Family Guy

Season 3 Episode 9

Mr. Saturday Knight

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 05, 2001 on FOX

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  • A not that much humor episode

    Peter's boss comes to dinner at the Griffin house but soon dies. The Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory is turned into the Happy-Go-Lucky Terminal Disease Institute. Unemployed, Peter begins his search for a job and ends up going after his lifelong dream of becoming a knight at a traveling Renaissance Fair. Caught in a compromising position with the infamous Black Knight's wench, he must defend his family's honor in an duel with the Black Knight. I thought tis was a good episode. For FG 1999-2002 standards, this episode didn't made me laugh that much. In my opinion, I got a little bored watching it. There were a few flaws here. The song that the kids sang took forever so everything I see this episode, I just skip that scene for like a minute and a half. Also, this episode saw the last appearance of Mr. Weed. I thought he was a funny character. And I think there is a couple more problems but now I'm moving on with the humor. I laughed at the the begining, Electric Company cutaway, Death's dog, Mort's appearance throughout the episode, and Bruce's appearance. Overall, a good but weak episode. 7/10
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