Family Guy

Season 5 Episode 2

Mother Tucker

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 17, 2006 on FOX

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  • Terrific

  • This is when Family Guy jumped the shark.

    Season 5 was not a good follow up to the excellent Season 4. This one is an example of how some episodes of the 5th season were atrocious.

    I have two complaints about this one-

    1. Meg doesn't talk - Whoever decided on having Meg not having any lines in certain episodes needs to be taken outside and beaten with a flail.

    2. Stewie really started to get much worse by this point.
  • Underrated

    Peter's mom gets a divorce. Peter feels abandoned until he sees a father figure in his mom's new boyfriend, Tom Tucker. Meanwhile, Brian gets his own NPR style show on the radio. Another episode where the critics might hate it. It is very underrated and the average score is much lower than the other episodes. There are some dragged parts such as the weenie and the butt...ugh, that was a time filler. I'm guessing most of Brian and Stewie's plot was pretty lame expect for at least 3 parts. The main plot was much funnier and I didn't got bored in any parts. Funniest cutaway was where Peter watching the ring and he reacted to it. Funny parts in the main plot were Quagmire's appearances (crashing to signs, his reaction to Thelma), Chris bothering Peter, Tom Tucker acting like a father figure to Peter (funniest one was when he spanked Peter), etc. Overall a great episode with a weak subplot. 8.5/10
  • Abysmal


    Peter's mom gets a divorce. Peter feels abandoned until he sees a father figure in his mom's new boyfriend, Tom Tucker. Meanwhile, Brian gets his own NPR style show on the radio.

    I only liked the Tom Tucker part when he spanks Peter for eating the ice cream.


  • great


    what i liked- peter's evil twin, brian and stewie on the radio and subsequently being replaced by quagmire and cleveland, peter acting like a little kid, peter letting jake play catch with tom, peter complaining about chris needing to much attention, amongst other things.

    good episode. definitely not one of the best but it did the job on good humor, so my final grade is going to be a B+ or so,i think is fair for this episode

  • Somewhat good but not as good as some of the other Season 5 episodes

    I thought that this was a good episode of "Family Guy". It wasn't a bad episode but it also wasn't a great episode either, it was just like an average but also good episode. I wouldn't say it's the best Season 5 episode I've ever seen though since some of the other Season 5 episodes make me laugh 10 times harder. Of course, this episode gets most of the points because I did laugh hard at some part. The Charlotte's Web cutaway was funny. The Peanuts' Reunion cutaway also was pretty funny. The cutaway with Darth Vader as the meter made was hilarious. Also, the cutaway with Peter watching "The Ring" and dying was absolutely hilarious. It was absolutely hilarious when Tom Tucker is Peter's father figure and Peter acting like a child was the best part of this episode. I really laughed hard at Peter acting like a child. The Brian/Stewie plot was also good when they have their own radio show. The ending was pretty funny as well. My score was just low because this episode wasn't the best and some of the scenes were either boring or just time-filler. Overall, a good but average Season 5 episode of "Family Guy". 7/10
  • 502

    This wasn't the best Family Guy episode, but at least this episode brought some genuine laughs. Nowadays, it's a different story. This was when Family Guy was still clever, now Family Guy's comedy is solely focused on poop jokes, but we got some good comedy here, and I guess you learn to appreciate an episode like this when you compare it to present day.

    From the looks of it, this episode didn't get the best response. Yeah sure the story line was a bit absurd but most of the one liners just worked, and this was a time when the Brian & Stewie pairing was tolerable and not incredibly exaggerated. Bottom line, this wasn't a bad episode of Family Guy. It wasn't the best, but it certainly wasn't bad.
  • I find that you either love this episode or hate this episode... I'm kind of in the middle though. Good, but just not as good as some of the Family Guy classics.

    After attending the Quahog Airshow, the Griffins lose Stewie in the crowd. When Brian searches for him, where a radio worker approaches him and tells him he should consider a job as a radio presenter, which he accepts. After hosting a lunchtime talk show, Brian is told to get Stewie to work as a copresenter to his show after crank calls made by Stewie during the show. Meanwhile, Peter's mother, Thelma comes to the house and tells Peter that she has ended her relationship with Peter's father, Francis. Lois takes Thelma to a meeting for single people in an attempt to find her a new partner, where she finds Tom Tucker and the two begin dating, annoying Peter, because she is dating so soon after leaving his father. Peter makes several attempts to end the relationship between Tucker and his mother, all of which are unsuccessful.

    Stewie turns Brian's radio show into a comedy show, which annoys Brian. However, he is pleased when he becomes a local celebrity in Quahog when people recognise his voice. Brian eventually resigns from his radio career after displeasing Gore Vidal, among other antics organized by Stewie. They are then replaced by Cleveland and Quagmire. Peter is persuaded by Tucker to refrain from attempting to ruin his relationship with Thelma, which Peter agrees to; but Thelma ends the relationship shortly after, much to the despair of Peter. Tucker apologizes to Peter for spanking him earlier when he ate ice cream when told not too, and resumes to spending time with his own son, Jake after being told it would be for the best by Peter.
  • Role reversal is stronger than this episode than usual.

    This episode at times was just hilarious, but then its other attempts of humour also kind of brought it down. For one the whole radio involvement in the episode sort of barred this from being an absolute Family Guy classic. The long and dumb radio sounds was repetitive. It was really funny the first time but then the next five or six times afterwards just got annoying. It's unfortunate because the role reversal that Peter played as Tom Tucker's son was just hilarious. The different situations like when they were at the fast food restaurant had me laughing real hard, and the montage of them going down the park was just as funny. It had its high moments but also its low moments, it should have been better.
  • Not bad.

    After Peter's mom gets a divorce, she hooks up with Tom Tucker who acts like a father figure to Peter. Meanwhile, Brian and Stewie get their own talk show on radio as 'Dingo and the Baby.'Although not a great episode,it had some moments. The radio scene at the beginning was a bit far fetched and showed the laziness of the writers. But ignoring that, the episode was pretty good. Tom Tucker is one of my least likeable characters on the show, but he was different in this episode and had his massive ego in control. The Darth Vader flashback was pure genius and one of the best in the series. Not one of my favorite episodes, but still a good one.
  • When Brian states; "what the hell does that have to do with anything?" Is exactly how i feel about this episode.

    In this episode; the dog Brian begins his own sophisicated radio show but when Stewie joins and they become "Dingo and the Baby", the show takes a turn for the tasteless. Also Peter's mother starts dating news playboy Tom Tucker and the three of them are happy. Until she walks out.........

    This episode is a complete farce from beginning to end; all of it is so contrived and random that it teeters on the line of brian - dead but thankfully it's largely very funny.

    The Peter/Tom Tucker storyline is an obvious jab at Kramer.vs.Kramer and for a pardoy it's not really very funny with the final "sentimental" act proving some of the worst acts of "drama" seen so far. Brian and Stewie's is a little better, Brian proves as a great mirror as to what the audience thinks of the tackiness of it all but as he gets sucked in we lose our spokesperson. The twist at the end though is nice.

    The jokes vary from very funny cultural references to random cutaways,some irrelevant one - liners to just blatant cheapness and all four of them attract laughs at different times while at least one category falls flat at some stage in the episode.

    Season 5 stands as the best - looking so far and this episode is no exception but they could've made more use of it. Seth Macfarlane gives a very good vocal performance in this episode; even though his Brian and Tom Tucker sound exactly alike he creates two different characters effectively. Phyllis Diller returns as Peter's mother and Mila Kunis is still credited even though her petulant vocals aren't heard. This episode is a good example of Family Guy but its lack of consistency deems is a missed opportunity.
  • Peters Mum breaks up with her husband and gets together with Tom Tucker.

    I really liked this episode. It was really funny making Peter act like a small child:
    Peter Griffin: I want some ice cream. Tom Tucker: No, Peter. You'll finish your food. [Peter moves his chair to the refrigerator] You.. Hey.. Y-you get back here right now, mister. [as Peter stands on the chair] D-don't you.. Get down from the chair. You're in big trouble. [as Peter gets the ice cream from the freezer] Y-You put that ice cream back right now. I mean it. [as Peter puts his chair back to the table] I'm not kidding around. I'm not going to say it again. [as Peter trying to put a spoonful of ice cream in his mouth] Uh! If you put that ice cream in your mouth, you're going to be in big trouble, young man. Duh.. You... Uh.. Uh... [as he whaps Peter on his buttocks several times] Peter Griffin: [crying] I hate you! I hate you! I want my mommy! Tom Tucker: Well, I'm the best you've got! I loved the part when they went to the resturant.

    Also we find out Peter has an evil brother named Thaddeus. Another of my favourite quotes:
    Peter: Lois, you're too nosy. Like that waiter at that restaurant.
    Waiter: And who had the prime rib?
    Peter: I hardly think that's any of your business.
  • peters mom gets a divorce and dates tom tucker

    well i give this episode an average cause i dont like peters mom i think shes annoying second in this episode some parts were boring and were not silly so i dont like episodes like that i was expecting better since this is the 5th season of this series but still i like this episode alittle thats why i dident give this episode a 1.0/10 or somthin like the charly brown part was funny i was like LOL and the middle of this episode was preety funny so i dont hate this episode instead i give this episode a 7.0/10 (at first you wont like it but once you see it like 5 times u will like it lol)
  • I cried, I laughed so much off at this episode.

    This is great, the radio plot could've been left out though, it made me sad how low Brian stupped to, I mean come on, his old show was wayyyyy better than the new crapper show that Stewie turns it into. But enough about that crappy plot, the other plot made me laugh till my sides were hearting and I was crying, it was just freakin' hilarious. And of course anyone who knows me would know how much I would like Peter acting like a 3 - year - old, and of course you know Tom Tucker being his new Dad, Peter was so cute in this episode, acting like a little baby :P, anyways my favourite moments would be Tom Spanking Peter because he ate chocolate, and how Peter got to have a proper childhood, oh and of course the air show, a great setpeice! If you're wondering why this episode got such a low rating, it's because of the stupid radio plot. Man I hate that!
  • More like Mother f...

    The episode starts with Stewie lost at an air show, so Brian asks a radio booth to use their microphone to find Stewie, annoying and overdone radio jokes ensue. Yadda yadda yadda, Brian gets his own radio show for some reason, then for no reason Stewie becomes his co-host much to Brian's displeasure(seriously, there's no explanation given as to why the studio would pick a 1-year-old to host a radio program). More annoying and overdone radio jokes ensue. Meanwhile Peter's mom gets freaky with Tom Tucker [shudders], then she leaves and Tucker has to take care of Peter alone in a gripping, dramatic tale of epic pro..., Peter acts like a 3-year-old the whole episode. Then comes the reset where the characters learn their lessons very halfassedly. A plot where Peter’s mom divorces and reenters the ‘market’ would have been a good place for some character development. Obviously FG isn’t the best source for masterful plots but the show would be so much better if the writers would try to develop the story instead of stuffing the show with as many jokes as possible. Some dialog would be better off without a random fart or hotdog thrown in every 10 seconds.

    As for the jokes, well there were mainly just 2, radio stations suck and Peter is a 3-year-old. These 2 jokes were repeated over and over in slight variety. Peter acts like a child in McDonald’s, Peter acts like a child at home. Oh I get joke, Peter not child he adult, but he is acting like the child, which he normally doesn’t, HILARIOUS. As for the radio jokes, the show decided to show how annoying and repetitive radio programs are by being annoying and repetitive, sounds like a good idea on paper, sort of. Needless to say after 30 seconds the wacky radio sounds stopped being funny, after 5 minutes you’ll wish you were dead. Other jokes included an idiotic joke about Darth Vader that made me wish Star Wars didn’t exist, a ‘brilliant’ tribute to ‘Master and Commander’(do I have to tell you where it goes?) and so on. There were a few good quick gags like Peter’s brother and the ‘Mannequin’ jab. Still, reusing the same joke every three minutes just isn’t something a show like FG should be doing. More is expected of FG then paper-thin plots meant to push repeating jokes again and again.

    Okay, Family Guy just never gets old. Seph McFarane, or whatever he's called, is a genius. I LOVE the Peanuts joke in this one, I laughed extremely hard, and the radio part was AWESOME!!!!!!!! I mean, the radio part is so random, and funny, I always laugh whenever it's in a scene. My favorite part was the end of this episode, where Clevelend and Quagmire are the new hosts, and the radio says "Giggety giggety go." Now THAT was funny. Let me tell you, Family Guy just never seazes to amaze me. I love this show alot. Giggety giggety giggety...
  • In this episode, Peter's mother gets divorced or something and she dates Tom Tucker. God, do I have to say more about this crap?

    Its a really bad episode although I admit I was laughing so hard at the first 2 minutes of it. However, I realized that this is one of the worst Family Guy episodes. EVER! The plot really isn't even that great, as Tom Tucker acts as a father figure. I like him better when he was an anchorman. Peter really likes spending time with Tom, and then Peter's wife left, which I can't remember a ton more after that. The clips wern't even funny, so there reaslly is very little saving grace here. This is probably even more disappointing that the last season, which really was mixed to me. I hope the next episodes are good, or this might be my last season.
  • its was ok......

    this episode was ok and was very funny but not very was ok i mean i like family guy but this did have its moments.this episod was ok for the peter storyline with peter haveing a new father was prity funny cause he asks like a kid.and thats my review.
  • :lol: times a 1,000! It's that great! :D

    I just love the jokes on this show! One after one, Seth McFarlane and his writers just keep piling on the jokes on top of each other! Plenty of drinking beverages are necessary for viewing this episode as I would've become dehydrated from laughing so much without liquid! Phyllis Diller as Peter's Mom is a role that fits the ancient comiedienne like a glove! Nicole Sullivan and Phil Lamarr also have bit roles in this episode to help fellow former "MadTv" castmember pass the time with reminiscing and comedic repartee! The biggest surprise however, was when Gore Vidal actually played himself on this episode! I mean, how much did Seth have to bribe- :oops: -I mean pay Gore Vidal to play himself in this episode?! Lets just say that it was probably more money than Pauly Shore makes in a year, and that's a lot! This episode has finally given me an official reason to add this show to my favorites! That's why I wrote this review! Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • Oh well , probably not the best episode around but still ... made me laugh my *ss off ...the Radio part was funny as hell xD

    Of course the ma-peter-tom tucker storyline was quite funny , tho a bit boring compared to the radio sounds we hear in the whole episode and made me roll on the floor ... special mention to the final one including Giggidy-Giggidy-Goo , and the Darth Vader clip =)

    I enjoyed some storylines much more than this one but i have to say it has (as well as pretty much every episode of FG and AD) memorable quotes , and that's enough for making it a good episode ... since FG old recipe (mixing a minimal storyline with outside references all along) has been that way since the beginning and people enjoyed it .. and prolly wil lstill enjoy it for a while ^^

    'That one felt like my dad'
    'Cindy... with an S!'
  • A train wreck waiting to happen.

    This has to be up there with Family Guy's worst work. Peter's mum was not a funny character in the first place, and bringing her back was just annoying. They also gave Tom Tucker, the worst character on this show, a major role. To top it off, the subplot with Brian and his radio show was one of the worst Brian plots ever.
    This episode was always going to be bad, but even I was stunned at just how bad the plot was.
    However, it wasn't all bad. There were some decent gags (the Darth Vader thing was OK, and the Chicken Little bit with Peter mooing would not have looked out of place in S3) but after the excellent Stewie Loves Lois, I expected better.
  • I'd hoped more of the second episode of the season.

    This was a below Average episode, the same kind we saw a few times in the later half of season 4.

    I this episode Peters mum dates Tom Tucker and Peter finds a new father role model but at the same time starts to neglect his own kids. Meanwhile Brain and Stewie become radio DJ's and Brain becomes ashamed of himself after he sells out to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

    While not a strong episode by any means there were some funny bits. but saddly all the laughs were mild and the Peter story begins to grow tiresom. Could be worse but could be much much better.
  • Peter's mom Thelma re marries but who?

    As I said before, Peter's mom Thelma re marries but who is the lucky man, i mean unlucky XD ? Well it is pretty obvious " Mother tucker ". That's right Tom Tucker the news reporter. He marries Thelma ( weird huh? ) then that means he is peter's new dad is tucker. Tucker, thelma, and peter have fun together and peter a 42 year old man and a father of 3 acts just like a little kid. Many funny scenes with peter getting hurt then tucker puts a bandade and thelma kissing it betting, even one on his butt. My favourite scene is when they go to burger king. Anyways, thelma soon decides to leave tucker but peter gets sad becuase he likes his new dad. But in the end thelma leaves tucker and just like in any other episode a weird ending happens and they forget all about this. Story: 7/10 Humor: 9/10 My score: 8.1/10
  • Not my favourite Family Guy episode, but still a classic example of why i watch this show.

    Mother Tucker, im guessing its trying to sound like mother trucker or the less PG version. This episode was another good one, and that adjective isn't always used for this show by me. A good episode, not a completely solid storyline but it still manages to produce laughter. This is a good episode to watch, i really thought it was funny watching a 300-odd pound man being held like an infant by a 150-odd pound man and it was quite funny seeing Peter act like a child. The radio show bits weren't well thought out and the advertisement for "weenie and the butt" just dragged on forever. Funny episode to watch 8/10 from me.
  • Peter's mom comes. The only good thing going on.

    Brian and his radio show was so boring. I hated it. Now Peter's mom, we haven't seen her in a long time. I don't think that we've seen her for years. This is like her first episode as an actual character instead of a cameo. She seems to have divorced that religious kook for Tom Tucker. This creates a very warped family. Tom becomes Peter's father-figure. Then, Peter's mom leaves Tom. Tom is sad. Story ends. Tom is so dull, but it's okay. It's better than having Cleveland or Quagmire. That would look so wrong to have those guys at that position.
  • Yet another totally disappointing episode, Episode 1 (S5) showed SOME promise - I thought the writers may have been getting back into things after a very ordinary Season 4, but alas these episodes keep getting worse.

    The only reason I keep watching Family Guy is because I have a dull sense of hope that one magical day I will wake up and it will be funny again - S4/5 so far is a total drag and waste of time and effort to watch. This episode is no exception to this now rather predictable rule. Some words that spring to mind that could possibly be used to describe this episode are crude, cruel, repetative, predictable, dull, boring - much the same as MY reviews on S4/5 - but sadly, truthful. Pointless filler material is added with increasing regularity in what is obviously a sad effort to make up for lack of creativity and/or a decent story line. One could be forgiven for thinking that perhaps the storyline was generated at random with a computer? It certainly displays the same level of creativity.

    A couple of dull smiles raised throughout this episode, but nothing noteworthy, nor anything worth watching again. If you missed it, then you didn't really!
  • I really do not understand such a negative response to this episode. I\'m a recently converted Family Guy enthusiast and, as such, have no bias toward the first couple of series\'. This was a hilarious episode.

    Yeah, okay, I suppose the story line wasn\'t the most adventurous nor exciting; the Tom Tucker, Peter\'s mom and Peter behaving like a little spoiled kid wasn\'t the funniest Family Guy moment, but there were a lot of hilarious moments in the episode which, if you can look past the sub-standard storyline, I\'m sure you\'d find pretty damn funny.

    I feel the recent problem with Family Guy is the sit-on-the-sideline storylines - Nothing really too exciting has happened in the most recent episodes. I will, however, continue to watch because, with every episode, I\'m never left without a laugh or two.
  • Stewie and Brian become hosts of a radio talk show Tom Tucker starts dating Peter's mom.

    This episode was just boring. There wasn't any action it made me hate Tom Tucker even more. Then theres the radio show now that was just a disaster Stewie and Brian on a Radio show do not go well I mean of course you know there going to fight and mess and mix everything up. Worst episode of this season so far that's what I think. I just really hope they don't do anymore episodes with Peter's mom and maybe not the wierd combination of Brian and Steiw working as partners. They need a balance between how much they hate eachother, and how they need eachother not to much of 1.
  • Brian and stewie host there own show; Tom Tucker becomes Thelma's boyfriend after she divorces with Peter's father.

    Reviewer's Opinion:

    This episode was alright. However, Meg never speaks (maybe the person who plays her voice was absent or something) and only shows up in the beginning where everyone wants the planes to crash. Chris barely says any lines and seems to be the Meg in this episode when Peter tells him to get his own father. The constant sounds at the radio station that signaled a quick commercial were funny at first but then they got annoying. Lois appeared only to tell Peter how ridiculous he was being. There was a good bit of comedy with Peter, but other than that, the story was barely funny.


    When the family is at some carnival, they lose Stewie. Brian looks for him and uses an intercom to call for him. Brian gets to host his own radio station. Before he would be fired the head decided to put Stewie on the show. Before I continue, How did Stewie find his way back to the house? They never explained that. Peter's mother, Thelma, tells him she got a divorce. Lois decides to get Thelma a date. She wounds up dating the news guy, Tom Tucker. Peter treats Tom Tucker like a father, disobeying him sometimes and spending time with him. Thelma breaks up with Tom Tucker saying she only dated him until some plumbing was done at her house. Peter lets Tucker's son to play with Tom Tucker and does not play catch with his son. Not a great storyline...
  • Best episode this season

    This episode actually wasn't too bad, the storylines wheren't that good but not that bad (the B storyline with Brian and Stewie's radio show Dingo and the Baby was lacking a little bit). Some of the jokes were pretty funny, i.e. the first joke where it looked like the pilot was going to crash and the audience was eager then he narrowly avoided crashing and the audience was depressed, then after the pilot landed safely some guy ran up and stabbed him and the crowd started to cheer. The Quagmire jokes were funny as always. Some jokes were a bit over done, but now that's kind of expected from Family Guy. Yeah, this episode was pretty good, not the best, but good.
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