Brian: So, what you're saying is that what you experienced in the simulation didn't really happen, or even matter?
      Stewie: Yes, that's correct.
      Brian: So, it was sort of like a dream?
      Stewie: No, it was a simulation.
      Brian: Yes, but, theoretically, if someone watched the events of that simulation from start to finish, only to find out that none of it really happened, I mean… you don't think, that would, j-- be just like a giant middle finger to them?
      Stewie: Well, hopefully, they would have enjoyed the ride.
      Brian: I don't know, man. I think you'd piss a lot of people off that way.
      (Brian leaves)
      Stewie: Well, at least it didn't end like The Sopranos, where it just cut to black in mid-sen-- (the screen goes black like Stewie described)

    • Stewie: (looking in the barrel of a shotgun) Go ahead, mother! Do it! Shoot me! Shoot your little baby Stewie!
      Lois: (dramatic pause; her arm holding the gun shakes then she drops on her knees, dropping the gun) I can't do it! You're a terrible, evil child, but you're still my baby, and I could never hurt you.
      Stewie: Well, that works out perfectly because I CAN HURT YOU! (grabs the gun and aims at Lois' face) Say hi to Cleveland for me! Oh, and Mr. Weed.
      (dramatic pause; a gunshot is heard, Lois is unhurt, Stewie looks down at his bleeding chest, another shot is heard and hits Stewie in the head; Peter is seen holding a smoking gun)
      Peter: It's just been revoked!
      Brian: Uh, Peter, we didn't really set you up for that Lethal Weapon line. It... it doesn't really work here.
      Peter: Oh... I'll have what she's having!
      Brian: That's... better?

    • Stewie: What do you want your alias to be?
      Brian: What are you talking about? I'm not gonna -
      (Stewie holds gun to Brian's head)
      Stewie(yelling): Pick a name for yourself!
      Brian: Willem Dafoe.
      Stewie: Ew, not that one. I used to have a Willem Dafoe living under my bed.
      (cut to scene of Stewie in bed)
      Willem Dafoe: Hey, you asleep yet?
      Willem Dafoe: Just checking.

    • Simon: Stewie, what the hell was that?
      Stewie: Lost In Your Eyes by Debbie Gibson.
      Simon: One of the worst I've ever heard.
      Stewie: Ok.
      Simon: Stewie you shouldn't actually even be alive you slithering little creep. I hate you so much I want to shoot you in your face.
      Stewie: Alright.
      Paula: Honey I like you, but you're just not right for this competition.
      Randy: Yo dawg, I gotta tell you for me man that was not even half good dude. You can't sing. What are you doing Stewie?
      Stewie: I don't even care. They don't know what they's talking 'bout. Next time they hear about me they's, they's gonna be like 'we was wrong 'bout Stewie'. Cuz, cuz I gonna be huge. I, I'm gonna be bigger than everyone of all ya'll.

    • Meg: Wait a minute. Chris are you clapping?
      Chris: Yeah.
      Lois: So your hands are free.
      Chris: Yeah.
      Lois: Stewie didn't tie up your hands.
      Chris: No he must've forgot.
      Lois: You realize we've been sitting here for 14 hours.
      Chris: Well get pissy if you want, Mom. I've enjoyed the time we've had as a family.

    • Stewie: (to Stan Smith) I'd drop the gun if I were you, Joe.
      Stan: What? It's Stan.
      Stewie: Oh, sorry. You look sort of like someone from- Anyway, I'd drop the gun if I were you.

    • (Brian and Stewie back out of the driveway)
      Stewie: Oooh, there's Joe. Say "Joe, I think you're cool."
      Brian: Joe, I think you're cool.
      Joe: Well, thank you Brian. That's gonna get me through the rest of this yard work.
      Stewie: No, just kidding, you suck.
      Brian: (to Joe) No, just kidding, you suck.
      Stewie: Queer.
      Brian: (to Joe) Queer. (Brian drives away)
      Joe: Ah, well there goes my smile.

    • Stewie: Won't be long before the police notice Cleveland's disappearance. Black man gone missing, my God the media will be all over that.

    • Joe: (knocking on the door) Hey, everything okay in there? I heard shouting.
      Stewie: Dog, answer it. Tell him "Yes, everything's fine."
      Brian: (opens the door) Yes Joe, everything's fine.
      Joe: Ah, okay, good.
      Stewie: (hiding behind the door, telling Brian what to say) Make fun of his wheelchair.
      Brian: What?
      Joe: What?
      Stewie: Do it! Say "ha ha ha ha ha ha, you're in a wheelchair."
      Brian: (to Joe) Ha ha ha ha ha ha, you're in a wheelchair.
      Joe: What's that supposed to mean?
      Stewie: Say "I bet you can't get a boner."
      Brian: (to Joe) I bet you can't get a boner.
      Joe: That's not very nice, Brian.
      Stewie: "Neither is your mother's ass."
      Brian: (to Joe) Neither is your mother's ass.
      Joe: Well, I'll give you that one.
      Stewie: Now tell him you've always thought he was handsome.
      Brian: (to Joe) I've always thought you were handsome.
      Joe: Well, I gotta tell you Brian, I'm relieved to hear you say that. Please call me if you see any sign of Stewie.
      Stewie: Tell him "ha ha ha ha ha ha, just kidding about the handsome thing.
      Brian: Oh come on.
      Stewie: Do it!
      Brian: Come on, that meant a lot to him.
      (Stewie cocks the gun)
      Brian: (to Joe) Ha ha ha ha ha ha, just kidding about the handsome thing.
      Joe: Ah, well that's, uh disappointing. I needed that boost today.

    • (The family returns home)
      Brian: Boy, I sure hope they find him. Otherwise we're all gonna be-
      (a gun cocks, camera cuts to Stewie)
      Stewie: So, it's all out in the open now, isn't it?
      Peter: Stewie, uh, how long have you been all messed up and evil like this?
      Stewie: Oh, so now you're interested in Stewie? Last week when I made that macaroni picture of an owl, you didn't give a damn!
      Peter: That was an owl?
      Stewie: Yes, and now we're going to look at it again. (Hits Peter in the knees, and drags him over to the picture. Stewie begins yelling while holding a gun to Peter's head) Look, Look, do you like it?!
      Peter: (scared) Yes.
      Stewie: What do you like about it specifically?!
      Peter: (scared) I don't know.
      Stewie: Pick something or I'll blow your brains out!
      Peter: (scared) I like... how it looks like an owl.
      Stewie: Thank you for the compliment!

    • White Supremacist Speaker: Okay, first order of business. Uh, I'd like to thank Paul and Tracy, who have agreed to bring cookies for next week's punch social. Uh, just remember you two, Fred is allergic to peanuts... peanuts and Jews! (crowd laughs) No, but Jews are bad.

    • Tom Tucker: Good Evening, I'm Tom Tucker with Channel 5 News. We now go live to Ollie Williams, recapping the events of the last episode of Family Guy. What happened last time Ollie?
      Ollie: (yelling) Stewie killed Lois!
      Tom: Then what?
      Ollie: (yelling) Peter got blamed!
      Tom: Then what?
      Ollie: (yelling) Peter went to court!
      Tom: Then what?
      Ollie: (yelling) Lois came back!
      Tom: How?
      Ollie: (yelling) Wasn't really dead!
      Tom: Thanks Ollie, and now part two.

  • Notes

    • There was a scene in this episode that was never aired in the TV version. After the scene with the "Throw Apples at Peter" law, Stewie was addressing people who are discontent with his regime. Then he breaks out into song, singing an adaptation of the "Little List" song from The Mikado by Gilbert and Sullivan. It is featured on the DVD version.

    • For this episode, the show was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for "Outstanding Music Composition For A Series (original Dramatic Score)" in 2008.

    • According to Seth MacFarlane, this is the last episode they were able to fully produce before the WGA went on strike. He has gone on record to say that he does not want FOX to hire anyone to finish any future episodes without his consent or involvement, saying "They could, but it would be unwise. Because I would be angry."

  • Allusions

    • During the "Little List," montage, Stewie has a college guy kicked in the groin by Mike Henry in an orange afro wig. This is another reference to Kicked in the Nuts!, Mike and Patrick Henry's 2003 internet series.

    • American History X: The Nazi Lois falls in love with during her period of amnesia is called Derek. The main character of American History X, a young charismatic nazi, played by Edward Norton is called Derek as well.

    • American Dad

      In the scene where Stewie hacks into the CIA's supercomputer, he is confronted by Stan Smith and Avery Bullock from the T.V show, American Dad, also created by Seth MacFarlane.

    • The Sopranos

      Stewie mentions how The Sopranos finale ended by cutting to black in mid-sentence, before this episode does the same by cutting to black while Stewie is talking.

    • The Matrix
      Lois and Stewie are fighting at the end, they fly towards each other in slow motion, or in "bullet-time", while the camera spins and they both shoot wildly. They then fall to the grounding and press their triggers to find empty clips.

      This is a replica of the scene from the Matrix when Neo and Agent Smith are at the train station.

    • Lethal Weapon 2

      After Peter shoots Stewie in the head, he utters the phrase "It's just been revoked". This is a reference to the second Lethal Weapon movie in which the antagonist of the movie has diplomatic immunity and therefore cannot be held responsible or prosecuted for a crime. In a very similar manner, Danny Glover's character proceeds to shoot the villain in the forehead, saying the same phrase as Peter did.

    • Dallas

      The sequence at the end of the episode when Stewie and Brian are talking about it being like a dream and how annoyed people would be who had watched the entire show thinking it was real is a reference to Season 7 of Dallas. When the actor who played Bobby re-joined the cast in Season 8, the writers decided that all of Season 7 was the dream of Pam, one of the other characters in Dallas.

      Like the reference to The Sopranos, the "it was all a dream" explanation in Dallas left many long-time viewers fuming.

    • The Far Side

      When Stewie is getting his portrait, he mentions that it's much better than the one that Gary Larson made. Gary Larson is the creator of the single-panel comic strip The Far Side. The portrait on the wall shows a drawing style similar to that of the comic strip.

    • Office Assistant

      When Stewie is hacking the CIA computer, the animated paperclip from Microsoft's Office Assistant shows up on the screen. Office Assistant was an addition to Microsoft Office from 1997 up until 2007, when it was removed due to the fact that users were unsatisfied with the addition.

    • Green Acres

      When Peter is in Lois' body, fondling her breasts, he hums the theme song from the TV show Green Acres.

    • When Harry Met Sally

      When Peter says the line "I'll have what she's having", he is referencing the movie When Harry Met Sally. Specifically the restaurant scene when Meg Ryan fakes an orgasm, and a woman says the line "I'll have what she's having."

    • Fortress of Solitude

      One of the locations that Joe and the other cops hand out fliers looking for Stewie is The Fortress of Solitude, which is Superman's occasional headquarters.

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