Family Guy

Season 7 Episode 16

Peter's Progress

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 17, 2009 on FOX

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  • Best finale ever

  • Boring...


    Peter has a psychic palm reading and discovers he led a past life as Griffin Peterson, a dignified gentleman who followed the beautiful Lady Redbush from 17th century England, where the fierce King Stewart III reigned supreme, to the newly founded American colony of Quahog to win her heart.

    I thought this episode was super boring. I hasn't even watched this episode since the day it premired so yes this episode was such a waste of time. The plot is not interesting to me and it should have been done better in order to have my score a higher. I think the plot need more humor in order not to hate this episode. The other good things in this episode were Peter being a strawberry, then a worm comes to him, the first few minutes, and the 24 promo gag. The other show promo gag (which is not real) was super annoying. Overall it wasn't much an interesting episode and I was really bored throughout the episode. However, American Dad had a better season finale for the 2008-2009 season though ("Stan's Night Out") and that episode didn't bored me. 3/10

  • Terrible


    Peter has a psychic palm reading and discovers he led a past life as Griffin Peterson, a dignified gentleman who followed the beautiful Lady Redbush from 17th century England, where the fierce King Stewart III reigned supreme, to the newly founded American colony of Quahog to win her heart.

    This episode was kinda boring


  • Boring for the most part BUT this episode wasn't the worst "Family Guy"" episode I've ever seen (which is actually a good thing)

    I thought that this was an okay episode of "Family Guy". The plot to this episode was interesting but if they want to make a plot more interesting... at least tons more humor while doing the plot. I hardly got a laugh out of this episode and the part I laughed the hardest was the probably the first 3-4 minutes of this episode such as the cutaway with Peter being a strawberry and Cleveland's cousin (who is a psychic) from Jamaica tells the future of Joe, Quagmire, and Cleveland. She makes tells Peter that he was actually the founder of Quahog and it took place when his ancestor Griffin Peterson was in the 17th century discovering Quahog. Oh yeah, the other thing that at least chuckle was the "24" promo and then I didn't laugh anymore after that. The plot to this episode just seemed kind of rushed and it was boring to watch for the most part and hardly had humor into it. The talent show with Stewart the Turd and Griffin Peterson having that talent show was pointless to me and just plain boring. They also overused the promo of "Shovin' Buddies" (which isn't a real show by the way) and it got tiring. Overall, a boring episode of "Family Guy" BUT yet it's not the worst episode I've seen so that's actually a good thing. 6/10
  • Never thought I would say this....

    But Family Guy has begun to sink like the Simpsons. I have always liked Family Guy and the Simpsons but both shows need to stop making new ones.
    I liked when Stewie yelled at the 24 advertisement but the writers proved they have nothing left when they did that bit throughout the show (commenting on the advertisement) and made up supid advertisement.

    It is a sad day when both Family Guy and The Simpsons are now at the same rut in their writing.....hang it up guys.

    Sorry guys, they need to cancel both shows or improve big time next season! R.I.P. (both shows)
  • Peter gets to know what he was during his past life.

    This episodes plot is just a waste of time the only reason they had this plot is because they ran out of ideas and sometimes some jokes willl get you like Peter's musical act like revenge of the nerd but some are just not funny like the ads interupting the show and the characters pointing them out or the How I Met Your Mother cast appearing only to be killed by Stewie in 20 seconds I mean it Jason Segel only says 6 words iin a span of 10 seconds. The climax of the episode is funny like Stewie stealing Brian's joke and again the musical act but all in all this episode is not a good way to end the season and it is not a good episode at all over all bad not like Family Guy
  • boaring!

    This was such a disappointment to a season finale for season 7. It was even worse than the previous episode. The beginning was pretty good, but the rest was terribal! They're starting to do bad again! The story was stale and not told the right way. All I saw was a medieval story about the Griffins but had very oh so very little humor in it. Seems like the writers are running out of ideas, and Family Guy is going downhill with The Simpsons. American Dad's looking much better to me now. Well, hopefully season 8 of Family Guy will be so much better than some of these uncool episodes in season 7. I also have to say the same to The Simpsons.

    Grade: D/F range.
  • THIS was the season finale?

    Wow, Family Guy is not usually the kind of show that goes all out for their finales with an impromptu marriage, death or birth, but I expected more than this.

    The How I Met Your Mother bashing continues. While warranted (I mean come on, that show is terrible) it is starting to get really old, really fast. I was surprised to discover that that really was Jason Segel voicing Marshall Eriksen, as it certainly did not sound like him.

    There were some funny parts, but per usual Stewie was the main source of laughs. The recurring gag of Joe Swanson losing his legs is another thing that is utilized far too often by the program, and something Family Guy should consider abandoning asap. We get it, Joe is handicapped. I did not like how they completely ruined the old FG episode about the true beginning of Quahog, especially when this was a far inferior episode.

    And if I heard that "woman" say Kay-Hoag again I would have gone nuts.
  • Season 7 Fianle

    When I thought family guy was getting better this episode takes it two step back, this episode sucked they overplayed alot of gags. Are the writers stupid or just pompus, they think they can put anything and make it funny. The only funny parts where Stewie comes up with excueses of not having sex, and Meg as Peter's wife (which was kind of sick). I don't remember most of the episode, because i went in and out. There could be no worse season finale, American Dad is a much better show, i have to say. Sorry Family Guy, but you are now a crappy show. Gotta Fly!
  • Season 7 Finale

    Family Guy is known for its rather inappropriate and politically incorrect jokes. But here, I think they just went too far, that it wasn't funny at all. Having a mixup of characters didn't really pay off. Having Stewie doing Lois, or Peter doing Meg, or Carter trying to press Lois' boobs were gross and falls under the domain of useless imagination. The episode was uncharacteristic of a Family Guy episode. However, I did like a lot of small parts like the strawberry gig, HIMYM sequence, and a few others. These were randomly scattered through the 20 minutes, and the main plot didn't really provide the laughs.

    Not a fitting finale, was funny still for some part.
  • I just saw this on youtube and I couldn't believe what I saw. Horrible,Trash And Repulsive!!! This was a retread of Griffin Family History and that was bad. Seth if your'e watching, stop casting Peter and Lois in the leads all the time. It is boring.

    We have seen this before and I mentioned earlier it wasn't funny. WTF Seth? I hated those stupid promos for fake shows and stop bashing shows you don't like. Lois was attractive and Peter was a bigger jerk in this one. Stop the Meg Abuse Seth!! No Need to shoot her twice!! Incest is not funny and Stewie sucked in this one. The jokes fell flat and enough penis jokes please!! The only thing I chuckeled was the date change at the start. This the worst season finale. Bring back the Family Guy we loved Seth!!! Or cancel it and bring it back the way it was before you ruined it.
  • A truely disappointing finale.

    There was some funny moments such as the fortune teller cousins pronounciation of "Quahog", Stewie as the King and Peter's role as the town founder.

    Some bits were vile such as Peter and Meg being married, and Meg being shot dead - I mean please - the hate of Meg is getting beyond a joke and it's the second episode in a row she has been dead. I also found Stewie and Lois being married very cringeworthy and Carter demanding to touch Lois' breasts very sickening. Do we need these incestous lines? Another thing is how Joe lost his legs again - e's disabled get over it!

    A very disappointing finale and if this is a sign of things to come, I can see this being the end of a show. FG can do it with the Brian/Hills episode and Chris being popular, but now it's back to disappointment.
  • Double uncool.

    I hate this episode.It's kind of funny,but a bad episode.Nothing had any flashbacks except for that worm in Peter as a strawberry.Everything was bad about this episode except for that Revenge Of The Nerds scene.This episode was a bad way to end season 7.It was a very bad episode and it had nothing that was funny to it.It had a horrible plot than that Three Kings episode.Yep,both of those episodes of Family Guy had bad episodes to it.Still getting better and better,but some of the episodes they make are getting horrible and horrible.Family Guy is a great show,but makes bad episodes.
  • Decent.

    Peter has a psychic palm reading and discovers he led a past life as Griffin Peterson, a dignified gentleman who followed the beautiful Lady Redbush from 17th century England, where the fierce King Stewart III reigned supreme, to the newly founded American colony of Quahog to win her heart. To be honest, I did not see much of this episode. I saw maybe 2/3s or it and it was pretty average. Nothing really special, but nothing that was an atrocity like the rest of the season. It was funny at some parts, but definately not a must see or a series classic.
  • Only 6.5? C'mon!

    I don't normally laugh much when I'm watching TV by myself but this one made me LOL several times. After the Alan Rickman joke that dragged on I thought I was in for an uninspired outing. Maybe I'm just in a good mood but many of the the silly, stupid jokes after that cracked me up. Mumblepeg, Stewie's profile, Shovin' Buddies, Chris talking, among others. I gotta say the Lois/Stweie and Peter/Meg sex scenes were kind of uncomfortable but that's probably what they were going for. Do I really have to write 100 words? Here we go, one hundred words!
  • Very funny finale

    I always seem to like the episodes everyone hates.
    I liked the one with the Jurassic Park bit in it and I like this episode.
    Chris as the lieutenant was very funny. The way he said "sorrsiges".
    The bit at the end took me COMPLETELY off-guard when they copied Revenge of the Nerds. I love that film and I couldn't believe they did it!
    The bit with the strawberry was unexpected too and it just proved to me how much better this episode was than the last one with Jillian's wedding.
    When Cleveland said "Mort the Jew" I fell about laughing.
    The Jamaican lady at the beginning cracked me up too.
    Much better than previous efforts.
  • Peter the Strawberry and friends.

    Well, they could have gone out with a bang but they didn't. While Peter's Progress is fun at times, and relies less on cutaways (even though the entire episode is essentially one big flashback scene), the majority is neither as funny or original as you would expect from the series. It also doesn't help that The Simpsons did an episode very much like this in previous weeks leaving Family Guy feeling oddly like an echo to a show that it usually trumps these days. That being said, there are some great gags spread thinly throughout here, and I especially loved King Stewart's apprehension towards having sex, but it's another one of those instalments that feels mostly anti-climactic and average. Oh and what was with that "Jamaican" chick? Not only a lame afterthought plot device, but she sounded like a dude.
  • Cleveland's cousin tells peter of the Griffin's past lives.

    The last episode of season 7 was pretty good. What I liked about it.

    Brian being the king's fool that was just too funny.

    Meg being Peter's wife in her past life. Seeing the two of them in bed together made me laugh. Carver was actually nice to Peter for a change. Even if it was in his former life.

    Chris's english accent and seeing him as a red coat.

    What I did not like about the episode.

    Family Guy breaking the fourth wall. That is getting old.

    The abortion joke. That was not only in bad taste but it was insulting and not needed.
  • We get to see how Peter was the founding father of Quahog in an episode mostly taking place in the 1670's (or 1760's)

    It is almost a crime to end a season with such a bad episode. Although slightly better than last week's "Three Kings", which by the way was the worst episode ever, this is one of the most uninspiring, unfunny, let downs in Family Guy history. Only the FOX TV in-jokes worked and even they got milked into boredom.
    I was desperately hoping that this overall quite weak season at least would end on a good note, but this season ending doesn't even make me eager for next seasons start. Let us all hope that this was a desperate scrape at the bottom of the barrel and that Seth & co returns in their usual good shape after this summer.
  • good......!!?

    Peter learns that he led a fascinating past life as Griffin Peterson, a dignified gentleman who vied for the love of Lady Redbush in 17th century England and the newly founded American colony of Quahog it was an ok episode . we always enjoy the storys of the past in this one stewie was amazing especialy about the hole sex with lois thing and his small penis lol really funny . i find really funny when we hear quagmires gigidi when he is not around it is really funny . gi gi di . i can totaly picture him as jack raping young women in 1600s
  • Family Guy ends season on a weak note.

    Everything about this episode was luke warm and tepid, I'm sorry to say. I greatly fear this may be the beginning of the end for Family Guy. None of the bits stuck with the memory even twelve hours after the airing, and that's one of my ways of judging mediocrity in a show. I did so have my fingers crossed for a halfway decent season finale,but like the rest of the season, this episode was notably forgettable. If the show doesn't improve markedly next season, I'd just as soon see the series fail...I'd rather my memories of Family Guy be fond ones.
  • the seventh season finale.

    this episode was not that bad. it had the plot, the story, but it was not that funny. Just an another average episode of season seven. I do not know if season eight is going to be like season two or three.It had repeated jokes and the only funny joke will probably be Peters strawberry joke, and Stewie complaining at the dinner table with lois suggesting to when to start their sex life. All the other jokes were mild and mildly entertaining. this episode is not horrible, it is a decent episode... but not great. I will seem to understand anyone who gives this episode a 10.

    Peter s Progress. 6/10
  • A relative of Cleveland's who is a palm reader tells Peter the story of Griffin Peterson and how he founded Quahog in a former life. Stewie is the King of England!

    Well this week for the season finale they took a bit that usually is an insert in an episode and made it the main theme of the show.

    Peter was married to Meg at one point? But later shoots her so he can be with Lady Redbush(Lois). The bit with Stewie the gay King and him not even being aware that Lois was gone for six months was pretty good.

    This episode seemed like one of those moments when Peter usually says, "Remember when?" and then you see a short bit on the situation involved. The whole episode was one of those.

    The ending with them emulating The Revenge of the Nerds could have been better but it was a clever idea compared with the rest of the episode.

    See you next season. Thanks for reading...
  • Peter and gang enjoy a giant flash back bit to the founding of Quahog.

    Loved the re-re-writing of Quahog history. Clever intro with Cleveland's relative in town. I always get a kick out of the inside jokes. Favorites this week:

    * Gay King Stewie and "sex scheduling" with Lady Redbush
    * Mocking "How I met your Mother"
    * Creepy Carter Redbush feeling his daughter's boobs
    * Brian's lame observational stand up
    * Lt Chris and his bad sausages
    * Recurring gag of Joe getting his legs cut off. This time as an Ocutpus
    * Peter the strawberry in the shower

    So, maybe it was not a cliff hanger or major production, but they always seem to disappoint. So, now a long hot summer until my favorite TV family is back on the air.