Family Guy

Season 4 Episode 20

Patriot Games

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 2006 on FOX

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  • Hysterically awesome

  • Love it

  • One of the funniest episodes I have ever seen.

    This was so funny. I really enjoyed the part where Stewie was torturing Brian over $50. The little dance number Peter did when he made a Touchdown is also hilarious. My father laughed his butt off when he saw that.
  • Over the top violence

    There were some good moments, though: Louis and Meg (and Stewie) spying on Tom Brady and Brian getting back at Stewie were probably the top ones. Also, it was fun to see Peter finally being good at something.
  • Subplot was better...

    At his high school reunion, Peter tries to impress his fellow classmates. When Peter, heading for the bathroom, charges through the crowd of people, he impresses quarterback Tom Brady, who offers Peter a spot on the New England Patriots. Meanwhile, Brian owes Stewie money, after Stewie becomes a sports bookie. I thought the subplot in the episode was better as I previously stated it in the title. Peter's plot was decent, but it was pretty boring and I thought the Shipoopi was an awful song.Never cared much for the lyrcis but I rather have Mr. Brooze (from Friends of Peter G) than this. There were only like a few funny parts in the main plot (inclduing the cutaways) but it was just okay. I liked the subplot better and it's make me lol so hard. I know that the later Family Guy episodes had too much violence but this is one of the funniest violent scene...Stewie beating up Brian because he didn't give him to money after a losing a bet (Mike Tyson lost in a boxing game). That's why my score is an 8. Without it, it would probably be around the score as the previous episode but a tad higher. Overall, a great episode but the main plot is okay and the subplot was excellent. 8/10
  • It's cool that Tom Brady guest stars


    At his high school reunion, Peter tries to impress his fellow classmates. When Peter, heading for the bathroom, charges through the crowd of people, he impresses quarterback Tom Brady, who offers Peter a spot on the New England Patriots. Meanwhile, Brian owes Stewie money, after Stewie becomes a sports bookie.

    I really only liked Stewie's plot, and I liked when Lois and Meg tried to spy on Tom.

    Overall, mediocre.


  • Stewie almost kill Brain!

    In this episode Stewie because a bookie and Brain bet 50 bucks that Mike tyson will beat a old lady then Brain loses his bet. Then Peter and Lois go to a high school reunion and some how the pays football with Tom Brady In Tbs, Cartoon Network I think, Fox Lois sticks the middle figure. But in the CW it's blocked. Then Stewie ask Brian the money he lose then Brain said he pay on Friday then Stewie Beats the living (bleap) out of Brain . Then Brain tries to get out of it then Stewie shot him in the knees the Burn him up and he's still alive then they go to the bank.
  • Tom Brady guest stars....

    Peter Griffin has to be the only guy to benefit from getting drunk off his rocker. In a rush to get to the bathroom to puke, Peter impresses New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady as he charges through a crowded room and gets asked to play for the Pats. Peter is quite good on the team and even gets some lucrative benefits; but his new found fame goes to his head and obnoxious showboating is the result (including a celebratory all-stadium version of "Shapoopi").

    "Patriot Games" is one of the best Family Guy episode from season four - the beginning is traditional Family Guy fair but then Peter joins the Pats and the episode becomes one of a kind. Tom Brady guest stars as himself and is one of the episodes finer points. He is not much of a voice-over actor, but that is one of the biggest reasons his part is so funny. Brady's appearance is sidekicked with some hilarious Griffin family antics, a so-so B-story involving Brian owing Stewie $50, and another nonsensical Family Guy jab at British people.
  • In this episode, Peter meets Tom Brady a famous Quarter-back and he ends up playing along side him. Peter gets too arrogant and ends up being fired from the team. Peter moves to England to play for The London Silly Nannies and challenges Brady to a match.

    I thought this episode was hilarious! For the first part of the episode you get the usual quality jokes family guy has to offer. Then it becomes a must-see for anyone English like me. I thought the way Family Guy stereotyped England was hilarious. My favourite line must have been "Say Jenkins, you give me that dirty look one more time and I have a good mind to get into my PJ's and have a pillow fight with you" in a posh British accent. Although Family Guy have taken Britain from the 19/20th century, it is a hilarious imitation. Great Stuff!
  • Season 4, Episode 20.

    I really really REALLY LOVED this episode! Tom Brady's appearance rocked. Lois and Meg tried to get Tom Brady to take a shower so they can look at him naked. It rocked. Peter then jumped in the shower like it was the locker room, and started whipping Tom with the towel. Haha! Diane Simmons' husband blew his brains out! I loved when Peter threw up and ran in the stall... He asked for two towels... One because he threw up on the floor, and the other because he threw up on a guy's bare lap. I love Family Guy! Seth MacFarlane is a genius.
  • The beggining was very disappointing but as time past, the episode turned into something very good

    I'll get the main negatives out of the way first. Stewie attacking Brian like that was one of the worst things ever to come to this show. Not only was it violent, but now Stewie has a very bad name in my book, despite how Brian got him back at the end, well done Brian!
    The other thing I didn't like was lack of flashbacks, they are the whole Family Guy generation awesomeness! This episode had like one or none at all (can't remember though).

    Now, onto the positives. Brian got Stewie back which was a thrilling. Peter's attempt at american football was an extremely enjoyable thing to witness, adding on his ability to beat a whole group of strong players just as an individual, and the laughs I got from the Griffins.

    Overall, it started terribly but not just because of the violence, but Brian's lack of skill to just give Stewie the money OR, attack for whatever good that would've caused. As this went on I really started to enjoy the laughs, and the very decent storyline. This is definitely one of my lower episodes, but it wasn't boring, like some others from late Season 4, early Season 5 (The American format).
    But also to add on, I liked it how the Griffins supported Peter while in London, and the laughs out of Lois and Meg staring at a naked dude in the shower.
  • So this is why the show was cancelled...

    What if? Stewie beat up Brian, the Griffin's moved to England and Peter started playing professional football. The episode is dedicated to answering these questions and by the end you wished you never asked them. Peter playing for the New England Patriots sounds good on paper as does every other tag for this episode but it's just exploited on bad material. The 2 musical numbers are OK but go a little too long but at least it takes time away from Peter's sluggish storyline. It's clear the lazy writers never set foot in England as every jab at them is incredibly superficial like The Simpson's take on Japan in "Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo" but not a fraction as funny.

    Altough there is one part which is so grotesque and out of character it's scary; the two very long, very graphic scenes showing Stewie beating Brian to a bloody pulp. They are just appalling. If Stewie wasn't my most hated character before this episode; he certainly is now. It's puzzling how he goes from ogling at Tom Brady in the shower to him punching, clubbing, drowning, shooting and flaming Brian. How does that work?

    Sadly for an episode filled with crap; it does look amazing especially the direction during the "Shipoopi" scene. The audio is almost sickening during the beating scenes but the music numbers are catchy and aside from Tom Brady's wooden cameo; all of the performances are good. A truly terrible episode of Family Guy.
  • I HATE THE PATRIOTS!!!!!!! Hilarious episode though good laugh-out-loud comedy.

    At Peter's high school reunion, Peter pretends to be a cowboy astronaut millionaire to impress his classmates, but the truth comes out when he meets Tom Brady. He subsequently gets drunk and has to make a run for the bathroom, knocking over everyone between him and the toilet, in order to throw up. Brady is impressed and lands Peter a spot on the New England Patriots football team as the starting center. Life is great for the Griffins until Peter's new high profile goes to his head and he's traded to the London Silly Nannies. Peter decides to turn them around and stage a game between the Silly Nannies and the Patriots. The Patriots cause his team to run away, leaving Peter facing the Patriots alone. He attempts to play, but he is overwhelmed and defeated. However, Tom Brady compliments Peter on having the nerve to stand up to them.

    Meanwhile, Stewie becomes a sports bookie. After Brian loses $50 betting on Mike Tyson to beat Carol Channing on Celebrity Boxing, Brian procrastinates in paying off the bet. Because of this, he's savagely beaten by Stewie in the bathroom. Some time later, Brian still hasn't paid up, and he tries to avoid Stewie by disguising himself with a fake mustache. Stewie sees through his disguise and pushes Brian down the stairs, beats him with more force, culminating with Brian getting shot in both knees and being set on fire. After they go to the bank and he settles the debt, Stewie offers "one free revenge shot" to make up for it. Brian leaves him in suspense as to when the free hit will be delivered, until Stewie is overcome with paranoia and starts beating himself up, hoping to satisfy Brian. At the very end of the episode, Brian takes the revenge shot by pushing Stewie in front of a moving London bus.
  • Peter gets to play ball

    At a high school reunion Peter does not make a good first impression but when he needs to be sick he runs to the bathroom. Tom Brady of the New England Patriots football team is also attending the reunion and sees Peter. Tom tells Peter that he can come and play for the Patriots. Fame goes to Peters head after doing car commercials and he breaks out into song while playing a match. Tom decides that Peter is no longer welcome on the team and that they have transfered him to play for the London Silly Nannys. The whole family moves to London and the football team at london is C**P. Even with Peters injection of steriods. When the NEP come to england for a match the LSN get scared and leave the pitch giving Peter a chance to earn some respect from the NEP once again when he takes the entire Patriots on in the game.

    Also, Stewie turns pyscho on Brian when after a celebrity boxing match sees Brian owing Stewie some money.
  • After Peter attends his high school reunion, he meets up with a professional football player and gets cast to play for the New England Patriots, however he eventually gets sent to play in England. Meanwhile Brian ends up in Stewie\'s debt.

    This is a classic and whoever disagrees has absoloutelty no sense of humour. This is one of the best episodes of family guy ever made, there is everything, a solid plot, excellent character acting and best of all, and most importantly excellent gags. The two scene\'s where Stewie beats Brian to a pulp are excellent and had me on the floor. Although I have to disagree with the perspective given on the English culture and its people, I was still drawn to the screen all the way through.
  • Shipoopi!

    I really really loved that song. Everything to do with it. After scoring a touchdown Peter suddenly broke out in a beautiful and hillarious song about the one and only Shipoopi. It really was the highlight of the episode.

    In other good parts of the episode was the fantastic british programme 'Condensation'. Im warning you, it really is a thriller.

    Peter, a star at football, who would have thought? Even though the idea is kind of realistic (he is like um i dont know, fat??), it brought alot of funny jokes.

    The whole silly nanny thing was so funny especially when they had to face the Patriots. Guess whose a loser now!

    I really enjoyed Brian and Stewies storyline the most however. Stewie as a tough nosed bookie was classic family guy and then the resulting jokes as Stewie waited for Brian to get back at him. The last scene was so funny when Brian hit Stewie into the Bus.

    Overall, Some really good moments that aren't displaced by some bad ones.
  • It's funny! Bet on it!

    I'm giving tthis episode of "Family Guy" an 8.5, just because of that little music number called "Shipoopi" from the 1962 movie "the Music Man." It's one of the best sing and dancing sequences in animated television history. Otherwise, it'll probaby be a 7.5. You make the call. Peter Griffin has been drafted to play for the New Englenad Patroits. Meanwhile Brain loss a bet to Stewie and he was beaten within a inch of his life. A little bloody for my taste. Otherwise, It a wrothwhile episode of "Family Guy." but that little musical number got my attention. I love it.
  • Peter lands a spot on the New England Patriots when Tom Brady spots him drunkenly running from his humiliation. Meanwhile, Stewie becomes a sports bookie.

    Classic episode it is moulded around the story of Peter’s rise as a football player but is traded to the London Silly Nannies. Secret agent astronaut millionaire?? LOL. That Wilkins Hyundai Subaru add peter does is funny as hell. The funniest part of the whole episode is when peter gives his English teammates steroids. “Say Jenkins, you give me that dirty look one more time and I have a good mind to get into my PJ’s and have a pillow fight with you”. Lmao perfect snobby English accent, which takes the cake. Hilarious
  • Eh. Peter's not my favorite character...

    Eh. Peter's not my favorite character, but I'll watch him. I gave the rating mostly for Stewie and Brian. The interaction between them during this episode is great. I think it's just funny to watch their dynamic on the show. Peter is just retarded, like actually. Stewie is hilarious though. All in all it's okay.
  • This episode was hilarious. Stewie is just the greatest… you got to feel sorry for Brain.

    Stewie was sooo funny in this episode, with his “Where’s my money?” he sounded so Godfather. He beat up Brian like a true villain. It was soo funny when that guy asked Brian “What happened to you?” and Stewie popped out of nowhere with his evil glare and Brian said “Oh, I just fell down the steps.” And Stewie said, “You should be more careful.” Lol. Stewie took it to the extreme though shooting poor Brian in the knees, :-(. It was really good watching Stewie get so paranoid and even beating himself up because he was afraid of what Brian would do to him. He looked a bit like Gollum from Lord of the Rings for a second. I missed the end when Brian pushed him in front of the bus; I had to rewind (lol). Overall, this episode was especially good because of Stewie.
  • My absolute favourite episode.

    I decided to rewrite my review because it was terrible last time. I've got so much I want to say about this episode.

    When I first watched this episode, I didn't even think about Brian having any big parts in it. The only information I found about this episode was that Stewie was becoming a sports bookie and Peter was gonna be playing for the New England Patriots.

    This episode is the greatest episode I have ever seen. It shows just how evil Stewie can be. Brian just took all that abuse. He never tried to fight back when had the strength to. Stewie burning Brian with the flamethrower was the funniest part of the beatings. After I first saw this episode, I was puzzled and angered. I couldn't believe what I had just seen. I decided to watch it again when I was able to download it. That time I really liked it and, of course, I still do. Perhaps I took it a little too seriously the first time. Now, I'm obsessed with this episode.

    That is what I really wanted to say about this episode.
  • whats wrong wif everyone? they were just being themsleves with this ep!...and i didnt no what classification to put i just told my brother to pik a classification and he picked that!

    ok i dont no why people didnt liek this ep coz i thought it was pretty funny!

    the stewie beating the hell out of brian thing was sooo funny and ITS A CARTOON ok they can make stewie beat Brian there is nuffin wrong with it...he wanted his money ok.... lois has neva had to give stewie 50$ thats why he didnt go that far with her, and its his mother since he neva acctually kills her he wouldnt resort to bashing her and shooting her lol coz she would get rid of him and yea... it just wouldnt work but he can beat brian without nuffin happening.. sumone was writting bout that so i just thoguht i mite write sumfin bout it lol even if it makes no sense to everyone else just me... it probs does only make senseto me but oh well!

    anyway i luved the song it was pretty funny and yea the episode was pretty good! yea..i dont want to annoy anyone but so ...cya all
  • This episode was one the most screwed up I've ever seen.

    The whost part was when Stewie bet the doody out of Brain. It got whorse when he shoot him then lit on fire. It got better when Brain pushed Stewie in front of a bus. That was cool. I really loved the song at the football game, Shipoopi, that song is on my phone. The London Silly Nannies were so funny, after they did the singing, Peter said, "Oh Crap". Also when he called them "limey bum-siffers". There ws a good referance to "Emission Impossible" when Quagmire said he saw Lois cutting her toe nails, now all he needs are some teeth and his ready for his date. Overall it was a very good episode, but some people may hate it because of Stewie kicking the doody out of Brain.
  • Worst Family Guy episode ever...

    Two moments that make this episode some of the most terrible stuff to come out of Family Guy:

    a) Stewie beating Brian: Okay, so we know Stewie and Brian have had a love/hate relationship, but they often show their mutual respect for each other and Stewie never went this far in his trying to kill Lois days.

    b) Another episode focusing on stupid British stereotyping. I mean, what is this fixation with nannies? You'd think the Family Guy team would be a bit more enlightened than to perpetuate (or make even worse) dodgy national stereotypes. At least the 'drive-by arguements' gag in an earlier series was funny.
  • Mike Henry wrote this? Come on now, this should have a been a classic, but our dreams were crushed though.

    I have to agree with you people into thinking this is a bad episode, but I'm also agreeing with those who thought it was good. Yes, this episode had it's moments like Stewie beating up Brian and Brian gets back at him and Chris girlish ways along with other jokes, but simply put, most jokes are WAY too stupid to even use. In fact, most of the jokes are lame but not all terrible though. It's the storyline that stings. Seeing Peter goof off as he joins the Patriots is one thing, but taking it to the extreme is too stupid at times. And he blew it by singing that long Shipoopi, which made ABSOLUTELY no sense at all. I love songs in animated shows, but this is too weird to even enjoy it. The song is fair, and so is this episode with it's odd ending. Not too bad, not too good, keep trying guys, because I want Season2-3 caliber episodes in Season 5.
  • Peter ends up playing for the Patriots football team and Brian gets beaten up after not paying stewie after a bad bet. even jay leno appears after Tom Brady

    I enjoyed the show and laughed my sides off. Especially when Stewie started beating up Brian and when peter was showing off at the game. It shows how silly Peter gets and how he could get anyone to go with him and can get paid to do something stupid like the Subarau commercial. Also the call to Tom brady from Peter and how he thought it was Jay Leno(jay i told you to stop calling me or i will call the Police!) Hey Brady, what kind of suit do you wan to be buried in! I did not know that Leno was on the show! That's funny!
  • It was so funny how Stewie did all that to Brian.

    This has got to be my favorite episode, because of the part where Stewie was beating the ever loving crap out of Brian because he didn't have Stewie's money. This was the coolest part in the episode. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! This was very funny, all the times... oh, wait! When Stewie shot Brian in both legs, and then torched him with that flamethrower. That was so funny, and in the first one, where Stewie smashed that glass cup on Brian. Yeah, and he was wrong to think that was a lot of pain. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!
  • Classic Stewie goes too far.

    While this is a slight improvement over \"Brian Sings and Swings,\" it was still pretty bad. At first I liked seeing Stewie being evil and violent, but it quickly became way too long and I could no longer stand the violence, and they did it AGAIN later! SICK, Nasty, Dispecable! I know it\'s a Cartoon, but Brian got so much abuse, he might as well have died just to stop the tourture and to spite Stewie so that he would never be paid. And SHIBUMI?! They\'ve been able to get away with random songs, but only when it was a gag. This one had no place. And has anyone at Family Guy been to England or seen \"Eurotrip?\" British Athletes are rowdy and intimidating. I did like the ending of this episode, though.
  • Funny, outrageous, and hilarious at the same time!

    I don't see what was so bad about this episode, I loved it!! Brian owes Stewie $50 after losing a bet, and when he doesn't get the money on time, Stewie starts beating him up. It was so funny he pulled out the flame thrower. Also, when Peter sang "Shipoopi" after he made the touchdown, was funny too. I found it hilarious when Peter was recruited for the London Silly Nannies team. This episode is truly a great addition to the series.
  • This episode is the perfect example of Family Guy's love of excess. Unfortunately, jokes move too quickly from funny to lame and then awful, and yet the show is still giggling to itself while the audience merely feels embarassed for the creators.

    This is not a particularly funny episode of Family Guy. For a show that is quite often uproariously funny and absurd, it has problems, and one of them is beating jokes to death. Hey, lets make Stewie a bookie! Hehe, that's cute. Okay, what next? Let's have Brian owe him money and Stewie beat him up to get it back. Yeah, okay. Then we'll have it drag out for nearly a minute, and revisit the same tired thing three or four times during the episode! Cool!

    As the staff snicker amongst themselves no one really remembers that there's still another 15 minutes to fill up, so a half-hearted story (even in terms of Family Guy standards) is concocted in an attempt to hold everything together. Okay.

    It just doesn't work. The entire episode drags when it's about Peter, and it drags as the joke about Stewie and Brian is played far past its death and into the realm of necrophilia. Look to the game Final Fantasy X and its awkward laughter scene for a similar example of watching something and feeling embarassed for everyone involved because it's so terrible. It also serves to slow the episode down further and dull the effect of those jokes that are legimitely funny. This is not the direction Family Guy should be going in, although sadly it is a culmination of sorts of similar garbage that's been cropping up since the show was brought back. It's too bad, because there are many great episodes and the potential is still there for more.
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