Family Guy

Season 10 Episode 1

Lottery Fever

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2011 on FOX

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  • Season 10 started off okay but I was really hoping better since the promo looked very good


    This Season 10 Premiere of "Family Guy" was just okay. It wasn't good but it also wasn't terrible either. I have to say that there isn't any different in this episode though. This episode did deliver some laughs. Some of the parts in this episode were getting really boring and I didn't like how much winning the lottery changed Peter because he turned into a jerk. I didn't like how he treated Quagmire and Joe in this episode. The BB gun part was very funny but I still didn't like how he treated them. So yeah, the episode could have been better but it wasn't that bad at least in my opinion. The Star Trek thing in the very beginning of the episode made me laugh hard. Mayor West's cameo appearance was very funny. Peter wearing the gold tuxedo also made me laugh. Peter having a penis butler or something like that. I also laughed very hard at the cutaway with Brian not being groomed. The cutaway with Peter jumping in the gold and saying that it was not liquid most certainly made me LOL. Stewie with his big baby thing outside of the house was very funny. And last but not least, I laughed when everyone was staring out the window saying nothing at the very end of the episode. Nothing else really made me laugh after that. I did enjoy seeing Peter apologize to Joe and Quagmire and it was also kinda heartwarming when Quagmire gave Peter the check. Overall, not the best way to start off Season 10 but the episode had its moments and I didn't hate this Season 10 Premiere at all... I hope the next episode is better and funnier though. 6/10

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