Family Guy

Season 5 Episode 16

No Chris Left Behind

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 06, 2007 on FOX

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  • Chris gets expelled and goes to a boarding school

    After Chris is expelled from school, he is sent to a boarding school that his grandfather Carter attended, but Chris doesn't exactly fit in. Meanwhile, the chicken returns to pick a fight with Peter. Extremely underrated, one things for sure. I always enjoyed this episode. There's only a few flaws:Herbert's appearance (he wasn't funny opinion on him changes depending on which episode), the deaf guy kept saying I can't hear you, and the students picking on Chris. Besides those, this episode was just excellent. I know that chicken fights are TIME FILLER and VIOLENT (I made them CAPS because the writers are relying too much of these time filler and bloody scenes in the later seasons), but it's the highlights. Some might hate it because of those two words I emphasized. I want to take those chicken fights over that annoying waste of time old men fight in German Guy. I liked/laughed at Peter's opinion on the Nutcracker, the family has to attend a ballet, the book using an unusual word, "No school! I can stay home and pee all day," (funniest line...said by Chris) the chicken fight, the chicken inviting Peter for dinner (it's revealed he has a wife named Nicole and his name is Ernie), then they fight once more, etc. That's all I'm gonna list here. Overall, a superb but almost perfect episode...only ruined because of those three problems I listed. 9.5/10