Family Guy

Season 10 Episode 10

Meg and Quagmire

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 08, 2012 on FOX

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  • Funny

  • YES!!!! A "Family Guy" Episode Where Meg Griffin Gets Treated with Respect As a Character! :D

    Believe it or not, I still consider myself to be in a bit of an episode review writing slump, even though I just reviewed a bunch of (four) episodes of "The Twilight Zone" recently. When it comes to "Family Guy," they've metaphorically had more misses than the Boston Red Sox did from 1919 until 2004! But when "Family Guy" hits a home run, they REALLY hit a home run! :D At long last, Meg Griffin finally turns 18 and theoretically, is all grown up! 8) The Griffins actually DO try to have a nice surprise birthday party for Meg, but the guests unfortunately showed up to the WRONG house due to a misunderstanding! :( But unlike most years, Meg doesn't have to spend THIS birthday alone! :!: Because Glenn Quagmire, who seems to be more patient than Pepe Le Pew is when it comes to women, has decided he can finally, safely, and LEGALLY, make a move on Meg! :shock: Hungry for the companionship she's long been denied, Meg welcome's Glenn's friendship with welcome arms to show that she's no longer the little kid she used to be! But although Meg's body may be fully mature, her mind hasn't gotten there yet, and Peter knows all too well what Glenn Quagmire likes to do to women he considers attractive. Glenn likes Lois, but since he can't have HER, he figures that dating/loving her daughter is the next best thing! But if Glenn thinks he can take away Meg's innocence away from her, he's got another thing coming from Peter! In an all too rare moment, Peter does the right thing, by stopping Meg and Glenn before they can go too far, and saves Meg from making a rash decision that could've really haunted her later. I love it when Seth MacFarlane and company throw Meg Griffin a bone and give her a break from being trounced on. I sure hope there are more GOOD episodes like this in the future! :) Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • family guy meg and quagmire

    this was a good episode of family guy i enjoyed the beggining when they were making fun of the teen choice awards that was really funny and the when meg and quagmire were texting that was also a funny scene i enjoyed this episode and peter was actually acting like a real dad for once which is good change of pace for the character but i bet he will be back to his whacky self next episode.
  • Better than most new ones, but still kinda crappy

    probably the best episode of the series so far, it felt more like the old family guy, you know, when it was still funny. However, given the plot, it could have been A LOT better. Maybe if Seth Mcfarlane stopped wasting his energy on The Clevelend Show, he could start making funnier episodes. I liked the teen choice choice awards, and lois was pretty funny throughout this episode, but thats about all it had going for it. A boring episode for a weak series, and although i said it was the best ep of the series so far, thats really not much of a compliment.

    I was hurt by a line that was suppose to be funny about when a teenage girl was told by little guy that she still had time to kill herself and get a full page in yearbook. my son died and DID get a full black page in yearbook. NOT FUNNY AT ALL!
  • It would have been better if it weren't for the cop out ending

    Meg turned 18 and the only person who cares for her was Quagmire. Peter and Lois tried their best to keep him away from her. I was happy that Peter and Lois cared for Meg and acted like real parents but I wished it could have ended better for Meg. At least she wasn't a total loser and she was glad her parents came for her. The part I hated was the Teen Choice Awards but I liked when Stewie defended Meg and the highway not finished. Not a bad episode but it could have been better.
  • A decent episode

    When Meg finally turns 18, Quagmire seizes the opportunity to pursue his next romantic conquest. As the new couple's relationship blossoms, Peter stops at nothing to come in between his daughter and his creepy friend. I thought this episode was decent. The plot for this episode was just good, not the best I've seen. I thought the plot was a little strange because Quagmire is like 3 times older to date Meg. It's still alright to watch. The parts that I laughed are Peter calling Meg "skank," Stewie punching Quagmire's foot by saying "get away from my sis," Meg and Quagmire text messaging, the traffic not finish drawn, Lois telling Quagmire what he did if he get to Meg again, and probably a couple more. My score is lower because the Teen Choice. You got to be kidding me. Girls yelling about these guys that I don't care/hate...ugh, don't even make me start with Robert Patterson and Justin Bieber. I didn't the ending. It was just random. Overall, a decent episode.
  • Agerage

    it's just so-so. The finish is dull, boring and leaves you with a sour taste in the mouth.
  • Interesting. . but flawed

    I thought the premise of this episode, Quagmire and Meg starting a relationship, would have made for some interesting and funny moments. I was largely wrong though I am afraid.

    There were few good jokes, and although the story started off strong enough, it soon tapered into a dull and seemingly imcomplete ending.

    another incredibly average episode to add to the growing list.
  • They need to find new writers or SOMETHING

    Seriously, why is this show so bad now? All the jokes are recycled (Peter's pterodactyl and puking for example) and there are long stretches where the show doesn't even attempt to be funny. These writers need to buy a boxset of the first 3 seasons of family guy or something because clearly they're clueless when it comes to writing a good episode. Just awful.
  • Very poor episode

    Another terrible episode that suggests this show isn't going to improve anytime soon back to how good it once was. The jokes were lazy and the script felt like it was hastily put together.

    There's no love that goes into this show anymore and it feels like they're just going through the motions to pump out some money. I kind of feel sorry for people who highly rate these episodes and don't realize just how hilarious and fresh "Family Guy" once was.
  • funny

    for those of you who watches tosh.0.......FIRST, and the episode was funny

  • am i the only one who thought this was painfully bad?

    This was one of the worst episodes of Family Guy I've ever seen. I laughed like twice, Peter calling Quagmire a 'vagician', and the scene where Meg and Quagmire were texting each other. The rest was painfully bad for me to watch. It honestly seemed, to me, that they made this episode just to make it. Like, they had the idea for it early on in the series, but they never went through with it. Meg turns 18 and starts having a relationship with Quagmire. Quagmire is known for dating women and having sex with them, so it should be no surprise he would want to do the same to Meg when she was of legal age. It just did not interest me much. It also got pretty lazy near the end, when it was revealed the episode was a story some grandpa was telling his grandson (RIGHT before they revealed that, i thought to myself "OK, this has got to be a dream episode, or a non-canon episode" and then that revelation....). So yea, this episode was boring, the plot seemed, to me, like it was only a plot to be a plot (if that makes sense), and there were barely any laughs. my final grade is going to be an F, and this is one of the worst episodes of Family Guy IMO
  • I liked this episode but it did have some problems and the storyline was creepy but interesting at the same time

    When Meg finally turns 18, Quagmire seizes the opportunity to pursue his next romantic conquest. As the new couple's relationship blossoms, Peter stops at nothing to come in between his daughter and his creepy friend. I thought that this was a GOOD episode of "Family Guy". I thought I wasn't going to like this episode but I turned out to enjoy more than I expected. It's definitely not the best Season 10 episode I've seen but it's still funny to watch. The problems that I did have with this episode was the storyline (but it was also interesting at the same time)... I just thought it was creepy for Quagmire to date Meg who now turned 18 years old. Another thing I really didn't like was the opening scene with the Teen Choice Awards (now that part was awful and is probably the worst part of the episode). Seriously? teen girls going so crazy by ripping out their eyeballs, their organs, and more... that is just unnecessary. Oh yeah, my other problem was that there were a few crude humor in this episode that I didn't like like Stewie's slideshow, Teen Choice Awards (watch that scene to see why) and one or two more. I also didn't like Quagmire trying to date Meg when Peter is his best friend and wants to have sex with Meg even though Peter told him not to. The ending was also kinda lazy as well. Other than those flaws which really aren't bad except for the Teen Choice Awards part in the beginning of the episode, I liked this episode. There were some very funny parts that gave me a good laugh as well such as Mort's cutaway, Stewie softly punching Quagmire's leg and then says "Stay away from my sis", Peter using the water hose on Quagmire and then Quagmire runs out of Meg's room hissing like a cat, Peter saying what is holding up the traffic and then it turns out that the drawing wasn't finished and then you see Seth MacFarlane wake up, Lois saying "Peter, I got us the cabin" and then Peter responds "Yay", the cutaway with Quagmire inside Peter's refrigerator, and some more. I also love the fact that Peter was protecting Meg from having sex with Quagmire. You know, in the past... Peter has been treating Meg very bad BUT ever since that episode "Seahorse Seashell Party" (you know, the episode with Meg standing up to herself), Peter and the rest of the family have been treating Meg with respect and don't treat her like crap anymore. Does anyone else agree with that?. I also loved that Peter and Lois stopped Quagmire from having sex with Meg (that shows that they do now care for Meg). But yeah, the episode did have some problems but it wasn't bad at all for the most part and I liked it actually. Overall, a good episode of "Family Guy" but it's definitely NOT the best episode of the 10th season. 7.5/10
  • Meg and Quagmire

    Okay, so I may have chuckled at a few things, you will rarely go through an episode of this show without laughing, but the majority of this episode was painfully bad. A goofy premise that was kind of interesting, but the cutaways were the worst of the season and a lot of the jokes just did not work.

    Not horrible, but come on, far from good. Limited number of funny lines tonight.