Family Guy

Season 6 Episode 10

Play It Again, Brian

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 02, 2008 on FOX
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Peter and Lois' marriage hits a bit of a snag. When Brian wins the New England Rising Writer's award, the three of them head to Martha's Vineyard for a nice relaxing vacation. Peter's usual drinking habits take over and he soon spirals out of control, as does Brian's self restraint, as he soon professes his love for Lois. Peter and Brian test their friendship over the woman of their dreams.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Enough of Brian for a while Seth please!!!

    this wasn't bad and this made up for the horrible James Woods return episode. But enough of Brian for a while Seth please!!! Brian should stay single for a while and he should know that Lois is physically in love with him. This was done before earlier and it should have ended like that. the idea of him humping on Lois was disturbing and he deserved to get beat by Peter. Peter was way out of character in this one. He laughed like a maniac to Lois and to the camera which was pointless. The song was stupid and in my opinion, he doesn't deserve Lois anymore. Brian should be a supporting player because he is becoming boring. But this was better the earlier episode. I want to see more Meg stories. (Atgthatsme, I don't care what you say, I want to see more Meg). They should give Brian a rest for a while because I don't want to see anymore of his love life.moreless
  • Peter, Lois, and Brian go to Martha's VIneyard; Herbert takes care of the kids

    Peter and Lois' marriage hits a bit of a snag. When Brian wins the New England Rising Writer's award, the three of them head to Martha's Vineyard for a nice relaxing vacation. Peter's usual drinking habits take over and he soon spirals out of control, as does Brian's self restraint, as he soon professes his love for Lois. Peter and Brian test their friendship over the woman of their dreams. I thought this was another superb episode of Family Guy. It looks meh at first when I decided to see it but it was better than it expected (I didn't saw this episode until 2009 rather in 2008). My score is lower for a couple things. A few parts are boring to watch. Second, the biggest problem was Brian professes his love for Lois. Wow seriously? I only laughed at Brian's love for Lois for maybe 3 times, but this one he went too far with his crush on her. It's not funny at all. I mean, Brian and Lois hanging out for the day was decent, but not Brian showing love for Lois...which annoyed me and then changed the channel when that scene is on. So other than that and the boring parts, it was enjoyable. The subplot was better and not even Herbert got on my nerves like he did in season 5 when the writers putted him in almost single episodes. He was actually funny and got hilarious lines as well (like "don't mouth back to me or I'm gonna slap right in the p***s," Meg has to rub Herbert, "Damn it, I'm missing Boy Meets World for this?" Herbert telling Chris a story then Chris asked him he's pedophile). So yes I want to see more funny parts for Herbert, not the one that made my eyes rolls at it whenever he does the Hmmm...speaking of that, he didn't made that noise as well as not showing obsession or Chris. Good for the writers. The main plot did't has that much funny parts but it was just entertaining (like the song) to watch. However, I really laugh so hard at Damn Nature You're Scary part. Overall 9/10moreless
  • Hopefully the end of the Brian and Lois jokes

    This episode wasn't that good. Only a few of the jokes were funny, and the ending was awful! having some random sing along. Why is there a sing along in every episode, even when Seth McFarland goes out of his way to add them. Its annoying and stupid! I hope this pointless episode solved one problem the show has been having, i hope it stopped the Brian and Lois jokes. Yeah, we got it a long time ago, come up with a new running gag please. The only really good part of this episode was the fight between Peter and Brian and that was kind of quick.moreless
  • Brian is the reason why my score isn't a 10

    Peter and Lois' marriage hits a bit of a snag. When Brian wins the New England Rising Writer's award, the three of them head to Martha's Vineyard for a nice relaxing vacation. Peter's usual drinking habits take over and he soon spirals out of control, as does Brian's self restraint, as he soon professes his love for Lois. Peter and Brian test their friendship over the woman of their dreams.I thought that this was a superb episode of "Family Guy". I remember when this episode first premiered, I thought it was going to be pure awful and garbage but it actually wasn't. This episode actually had a lot of funny parts especially in the "Herbert taking care of Chris, Meg, and Stewie" plot. So yeah, this episode actualy wasn't bad at all. My score is only a little low because Brian was just out of control in this episode. I hated how he was going to betray Brian and he even told himself "That is Peter's wife" but he still tries to rape Lois anyways so I thought that was WAY out of line. Peter confronting Brian after Lois told him that Brian tried to have sex with her was interesting and the fight scene between Peter and Brian was pretty intense and very bloody to watch. Nathan Lane stopping the fight between Peter and Brian was funny. It was hilarious when Herbert tried to get Chris to help him take a bath but Meg takes Herbert a bath instead. Herbert's line "Damnit, I'm missing Boys Meet World for this" was also hilarious. It was also very funny when Stewie called Brian about a few questions on the game "Scattergories". The cutaway with Peter and Lois' wedding was hilarious. I also laughed super hard when Peter forgot about dinner with Lois and her parents, sex, and going to Lois' grandmother's grave. What also cracked me up hard was the "Damn nature, you're scary". I also enjoyed the musical number "The Spirit of Massachusetts" at the end AND near the middle of the episode. Chris asking Herbert if he was a pedophile was funny as well. Overall, a superb episode of "Family Guy" but it would've been a 10 if Brian wasn't so out of control and trying to have sex with Lois. 9/10moreless
  • Play It Again, Brian

    This was a really funny episode. What i liked- Chris finally asking Herbert if he was a pedophile, Herbert trying to get Chris to help him in the bath, only for it to be Meg to help, Stewie calling Brian and asking if "Nyquil" was a liquid, (pretty much everythin in the Herbert/kids sub plot), Brian trying to have his way with Lois, Peter forgetting to go out with Lois with her parents, and to visit her grandmother's grave, etc.

    Good episode. Amongst the only thing I can think of that I disliked was the ending with them all singing. The rest was really funny, especially Herbert's plot. A+moreless
Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane

Peter / Stewie / Brian / Quagmire / Tom Tucker (and various)

Seth Green (I)

Seth Green (I)

Chris (and various)

Alex Borstein

Alex Borstein

Lois (and various)

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis

Meg (Production Season 2+)

Mike Henry (VI)

Mike Henry (VI)

Cleveland/Herbert/Performance Artist/Greased-Up Deaf Guy (and various)

Bruce Lanoil

Bruce Lanoil


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Danny Smith (IV)


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John Viener

John Viener


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Rachael MacFarlane

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  • QUOTES (12)

    • Announcer: We now return to Damn Nature, You Scary on BET.
      (cut to the TV screen, where a cheetah is running)
      Narrator: Damn, look at that son-of-a-bitch go! He haulin' ass! If that thing come by my house, I kill it.
      (the cheetah sees a meerkat, catches it, and eats it)
      Narrator: That little rat-looking thing just got ate! DAMN NATURE, YOU SCARY!

    • (Peter calls Quagamire)
      Peter: Look Quagamire were only gonna be in Martha's Vinyard for a couple days can't you just watch the kids
      (pause where Quagamire refuses)
      Peter: Aww man your more of a let down then fruit stripe gum.
      (flash back where peter puts a piece of fruit stripe gum in his mouth)
      Peter: Mmmmmm
      (1 second later)
      Peter: Awww

    • Peter: (very drunk) Did I miss Byron's reward?
      Lois: "Brian's award". And yes, you did!
      Peter: Brian, you've been a good son, and I'm sorry you're so sick.

    • Meg: No offense, Mr. Herbert, but I'm a seventeen year old girl, and I don't need you here.
      Herbert: Well, no offense to you Meg, but you're a seventeen year old girl, and I don't need you here.

    • Brian: Lois, I really like to talk about this.(Brian starts scratching the door)
      Lois: No! Stop scratching the door!
      Brian: Okay.

    • Peter: I am so glad Brian brought us out here, Lois. He's a real pal, you know that?
      Lois: Well, it's actually Brian I need to talk to you about.
      Peter: Boy, he's a hell of a guy, isn't he? He's the one guy I know I can trust.
      Lois: Brian tried to have sex with me.
      Peter: Was he bigger than me?

    • Peter: You can't even hang on to a girlfriend for more than a couple of months.
      Brian: What the hell is that supposed to mean?
      Peter: Oh... you're a friggin' train wreck with that crap, Brian. You couldn't even get Jillian to take you back, and she was dumber than Lou Ferrigno.

    • Stewie: So, what happened sport? Come on, talk to your pal Stewie.
      Brian: Alright, but only because I've gotta tell somebody. I pretty much just threw myself at Lois.
      Stewie: So, you finally did it huh? Well look Brian, as your friend, I should tell you that that vagina is ground zero man. I mean I just wrecked that thing on the way out, and just to be a jerk, I carved "Brooks was here" in the wall. Did you see that? Did you see "Brooks was here."
      Brian: We didn't have sex.
      Stewie: Of course with Chris going before me I pretty much just walked outta there. Didn't even have to stoop over. There was even room to twirl a cane as I strolled.
      Brian: You're exaggerating.
      Stewie: Only a little bit! That's the messed up thing.

    • Brian: Oh my God, I attacked Lois! What the hell was I thinking? I'm a rapist. I-I'm no better than Kobe Bryant, or Mike Tyson, or Reagan.

    • Lois: (after reading Peter's note) Well, heh, it looks like I am free. Hey, you know what might be fun? How bout we just order room service and watch a couple of bad movies?
      Brian: Yeah, that does sound like fun. I'll go rent Vanilla Sky.
      Lois: I said a bad movie, not an abortion.

    • Herbert: Alright children, your mammy and pappy asked me to look after ya for the next couple days. So I wanna lay down a few ground rules: no cussing, clean your plates, and only a half-hour of radio and then its off to bed.
      Chris: Well that sucks.
      Herbert: And don't you mouth off to me or I'm gonna slap you right in your penis

    • Lois: (after arriving at the resort) Brian, this is wonderful. I feel like one of the Kennedys. You know, the over privileged drunk ones, not the socially responsible dead ones.

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  • ALLUSIONS (10)

    • Summer of '42

      When Brian admits that most of his writing was ripped of from Summer of '42, he's referring to the 1971 movie that was based on Nantucket Island, off New England.

    • Paramount Pictures
      The 'The End' seen at the end of this episode was the standard ending for most Paramount Pictures movies of the 30s and 40s, and was also parodied in the 70s movies Airplane! and Top Secret!

    • Herbert's whistling

      When Herbert whistles to Chris, it may be a reference to the 1931 film M, in which Peter Lorre played a child murderer and pedophile who frequently whistled "Hall of the Mountain King" by Edvard Grieg. Herbert's tune is different, of course, but the intent is still similar.

    • As Time Goes By
      The song playing while Brian and Lois are strolling on the boardwalk is As Time Goes By, written by Herman Hupfield in 1931 and later immortalized in the movie Casablanca.

    • Peter And The Wolf

      The story that Herbert reads to Chris and the tune he whistles are taken from Peter And The Wolf, a composition by Sergei Prokofiev told by a narrator and accompanied by an orchestra.

    • Peanuts

      The artist on the boardwalk depicts Brian as Snoopy from the Peanuts comics. Also Herbert says, "Oh, rats!" in a Charlie Brown like voice when Meg bathes him instead of Chris.

    • Massachusetts Tourism Montage

      The Massachusetts Tourism song is the actual one used to promote the state in mid-80s TV spots.

      The roller coaster that Peter rides at the beginning of the Massachusetts Tourism Montage is patterned after Superman: Ride Of Steel at Six Flags New England in Agawam, MA, just outside of Springfield. Although the colors are completely different, the style of track and train design are spot on.

    • The Jetsons
      When Brian and Lois stop to get their portrait done, the artist shows them the finished drawing depicting Lois as Jane Jetson from the the 1960's animated hit, The Jetsons.

    • Stewie: And just to be a jerk, I carved "Brooks was here" in the wall.

      This is a reference to the movie Shawshank Redemption, where James Whitmore's character left that final message before hanging himself.

    • Play it Again, Brian

      The episode title is a take on the often misquoted line from Casablanca, "Play it again, Sam". The actual line given by Ingrid Bergman is, "Play it, Sam. Play 'As Time Goes By.'" The title is also a play on the 1972 Woody Allen film, Play It Again, Sam starring Allen and Diane Keaton.