Family Guy

Season 4 Episode 26


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 07, 2006 on FOX

Episode Recap

Cleveland informs the Griffins that the new movie night location is at Joe's house. They go and Peter becomes jealous of Joe's cinema. So he says that he is going to build a multiplex to show that "movie night at the Griffins" is better. As he is digging, Peter discovers an Indian skull, which he fools around with. A lot of bizarre things start happening around the house: Chris get attacked by a tree, Peter pulls the skin off of his face to turn into Hank from King of the Hill, and Stewie gets sucked into the TV. Louis and Peter use a "psychic" to find out that the only way for Stewie to get out is to come out of Meg's butt. Louis goes after Stewie and they both come out "the other end". Ghosts come out too and the family flees the house before it gets sucked up into a wormhole. As they leave, Peter throws the Indian skull into the trash. They find out that in order to get their home back, they must return all disturbed remains, so they find the skull in the home of "Carrot Top", a comedian. They get the skull and bury it in the back yard. The house is returned to them but as they are about to go back inside, it disappears again! They turn and find Peter poking the eyes of the skull. Louis yells at him, throws the skull into the hole, and the house reappears. They all go inside and the episode ends.