Family Guy

Season 4 Episode 1

North by North Quahog

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 01, 2005 on FOX

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  • first one back from the three year "hiatus"

    The first episode back from its long cancellation and Family Guy comes back swinging, proving that it deserved to be back on tv, where it belongs, taking sharp and sometimes not undeserved jabs at people. The person attacked in the episode: Mel Gibson. The format: a direct parody of North by Northwest. The story begins with Peter and Lois having a martial crisis and deciding to go on a vacation. After a fib of Peter telling that he is Mel Gibson, and with a funny jab at Braveheart, the couple stay in Gibson's suite, where they find a hilarious but sucky sequel to Passion of the Christ and Peter decides to destroy it. Meanwhile, Brian and Stewie try parenting on for size with unfortunate side effects. It was the perfect episode to start back with and shows Family Guy's knack for relevancy since this was made a year before Gibson's drunken tirade made its way to the press. Three years did nothing to change how sharply smart Family Guy is. Other hilarious parts include Chris telling Meg The George Lopez Show only furthers the stereotype that George Lopez is funny, a Goodfellas parody beat-down with Stewie, Brian, and Chris, Peter ticking off all the Fox shows that bombed while Family Guy was away (and there were amazingly a lot more than thought), Mel Gibson and two priests going after Lois and Peter after they stole his sucky sequel tape, Peter crashing the car because he was reading a comic book, and several North by Northwest parodies. It was also nice to have Seth MacFarlane for once being credited for writing an episode, and having some heart between Lois and Peter. As Greased-Up Deaf Guy said at the end, "It's good to be back, Y'all!" And here's to more Family Guy back to being Family Guy.
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