Family Guy

Season 10 Episode 1

Lottery Fever

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2011 on FOX

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  • A horrible season premier and a horrible remake of Peter, Peter Caviear Eater. I had high hopes for this one but I was wrong. This had potential but everything fell flat and it shows that Seth is running out of ideas instead of going for fresh new ones.


    The lottery comes to Quahog and the prize is $150.0000. Peter buys over a thousand lottery tickets and the family won. Peter goes crazy with the money and he treats everybody like dirt but he blew it at the end and the family becomes poor. Peter comes back to Quagmire and Joe begging for forgiveness. Quagmire forgives him by giving him money from the investment he made when Peter gave him money. Peter and his family have their house back and everything is back to normal.

    This was a letdown. As I mentioned earlier, there was so much potential that it could have explored. We could have seen how Meg spent her share of the money. Peter was the biggest jerk and he didn't deserve any sympathy. The way he treated his two friends was unforgiveable and he should have gotten a taste of his own medicine. Ever since this show came back from cancellation, Peter became a shadow of who he was. Becoming more and more stupid is not funny and the same for becoming more and more sadistic. At the beginning of the episode, one of the dancers came to Peter and told him she was pregnant. Instead of taking responsibilities, he had a couple of security guards escort her and dance as if nothing happened with everybodyelse looking at him with cold looks. Are we suppose to like this guy? I don't think so after this one.

    There were only 3 funny parts.

    1. Brian needing to get a haircut. He looked like Uncle Fester. Hilarious!!

    2. The giant baby mobile.

    3. Peter diving into the vault of money. ( He should have ended it with the line "It's not liquid." and that was it. He didn't have to explain it. It ruins the comedy when kept talking.)

    The Star Trek scene was dumb. A goat?!! Peter buying making fake lottery tickets to test the family?!! Lois should have divorced him and everybody going to differant rooms and look out the windows as if nothing happened was a cop out.

    The worst season opener ever. Seth if you are reading, please stop remaking classic episodes and come up with new ideas. Also bring the old Peter from seasons 1 to 3. I hate the new Peter more after this one. Peter should have gotten advice from Carter. I can't wait for the Hurricane episode. That one sounds more promising and I hope it goes on a high note and cleans up this mess of an episode.