Family Guy

Season 5 Episode 2

Mother Tucker

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 17, 2006 on FOX



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    • Announcer: And now back to "Round Table" with Al Michaels, Harold Ramis, Ray Romano, and Kermit the Frog.
      Kermit: These Zoning Laws are infringing on the rights of...
      Harold Ramis: Uh, if I might interrupt for a minute, I'd like to point out...
      Al Michaels: You've had your time, let someone else speak.
      Harold Ramis: I haven't said a word, it was that guy (points to Ray Romano).
      Ray Romano: Don't look at me! I can't get a word in edgewise.
      Kermit the Frog: Well then who the hell's been talking this whole time (they all begin to argue)?

    • Jake Tucker: What's your problem?
      Peter: Papa Tom's being a jerk.
      Jake Tucker: At least he talks to you. He hasn't paid attention to me in weeks!
      Peter: Well, all in all, I think you should be grateful. I heard the Kennedys had a kid like you once, and they had it put to sleep.

    • Peter: (to Tom Tucker, about Thelma) I can't believe this! You were messing around in what was basically my first apartment!

    • Thelma: I don't see what the problem is, Tom is a wonderful man.
      Tom Tucker: I don't see the problem either, but let's go to Ollie Williams for the In-Depth Anylasis. Ollie?
      Ollie Williams: Lady's old!
      Tom Tucker: Thanks Ollie, back to you, Peter.

    • (Off screen, a girl catches a Hot Dog in her mouth)
      Girl: That one felt like my Dad!
      Jingle: Incest in the morning!
      Deep-Voiced Announcer: Suppressed Memories!

    • Lois: (Watching airplanes flying at the airshow) Oh this so exciting! Maybe we'll get lucky and see another crash this year.

    • Peter: I guess I've learned a little something about what it means to be a good dad.
      Chris: Hey, dad, do you want to play baseball?
      Peter: Oh my God, could you leave me alone?! You are the neediest kid!

    • Tom Tucker: Can I get you some punch?
      Thelma: Oh no, see, if you're one of ten million americans like me...
      (cuts to a man in a chair)
      Man: Like me.
      (cuts to a woman on a tennis court)
      Woman: Like me.
      (cuts back to the community center)
      Thelma: ...with a bladder control problem, punch just goes right through you.
      (Quagmire comes in)
      Quagmire: Ewwwwwww!

    • Peter: I can't believe you left dad.
      Thelma: I have needs that he didn't satisfy, and I'm still a young woman Peter. 82 is the new 74. I'm putting my fine ass back on the market.
      Peter: Boy, this is really gonna upset my evil brother Thaddeus.
      Thaddeus: (dressed and talks like Snidely Whiplash) Nya! This will surely affect my inheritance. Nya!

    • Tom Tucker: Hey champ. Do you want to see Chicken Little?
      Peter: Hahaha. Yeah!
      Tom Tucker: And what does a chicken say?
      Peter: MOOOO!
      Tom Tucker: Hahaha, why not.

    • Chris: I wanna get a milkshake too.
      Peter: Too bad. Go get your own father.

    • Peter: Lois, you're too nosy. Like that waiter at that restaurant.
      Waiter: And who had the prime rib?
      Peter: I hardly think that's any of your business.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Stewie: Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger. Doh!

      The commercial Brian says Stewie "sold out" in is a parody of the Butterfinger commercials of the early nineties, which featured characters from The Simpsons.

    • The Ring

      Peter says that instead of going to the air show he would have rather watched some tape from a movie called The Ring. The Ring is an actual horror movie in which if you watch a certain haunted tape you would die in 7 days.

    • WQHG Radio

      WQHG was acutally a radio station (106.3 FM) in Huntingdon, Pa. However the station no longer uses the call letters WQHG.

    • Kramer vs. Kramer

      The scene in the kitchen where Peter is eating the ice cream against Tom's wishes and then gets spanked for doing so is straight out of Kramer vs. Kramer, starring Dustin Hoffman.

    • Azaria Chamberlain disappearance

      The radio talk show developed by Brian and Stewie is called "Dingo and the Baby," referencing the disappearance of 2-month-old baby Azaria Chamberlain at Northern Territory, Australia. This occured in 1980 and her mother, Lindy Chamberlain claimed that a dingo took her.

    • Philadelphia
      The audio clip Stewie plays on what ended up being their last show, was the closing argument given by Denzel Washington's character in the 1993 movie Philadelphia

    • Sixteen Candles

      One of the lines played on the radio sound board by Stewie is "Oh sexy girlfriend" is taken from the movie Sixteen Candles.

    • Three Wishes

      Three Wishes was a short-lived TV show starring Christian pop star Amy Grant trying to better the lives of the unfortunate.

    • Peanuts

      The Peanuts were a comic strip, cartoon, and several movies featuring the famous characters of Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

    • Brian: boob jobs courtesy of Dr. John Viener.

      John Viener is a comedian, actor, and voice talent that commonly can be heard on episodes of Family Guy. He has also written a couple episodes of Family Guy as well.

    • Darth Vader

      Peter flashes back to when Darth Vader of Star Wars was encouraged by his stress as a meter maid to withdraw a loan for building the Death Star.