Family Guy

Season 4 Episode 12

Perfect Castaway

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 18, 2005 on FOX
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Episode Summary

When Peter and the guys decide to go fishing, they end up caught in a storm. Stranded on a desert island, their families fear the worst. Rescued by a cruise ship months later, Peter suprises Lois at home, where he finds out that she has a new husband.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Really funny!

    This episode was really funny, especially with the drinking game and then the scenes stranded on the island. Peter eating JHoe's legs was so funny and one of the best moments! Joe's reaction was epic too!

    So many great laughs and a great storyline to this episode! I really loved it and I can't wait to see more!
  • Not great but not bad

    The only problem is the slow-pacing but its still worth watching
  • Peter and the guys get caught in a storm then Lois is now married to Brian

    When Peter and the guys decide to go fishing, they end up caught in a storm. Stranded on a desert island, their families fear the worst. Rescued by a cruise ship months later, Peter suprises Lois at home, where he finds out that she has a new husband. Eeeh, the episode could have done better. It was never my cup of tea not even I saw it for the first time. I think the plot would have been better if Lois didn't marry Brian because Peter was gone for days (forgot how long he was gone). Let me be honest, Brian's relationship with Lois...meh. Only because he had an obession with yeah Brian's friendship with Peter is damn better than Lois. Enough said. So yes, the second half was just boring expect Stewie seeing Peter and Lois making out (and Mayor West's cameo) and a couple more. However, the first half was pretty enjoyable and funny, although there's still a couple boring episode. Overall, not a worth watching episode again. 7/10moreless
  • superb

    what i liked- peter eating joe's legs and joe's reaction, peter making lois stand on that thing he made, and then it falls over and he calls her a drunk, the guys trying to have an orgy, stewie's "real world" tape, lois remaining faithful to brian, brian breaking up with lois because he knows she wants to be with peter, the ending with everyone laughing at Brian who is going into the basement, etc.

    good episode. it gets a little boring in some parts, but overall it was a pretty enjoyable outing. final grade is going to be a B- or so, i think is fair for this installment.moreless
  • Brian was very annoying in this episode.

    When Peter and the guys decide to go fishing, they end up caught in a storm. Stranded on a desert island, their families fear the worst. Rescued by a cruise ship months later, Peter suprises Lois at home, where he finds out that she has a new husband.I liked the first part of the episode until Peter came home, Brian was kind of irritating in this episode though.Overall, horrible episode2.5/10
Seth Green (I)

Seth Green (I)

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Alex Borstein

Lois (and various)

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Mila Kunis

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Seth MacFarlane

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Jenna von Oy


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Adam West

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Stewie is playing electronic "Simon Says", the sequence goes, "red, green, blue, green, blue, blue". But when Stewie makes his song & hits the buttons again, he makes the sequence, "red, green, blue, green, red, green, blue, green, red, blue". Then the game blinks twice, telling him that he's correct, even though he wasn't.

    • When Peter loads the shotgun at the beginning of the episode he puts in four shells yet he fires five times. Also, the gun appears to be a double barreled shotgun which can only fire two shells at a time.

    • Brian didn't seem to check the date on thet tape Stewie shows him. It could've been recorded a year before, for all he knows.

    • The depiction of Brian and Lois as a married couple but in separate beds is a nod to the comedies of the 50's 60's. During that era, couples were depicted in separate beds to placate censors and not give any hint of a sexual situation.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Joe: (discovers Peter's been eating his legs while they are adrift) AHHHHH! WAAAAAA! You've been eating me!!
      Peter: See, that's why I didn't tell anyone, because I knew you'd react like this.

    • Peter: Boy I really appreciate you helping me out on this.
      Joe: Peter, we're your friends. We're always there for you in your time of need.
      Cleveland: Especially when you provide the free beer (Cleveland laughs).
      Peter: Hey, hey I got an idea. Let's play "I Never." You got to drink if you did the thing the person says they never did.
      Cleveland: Oh I got one. I never slept with a woman with the lights on (Quagmire, Peter and Joe drink to this).
      Joe: I'll go next. Uh, I never had sex with Cleveland's wife (Quagmire and Cleveland drink to this).
      Peter: Alright let's see. Uh, I never did a chick in a Logan Airport bathroom (Quagmire drinks to this and moments later, a lot of beer bottles are in front of a nearly-drunk Quagmire) God! Let's see, what else is there? Um, I never gave a reach-around to a spider monkey while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.
      Quagmire: Oh god! (Quagmire drinks to this)
      Joe: I uh, I never picked up an illegal alien from Home Depot to take home and choke me while I touch myself.
      Quagmire: Oh come on! (Quagmire drinks to this)
      Peter: Uh, I never did the same thing, but with someone from Jo-Ann Fabrics.
      Quagmire: Oh god! This is ridiculous! (Quagmire drinks to this and passes out)
      Peter: Oh boy he's out cold. Hey let's write on him (Peter, Cleveland and Joe giggle to that).

    • Peter: Oh guys, I don't know what I'm gonna do. Lois is the only woman for me.
      Joe: Well it sounds like you've gotta find a way to win her back.
      Quagmire: Yeah, like, like we could get her drunk and take turns having sex with her.
      Peter: How would that help me?
      Quagmire: Oh, help you? Oh oh, yeah yeah, then no... no then, then that wouldn't help you.

    • Peter: I'm home!
      Lois: Peter?!
      Chris: Dad!
      Meg: Daddy!
      Stewie: What's your name? Is it Alan?

    • Joe: Well, that was a great cruise.
      Peter: I loved the buffet!
      Cleveland: And I enjoyed shooting Skeet.
      (Two doctors carry Skeet Ulrich out on a stretcher)
      Doctor: You're going to be okay, Mr. Ulrich.
      Skeet Ulrich: (To Cleveland) You bastard!
      Cleveland: There's nothing good about who you are, or what you do.

    • Peter: Alright fellas, we've been out her for months and we all know that men have certain needs. And being that there's no women around, we're going to have to have an orgy (cuts to the scene where he, Quagmire, Cleveland, and Joe are lying naked in a pile). Uh, anybody horny?
      Quagmire: No.
      Cleveland: No.
      Joe: No.
      Peter: Me neither! And whoever's toe that is, I appreciate you enthusiasm but I think you should stop.
      Joe: Boy, I'm sure glad nobody's here to see this (they then hear a passing cruise ship pull up as the people take pictures of them).
      Cruise Annnouncer: And if you look off the left side of the ship, you'll see a bunch of homosexuals (starts to speak Spanish). A la izquierdo del barco podemos ver los 'fanny bandits'.

    • (The guys are adrift on a makeshift raft of blowup dolls)
      Cleveland: Good thing you packed so many blowup dolls, Quag... Quag... Quagmire.
      Quagmire: Be careful. Even the tiniest prick can pop these things... giggedy.

    • Peter: You know what? Maybe I'll just go take up my old job as a construction worker in New York! Although I never did get the cat-calling right.
      (Cutaway. A pretty blonde woman passes by)
      Man #1: *whistles*
      Man #2: Yeah baby!
      Man #3: I wanna piece of that!
      Peter: You suck!

    • Peter: All men have certain needs, and as there are no women on this island, we're going to have an orgy.

    • Tom Tucker: In local news we have more on the approach of Hurricane RuPaul.. which is working his or her way up the coast, lets go live to Ollie Williams with the blacky weather report , Ollie?
      Ollie Williams: It's raining sideways!
      Tom Tucker: Sounds rough Ollie, you have an umbrella?
      Ollie Williams: Had one!
      Tom Tucker: Where is it?
      Ollie Williams: Inside out , 2 miles away !
      Tom Tucker: Is there anything we can do for you?
      Ollie Williams: Bring me some soup...
      Tom Tucker: What kind?
      Ollie Williams: CHUNKY!!!

    • Lois: Oh hunny, how was your day? Did you catch any fish?
      Peter: No, but I caught this turtle; named him Terrence...then killed him and hollowed him out into an ash-tray for Stewie.

    • Brian: I'll be in the basement.
      Lois: Doing what?
      Brian: What do you think?

    • Tom Tucker: Coming up next, A pig who refuses to eat jews? After this.

  • NOTES (2)

    • The inflatable dolls of Quagmire's that the guys are floating on look very similar to Francine Smith, a character on Seth MacFarlane's other show American Dad!

    • This episode was supposed to air as the season premier but was pushed back because of the devestation of Hurricane Katrina. FOX thought the premise of Peter getting washed away by a hurricane would be too insensitive to show at the time.

  • ALLUSIONS (10)

    • Varsity Blues:

      The scene in which Peter covers his private parts with whipped cream is taken from this 1999 film.

    • Hefty:
      Peter's saying of "Hefty hefty hefty! Wimpy wimpy wimpy!" is a parody of the ads for this line of garbage bags.

    • Rupaul The approaching hurricane is named after this androgynous actor.

    • Deliverance

      The farting contest is a parody of the dueling banjo scene from the movie Deliverance (1972).

    • The song Herbert wants his ice cream truck to play is Scott Joplin's 'The Entertainer'.

    • Captain Caveman

      On the island Peter looks at the picture of Captain Caveman in his watch. Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels was a mystery solving cartoon in the 70s, starring the world's first superhero.

    • This episodes title is a comination of the film titles "Perfect Storm" and "Castaway."

    • Peter mentions building a time machine out of a DeLorean. A similar time machine was the invention of a pair of time traveling men from Back to the Future. In this case, they were mimicing the first movie where Doc was shot and Marty drove through the past in front of a mall, ending up in a barn.

    • Alfred Hitchcock

      When Brian goes to the motel to confront Lois and Peter, he sees them in silhouette. Then you see a different person come into silhouette with a specific music. The person is Alfred Hitchcock, and the music is the theme from his TV show (Alfred Hitchcock Presents). The silhouette is his trademark introduction to the show.

    • The joke about the two girls talking real fast was a spoof of the hit WB show Gilmore Girls. Alex Borstein was originally a cast member on Gilmore Girls but had to drop out at the last minute. She does guest star from time to time. Seth MacFarlane has also made an appearance on the show before. Just on a side note, on Gilmore Girls they talk so fast the script is twice as long as the average one hour drama.