Family Guy

Season 4 Episode 11

Peter's Got Woods

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 11, 2005 on FOX

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  • Hilarious

    Original and creative
  • Funny!

    There were some great mometns throughout the episode, such as with the fdate Brian was on and the comments about putting all the orpahns on a farm to run free, and then repeating the same things! It was pretty funny!

    There were smoe interesting moments starring Stewie as well, such as the peek-a-boo scene! That was hilarious!

    Hoping for more laughs with the next episode as well! This was a good one!
  • Peter and Brian's friendship is tearing apart when Peter replaced Brian with James Woods and Brian dates Meg's high school teacher

    Peter and Brian's friendship becomes strained after Brian begins dating Meg's high school teacher. Peter finds a replacement in new best friend James Woods, who is visiting Quahog because of a suggestion to rename James Woods High School after Martin Luther King Jr. I thought that this was a great episode of "Family Guy". It could have been better but I still really enjoyed it. It was getting boring in some parts and the storyline wasn't too well written but decent. The humor here was pretty good though. The parts that made me laugh was the cutaway with Brian singing the opera and then Peter comes out the tree and sings "through the tree", the cutaway with Ronald Reagon puahed the brick wall of McDonald's but gets tired out and says "Reagon sleepy", the cutaway with Peter playing peek-a-boo with Stewie, Mayor West's cameo appearance at the movie theater, and more. The episode, while it wasn't strong on both of the stories, it was strong on the humor and I did enjoy it. I also loved Peter and James Woods' musical number in this episode, it's one of those musical numbers where it gets stuck in my head. It's also good to see that Peter and Brian made up at the end and caught James Woods. Overall, this was a great episode... not the best but it's pretty great to watch. 8/10
  • Peter becomes friends with James Woods after Brian begin to date one of Meg's teachers

    Peter and Brian's friendship becomes strained after Brian begins dating Meg's high school teacher. Peter finds a replacement in new best friend James Woods, who is visiting Quahog because of a suggestion to rename James Woods High School after Martin Luther King Jr. Not the greatest episode episode I've ever seen, but it was still good to watch. As the usual, cutaways are the highlights in this episode. My porblem was some of the parts were annoying. For example, Peter was getting on my nerves when he was with Meg and called her a dog. That's so much for having Meg bashed a lot in this season. Other funny moments were butter corn because Mayor West didn't like the popcorn, Peter and Brian reuniting (because their relationships with them had in the common), and the ET reference where James Wood get a piece of candy. Overall, a great episode, but it was kinda boring. 8/10
  • Brian dates another freakin' woman.


    Peter and Brian's friendship becomes strained after Brian begins dating Meg's high school teacher. Peter finds a replacement in new best friend James Woods, who is visiting Quahog because of a suggestion to rename James Woods High School after Martin Luther King Jr.

    The only part i liked was the "ooh, piece of candy" part


  • good

    What I liked: Brian talking about putting all the world's orphans on a farm to let them run free, and then saying the same thing about black people, Brian saying if he was offered a slave he would turn it down, Brian and Peter trapping James Woods, Peter saying if it was him in the crate he would be mad, James Woods sleeping at the foot of Peter and Lois' bed, Adam West at the movie theater, amongst other things.

    Good episode. The plot was not that great but it was a really funny episode, much better then its sequel episode. B or so as my final grade
  • James Woods has *you* and *we* have James Woods too!....

    The hilarious Family Guy episode "Peter's Got Woods" opens with Brian meeting Shauna Parks, a black teacher at James Woods High School, and begins to date her, spending far more time with her than Peter. Hoping to win Shauna over, Brian suggests that James Woods High School should be renamed after Martin Luther King. Peter does not want that to happen and actually finds the real James Woods to try and stop it. Woods is fine with the name change but the school board is so star-struck that they keep the name. Shauna is furious with Peter and also with Brian for staying friends with him; meanwhile, Peter and James Woods strike up a very odd friendship indeed.

    "Peter's Got Woods" is easily my favorite Family Guy episode from season four and it also seems to be an underrated episode. Family Guy surprisingly handles a political/moral message right (usually political themes are handled with zero intelligence or wit on the show), addressing interracial dating and the European American patronization of African Americans (whether the Family Guy writers attempted the latter is unknown, but they achieved such a message anyway). The interracial dating aspect is given a very fair treatment - no one cares that Shauna is African American (yes, I know, Brian is a dog - but one can tell that if he was a human character he would be white). The patronization angle is also addressed very well as Brian patronizes all things African American to warm up to Shauna when he should really just be himself.

    The best thing about "Peter's Got Woods" is the James Woods half of the story. James Woods lends his real voice to this Family Guy caricature of himself and is very funny. Peter basically tries to replace Brian with James Woods and this Family Guy-style Woods grows crazier and crazier. The absolute highlight of the episode is the Star Trek: The Next Generation gag where Captain Picard has some fun with Worf - and I say that on principle as someone who appreciates great humor, not just because I am a Trek fan.
  • Brian has a new girlfriend and vows to change the name of James Woods High School but Peter has a few tricks up his sleeves to sabotage that plan.

    This really wasn't an exciting episode at all. It seemed that the story went nowhere, at least for the first 10 minutes. It left a pretty stale taste in my mouth. That's what she said! Sorry. ... So fine, an episode of "Family Guy" was ordinary, let's deal with it and remember that this sharp comedy isn't about to go down the drain. They had an average night - the next episode will probably be a knock out of the park. To less average Family Guy! Cheers! ... ... ... ... ... .. .. .. ... .. .. .. .. ..
  • An ok episode to say the absolute least.

    Lois asks Peter to go the PTA meeting, then Peter asks Brian to go. Brian reluctantly goes, and falls in love with one of Meg's teachers, Shauna Parks. They go out on a date, and Brian suggests changing the name of James Woods Regional High School. Shauna, who is black, likes Brian's idea of honoring Martin Luther King Jr., and the board holds a meeting to consider the name change. Peter gets James Woods to come to the meeting, who says it's OK to change the name of the school. Impressed by Woods' humility, the board decides not to change the school's name. Brian is furious with Peter's involvement with his and Shauna's idea, although Peter thought that Dr. King was "that guy from Space: 1999," Martin Landau.

    Peter and James Woods become very good friends, while Brian is late for his date with Shauna. She is upset that he still talks to Peter and makes Brian choose between her and Peter, and they eventually call off their relationship, as Brian feels that his friendship is more important. He and Peter patch their differences at the Drunken Clam. Returning home, they find James Woods is still there. They get rid of him by trapping him in a box, with Reese's Pieces as bait (A major Commercial Reference to á là E.T.). Woods is then sent to be studied by "top men," when he is really being stored away in a Government Warehouse with similar other crates ( á la Raiders of the Lost Ark).
  • Brian gets ANOTHER girlfriend, but is it for the better?

    Ok, this episode is confusing to me, it hardly makes sense(the plot that is) and seems to sureall not to make sense, most of the time FG is one of the most sureal shows ever and this one was just stupid that it wasn't even funny. The song was pretty good though and the jokes were all right.

    Brian getting a girlfriend, which is put in the series maybe an episode per season, was handled "well" in this one and I am pleased to say Brian's racism wasn't THAT big of a problem in it, but the way this plot ended was just plain stupid.

    Not my favourite episode but probaply in my top seventy, sorry to anyone that likes this, but it just wasn't that good to me.
  • I'm re-reviewing this episode after watching it on DVD a few times. I was so harsh before, and now i realize how good this episode was.

    I'm re-reviewing this episode after watching it on DVD a few times. I was so harsh before, and now i realize how good this episode was.

    I really enjoyed this episode, and James Woods was hysterical. The whole episode had plenty of good moments, and overall, i was very satisfied. Not the best episode ever, but it was very enjoyable, and i'd give it an A+. Keep the guest stars coming. They really seem to work on Family Guy, and add an extra something being animated (Except for the classic moment from "Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington" Way Back When-

    "Profits have been higher than Alyssa Milano"

  • The worst EVER episode of Family Guy.

    This episode was the bottom of the barrel as Family Guy episodes go. The Peter/ James Woods song was somewhere between terrible and gay, and James Woods (who's movies I am something of a fan of) was meant to look gayer than he actually is. In fact, there were way too many homosexual refrences throughout the whole episode. There were too many parts where it just dragged on in a way Family Guy almost never drags.
    Redeeming moments: James Woods grew funnier as the show went on (dinnertime, swearing at Peter) and Stewie's cameo was fairly funny. However, this episode sucked in general. I'm skipping it whenever I watch the Season 4 DVD.
  • peters got james woods too

    I think peters got woods is one the funniest episodes and My favourite part in it is the song peter and james woods sing
    The lyrics in the song are fantastic!!!
    and this episode has some of the funniest flash backs that I have Seen in any of the episodes on season 4!!!!
  • If I drive, I’ll have to have a couple of drinks first because I am very self-conscious about my driving!

    This episode is very funny, with great lines from all of the characters and hilarious scenes such as Peter continuously spitting milk in Meg’s face, Stewie pointing out the obvious in his “Oh, you have a date. What’s his name?” joke, Peter riding in his washing machine and Stewie believing that Peter disappears into thin air when he covers his eyes.

    James Woods was a great idea since it is the name of Meg’s school and Brian wishing to rename it for his girlfriend, as Peter believes, was a great Brian-Peter rivalry.

    Overall, this episode had its ups and downs but all in all is very entertaining.
  • I liked the episode, just not the storyline and some of the jokes.

    Well, it was a funny episode. I\'m gonna talk about the jokes here:
    The \"I Have James Woods\" song was funny, but it took too long. The joke with Peter and that stewardess was a very good joke as well. Some jokes, like the sheep joke, I didn\'t get. I get it now, but it still isn\'t funny. The storyline is that Brian starts spending time with a girl named Shauna Parks. So, Peter starts being friends with James Woods.

    They could have done more with the episode. Since I don\'t write Family Guy episodes, I can\'t think of how. The end where Peter captures James Woods was pretty funny, but J.W. said \"OOOH, a piece of candy!\" too many times, IMO. Peter\'s \"If that\'s me under there again, I\'m gonna be pissed off.\" line was a great joke to add. Another problem is when Meg was being treated like a dog by Peter, and she called him a fat b@$t4rd, was unfunny. Adam West\'s appearance in the episode was funny as always, too.

    So, to make this short, every joke was either hit or miss, except for that James Woods song. The episode\'s storyline could\'ve used some work, too. But, the majority of the episode was funny, which is what I expect from all Family Guy episodes, so I give it an 8.1/10.

  • Funny, not the best but funny still.

    Okay this was a funny episode and all but I just have to make some generalizations about this show. I think people put too much thought into these things I mean they complain that there is no plot or the story line was not well thought out and what have you … come on people it’s a cartoon. To paraphrase Bart Simpson; Cartoons aren’t supposed to make sense they are just a bunch of dumb things that happen.
  • This was A wonderfull installment to a excellent series. It was so funny and jokes around each turn and bent.

    This was A wonderfull installment to a excellent series. It was so funny and jokes around each turn and bent. Peter is my favourite retard. With Chris backing him up. Woooooooooohhhhhhhooooooooooo!!!!!!!. Excellent the greatest show ever. Compared to this simpsons can clean urinals and futurama lick peoples fingers at kfc.
  • crap C R A P CRAP!

    I hated this episode with every fibre of my being. It was just unappealing to me. its so crappy, I could puke on this episode and not really care about it at all. if this episode was a person, i would stab it, give it a full nelson slam and launch it into the sun but nobody would care. people gave it 9.1 and i only got two words to say about it: Unrealistic crap! the fact is I hate H A T E hate this episode. With it's already high standards it's just crap C R A P Crap! tanks for reading ... It sucked ostrich Eggs!
  • Great

    I loved this episode, James Wood being apart of it was probably the reason I loved it so much. It was just so silly I couldn't stop laughing! Good stuff, I'm glad the show came back on! It was funny to see Brian do all this stuff to impress the teacher, and James Woods taking his place on the bed was too damn hilarious!
  • not the best but goodproly misse dsumthing funny

    it was a little funny but i think family guy could do better i hope they have a lot better episodes i liked this 1 nd i luv family guy but i wish they put more effort into it well i misse dthe first 5 min i proly misse dsumthing funny

    i love the running gag that Brian doesnt like black people.. (its a halarious concept cause some dogs bark at black people)
    I love the constant references to other tv shows (ie.. Flinstones, cookie monster etc..) and \"remember when..\" moments though some jokes are hit or miss (the brian and peter singing bit is just not funny)
    the best thing I would say is Family Guy\'s pull with real actors and celebrities to lend their voices..
    James Woods, wow.. Seth Mcfarlane\'s voice is so veratile that I sometimes assume hes doing celebrity voices (I was stoaked to read that Patrick Stewart and Warf lent their voices for such a small bit)

    Though all the main characters that Seth Mcfarlane voices are great.. (Stewie, Peter and Quagmire are such in such different ranges that its hard to recognize its all Seth Mcfarlane)
    I think other people should do the bystandards and random extras voices.. as we hear the Tom Tucker style voice too much..

    The Simpsons do that alot.. their skimpy on their voice actor budget (see the strike from the whole cast a couple years back) that lady that does Skinner\'s mom does almost every tv woman voice and its really really annoying..

    Episode highlight for me is always Adam West\'s appearance... and the spanish Quagmire
  • Family Guy is the animated equivalent of Married With Children on acid. A show that boasts more hits than misses with enough pop-culture references and pokes to keep the most discerning viewer happy. Expect a chuckle. In fact, expect two.

    After a brief summer break Family Guy has come out of the gate swinging with its trademark one-liners and nostalgic nods to culture as we know it.

    Peter's Got Woods is a great testament to the brilliance of Family Guy by plunging the secretely racist Brian into a courtship with Shauna- Meg's African American teacher.

    After a few false starts of poorly attempting to relate to Shauna the idea of changing the name of James Woods High School to Martin Luther King High School is brought into discussion. How the school got named James Woods High in the first place is still a Family Guy mystery.

    Jealous of Brian's time spent with Shauna, Peter rebels by getting James Woods himself to show up during the meeting to vote on the proposed name change. Due to Woods appearance and sentimental approval of the change, the school board committee decides to keep the school name after all. This, of course, causes in an instant rift between Brian and Peter. As Peter goes on to make Woods a replacement for Brian by sharing songs and way too much time together.

    Shauna makes Brian choose between her and Peter and when he can't she leaves him. Brian goes back home only to discover Woods in his coveted spot at the end of Peter and Lois' bed. When Peter realizes that Woods doesn't sport all of the dog-like attributes of Brian he soon realizes that Woods wasn't nearly as much as he expected. Him and Brian reconcile at the Drunken Clam and come home only to find Woods waiting for them jealous and acting quite disturbed. They think of a brilliant plan to lure Woods into a crate box with pieces of candy and end up shipping him off to that vast warehouse similiar to the ending of Raider's of the Lost Ark. Classic.
  • Seems that some are just so happy that its back, they are giving unrealistic scores. This episode wasn\'t that great at all - quite poor in fact (compared to their own very high standards)

    Seems that some are just so happy that its back, they are giving unrealistic scores. This episode wasn\'t that great at all - quite poor in fact (compared to their own very high standards)

    I loved this program because it actually made me laugh out loud but, recently, (since coming back for season 4) its gone downhill a lot (imo).

    I think the ideas have dried up and its just not as funny anynmore. However, there are the odd gem moments that shouldn\'t be missed but, these un-missable moments used to be un-missable episodes and this is what the biggest difference is with the newer family guy series\'.
  • Brian finds a girlfriend in Meg's teacher and leaves Peter high and dry. Peter finds solace in James Woods as a replacement "pet".

    I LOVED the Helen Keller Marco Polo bit -- too funny. Reagan\'s bit was also very funny! My rooommate liked the milk bit almost as much as the Ipecac bit from earlier this year.
    However, did ANYONE get the sheep reference? I think it was Flinstone\'s related but slightly confused. Funny as hell, as usual!
  • Brian wants to change the name of the school to impress his girlfriend...

    I loved this episode, especially the part with the Drunk Chick. Yay Drunk Chick! Even though at some points it seemed stupid, it was all right. I really liked the part where Quagmire said he's probably got kids in their twenties...Ha! Except the flashbacks are getting kind of annoying...Can't wait for the movie!
  • Another classic episode to show that this show is better than ever.

    What a great episode, a clear series classic. James Woods, whom I understand also did the commentary for this episode, was great. I dont think there was a point in the entire episode where I wasn't laughing. Meg calling Peter a fat bastard, Brian trying to not come off as a racist AGAIN, and especially the scene in which James Woods is sleeping on Peter and Lois's bed. I hope that te rest of the 'new season' as they are calling it (technically its still season 4) is gonna be just as good. I am really looking forward to the next episode which will be "The Perfect Castaway"
  • ah what a great series

    consistent, consistent, consistent!!! This is exactly why I watch this show, I know it is going to be funny no matter what episode is on. I will admitt this one started out weird but it picked up speed and got back to the true family guy fashion. The randomness, the dirty jokes,the political incorectness, and some unique oddities make this always an entertaining half hour. I still laugh more on this show than any other show on Tv. Close seconds are Arrested development and Scrubs. What I really worry about is the cometetion with those darn housewives. I watch that show as well so I am usually taping one or the other. Hope it will sustain its viewers since the target audiences are vastly different.
  • This episode had it's moments.

    This episode was not bad. I laughed a few times but not every ten seconds like I usually do. Maybe it will be better a few more times I watch it.

    Memorible moments were when Stewie had a flashback of him playing Marco Polo with Helen Keller. I know a few will be insulted by that flashback but whatever. That's what this show is all about , being edgy!

    Peter spitting milk on Meg was pretty funny but I hope they do not do this too often. It seems to be a trend lately.

    Overall it was average.
  • Great episode

    This is one of the funniest episodes of Family Guy. James Woods was hilarious. Some of the best moments were when Brian was trying not to be racist, Stewie playing Marco Polo with Helen Keller, The "I Have James Woods" song, James Woods sleeping at the end of the bed, and The Ronald Reaghen McDonald thing. This was a great season premiere, and I hope Family Guy does this well on the rest of the season!
  • Not the greatest episode, but nice return from hiatus

    Not sure if this is considered Season 5 or not, FOX did say "Season Premiere" when they advertised the show, so I am going to assume it is the 5th Season and say it was "not bad for a season opener".

    There wasn't really any character development in this episode, but what I really liked is how they played Stewie to be the "naive baby/genius" when Peter was covering his eyes and Stewie thought he had disappeared.

    The plot itself was pretty senseless, but the jokes and flashbacks were fairly good and the part where Peter and Brian trap James Woods and Peter says "If that's me in the box again, I'll be pissed off".

    Again, great opener.
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