Family Guy

Season 4 Episode 12

Perfect Castaway

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 18, 2005 on FOX

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  • Peaked too early.

    This episode was utterly hilarious. Some of the jokes were the funniest in the series, but it peaked too early. The best joke was within the first 5 minutes of the show, and the rest of the jokes from there on were comparatively mediocre. The story was pretty good, and it seemed to me to loosely parallel The Odyssey. In my opinion, I think it would have been better if they reversed some of it, or even made it like the Seinfeld episode that tells the story backwards. The part with the drinking game was one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life, and it would have done better to be at the end of the show. Overall, not the best episode, but the drinking game was almost definately one of the best bits in the series.
  • peters a fisher man, peter and mates go on fishing trip, big storm, ppl think peter and mates are dead, peter returns home only to find brain now married to lois, peter trys to get lois back, brain lets lois go. - lots of jokes in between!!

    this was good, after 3 weeks of not one family guy episode i needed this. this episode was rather funny. poor brain, but that part is kinda weird expecially when lois said she was going to hav s.e.x with him that night after they broke up and she got back with petter.
    this episode i think was rather funny alot of funny little jokes scatter thoughout the episode. i belive this episode was very well wrten. funny how lois sneaks out to jump peter and brain is soo stupid to the facts thats its happening until stewie lets him in. i guess there isnt much of the others in this ep. its mainly Peter, lois and brain.
  • After The Guys Get Rescued After Being Stranded On An Island, Peter Comes Home To Find Out Lois Is Remarried To An Old Friend.

    Good Episode, Some Funny Parts (Michael Moore Farting Contest, Funeral, Stewie\'s Real World Video, Peter\'s Christmas Album, and Quagmire in I Never) But Aside From Those, Not Very Funny. Still It\'s Way Better Than \"Peter Got\'s Woods\". The Earlier Episodes In Season 4, Like \"Petarded\", \"Don\'t Make Me Over\" and \"The Cleveland Loretta-Quagmire\" Were Better Than. These 2 Episodes
  • peter, suffering from lack of fish, goes with his gang in search of more fish, alas a hurricane comes and strands them on to the island. lois marries brian and peter, and gang, are saved by a cruise ship and causes lois to cheat and divorce brian to marry

    This episode is probably one of the funniest ones, next to the one
    where lois shoplifts. The gilmore girls parody was much needed
    after i onced watched that anoying show oh god!!! My favorite parodies in this episode is the christmas singing comercials that nat king cole used to do. the jesus line was just to funny.
    i really didn\'t like the fact that lois and brian never made out in this episode. i give this a 4 out of 5
  • I can\'t believe how horrible this season is starting. What is this?!?! Brian Marries Lois! God help us all.

    Once again, American Dad overpowers family guy this week. Family was absolutely terrible. Not funny, and the storyline was sad! Peter goes missing and is pronounced dead, and brian marries lois! Peter eats Joe's Legs? Thats the most disturbing thing i've ever seen outta this show. This is the most pethetic attempt at Family Guy i have ever seen. At this rate, the series is going nowhere, and will not see another season.
    Watch season 1, 2, and 3 to find out what Family Guy is. It sure as he11 is not this.
  • Just plain bad

    Let me save you 22 minutes of suffering and tell you this episodes only good parts:

    - Peter being unable to afford to pay the portirican (sp?) guy and instead of firign them says he gonna have to put them down. Then he starts shooting at them, crying, saying "I'M SO SORRY!!" That was funny.

    - Stewie walking in on Louis and Peter doing it on the floor. Followed by the Vertigo shot and his look of horror and then he begins to scream.

    That took about 45 seconds between the two. The rest of this episode was utter crap. There's politciall incorrect funny, and then there's just pathetic. Peter eating Joe's feet was actually pretty disturbing, especially Joe's reaction, which was actually kinda gruesome. Then the "satisfying male urges" thing....just not funny at all.

    And Louis refusing to go back to Peter? I know the writer's have forgotten Brian is a dog, but still...Peter and Louis actually have a pretty romantic (and funny) backstory and have been marrying for a long time. Louis and Brian decided a couple of seasons back to stay friends and they were only married for "many months". I was just shaking my head in disbelief, saying over and over Please get better. It never did.

    Watch Peter's Got Wood twice if you think you need to see the first two episodes of the first season. That one rocked. This one was just BAD.
  • nothing to write home about.. some good cracks, but the plot is stupid... FG has so many flashback sequences that it can sometimes be good regardless of the storyline.. but this time I think it was just lame and unbeleivable.

    Lois marrying Brian is not beleivable considering their past relationship, although Family guy goes the distance with stupid jokes and unfeasable ideas..

    the jokes in this show arent as good as usual,
    for instance when Chris is crying cause he thinks his dad is dead Lois says "i know your sad but your making a scene all our friends are here"
    this is not funny at all, in any way whatsoever.

    couple of good moments, but when Peter comes back Lois would have gone back with him, its just not beleivable that she stay with Brian...

  • It's a bit gross at parts and desturbing while some of the writing is just...freaky.

    So everyone thinks Peter is dead when he's on a voyage during a hurricane. What does Lois do? Gets remarried to the one man who's always been there for her, tries hard to help and support them, and is her greatest friend (along with Peter's). She marries Brian.

    This is a bit odd since when he admitted his feelings for her, she said they were good friends and should stay that way. Also Brian has almost forgotten his romance with her as he has fallen in love with and dated numerous people after his little crush.

    Then Peter has to fight to get Lois back as he loves her so much. And he does it the only way Peter can. By having relations with her behind Brian's back. Brian finds out and realizes it's wrong for him and Lois to stay marry. He tells her that they should get a divorce so she could stay with Peter.

    As a side note, Peter was voyaging with Joe, Quagmire, and Cleaveland when he was presumed dead and they were also assumed dead. Peter starts eating Joe's legs in desperate hunger. Which of course leads to Joe getting new ones from a death row guy who also was unfortunately paraplegic.
  • Where were the laughs? A really, really poor episode! What's up?

    Apparently this episode was postponed a week because of the recent hurricane disaster. In my opinion, this should have been held back until the DVD release.

    Most of the humor fell flat; the whole concept of Lois marrying Brian was absurd, especially in light of what they decided about their "relationship" in previous episodes.

    The cast made "guest appearances" on the CBS Emmys broadcast the same night - much, much funnier than the episode on FOX, especially Stewie's comment anbout Frankie Muniz. I hope those excerpts can be included on this season's DVD.
  • Peter and his friends go fishing, only to be stranded on a deserted island, when he comes back he discovers that Brian and Lois have gotten married and tries to her back. Meanwhile Brian tries to get Lois to shared and him, and Lois discovers that wants P

    A good episode, and so far the best of . the best of the season, I liked Bjork or Bobcat, the ad for Peter's Christmas Album, the funeral for the guys and the spoof of the Gilmore Girls. This episode was even better than last week's episode, which was good.
  • Absolute class again from the master Seth McFarland!! The man is a genius and deserves all the plaudits he gets!!

    Yet again Seth has really earned his wage packet well here! Unfortunately, I was looking for another tussle with Hennesy "Yeah well nice face Hennesy - Yes! - Peter 1 you 0" but I was left in the dark there; but the rest of the episode more than made up for that!
  • Part one of three of the movie

    This is actually part of the family guy movie called "Stewie Griffin : The Untold Story". Everyone is at the pool and Peter tries to throw Stewie in the water, which lead Lois to decide it's time for Stewie to learn to swim by taking a class. Stewie quickly develops a rival and tries to kill him by placing explosives on the life guard tower. But it ends up backfireing and nearly kills Stewie. He ends up having a near-death experience and he decides to be a "Good Boy". But no matter how hard he tries is against his nature so he takes up drinking instead and crashes Brian's car into a bar. This causes Peter to lose his new job on the news.

    (Changed the name, this was for "Stewie Be Goode")
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