Family Guy

Season 2 Episode 5

Love Thy Trophy

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 14, 2000 on FOX

Episode Recap

When Peter's theme is chosen for the Annual Quahog Harvest Festival Parade, he successfully unites the neighborhood in a float building effort. But after the gang from Spooner Street ends up winning an award for their float, everyone feels personally entitled to the trophy, causing bitterness all around. Meanwhile, Meg wants to earn money for a new, chic purse and realizes that she can get hired at a local pancake restaurant by pretending she is an unwed teenage mother and that Stewie is her son.

The neighbors agree to build an arch in the middle of Spooner street where they will display the trophy, but when the trophy goes missing, suspicions run wild. Before long, , all the neighbors are at on another's throats. Meanwhile, Meg continues playing her hard-up story at work, even embellishing it by claiming Stewie is addicted to crack(When Stewie has in fact become addicted to pancakes). An employee of Child Services overhears Meg's tales and comes to the Griffin's house to take Stewie away.

Stewie, now jonesing for pancakes, is placed with a foster family that cares for an ethnically diverse group of children. The neighbors realize how petty they've all became and all work together to get Stewie back. As a group, they infiltrate the foster house, but ultimately fail. However, Meg's Prada bag proves instrumental to Stewie's safe return. In the end, we learn it is Brian who stole the trophy, his canine instincts driving him to bury anything shiny.

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