Family Guy

Season 10 Episode 1

Lottery Fever

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2011 on FOX

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  • Not too bad, but nothing really to stand out.


    I grown to hate Family Guy from the newer seasons: Peter being a horrible father, husband, worker and friend who never really learns his lesson and never is properly punished for his actions. Lois has become a real ice-queen to own kids and Brain, Stewie is no longer funny, Brain has become the show's source of preachy Left-Wing messages, and I hate how Meg gets bash for nothing as well as super graphic scenes; and that the fans find that all funny in spite fo the poorly written stories with little thought or effort.

    I hated how the episode starts out with the opening sequence with one of the dancers getting pregnant via Peter, who lies and orders her off the stage. That's the kind of thing I am talking about. We're suppose to sympathize with Peter in his situations when he constantly does stuff like that... and not learning his lesson or getting retribution for it.

    The 2nd joke was Star Trek 2 with the infamous Kirk scream replaced by a goat's cry.... that's it. They had a real clip from the movie, including Ricardo Monalban's line, but just played a goat cry over Shatner's line.... what's the joke? Is it silly and funny? Yes, but it could have easily been by any geek online for a past-time. Only difference here, people got paid for it. Another reason I hate this show....

    Shortly after that, Peter ask Lois for over 25 thousands dollars to open a Sushi bar just to yell random things at costumers... wow, three throw away jokes under a minute... thats a record right?

    THe first joke I liked was Brain's grooming, it fitted the situation and actually memorable. But if I point out every joke, you'll spend ALL day reading this.

    Lois tell Peter they're near the edge and Lois may need to get a job herself, which you makes you question how much Peter gets at the brewery as paper pusher... but Peter as a solution... win the lottery by buying over a thousands tickets, which the family spend a montage to have look for the winning ticket... only to find out that Peter was testing them and Brain just had to pick one ticket from the "real" pile to find out they won.

    Needless to say, Peter and the family get a little over board with the money. Peter basically flaunts his money over his friends, basically-giving them money for their needs while they do everything he wants (inspite the fact they pretty much DO everything Peter does inspite of not having money) to the point he treats them like garbage.

    Then, they run out of money after a dinner. They get broke, Peter goes to his friends for help, they give him money to help back where they started. The End.

    Yeah, no b-plot here, Peter was the main focus of the entire episode, we see some jokes with the family how the money got to them. Chris sniffs glue handed by a butler, and Stewie buys himself a giant mobile. Basically, it more Peter-center version of "Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater." (where's Stewie's postion with money had him order a butler to bring him the Wall-Street Journal while having 2 other Butlers fight to the death for his amusement.)

    But I have to say, compared to the more recent episodes: this episodes had jokes that were actually clever and funny while still having some bad ones, but kept to a minimum. Like Peter's rant on TruBlood, normally I hate when Family Guy just take time out to talk about how this person or that show sucks like a throw-away joke (as oppose to South Park, having an entire episode focus around their opinion of shows/celebrities) but added a twist to it make it funny.

    Overall, it's was a rather okay episode with some good jokes here there, slightly above average for most Family Guy episodes, not enough to get over what made me turn away from this show, though I might give the next episode when Meg gives payback to her entire family how they treated her.