Family Guy

Season 6 Episode 7

Peter's Daughter

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 25, 2007 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Chris mentions that he doesn't have any friends, except he has been seen with other people in earliers episodes like Running Mates and Prick up your Ears.

    • After the credits were shown on FOX, a message appeared that the episode was "Dedicated to Paul D. Sheridan 1940-2007."

      Paul was the father of Chris Sheridan, executive producer on the show, and writer of this episode.

    • Meg's shirt gets caught on a metal peg in the refrigerator and is later shown to be caught on a different peg.

    • In the scene where Stewie is handing Brian his construction equipment, he gives Brian a hammer, but in the next scene, it shows Brian holding a sledge hammer

    • During one of the flashbacks when Ripley and Newt are running and run into the queen, the queen is a female, but is portrayed by a male with a feminine voice.

  • Quotes

    • Meg: (trying on a wedding dress) How about this one?
      Lois: Meg, honey, are you sure you want to go through with this? You know, there are other options.
      Meg: Mom, for the last time, I am not getting an abortion!
      Lois: Well, I don't mean an abortion per se, but, maybe you just drink and smoke a lot.
      Meg: What?!
      Lois: Just don't start doing in and then chicken out halfway through the pregnancy, because then you'll wind up with Chris.
      Peter: (enters, carrying a three-layered cake) Okay, Lois, I got the cake. Oh - and they were all out of the bride and groom figurines, so I got the Iron Giant and a courtroom doll that kids use to show where the molester touched them.

    • Stewie: Hey, Brian, knock knock!
      Brian: Who's there?
      Stewie: (whispering) Two friends, building a house together.

    • Lois: Peter, Meg's been down there an awfully long time.
      Peter: Boy, you cannot wait to criticise her at every turn, can you, Lois?

    • Stewie: (about Meg's wedding dress) Look at her fat shoulders in those spaghetti straps. It's like bread baking around twine!

    • Peter: That's an even more beautiful sight than 72 virgins waiting in heaven for a suicide bomber.
      Teenaged boy: Hey, we're just playing some Magic: The Gathering. Wanna join?
      Terrorist: OSAMA!

    • Neil: Hello.
      Chris: Hi. Name, please.
      Neil: Neil Goldman.
      Chris: (checks his list) Goldman, Goldman. Sorry, no Neil Goldman.
      Neil: Oh, I beg your pardon. I meant to say Chris Griffin.
      Chris: (checks his list) Griffin, Griffin. Oh, here it is. Says you're supposed to be an usher. (hands his list and pen to Neil) Well, you'll need this.
      Neil: Name, please.
      Chris: Chris Griffin.
      Neil: (checks his list) Griffin, Griffin, hmm. I'm sorry, sir, Chris Griffin has already checked in.
      Chris: Well, that's impossible!

    • Stewie: Alright Brian, I'm gonna go up to the upper level and run this wire down through the wall. Grab your walkie, I'll call you when I get up there.
      Brian: Okay.
      (Stewie walks away, is heard over the walkie-talkie)
      Stewie: Brian, pick up. Over.
      Brian: What?
      Stewie: Brian, please say "over" when you are finished talking. Over.
      Brian: (sighs) What? Over.
      Stewie: Do you see the wire yet? Over.
      Brian: No.
      Stewie: Nooooo what? Over.
      Brian: No. Over.
      Stewie: Okay, I'm gonna start feeding it through. Over.
      Brian: Wait, If you haven't started feeding it, why'd ya ask me if I could see it?
      Stewie: Didn't copy that. Over.
      Brian: I said why did ya ask me if I could see it if you haven't started feeding it. Over.
      Stewie: Oh that's better, I can hear you now. Over. Do you see it yet? Over.
      Brian: You know, you're a jackass. For the record, I don't wanna hang out with you anymore when this is over.
      Stewie: When this is what Brian? Over.
      Brian: I said, I don't wanna hang out with you anymore when this is over.
      Stewie: When this is what? You've got to finish your sentence. Over.
      Brian: That's it, my sentence is over.
      Stewie: Your sentence is what, Brian? Over.
      Brian: My sentence is- wait a minute. I have to say over, even if the sentence ends with the word over?
      Stewie: Ends with the word what, Brian? Over.
      (the wire descends through the wall)
      Brian: Oh, I see the wire.
      Stewie: You see the wire what? Over.
      Brian: Over! (yanks on the wire, pulling Stewie down with it)

    • Lois: Wow Peter, I gotta say, you've really been true to your word about treating Meg better.
      Peter: She's my only daughter, Lois. She needs to be protected, like a rare gemstone, or the herniated scrotum of an older gentleman.

    • Brian: This is disgusting. It smells, it's falling apart, and you can hear the mice humping in the walls.

    • Dr. Hartman: Mr. and Mrs. Griffin, I'm afraid your coma's in a daughter. (laughs) I mean, I mean your daughter's in a coma. What? Oh my God, did you hear what I said? (waggles tounge) Brain freeze! Oh my god. Oh, that one is going in the Christmas letter.

    • Peter: Hey Chris, come here.
      Chris: What, why?
      Peter: Just come here.
      Chris: What is it dad?
      Peter: Does it feel like the water suddenly just got warmer?
      Chris: No.
      Peter: Oh, that's right, it's pee that makes it warmer.

    • (after they blow the house up)
      Brian: Didn't we have an electrician in there today?
      Stewie: He left. I'm pretty sure he left.
      Brian: Isn't that his truck?
      Stewie: Well, by God Brian, we're murderers. I guess this means you'll be going to doggy hell.
      (Cuts to Hell. The Devil is scaring dogs with a vacuum cleaner)

    • Chris: I can set you up with one of my friends. Oh wait, I don't have any friends. Well I can set you up with dad! Dad, will you be interested in dating Meg?

    • Peter: See, look Meg, he just walked out on you. He's a bad man, like Jodie Foster.

    • Peter: Stay away from my daughter you possible rapist!

  • Notes

    • This is the second episode that was aired by FOX without final approval from Seth MacFarlane, who was on strike with the Writers Guild of America at the time of the original airing.

  • Allusions

    • The Flintstones.

      There is a scene with Fred and Wilma requesting a divorce and arguing.

    • Hurricane Katrina:

      The scene in which Cleveland is evacuated to the stadium is a reference to the people who took shelter in the Louisiana Superdome during this hurricane.

    • Mickey Mouse

      When Brian says the house they buy is so old you can hear the mice humping in the walls, we hear the high-pitched laughter of Mickey Mouse.

    • Flip That House

      When Brian and Stewie are fixing up the run-down house, it is a possible reference to the TLC show Flip This House, where real-estate investors fix up run-down houses to earn profit.

    • Hee Haw

      At the end of the episode, Peter introduces Conway Twitty. It cuts to a performance of him on the TV show Hee Haw. This joke previously occured in the episode "Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey."

    • JD and Turk:
      When Michael comes in to check on Meg, Peter asks if "Scrubs" and "Black Scrubs" work there. He is referring to Dr. John "JD" Dorian (played by Zach Braff) and Dr. Christopher "Turk" Turk (played by Donald Faison), respectively, characters on the TV Show Scrubs.

    • Aliens

      When Peter tells Meg that he will not treat her like an Alien, a flashback goes to Ripley and Newt running throughout LV-426 (planet) and are met by the queen.

    • Iron Giant

      Peter had put an Iron Giant figurine from the movie of the same name on a wedding cake he made for Meg.

    • Fanta Commercials

      The Sanka commercial with the dancing old ladies is a reference to an old Fanta commercial that featured dancing women.