Family Guy

Season 8 Episode 21

Partial Terms of Endearment

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Unknown on FOX

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  • Great show

    Super controversially well-written.
  • I finally saw the banned episode online! This episode was great.

    Funny/great moments: The grass grows taller, Peter peeing his pants, Peter kicking out Brian, Peter as a pizza man, Joe ripping his speedo, Looney Tunes reference, abortion madness video, etc.

    Flaws: Cutaway of Lois going crazy while pregnant, Peter and Lois' arguments and a couple other jokes

    Well, I finally get to see the banned episode after 5 years. It had remained my only unseen Family Guy episode for years. I gotta say for an episode focusing on a topic like abortion, they actually handle it well. It's not flawless though as there's a few annoying moments like a cutaway of pregnant Lois crying and throwing up as well as Peter and Lois about what to do with the abortion. But other than those problems, it's a really enjoyable for its controversial plot. At least the abortion didn't really happen because that would be messed up. The episode was funny in some moments and this is coming from someone that likes season 8 but notices some problems in the humor side. All in all, it's enjoyable for what the subject it focused and I thank an online website for that. That website let me watch everything including the impossible. 8/10
  • The Banned Episode of Family Guy

    Due to the plot being about abortion, Fox refuse to air this episode nationwide. I didn't know that until now.
  • Controversial ? I don't know, but it's one of FG finest.

    I'm kinda surprised Fox refused to air this in the US, seeing it's nowhere near the most offensive Family Guy has been - but I guess not being from the US, I have no idea how controversial the abortion issue is in the US.

    And it's a shame it didn't air, as it's one of the best Family Guy episodes from those last seasons. The jokes are were really well put (the spoof of the Roadrunner cartoons with Peter as Wile E. Coyote... Priceless, I love those cartoons), both sides are ridiculed (Peter desperatly attempts to have Lois aborting, only to become a fierce pro-life later) and for once, we see the Griffins as a real family - some scenes show Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris, Stewie and Brian interracting about the baby and it feels like a discussion people could have in real life. I know they are cartoons, but you don't have Ernie dropping in and a Giant Chicken fight following or Meg being abused (though Lois makes a couple of jokes about Meg, but at least they are funny and don't feel like pure abuse). Even Brian feels more like the old voice of reason he used to be in the early seasons rather than the liberal asshat he's been recently.

    I don't know if the DVD release of this episode is good enough to get (cause in spite of a very good episode, bonus features that could be interesting and a nice artwork, we're talking of a release containing ONE episode running for 20 or so minutes), but the episode is definitely worth watching.
  • I see why this was blocked from airing on fox.

    The jokes were questionable but extremly funny and the cartoon spook was funny as well as the bleach joke
  • uh...........


    A friend asks Lois to be a surrogate mother for her, and she agrees. But when the friend unexpectedly dies, Lois isn't sure what to do. The family gets into one long debate over the issue.

    4.0 out of 10.0


  • Not again!


    Lois meets an old friend from college and agrees to be a surrogate mother for her. But just after the successful embryo transfer, the friend and her husband die, leaving a pregnant Lois with a tough decision.

    The first three quarters are pretty good. I personally prefer episodes with two storylines, but that is just me. For a single-story show, I liked it a lot.

    But then failure strikes once again. Lois and Peter visit a clinic for abortions to find out about their options. Here, Peter runs into anti-choice activists who convince him that abortion is murder. They return home and immediately enter upon a discussion about this matter, with the standard roles – Peter the die-hard pro-lifer, Brian the liberal pro-choice advocate. and Lois defending women's rights.

    This last part fails for two reasons. Most importantly, nothing they do and say in this part of the episode is in any way fresh, original, outrageous, or interesting. It is just the usual discussion.

    The other problem is the situation. Rather than making is totally realistic (Lois and Peter get pregnant by accident) or completely unrealistic (a la South Park), the creators here chose some weird middle ground – unrealistic, but very similar to realistic scenarios. This is a backdoor that shows that the creators are actually very uncomfortable in dealing with this topic. Which means they should never have tried in the first place.

    FG looks to other shows and wants to be deep and serious, too – but to do so, they have to go against the concept of the first seven seasons which established FG as a show that does not take anything seriously. It does not work.
  • I finally bought IT!

    I enjoyed the episode a lot. What was the big deal? Abortion so what. I enjoyed Seeing Brian's reaction when he heard that Naomi was coming over. "Let me stay. Let me stay!" I enjoyed seeing Meg's flash back when she dated the Count. "One Nipple hahaha. Two nipple's hahaha. Three nipples haha I'm out of hear." Meg was treated real decent by every one and I liked that she was in-sink with everyone about Lois's abortion. I still cannot believe this episode was banned from T.V. I've seen worse things on South Park. It still was worth the wait.
  • Easily one of the top 10 episodes.

    There was something about this episode which took me back to 1999 when the show began. This was by far the truest to form episodes since it's reprisal and that's a good thing.

    Fromt he start this episode bounced from joke to joke and to my shock they were all good! The storyline, to say it was deemed controversial due to the abortion theme (weird considering Maude) was not preechy or trying to be serious. Ironically many of the smaller joke were considerably more controversial.

    These other edgy jokes deserve credit. It's hard to think Family Guy could very find away of getting back to the level of controversy and edge it used to have but this episode managed to find a few untouched morsels. For me they were diabolically funny.

    I genuinly got a few dozen hearty laughs from this episode and forgot to even be cynical! It's as if this episode was written for the first/second season but got shelved as if it was lost in a vault somewhere and it's been rediscovered. It's a true classic and feels as if it doesn't belong with the newer episodes at all. Quite literally this episode is exactly what i expected to see when Family Guy returned and in a small and odd way watching this felt as if Family Guy was finally back.
  • Don't Really Know How to Grade This...

    On one hand, when I heard it was about abortion, I thought "Hey, it might be serious." It wasn't, and I guess that shouldn't surprise me, since Family Guy is a comedy. Though I do think in some cases, like maybe near the end of this episode, it should try to have some emotion. Lois and the family debate whether or not she should have an abortion (though it seemed Peter was the only one totally against it). It was fun to see this. The plot itself was pretty good, I just didn't really laugh a lot. I think banning this episode was somewhat dumb, to be honest. It wasn't that bad. Sure, the topic of abortion is kind of... grim for a show, no matter what, but still, it wasn't that bad. Overall, a good plot, but not much humor I didn't think. C+ or so, average I thought
  • It was ok

    This unaired episode (due to 1. Fox's conservative views 2. it deals with a largely liberal issue [abortion]) was ok somewhat. The episode started out with a classic peter scene about an oragy, although the sentiment of it wore out quickly. It actually was funny with scenes like the looney Toons reference with Peter as Wille E. Coyote and Lois as Road Runner, but then the episode takes a downturn when Peter becomes anti-abortion, and I was very confused by the end. One good thing about this episode I will say though is that they did make abortion a comfortable topic somewhat. I'm pro-life, so I was afraid they'd do a gross gag or something like that, but suprisingly they took it somewhat seriously, though not too serious. So, overall, some good laughs a comfortable presentation are pluses here, however the storyline is a big negative here, which is why I gave it a 7.5. 7.5/10 C+
  • Unaired episode.

    Due to its content, FOX decided not to air this Family Guy episode. I did not feel the topic of abortion was too controversial for this show, but whatever, at least I was able to see it.

    It was definitely a funny installment of the show, some good cutaway gags and some genuinely entertaining debate amongst the family members, but I would hardly call it one of the best of the series. There are just too many older ones that surpass it and even some superior newer eps.

    But this should have aired. The fans would have loved this and deserve to see it without purchasing the DVD.
  • i saw it on youtube

    i saw it on youtube the first part has already been claimed by fox part 2 is still on but will eventully get removed from youtube. Lois after she decides to become a surrogate mother for an old friend she knew in college. The friend passes away during Lois's pregnancy, however, causing Lois to have to decide whether to abort the baby, or wait for it to be born, and put it up for adoption. i thought it was a great episode it was funny some parts were offensive but nothing over the top for me atleast if you can still find the episode watch it. i think this was one of the best episodes of family guy. it was in the top 5 episodes of season 8.
    1. road to the multiverse
    2. hannah bannana
    3. dog gone
    4. Partial Terms of Endearment
    5. quagmires baby
  • BY FAR the funniest episode of Family Guy that I've seen in a long time. Aired on BBC 3 on June 20th, but as far as I know will not be airing in North America. This is a crying shame, as it is filled with laughs right from the beginning to the ending.

    In a season that has produced some of the worst episodes to date, this one episode would have stood heads and tails above all others... and yet will not even air in most markets due to the abortion theme. It starts with Peter and Lois going to a 20 year reunion at Lois's College. There Peter is introduced to one of Lois's old flames... who happens to be a woman. The woman wants to 'propose' something to Peter and Lois. Naturally, Peter misreads the situation (thought not for lack of trying) and is shocked to find out that the real reason the woman (and her husband) came over was because she wants Lois to carry her baby. Lois agrees, but Peter is dead set against the idea, going to great lenghts to try and make sure it never happens. After the woman and her husband die in a car crash, Lois and Peter take a trip to the abortion clinic, where Peter meets up with some anti-abortionists. They convince Peter that having an abortion is murder (using a hilarious video taped message), and the now pro-life Peter tries to convice Lois to keep the baby.

    Watching this one episode almost took the horrible taste of the 'Brian and Stewie' episode out of my mouth (pun intended), and almost wiped the memory of that incredibly embarrassing 'Family Guy Presents: Seth and Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show' episode.

    If you can somehow find a way to watch this episode, please watch it! You will cry with laughter... I promise! I'm still wiping the tears out of my eyes. Thank you Seth, for renewing my faith in this show. I'll take 21 more episodes like this one in season 9 please.