Family Guy

Season 6 Episode 12

Long John Peter

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 04, 2008 on FOX

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  • Best finale ever

  • The Season Finale of Season 6 was awful

    The season finale of Season 6 was terrible to watch. Peter was a mean jerk dad for not letting his daughter Meg to have a job at the vet and wants her to gain 150 pounds and read an "Ugly Betty" fan-fiction book. And wants his son Chris to stay away from Anna (played by Amanda Bynes) and wants him to be a horrible jerk.

    When Chris was taking out Anna to see a movie, He did exactly what Peter told him to do. She gets mad at him when he was saying horrible comments to her. She told him that he will never see her again.

    It was kind of weird that Stewie didn't do anything with Brian for this episode because the final scene at the vet is where he kicks his groin after he was disrupting Chris's chat. He will say, "That's for disrupting his chat with that as he kicks him again.

    He refused to play Chris's blind date as well.

    I was not happy at all when Chris call Joe a "two-wheeled monster". It was totally unacceptable. To make it worse, Peter and Quagmire recorded Joe's cry on their cell phones to make a ringtone.

    I was also not happy when Chris told Brian to "shut up" when he was trying to tell Anna that he was very sorry for hurting her feelings when they were trying to go to the movies.
  • Disappointing

    The first plot, Peter being a pirate, is worth a 10. Sadly, the stupid "Chris in love" plot took most of it and it's worth a 2 if I want to be kind. This one will get a 4.5, but the pirate story is definitely worth the watch.
  • Don't be fooled by the title, folks.

    This episode had barely anything to do with pirates. During Peter's pirate work, his parrot dies in battle, and gives up on the pirate thing. So that means with 15 minutes of the episode left, you're left with Chris and Anna's stupid relationship.

    The damn pirate thing should've been the WHOLE thing of the episode.
  • Season 6 finale

    When Peter gets a pet parrot, he begins acting like a pirate. Peter accidentally kills the bird after raising hell through all of Quahog. Meanwhile, when Brian is visiting the vet, Chris falls in love with the intern, Anna. This was a superb finale of season 6. The season overall was too short and it was just decent/great range. I liked the storyline for this episode. Peter's was way better. I enjoyed seeing the scene with Peter and his pirate crew battle against a British guy. Chris' plot was not as good because I didn't like Peter telling Chris to treat Anna (girl who Chris has a crush on) like crap. I did laughed at the parts such as the cricket (Adam West's) chirping, cat licking himself (gross but hilarious line), all the things that Peter did as a pirate, Chris yelling at Joe he's a monster, then Joe started crying, Peter put it as his ringtone, and a few more. Overall 9/10
  • Memorable moments but not enough to make it great

    This episode was average. It prevented itself from getting a bad review by mostly funny jokes and a decent storyline but it doesn't earn the place among other great episodes. I really liked the part with the cat. The thing about the new episodes is that the flashbacks are too long. The pirate scene was too long and boring. Family Guy should tell more jokes instead of lengthening pointless and boring scenes. This episode was just okay, but its the freaking godfather compared to some other episodes of family guy. I hope the next season doesn't stink like most of the episodes in this season
  • Superb


    When Peter gets a pet parrot, he begins acting like a pirate. Peter accidentally kills the bird after raising hell through all of Quahog. Meanwhile, when Brian is visiting the vet, Chris falls in love with the intern, Anna.

    Peter's plot was kind of boring, but Chris' plot was great


  • fair


    From the title one would assume that the episode was Peter being a pirate. Well, they'd be half right. About half the episode was him being a pirate. I liked him and his pirate gang attacking Mort, and the fight with the British guy. I liked the guys at the bar telling Peter he should become a pirate, and i liked Quagmire's line about having sex with the 12 year old, even though that was really random.

    The rest of the episode is Chris wanting to date a girl named Anna. Things i liked in this plotwere Chris making Joe cry, and then Peter using that as his ringtone, Joe making Bonnie tell Chris that they just had sex, and then her adding "We had what Joe calls sex", Chris' song when he meets Anna, and that's about it.

    I really did not like Chris hitting Brian with the chair. I find violence can be funny, but in this instance, I did not like it. I also did not like it when Stewie ran up to Brian and kicked him. I... what? Why have Stewie randomly kick Brian? Was he mad at him? To my recollection Brian did nothing to Stewie in this episode, yet we end with him kicking the dog? Obviously they only did that so the episode, like 98 percent of episodes, could end on a 'joke.' I just did not find it funny.

    The pacing was also kind of weird. First half is Peter becoming a pirate after stealing a parrot (whose parrot was that, anyway), then Chris wanting to date a girl. The title is "Long John Peter", and one would assume the majority of the episode is about pirates. Kind of misleading (i say kind of because the first like 10 minutes have to do with pirates, but the rest of the episode, eh not so much).

    Not a terrible episode, not a fantastic episode. I'd say a C or so is fair.

  • Kind of boring


    This was probably one of the weaker episodes I've seen, but it definitely wasn't the worst. The idea of Peter becoming a pirate was pretty funny, but I just thought it could have been done a little better. The way the story played out just made the episode seem boring, and it didn't make me laugh that much. Also, what happened to that storyline anyway halfway through the episode? It seemed like once the parrot died the story just ended. The scene with Peter trying to get rid of the frog also seemed like a time filler, and I hated how Chris acted like a jerk toward Anna just because Peter told him to.On the other hand, there were some funny parts throughout the episode like the opening and closing scenes at the vet, the cutaway with the kid's toy commercial, the vet explaining to Peter how the parrot died,and Stewie being Chris's blind date. Overall, this was not a bad episode, but it did drag in some places and is probably one of the weaker ones I've seen. Still, for my final grade, I'll give this episode a C. Marebear2009, out!

    ~dedicated to tigerdude22~

  • Boring in some scenes but superb for the most part

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "Family Guy". It wasn't my favorite "Family Guy" and it was boring in some scenes but I did really like it. The whole thing with Mayor West's cricket in the beginning of the episode was funny. The cat licking itself and then Peter gets grossed out was funny. Chris' song when he first fell in love with the veterinarian was funny when Cleveland, Quagmire, Joe, and Mort did the "ba" part in this song. Peter stealing the parrot from the vet and having a pirate crew was hilarious. It was very funny when Peter and that British guy were having a pirate fight and the pirates were robbing his car. Chris wanting to talk to the guys about the birds and the bees (a.k.a. sex) was funny because Joe told Chris that he knows everything about sex and then Chris tells Joe that he wants advice from someone who isn't handicapped. Joe crying as Peter's ringtone also made me laughing. Stewie quickly dressed up as a girl and then says "woah" and walks away was randomly funny. Peter throwing the frog out the window was very funny. I love Amanda Bynes and I was happy that she voiced as Anna (the veterinarian that Chris likes) because she did a good job. It was also hilarious when Chris hurt Brian just to apologize to Anna was hilarious especially when Chris said "Anna, my dog is injured" and then Brian tells Chris "**** you". It was very funny when Brian was on the floor and then says "Is anyone gonna help me up" (or something like that) and then Stewie runs up to him and kicks him. The only thing I didn't like was what Chris was acting like a jerk towards Anna after Peter told Chris to be a jerk. This episode also had some boring scenes in my opinion. Overall, a superb episode of "Family Guy". 9/10
  • Peter gets a parrot.

    Family Guy has jumped the shark. It has produced some unbelievably bad storylines. There have been dozens of terrible jokes, but this was the worst episode in Family Guy history.

    Peter has become insufferable. This parrot storyline was absolutely horrible. Enough with the stupid Jewish jokes. Dr. Jewish is not funny at all. Nor is Chris. Seth Green can be funny when he wants to be, but he hasn't produced a laugh as Chris Griffin on Family Guy in over 6 years.

    The only two mildly funny things were Peter saying "define Chris" and Stewie kicking Brian in the end of the show.
  • While the Griffins are in the waiting room of the vets waiting for Brian who's been having an upset stomach. My guess is because he though Stewie's old diaper was Indian food. Chris falls in love with the intern Anna.

    This was a funny episode. Family Guy still has it. This was a great last episode of the season. This episode had plenty of laughs. When the vet brings out the diaper he removed from Brian's butt. Meg, Chris get grossed out. Brian responds " I thought it was Indian food". When Chris wants to go back to the vet to visit Anna. Lois says "well I guess if Brian gets sick again". Chris "Hey Brian look" Meg and Brian are sitting on the couch. Chris pulls up Megs top revealing her small spare tire. This causes Brian to Vomit. This was a great episode.
  • This could hve been better. A really bad season finale.

    It was nice that Chris got to shine for a change but he was out of character in this one. I didn't like when he lifted Megs' shirt and made Brian barf and smashed Brian with a chair to see this girl at the vet. He was given bad advice from Peter who also was a real jerk. The only good part was Peter was a pirate and I enjoyed the fight and I'm glad it didn't last long. Everything was forced and I hated that scene when Peter was trying to get rid of that stupid frog. A waste of two minutes. Chris was a jerk and Peter was a bigger one for giving him bad advice. This could have been better but it was a real bad season finale.
  • Just an awesome episode all around.

    When Peter gets a pet parrot, he begins acting like a pirate. Peter accidentally kills the bird after raising hell through all of Quahog. Meanwhile, when Brian is visiting the vet, Chris falls in love with the intern, Anna. This is just a great episode from start to finish. Wether its Peter's dating advice or Peter acting like a pirate or Peter and his pirate. This has to be one of the best episode from the whole season, and I personally just loved it. This is definately an episode I would reccomend because it really shows us just how great Family Guy can be.
  • After taking someones pet parrot at the vets office after Brian gets out for having stomach problems. Peter is told "his" pet parrot makes him look like a pirate, Peter makes his own pirate crew. Meanwhile Chris falls in love with a girl named Anna.

    This episode is very, very funny. Umm i like a lot of the parts of it including when Peter robs a his local drug store and destroys it afterwards "And ill be blowing it up with this cannon for no reason!! Ah ha ha ha!!!" Again this is a very funny episode and i think no family guy fan should miss it its really good and i think it was one of the best finales family guy has made in years. And the name is just great. Umm not to much to say now just that you should see it and thanks for reading.
  • Funny way to end a season.

    I thought this episode was an average Family Guy episode. With very humorous Peter moments, but Chris s story really bugged me a lot. Because of Chris, i had to waste my time watching Peters bullfrog joke which was not even funny. But the thing i loved about this episode was the nonsense acts of Peter and his parrot. Its sad that Peters story ended so short.I think almost everyone should agree that peters part of this episode was absolutely fantastic, especially the patriotic British guy ! i could have gave this episode a ten, but because of chris s story, it kinda ruined a little bit. But an excellent achievement tot end a season.
  • Good end to an awesome season

    This was a very good episode, I think the actual part where Peter was a pirate wasnt that great. But whe the episode focused mainly on Chris it was very funny. Stewie was only in 2 scenes but they were the 2 funniest things i think hes ever done. I think that Chris is an extremely funny character but he doesnt play the main roll in enough episodes, there needs to be more like this. The Bullfrog seen was very funny but it didnt make that much sense: But i suppose thats what makes Family Guy such a great TV Show.
  • This episode was very good

    this is one of my favorite episodes I think well currently it is yep

    thats all well now i have 2 ramble and wast words cause I have nothing else to say about this episode

    well anyways I will be posting this exact same thing in all the episodes I like and ya OMG i still have like 50 words left how much longer will this take???? i wonder this is totaly weird

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  • finally an episode that felt like family guy and was hilarious all the way through!!!! After two disappointing episodes, family guy gives us a series classic!!!! A must see for all even if u dont like family guy

    While waiting for Brian at the veterinary office of Dr. Jewish, Chris meets a young intern named Anna (Amanda Bynes) and develops a crush on her (who seems to return his affections). Meanwhile, Peter becomes very attached to a parrot he sees and decides to steal it for himself, replacing it with a dog with a moustache and hat. Carrying his parrot wherever he goes, Peter's friends compare him to a pirate and suggest he dress up like one. He does, and recruits three other pirates and begins terrorizing the town under the name "Long John Peter." Peter and his men loot a British man's car full of sugar cane, tobacco, and spices in a drawn-out high-speed car chase that mimics a naval battle, filled with cannonade and sword fighting on each side. Peter's parrot is gravely injured in the attack and dies a reportedly humiliating death at the vet's office, though Peter quickly gets over it in interest of the pipe organ (which, too, quickly meets its demise at Peter's hands), then the deed to a ranch. While at the vet's office, Chris meets up with Anna again and musters up the courage to ask her out. The relationship goes very smoothly until Peter berates Chris for treating her like a human being. Taking Peter's advice on male superiority, Chris puts Anna down on their next date so he can make progress with her but Anna breaks up with him instead. Chris laments his experience to Lois, who forces Peter to make it up to his son. Peter's decides to hook Chris up with other girls, though his methods consistently fail. After Peter's ideas are exhausted, Lois comes to comfort Chris and says that though his father's intentions are good, the only person he should turn to in this situation is himself. Chris returns to the vet to see Anna (he intentionally broke Brian's nose with a chair as an excuse to go back to the vet) and apologizes to her and kisses her. Anna forgives Chris and the two renew their relationship.
  • Good but still not great

    Finally, after a string of Family Guy stinkers, here comes a good episode. Pegged as a season finale, it immediately gets right back on track. Right away, Peter discovers a parrot and comes up with an outrageous scheme that since he has a parrot, he can be a pirate. along with a couple of old workbuddies, he sets off pulling wild stunts, including terrorizing a poor British man. And this is all in the first five minutes! But the biggest surprise is that the episode is not about Peter at all. After Peter's parrot unexpectedly dies after his stunt and takes the bird to a vet, it becomes how Chris meets his first actual girlfriend, stumbling around that fact, and trying to keep her around. Chris has so few episodes truly about him, it was a nice change of pace to have one about him. The story was tighter paced than weeks before and there were actually a few more actually funny and touching moments. Unfortunately, this one still had its flaws. The non sequiters were still just a little bit off, were oddly spaced throughout the episode, and a few still felt like they were extremely private inside jokes. There were a few jokes that were disturbing and uncomfortable. and the episode still felt a little dry, lacking in the usual Family Guy vibrant energy. Ultimately, a decent episode, yes. It felt like the writers were actually trying harder this time. But it does nothing to distract that there was a writer's strike going on before and the writer's were just getting back to business and to me personally this episode felt like it was trying to be an episode of Scrubs when Scrubs didn't want to be Scrubs. With this episode ends the painful season that was Family guy, cut too short and mostly and oddly written. Hopefully, next season will promise something more. The last few episodes of this season will be shown in the next in case anyone's looking. Here's to more and better next time!!!!!
  • chris gets a girl friend peter gets a parrot brian gets random trips to the vet.

    Chris finally gets a girlfriend. Hopefully she will be in the next season and not disappear like the nude kid who was hanging out with Meg. Its really sad about the parrot. Seems to be the trend for shows like family guy american dad and futurama. Although they never did show how peckingpaw died in american dad.
    all in all it was a really good ep compared to the others this season. The james woods ep was really stupid. plus they reused a clip from the last one. Dylon was way to funny torturing them. i liked how he beat up the crazy monkey who's mormon. but otherwise that ep sucked.
    hopefully season seven will be better than this season. I felt sorry for brian getting beaten up so much so that chris could have an excuse to go to the vet.
  • Eh...

    This was the season finale? I wouldn't have guessed. I just didn't feel like it was that funny all-together. It was lacking something... There were many funny moments, as usual, but the Peter-pirate story line was boring (except for the action-packed car scene) and there just weren't enough laughs to keep me entertained throughout. Overall, I think this season has been full of funny episodes, which isn't disappointing. But this episode was. It was funny to see Chris in the dating scene... and Stewie trying out the blind dating scene... haha! Can't wait for the next season to start! And the next DVD!
  • Better than most Season 6...

    Well, I liked this episode. It wasn't as great as some episodes in Season 6. Peter's Daughter was very well written, and had very nice jokes. This episode was about the same quality. About. A little less, though. Peter's Daughter, for me, would get a 10. But, this only gets an 8.9.

    What's so great about the pirate fight scene? I don't think it was all that great. It got boring after a while. I probably won't be sable to watch that scene again, unless I'm in a car ride. I'd just skip over it.

    On to the frog scene, which I absolutely LOVED! I was cracking up the whole time!

    But I hated how Peter treated girls. Really, that's overkill.

    8/9 out of 10.
  • Not the best episode but they had some really funny jokes.

    Peter steals a parrot at the vet so then he becomes a pirate. At the vet Chris also meets a girl that he thought looked good. Peter's pirate scenes are good but it only lasts for a little while. There are a couple of good jokes and cutaways, but then it gets a little boring.Since this is a Chris based episode you can't expect much. Chris might only make one good joke during the whole episode but that's it. Stewie and Brian make some brief appearances so this episode is kind of empty . Overall, it's a fair Family Guy episode.
  • who wouldn't love it

    I loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved this episode one of a kind and I loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved Amanda Bynes in this episode. SO fare I wasn't crazy about Family Guy but this episode saved me from thinking that. I loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved this episode! :) :) :)
  • It's baaaack!

    It's baaaack!

    Thank you Family Guy team for returning to form in this episode. The whole season has been hit and misses for me, with very few hits. Long John Peter though has hit it out of the arena. Home run! Great plot, great jokes (which are actually funny unlike recent episodes), drew upon all the characters great, great scenes (like the pirate scene). Everything was just, well, great. Any I need to find a thesaurous to get another worf for great.

    Stewie is my favorite character and there was not much of him in this episode. However, I realize that Stewie works best in small doses. This episode was a perfect example on how to use Stewie. He only had about 3 or 4 moment, but they were all awesome. An absolute season highlight. Restored my faith in FG again, and I am now actually looking forward to the next season now. Keep this up Family Guy!
  • This is Freakin' awesome!

    I think Family guy is the funniest animated show ever! They always come up with great idea and unexpected parodies. If you are a big Pirate movies fan, you wouldn't have noticed the often unrelated laughters those pirates do. But Family Guy brings out the obvious in a very humorous and thankful way, and at the same time, you wouldn't feel bad about your favorite pirate movies. I thought the idea of getting Peter a parrot, and the way he got it, with all the sweet talking and stuff, was just brilliant. The fact that Chris is dating a real girl is is hilarious. They came up with stuff out of nowhere! Lovin' this show!
  • Chris rocks!

    This episode is in my top5! I laught on so many times and I just couldn't stop myself. This is a top one for so many times. I hope they keep the good staff. This one rocks!
    I hope more people review it and say their piece of mind.
    This is just an ordinary episode like the past 20-25 ;) I really really hope this will keep airing. And it goes around goes around goes around like a bag of...

    Joe: I'm a father!
    Chris: You are two-wheeled monster!

    Peter: ...where's your blind date?
    Stewie: Lol!!!

    Chris: I'm here with my dog, he's not feeling well
    Brian: F**k you!
  • after many disapointing weeks family guy comes back strong

    after many disapointing weeks family guy comes back strong. Family Guy, for almost the previos 10 episodes has been anything but good. In fact very dissapointing. I have laughed like five times in ten episodes. Last name was pivital for family guy. In my opinion they came out strong last night. It was histerical. The only reason it wasnt a ten was because of the stupid frog sceen. It went on too long. It wasnt bad, just shows tjhat the workers are using too many random jokes. Overall it was one of the greatest episodes of all time for family guy. Every part was funny.
  • Peter gets a parrot, and becomes a pirate. He gets new pirate friends, and they are crazy. Chris meets a girl named Anna, and really likes her a lot. Peter's parrot dies, and Chris goes on a date with Anna, and he has a great time...

    This episode was my third favorite in Season 6! It was so good and funny! It was also really hilarious. I loved the part where Peter took the parrot, and replaced it with a small dog with a top hat and mustache! That was funny! Also, the part where Peter missed the toilet, and hid behind the couch, and Lois yelled at him, was so funny, I almost cried! The part where Stewie walked in dressed like a girl, and left when he saw that his date was really hilarious, too! There were a lot of funny parts in this episode, and I loved it! I cannot tell you how good it was, even though I am telling you now. It was just a great episode, and I loved it!
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