Family Guy

Season 12 Episode 9

Peter Problems

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 05, 2014 on FOX
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Peter becomes a stay-at-home dad after getting fired from his job at the brewery, which seems to remove him of his manhood.

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  • Holy Sexism, Batman !!

    Peter loses his job and he and Lois must try to find jobs to provide. When Peter fails but Lois does (let's not talk of Brian who was here just to remind us of the bullshit "writer" thing), the usual roles of working man/housewife are reversed and so, the husband loses his manhood - he becomes impotent and can't do anything about it, he's made fun of because of it and only can be considered a man once he convices Angela to re-hire him.

    Along with the plot, you have an awful "gag" that lasts forever (2 minutes actually, but it's unbearalbe anyway) and is more gross than funny (I almost regret the Conway Twitty thing).

    There were a couple of gags that were okay, but I've laughed harder at FG episodes.moreless
  • Sad that so many don't like this show anymore

    After having watched this episode and read the comments, it occurs to me that the problem isn't Family Guy. It's Family Guy's original fanbase.

    To me, this episode of Family Guy is right on par with where it's always been. After going through and re-watching previous seasons again, I can tell you that there's nothing different about this episode than most of the episodes in previous seasons. The problem, I think, is that most of the fanbase that FG originally started out with has grown out of it. Become disenfranchised with the immaturity/newness, whatever. I'm not honestly 100% sure what it is that has caused fans to suddenly not like the show anymore though because to me the episodes haven't really changed much since they started out. The only thing I can surmise is that people have just moved on or don't find FG's style of humor funny anymore. Family Guy started back in 2001 when I was still a senior in high school, so I imagine that their fanbase or target audience was probably in the age bracket of 16 - 22. 13 years later, those same people are now 29 - 35 years old. Of course they're not going to find this stuff as funny (unless you retain that same sense of humor which many people do, but just saying that it may be the reason why some seem to think it's no longer funny/lost its charm).

    With that said, downvote me all you want, but I've said my piece. I think the real problem is that people have just grown up/out of Family Guy. I'll keep watching them until they cancel it, but the style/sense of humor for me hasn't changed since day one.moreless
  • Worst script this season..

    overalll-including the Death of Brian was the WORST script this season and that is saying a lot for a show with only ONE episode on this site in the "green". I will not rewatch this one and skip it when the DFVDs come out. Awful writing, NOT funny in any place. NOt one laugh. This was a freelance script (they are down to taking scripts from non the thousands of unemployed writers--this was the BEST script they could find? I highly doubt it. If this was the "best" of the unsolicited scripts-I would liek to read the worst. maybe they should just DO the worst one they might turn out to be funny. better than watching Peter Kill a whale (painful to watch))) bad episode. I give it a 1. It had ZERO laughsmoreless
  • How come Brian Griffin is alive

    I though he was replaced by some dog named Vinny some episodes back #confused
  • Seriously? Do 7th graders only write this show.

    Okay, this episode was extremely sexist, but sexist for men. The overarching theme of the show was that if you're a house husband then you're impotent, if you're impotent then you're not a man, and if you're not a "man", you're not a human. I had no problem with the jokes themselves (besides that they were stupid. You're whalecome? Seriously? Like we don't here cleverer puns on the internet), but let's face it, family guy is preachy and there is always a takeaway theme. The takeaway in this was that if you do "wifely" work (which is just chores everybody should do), or if you are somehow out of a job temporarily, then eff you and your sex life. It reinforces gender stereotypes instead of laughing at them. This episode left a bitter taste. I'm not usually the one to call everything sexism or am I even politically correct. I usually don't have hyperbolic reactionary responses, and I hardly get offended. However, like the previous commentator said "if you're going to make fun of ED you could have done a much better job thanmoreless

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    • Peter: (About Boston) How could a town with so many great colleges produce nothing but dopes?

    • Stewie: (About Lois' new job at the grocery store) Well, you know you've made it when you got a teenage boss.

    • Manager: Now Mrs. Griffin, where did you go to collage?
      Lois: Groceries.
      Manager: Are you available to work on weekends?
      Lois: Groceries.
      Manager: Very impressive, this next one is a trick question. Groceries?
      Lois: I'm hired.
      Manager: Welcome aboard.

    • Peter: How's this one?
      Store Clerk: Oh, Bach is very good. I recommend.
      Peter: And this one?
      Store Clerk: Oh, Mozart the boy genius, the best.
      Peter: Okay, how about this?
      Store Clerk: Oh! Debussy. I love Debussy. Sometimes all I could think about is Debussy. Oh, look at the pianist! The pianist is so good with Debussy.
      Peter: So you like his early work?
      Store Clerk: Oh yes. When Debussy was young, that's when you want Debussy.
      Peter: Okay, I'll take these two.
      Store Clerk: Very good, sir. Just make sure you finish on the Bach, never finish on Debussy. (A bunch of people cheer and throw bouquets of flowers to the store clerk)

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