Family Guy

Season 7 Episode 7

Ocean's Three and a Half

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 15, 2009 on FOX

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  • not too bad

    My thoughts going into the three-month hiatus for Family Guy is that they could use that time to get out whatever strange/terribly awkward funk they were in in 2008. And I'm glad to say that it appears that Seth and crew used that time wisely. This episode mostly shakes off the 2008 stigma in a good way and shows Family Guy wanting to get back to top form. Some episodes such as Road to Germany and Baby Not on Board showed that initative last year but they were soon lost in stiffly mediocre to downright terrible episodes. Everyone on Family Guy seems ready, willing, and more engaged than they ever were in Season Seven so far and as far as I see, returning to mostly top game. And all it had to take was the birth of Bonnie's baby. That's the main story behind this episode: at lost last, Bonnie delivers a baby game. A point to make that since this is the tenth anniversary of Family Guy, maybe they wanted to return in a "big" way. I don't mind, they pulled it off well. The girl is born and everyone is hapy. Of course, Stewie falls head over heels for her and decides to profess his love. Sweet and cute. Joe finds out how expensive hosiptal care and he can't afford. First, he gets a job at The Clam, then he borrows money from a loan shark (I think it's a little nod to Along Came Polly), and then Joe owes the loanshark so Peter and crew try to pay it back, including getting kindegarteners punch-drunk. Good times. Then they try asking Pewtersmidt but of course he says no and in a half-baked scheme in a good nod to Ocean's Eleven, Peter and crew decide to rob Petersmidt and his rich friends. I may be overly optimistist about this episode but this is the first episode in a long while that hasn't insulted my intelligence. There's so much to adore about this episode. The storylines are strong most of the way through, although the robbery plot sort of punked out by having Lois call it off. The non sequiters are back to the usual position and most of them are very funny and not half-baked. There's a funny jab at Two and a Half Men, a typical and not entirely unexpected jab at Christian Bale where Peter is the one getting chewed out and it was mostly funny even though it ran too long, Cleveland impersonating his friends (enjoy Cleveland while Family Guy still has him), a nice cameo from the Family Guy Bill Gates, Stewie getting owned by Brian when he uses Stewie's "writing-a-book" gag to make fun of Stewie making a music video, and Stewie ripping off Bryan Adam's Everything I Do (I Do It For You) and various music videos. At the end, Stewie says he is now in love with Bryan Adams which reinforces my theory that Stewie isn't gay Bisexual at most. There are a few minor flaws throughout the episode: Lois, Meg, and Chris were absent throughout this episode, some jokes weren't that great, the storylines jumped around, but luckily they didn't pull down the entire episode. What can I say, it was an honest good episode. Whatever Seth and crew did during the break, keep it up. In episodes like these, Family Guy proves that it still has some spark and life left in it after ten years. I hope they can maintain it throughout the rest of Season Seven because I'm tired of getting my hopes up for this show only to have it squashed. Other than that, great job and I'm glad that Family Guy is honestly funny again.