Family Guy

Season 10 Episode 1

Lottery Fever

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2011 on FOX

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  • Love it

    Epic opening
  • Divertimento a non finire.

    Una puntata epica a dir in questa puntata ricompare il personaggio di Joyce Kinney,che non si era pi vista dalla met della nona stagione,dove l era una cattiva e subito dopo diventata buona.
  • Waste of Money and Time


    I figured that maybe this premier of Season 10 of Family Guy would be decent since so many said it was great, but once again it seems it was all hype and very little substance. The plot is that after blowing all their savings on the lottery, Peter wins and the Griffins are now rich. So through the whole plot we see Peter and the other members of the family go crazy with money and lose their friends. It isn't until the family realizes how foolish they were acting until they lose their money and end up on the sidewalk. Peter goes back to Joe and Quagmire and tells he learned money can't solve their problems. He asks for their forgiveness and Quagmire writes a check for Peter allowing him to get his house back. Our episode ends with the entire family staring out the windows of their house saying nothing. This premier was such a waste of time and too cliched in every way. For one thing this plot has been done before and nothing new was added to the mix. It's literally Peter and family get selfish, lose friends, then lose everything, and then go back to their normal lifestyles. This is something you see in a Saturday Morning Cartoon, not Family Guy. There were some good moments like Peter shooting the BB Gun, Chris inhaling the glue, and Stewie and that big baby thing, but that was really it. Aside from those things this premier was not only a waste of time, but waste of money as well. I wouldn't really bother with it at all and it seems once more Family Guy has another bad season down the road.

    FINAL SCORE: 2/10

  • An alrightseason 10 premiere.


    It was an okay start of season 10, but a bit disappointing start of season 10. It should has great but a few parts ruined the score. I thought Peter was a huge jerk at Quagmire and Joe. He took the BB gun thing too far and I predicted that Peter would shot Joe in the eye. Ugh! That's painful! I never saw a scene like that before. Plus, beside that, a couple scenes were a waste of time. I didn't like that cutaway that lasted for like almost a minute. The rest of the cutaways were especially Brian's long hair and then Stewie fell off and a couple others. Peter hiring a penis butler was very hilarious. It may be the only part I liked from Peter in the episode. The ending was funny when the family looked outside the window. Overall, an okay season 10 premiere of Family Guy. A huge decline on the last two year's premieres. 6/10

  • oh ... no ...


    To understand the problem of this episode, you have to understand how shows like this work.

    Basically, you have two choices - you can either tell an interesting story, or you can tell an old and predictable story in a funny way.

    The story here - 'get rich, annoy friends, lose friends, blow money, find out friends will forgive you' - is a very old story, so MacFarlane would now have to go with the second option. But he doesn't. Nothing Peter does is really all that funny, and the other characters pretty much don't appear in this episode, which is covered by Lois mentioning each of them in one sentence.

    There is so much potential here. Just imagine - Stewie getting his hand on big money - the possibilities are endless. But no.

    MacFarlane really seems to think that the story itself is interesting enough to carry this episode.


  • A horrible season premier and a horrible remake of Peter, Peter Caviear Eater. I had high hopes for this one but I was wrong. This had potential but everything fell flat and it shows that Seth is running out of ideas instead of going for fresh new ones.


    The lottery comes to Quahog and the prize is $150.0000. Peter buys over a thousand lottery tickets and the family won. Peter goes crazy with the money and he treats everybody like dirt but he blew it at the end and the family becomes poor. Peter comes back to Quagmire and Joe begging for forgiveness. Quagmire forgives him by giving him money from the investment he made when Peter gave him money. Peter and his family have their house back and everything is back to normal.

    This was a letdown. As I mentioned earlier, there was so much potential that it could have explored. We could have seen how Meg spent her share of the money. Peter was the biggest jerk and he didn't deserve any sympathy. The way he treated his two friends was unforgiveable and he should have gotten a taste of his own medicine. Ever since this show came back from cancellation, Peter became a shadow of who he was. Becoming more and more stupid is not funny and the same for becoming more and more sadistic. At the beginning of the episode, one of the dancers came to Peter and told him she was pregnant. Instead of taking responsibilities, he had a couple of security guards escort her and dance as if nothing happened with everybodyelse looking at him with cold looks. Are we suppose to like this guy? I don't think so after this one.

    There were only 3 funny parts.

    1. Brian needing to get a haircut. He looked like Uncle Fester. Hilarious!!

    2. The giant baby mobile.

    3. Peter diving into the vault of money. ( He should have ended it with the line "It's not liquid." and that was it. He didn't have to explain it. It ruins the comedy when kept talking.)

    The Star Trek scene was dumb. A goat?!! Peter buying making fake lottery tickets to test the family?!! Lois should have divorced him and everybody going to differant rooms and look out the windows as if nothing happened was a cop out.

    The worst season opener ever. Seth if you are reading, please stop remaking classic episodes and come up with new ideas. Also bring the old Peter from seasons 1 to 3. I hate the new Peter more after this one. Peter should have gotten advice from Carter. I can't wait for the Hurricane episode. That one sounds more promising and I hope it goes on a high note and cleans up this mess of an episode.

  • A decent season premiere


    Like most episodes, this one had its good share of funny moments, especially in the first half, like the Star Trek 2 scene, the cutaway with Brian not being groomed, Peter getting a penis butler, the musical montage with the Griffins looking through all the lottery tickets, and the Griffins winning the lottery and losing everything twice. Quagmire writing Peter the check near the end was also heartwarming. My biggest gripe about this episode, though, was that I hated how Peter treated Joe and Quagmire in this episode. He was just being a complete jerk to them after he won the lottery. I also thought the plot could have been a little better, and the ending where they're all just staring out the window was pretty lame. For the most part, though, this was a decent season premiere that had its moments. Final grade: B-. Marebear2009, out!

    ~dedicated to tigerdude22~

  • lol, the simpsons made a crap load of lottery episodes and they still have better ratings then this.


    I swear, this may be the end of Family Guy. They are tumbling down hill very fast and the episodes aren't as good anymore. The writers seem to have brain farts since season 7 and I think they are trying way too hard. Did they have to have an episode towards Peter? What about Stewie? What could he have done if he was the main character in that episode? He could have bought weapons of mass destruction to kill Lois from all that money they have!! But noooo, they decide to go the other way, the bad way, the unfunny way. I think I'm done watching Family Guy.

  • what a turd of an episode


    seth mcfarlane or whatever your name is, is that your name? who cares what your name is. you suck and you cannot make good shows. you're ugly and you smell like peter griffins ass. if i wanted to watch a really bad show, I'd watch american dad or that show with all that black people. chris mccfarlane, i hate you.

    every season of family was terrible. if you say it started to suck after it came back, you're wrong, it always sucked. you suck peter mccfarlane

  • Better than Season 9 episodes I suppose.


    Well, Season 10 didn't start out all that good as I expected.

    We have the drama, and the FORGIVE MEE scenes just like every recent episode.

    What I liked- Brian not being groomed, the Chinese resteraunt, and something else I forgot

    What I disliked- Joe getting shot, the drama at the end, the ending itself

    I would suggest watch it once and never return to it

    5 out of 10

  • I remember when family guy was still funny. I hope it may be funny again some day


    This isnt it though. The plot is basically the same from Season Two's Peter Peter Caviar eater. Also it isnt a good idea to begin with. How many shows have had the characters becoming rich? It's been done, and it's been done better.

    No jokes. Not one. I mean, if you want to call them jokes then go ahead, but jokes are supposed to make you laugh. Seth, where did family guy go? Bring it back. Its turning into new coke. I WANT COKE CLASSIC

  • A good season opener but nothing special


    I wasn't really expecting much after last season of Family Guy, last season is where it really started to go down hill for me. I will start by saying the promos looked really good but the episode was just okay.

    The jokes are very hit and miss with Family guy they are not witty and thought out like they used to be, just random words thrown together to get cheap laughs.


    -Brian grooming cutaway

    -Bruce Jenner and US Navy cutaway

    -Sushi restaurant


    -Opening credits

    -Stillborn children joke



    A few good moments in this episode but nothing memoriable, the stillborn joke after the russian waiter scene was not funny at all and the ending was stupid. Considering this was a season premiere this was a disappointment. Hopefully next week Hurricane episode will be better. Please Seth return to the quick witted and clever humor that made this show.

  • A very good start at the griffins 10th season


    When Peter asks Lois for a loan to open a sushi restaurant, she points out that the family is running low on cash and needs to live on a strict budget. When word spreads that the Powerball lottery is up to one hundred fifty million dollars, Peter obtains a second mortgage on the house to buy two hundred thousand tickets. After tormenting the family through four hundred thousand fake lottery tickets, Brian immediately pulls a winning lottery ticket from a box of real tickets. Despite Lois' suggestion that they shouldn't let the money go to their heads, Peter quits his job and spends his time hanging out at The Drunken Clam.

    At the Clam, Quagmire talks Peter into giving him a loan for an investment and Joe asks for money for a gift for Bonnie. When the guys try to leave, Peter makes them feel guilty and insists they stay. Soon, Peter begins throwing his weight around and the guys finally leave him. when Lois expresses her concern about the money changing the family, Peter wins her over with an enormous diamond ring. Over a lunch out with the family, Peter discovers the family has gone through all of the lottery winnings. Determined to recover, the family plays and wins again only to go broke just as fast.

    Desperate, Lois convinces Peter to go see his friends again. Peter apologizes for his behavior and tells Quagmire and Joe that he'll be living in a cardboard box. Quagmire writes Peter a check for the amount his successful investment paid off in order to recover his house. Despite Lois trying to put a cheery spin on things being back to normal, Peter and the family continue to be depressed over having everything and losing it.

    Now THIS was a great start. mainly a Peter story but did great for the 10th season. everyone was great. cant wait to see how season 10 looks i read great stuff coming up.
    this episode wasnt AS epic but was great so it gets a 9 out of 10
  • Season 10 started off okay but I was really hoping better since the promo looked very good


    This Season 10 Premiere of "Family Guy" was just okay. It wasn't good but it also wasn't terrible either. I have to say that there isn't any different in this episode though. This episode did deliver some laughs. Some of the parts in this episode were getting really boring and I didn't like how much winning the lottery changed Peter because he turned into a jerk. I didn't like how he treated Quagmire and Joe in this episode. The BB gun part was very funny but I still didn't like how he treated them. So yeah, the episode could have been better but it wasn't that bad at least in my opinion. The Star Trek thing in the very beginning of the episode made me laugh hard. Mayor West's cameo appearance was very funny. Peter wearing the gold tuxedo also made me laugh. Peter having a penis butler or something like that. I also laughed very hard at the cutaway with Brian not being groomed. The cutaway with Peter jumping in the gold and saying that it was not liquid most certainly made me LOL. Stewie with his big baby thing outside of the house was very funny. And last but not least, I laughed when everyone was staring out the window saying nothing at the very end of the episode. Nothing else really made me laugh after that. I did enjoy seeing Peter apologize to Joe and Quagmire and it was also kinda heartwarming when Quagmire gave Peter the check. Overall, not the best way to start off Season 10 but the episode had its moments and I didn't hate this Season 10 Premiere at all... I hope the next episode is better and funnier though. 6/10

  • good


    In the newest season premiere of Family Guy, the Griffins are broke. Peter hears how much the lottery has gone up in Quahog and so he buys a couple thousand tickets, hoping to win. He does! And now the Griffins are rich. But their behavior changes, and they realize that maybe being rich does not matter much.

    Whati liked- the beginning with the lady being pregnant, Adam West's appearance, Peter using guilt to get Quagmire and Joe not to leave him at the pub, Quagmire writing a check for Peter, the family winning the lottery again, and going through all the money, again (I learned in Math last year how quickly money goes when you spend a lot of it), Brian being all hairy in that one cutaway, etc.

    This was good, I thought. It wasn't perfect but I did not think it was outright terrible, either. Had some good laughs and I thought the plot was handled nicely. Final grade would be a C+/B- or so

  • The first episode of the new season.


    I laughed a bit during this episode, but I felt that not much happened. I would have preferred if they showed more in depth on how it changed the other members of the family, rather than showing mainly just Peter. Peter treating his friends poorly wasn't all that funny either. Overall it was an okay episode, had a message, few laughs, could have been better.

  • Not too bad, but nothing really to stand out.


    I grown to hate Family Guy from the newer seasons: Peter being a horrible father, husband, worker and friend who never really learns his lesson and never is properly punished for his actions. Lois has become a real ice-queen to own kids and Brain, Stewie is no longer funny, Brain has become the show's source of preachy Left-Wing messages, and I hate how Meg gets bash for nothing as well as super graphic scenes; and that the fans find that all funny in spite fo the poorly written stories with little thought or effort.

    I hated how the episode starts out with the opening sequence with one of the dancers getting pregnant via Peter, who lies and orders her off the stage. That's the kind of thing I am talking about. We're suppose to sympathize with Peter in his situations when he constantly does stuff like that... and not learning his lesson or getting retribution for it.

    The 2nd joke was Star Trek 2 with the infamous Kirk scream replaced by a goat's cry.... that's it. They had a real clip from the movie, including Ricardo Monalban's line, but just played a goat cry over Shatner's line.... what's the joke? Is it silly and funny? Yes, but it could have easily been by any geek online for a past-time. Only difference here, people got paid for it. Another reason I hate this show....

    Shortly after that, Peter ask Lois for over 25 thousands dollars to open a Sushi bar just to yell random things at costumers... wow, three throw away jokes under a minute... thats a record right?

    THe first joke I liked was Brain's grooming, it fitted the situation and actually memorable. But if I point out every joke, you'll spend ALL day reading this.

    Lois tell Peter they're near the edge and Lois may need to get a job herself, which you makes you question how much Peter gets at the brewery as paper pusher... but Peter as a solution... win the lottery by buying over a thousands tickets, which the family spend a montage to have look for the winning ticket... only to find out that Peter was testing them and Brain just had to pick one ticket from the "real" pile to find out they won.

    Needless to say, Peter and the family get a little over board with the money. Peter basically flaunts his money over his friends, basically-giving them money for their needs while they do everything he wants (inspite the fact they pretty much DO everything Peter does inspite of not having money) to the point he treats them like garbage.

    Then, they run out of money after a dinner. They get broke, Peter goes to his friends for help, they give him money to help back where they started. The End.

    Yeah, no b-plot here, Peter was the main focus of the entire episode, we see some jokes with the family how the money got to them. Chris sniffs glue handed by a butler, and Stewie buys himself a giant mobile. Basically, it more Peter-center version of "Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater." (where's Stewie's postion with money had him order a butler to bring him the Wall-Street Journal while having 2 other Butlers fight to the death for his amusement.)

    But I have to say, compared to the more recent episodes: this episodes had jokes that were actually clever and funny while still having some bad ones, but kept to a minimum. Like Peter's rant on TruBlood, normally I hate when Family Guy just take time out to talk about how this person or that show sucks like a throw-away joke (as oppose to South Park, having an entire episode focus around their opinion of shows/celebrities) but added a twist to it make it funny.

    Overall, it's was a rather okay episode with some good jokes here there, slightly above average for most Family Guy episodes, not enough to get over what made me turn away from this show, though I might give the next episode when Meg gives payback to her entire family how they treated her.

  • 9/25


    There have been worse episodes out there, that's for sure, but let's be honest, this is still not that great an era of Family Guy. I laughed at a few gags, but the show seems to have found its voice and that is Peter being a child week after week. If that amuses you, chances are you love it, but I want more from this show.

    For a season premiere it was not that bad, but some of the jokes like mocking 80's montages, an unnecessary shot at Anna Paquin and mocking homelessness, it just seemed out of place.

    Okay, but let's not get too excited. This show will be back to terrible next week.

  • typical family guy


    Family Guy by the numbers, predictable the whole way through with a couple of funny gags tossed in. And of course a bizarre musical. The Michael McDonald allergies, Brian's grooming, and the Russian guy thing all got laughs out of me, but Family Guy's in it's 10th season and still doing formulaic crap like this.

    Season 10 probably won't be much than season 9.