Family Guy

Season 5 Episode 10

Peter's Two Dads

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2007 on FOX

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  • Awesome episode

  • peters dad dies

    peters dad dies and found his real dad the end and the shoehorn in some megan's a bitch episode for the brief moment of the episode
  • Peter's real dad is in Ireland

    After Peters dad, Francis, dies, Thelma tells him that his real father actually lives in Ireland. So Peter and Brian decide to head there in search of his father, who ends up being the town drunk. They decide to play a drinking game to prove his paternity. Meanwhile, Stewie acts out and Lois spanks him. Realizing that he likes being spanked, Stewie does whatever he can to get into trouble. This episode was pretty much excellent expect for a boring parts. What I meant boring is a few parts in Peter's plot. Stewie's plot was funnier. I laughed at Peter and Lois not knowing Meg's age, Peter as a clown (although we get a throw up <_>), Quagmire's short appearance (telling jokes to the girls), Stewie opening a DVD, all of Stewie's plot, Peter trying crack, and a couple more. The song was cool as well. Overall, a superb episode. 9/10
  • Kinda rushed in my opinion


    After Peters dad, Francis, dies, Thelma tells him that his real father actually lives in Ireland. So Peter and Brian decide to head there in search of his father, who ends up being the town drunk. They decide to play a drinking game to prove his paternity. Meanwhile, Stewie acts out and Lois spanks him. Realizing that he likes being spanked, Stewie does whatever he can to get into trouble.

    The episode was a little boring with Peter's plot, but Stewie's plot was great.

    Overall, I reccomend this episode to not everybody but some.


  • After Peter's father Francis died, Thelma tells Peter that his real father is Irish and he lives in Ireland


    I thought that this was a great episode of "Family Guy". Yet, it's not my favorite episode and it does get boring here and there. Peter performs one of his clown stuns for Meg's 17th birthday party but he falls on his father Francis who died. I never really liked Francis especially because the way he would always treat Peter but it was a shame that Francis died. Peter and Lois not knowing hoe old Meg is was pretty funny. Peter being a clown at Meg's birthday party was also pretty funny. Lois spanking Stewie and then Stewie realizing that he loves to be spanked was very funny. Thelma reveals to Peter that his real father is Irish and he lives in Ireland so Peter and Brian travel all the way to Ireland so Peter can meet his real father. Stewie's last line his plot when he wanted to be spanked was very funny. Peter and his real father having that beer drunk-off was very funny to see. Peter's real father also having a sheep that looks like Brian also made me laugh pretty hard. I also loved the random dancing and singing at the very end of the episode. My score was just a little low because I thought some scenes were getting a little boring and little dragged. Overall, this is a great episode of "Family Guy" but it could have been better and funnier. 8.5/10

  • Haha! That's all that needs to be said.

    It seems that this episode decided to concentrate heavily on abusing Meg, and they utilized this pretty neatly. Forgetting what Meg's age was pretty funny, and Peter and Lois' tactics on trying to figure it out brought a few laughs. And calling Meg piggy let out a giggle too. It quickly changed in tone though as it separates into two stories; Stewie's fetish for pain, and Peter's search for his new father. Although it seems like episodes that contains too much stuff, such as this one, could become a case where it carries too much than it can handle, this episode pulled it off nicely. Stewie's extremely exaggerated occurrence of Lois hitting Stewie was just so ridiculous, it was hilarious! And not understanding what Peter's father was saying when they were drunk was really funny too. A really good and funny episode!
  • Had a few Laughs Here and There

    After Francis dies Peter learns he isn't his real dad. So he goes to Ireland to meet Mickey McFinagin, his real dad. Meanwhile, Stewie is spanked by Lois and loves it, so he tries to be spanked again.

    It was alright, the only real laugh I got was the last line of Stewie's plot. I thought Peter's was kind of boring... I'm happy he met his dad... but still. And the end with the random singing/dancing, I hate it when I see it done in the Simpsons, and I hate it when it is done in this show. It's not funny to me it's lazy... overall a "C" grade, average
  • peter's real dad

    Apparently that song between Peter and his real father at the end of this episode is now a classic. I do not feel that way, but it was featured on a recent clip show featuring the best musical montages.

    Francis Griffin was revealed to not be Peter's father in a pretty bizarre storyline. Why they felt the need to do this I do not know (just as stupid as them changing the pronunciation of Quahog to Kay-Hoag). Francis was an underrated character, just like Carter, Lois' father, and if you actually listen to his dialogue carefully you'll see how brilliant it was.

    Oh, well, that's Family Guy for you.
  • Peter's dad is a drunk Irish man: huh.

    In this episode, Peter accidently kills his dad, Francis Griffin (I never really cared for him) and then Peter finds out his real dad is a town drunk in Ireland. Also, Stewie learns he likes abuse from his mom. Peter's story was funny overall, and had some really good moments like the drink-off and O'Brian, although the musical number at the end was a little much in my opinon. Stewie's storyline was weaker. It was a little weird that he'd get a thrill off that, although the part where he was recounting his beating was funny. Overall, it's not their very best, but's incredibly enjoyable at least. 9/10
  • Whose leg do I have to hump to get a pint of Guinness around here?

    This episode was done in the Simpsons last year and was handled in a much better way, with an actual moral at the end.

    The thing that Family Guy seems to be doing now is killing off the unpopular characters literally, instead of just not showing them anymore, and while Francis isn't a favourite, at least he was original with original humour and personality and has now been replaced by the cliche fat man. Add to that the fact that the episode has Herbert, my least favourite character, and flashbacks that once again are not funny (especially "Robert Loggia") and the episode doesn't hold strong.

    The subplot was also quite weak and was abandoned halfway through the episode but it did have some funny scenes, such as Stewies account of Lois' violence and Brian RSVPing, though that went on too long.

    Overall, this episode isn't the most original or comedic but it did have some moments and parallels so I give it an average score.
  • It be a great episode

    It is Meg's birthday and Peter drunkenly falls on his father and kills him, shattered he goes to a therapist to find the root cause of his drinking and finds out that Franics wasn't his real dad. Peter travels to Ireland to seek out his real father. Meanwhile, Stewie discovers he gets sexually exited from being hit. While the sub - plots involving Meg's party and Stewie's fetish were basically devoid of any originality and genuine humour, Peter's story with his dad features a great example of a fine plot and jokes, acting as this episode's redemption. With this episode we say an Irish Goodbye to Francis Griffin whose death is one of only a few that was played entirely for laughs, no respect for this character is evident from the way his death is handled. Lois and Brian's jubilous reactions to his death was also mirrored but the viewers as Francis was only really funny in "Holy Crap" and from there he slowely descended into being a dull and unneeded character. While there is a customary reference to the Irish drinking stereotype (or two), this is one of the only times Family Guy's portrayal of a country isn't as funny as it could've been. The thick woollen jumper and two men daring eachother to throw the first punch just don't reflect the witty cruelty of the show. The manatee jokes are kept to a minimum in this episode to concentrate on Peter's voyage in winning the love of his true father and the only random standout is a Ben Affleck gag which only seems to be out of the writer's jealousy of Affleck's Academy award. We meet Peter's dad who is on the complete opposite end of the Irish spectrum; Francis was the strict, religious preacher and Mickey is a loud - mouthed, obnoxious drunk. Here's hoping that Mickey becomes a regular and we see more between Brian and O'Brian.

    Peter's two dads is one of those Family Guy episodes where everything just works and thoughts of a third cancellation are receded.
  • Peter Griffin looks for his real father.

    This episode was funny, everytime i either laugh out loud or chuckle, this is a great episode, many funny cut scenes and jokes. for example the v8 joke, when chris starts singing a duet with herbert the pervet. I laughed for so long. Also when peter starts smoking crack "goverment came and took my baby". Also when they're in ireland, there is a sheep that looks like brian and the subtitles for slurred speech. Finally the song My Druken Irish Dad was good as well, i know most of the lyrics by heart funny song, especially when they hit the tap dancers with chairs. Stewie's subplot was also funny "Thank You, Thank you" when Lois burns him with a cigarette. That was a cut scene. Anway very funny. Adios, Vamp.
  • My personal all time favorite Family Guy.

    Of all the musical presentations in Family Guy's history, 'My Drunken Irish Dad' was hands down my favorite. Makes me wonder if someone on the Family Guy staff really did have a drunken Irish dad to base this episode on. This one literally put me on the floor I was laughing so hard... I thought I was going to suffocate before it was over! I seriously wondered if this one might have triggered any letter writing campaigns by any Irish anti-defamation groups out there, the humor of this episode was so relentless. I have an old school Irish friend that I thought of telling about this episode, but decided not to, as more than likely he'd probably look me up and kick my butt for me if I did. Oh, yeah, Stewie was at his kinky best in this one. Four giant gold stars for this one!
  • The Truth About Peter and his Father (Francis Griffin).

    It was shocking to find out that Francis Griffin was not Peter's real father. It kind of made sence because they did not agree with each other or have a family resemblance. Since Francis Griffin was not Peter's real father and knew it, it might be the reason why Francis was never the loving father that Peter wanted from him or why he never liked Peter. Since Francis Griffin was so religious he saw Peter as a sin because he was the son of a man who cheated with his wife. The only good thing he did was love Peter like a son and in a way raised Peter like his own.
  • A very unoriginal plot, but a good episode none the less.

    After forgetting Meg's upcoming birthday and having to be reminded about it by Chris, Peter and Lois attempt to get Meg to tell them her age indirectly. This fails and she admits she will be seventeen. Peter and Lois prepare a party, but Meg complains it is not suitable for a girl of her age. After Peter dresses up as a clown, he ends up getting drunk and attempts to ride a unicycle down the steps; but falls off and crushes his father, Francis, who was a guest at the party. Francis is taken to the hospital, but dies shortly after, telling Peter in his last words: "you're a fat, stinking drunk." Upset at his father's death, Peter decides to refrain from drinking alcohol as it was partially responsible for his father's fate. After being referred to a hypnotherapist by Brian, Peter realizes Francis was not his biological father. After discussing it with his mother, Thelma, she admits she had an affair with an Irishman forty years earlier and that Peter's real father resides in the Republic of Ireland.

    Meanwhile, Stewie, after opening Meg's presents at her birthday party, begins to misbehave for Lois, thus leading her to spank him. Horrified at being hit, he confides in Rupert, only to discover that he has masochism and enjoys being physically hit. He attempts to make Lois spank him again, but fails as she is too apologetic about the incident and vows never to hit him again. Eventually, Stewie admits he has serious problems and his addiction to pain dissipates. Brian and Peter travel to a village in Ireland in an attempt to find Peter's real father. The pair discover Peter's father is Mickey McFinnigan, the local town drunk. Shocked by this, Peter soon founds out it is considered an honorable position in Ireland by the locals. McFinnigan refuses to believe Peter is his son; so, in an attempt to persuade him, Peter challenges him to a drinking contest, which Peter eventually wins. After the contest, McFinnigan believes Peter to be his son, as only a member of his family could be beat him at drinking
  • A nice episode, perhaps one of the best of season 5.

    I loved this episode, it was actually the last episode i had to see to say i had seen them all. The Peter story is verry funny and very well plotted. And the jokes are not all crummy ones. This feels very much like it belongs in the first fifty episodes, infact, there's about ten episodes that feel like that. But there is a problem with this episode, you guessed it... "The Stewie Plot", i found the whole thing disgusting and truly hard to watch, if this horrible mostrostity wasn't in this i would have given the episode a ten, honestly it wasn't even that funny and it was quite grotesque when you think about it, plus the whole thing just petered out in the middle, why did they even bother, if they wanted something for a filler, why didn't they just throw in some more flashbacks and a crummy end sequence where peter gives a good for nothing speech.

    All in all, i liked this episode, but it would have been twice as good without the stewie plot.
  • The plot here was used too little.

    it contain to many cutscenes and not enough time to deal with the plot i mean, take when the went to ireland to find his father it didn't take long to find him, they could of added certain detail to the aspect of them being in ireland instead of the cutscene where the star wars charecters randomly come up and do something in which i can't remeber, but i liked it i love family guy but this episode had some problems in it.
  • Peter finds out he has another father which results in him having to travel to Ireland.

    At this point in the season I was wondering whether the bad shows were just anomalies but this one really served as a great representation of this season and a foreshadow of things to come. The plot is absolutely ridiculous. The flashbacks become more and more self-indulgent without humor or cleverness. Awful.
  • All time greatest episode ever.

    This episode was just laugh-a-minute from the start to finish. To see the end of Peter's Dad (Francis), a character I never liked, and to find out Peter's real dad is a drunk Irish stereotype who's ever line makes me spilt my sides made this episode worth watching in the first place.
    However, Family Guy can always be relied on to deliever hilarious plots. What made this episode extra special in my opinion was the fact evey part of this episode just seemed to come together perfectly. Sometimes in a Family Guy epsiodde, some things just aren't cohesive (and by that I mean plots, not flashbacks) but this episode just had that utter cohesiveness that classic Family Guy episodes have.
    A perfect 10, and the perfect way to wash out the bitter taste of the two poor efforts that preceded it.
  • This may have been the worst

    How can any laugh while we see Stewie get worse and worse as the series goes. Stewie used to be amazing when he used big vocabulary andy tried to kill Lois while attempting to take over the world. How can anyone think it is funny that baby who used to make the show is now someone who probably has a crush on Brian and likes it when his mom beats him. Stewie needs to go back to hating Lois, not loving her. Stewie used to be a 10 on family guy, but now he has probably dropped to a 4.
  • Peters Irish Dad

    This was a great show, it's always great to see the background history of the characters. One of my favorite episodes was the one where they were stuck in the secret panic room, while there was robbers in the house, and peter took that opportunity to tell them all about the great griffin family history. It was great to see in this episode, who his real father is, because although Francis is a great character, there was always this feeling that he wan't really peters dad, he's so different that it just didn't seem right. Anyway, it was a great show, and I really enjoyed this one. I hope they bring his Irish dad back in future episodes.
  • Peter finds out his dad is not his real father. Stewie likes being spank.

    I'm sorry but I did not like this episode, it wasn't bad, but to me it felt like they need more than the 20-24 minutes the shows lasts because everything happened too fast at the end. The Stewie story could have been funnier if they had devolped it more and maybe with Peter other things could have happened while he was in Ireland. I think the storyline was good but they needed more time to develop it better, also Meg didn't a reaction after her party which normally she would be complaining about. Anyway I just thought maybe they should have made to an hour episode or a two part or something so the story would have had its time.
  • Stewie becomes addicted to pain and wants Lois to hurt him so he gets in trouble, and Peter searches for his real father when he hears from his mom Thelma, that his real father is out there.

    This episode had two parts, one about Stewie and one about Peter. Stewie gets spanked by Lois because he did something bad and at first, he cries and so Lois feels like a horrible mother. Then Stewie, after a while, actually feels alive when he feels pain (like a goth). Stewie then tries to get in trouble, but because Lois saw him cry once no matter what he does, she won't hurt him anymore. Then there is Peter. Peter's father dies and when he does he visits his mom Thelma finding out he has a father in Ireland. Peter finds his father, beats him in a drinking contest, and gains respect. This episode is above average and had some character development for both Peter and Stewie. Overall, this episode is an 8.8.
  • Bring the House down: )

    It's funny, it's really funny. Not just laugh, I got tears on my eyes because of my loud laughter. I can say before I watched this episode, The previously episode (Road to Rupert) is the best episode that I ever watched on F.G. But this is better and better. Most I like is rhe Drunk Scene of peter and his father.
  • best episode so far really great episode especially one of my personal favorites. love the stry line love the background and the flash backs espeically peters strory line. stewies story line is also hilarious one of the best so far i think.

    i love this episode. this is the best one ive seen so far and i was hoping i wasnt dissapointed but what do you know i wasnt. the background and strylines are great, espically peters storyline. its so funny how fox keeps killing off characters. first vern and the other guy then francis. wow this show is getting more exciting. the best part i think was when peter fell down the stairs drunk and killed his "father" and got the worst last words of a dieng father..."peter...your a fat drunk idiot..." it was cold but it was funny. i look up to the next episode soon.
  • Francis dies, and he isn't Peter's dad! Who would've thought?

    This episode was fricken hilarious! Peter had like a million balloons in his mouth, and he started puking! This episode had the equation for a 10. Peter being really dumb and drinking, Stewie causing trouble, Brian doing something sexual, Meg feeling humiliated and rejected, without her parents caring, good flashblacks, and Herbert! Herbert singing is worth extra credit, but a 10 is the highest it gets. I loved Francis's last words, telling Peter that he's a lousy drunk. Good ole Francis, hating everybody he knows. Francis appearing with Star Wars characters did help Peter challenge his Dad to a drink-off, though. That's what it took for Peter's real dad to believe Peter.
  • When peter acidently kills his dad he finds out thatr francis was not his real dad he finds that he lives in ireland and is the town drunk.

    Really good episode. showed relations with all the characters. for example it showed how peter and lois dont care about meg, and stewie being bad all the time. i liked how peters dad mickey mickfinnigan acted just like him.i mean the farting, the jokes the beer, they even had the same looking pet. Brian and O'brian even acted the same! When stewie made lois spank him, at first he hated it then he loved it and wanted her to keep on doing it. However she felt bad and never did it again. over all it was a funny episode with the clips, song peter doing crack and much more. I recomend this episode to anyone.
  • It was rather silly but i still loved it.

    It was cleverly plotted and i think the best part was when Francis died (not to be harsh) but when Lois and Brian ran out to extol was really hilarious. The fact that Lois and Peter don't know Meg's age is humorous too. I wasn't rolling on the floor but the episode was okay.
    So i'd say rock on Family guy,keep doing what you do and don't disappoint us!!! Thumbs up.
  • Perfect and Awesome! Best episode on air! Reveals Peters TRUE dad!

    This episode is one of the funnest episodes so far. I have loved this series. I knew Peter had a different father. His "so called father" was not as funny as he was but when I saw Peters real dad and heard he was "the town drunk" and that was a good thing and how he came in the bar making all those jokes and pranks I knew that was peters dad. Another thing is the creators of family, I think, never left an episode with out the cast making fun of some type of book, movie, person, place, thing, or show. The best show on air today.
  • A very funny episode.

    In this episode it's Megs 17th birthday (Lois and Peter didn't know her age until she told them). When Peter is going down the stairs with his unicycle, he falls and kills his dad. When he is at a therapist, he remembers his father telling him he isn't his father. Peter goes and finds his dad in Ireland. Meanwhile, Stewie tries to make his mother mad so she can spank him.

    This episode was hilarious and I cracked up when I was watching it. Peter and Brian were mostly the main 2 guys in this episode. Stewie was a funny person especially when he told Rupert what Lois did to him and it shows a flashback. That was hilarious. This episode of Family Guy was a funny episode.

    I hate the singing though.
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