Family Guy

Season 5 Episode 6

Prick Up Your Ears

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 2006 on FOX

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  • Hilarious

    Intellectually brilliant
  • The Dumbest Family Guy Episode Ever!

    Oh my God! What the hell is this?

    This episode starts off with Chris and his friends watching a pornographic movie called Genital Hospital. Lois becomes disappointed in Chris who then tells her that the school cut off Sex Ed class to raise money which happens to be the dumbest idea ever made!

    Lois decides to become the teacher to educate the students on how to have safe sex, following the instructions on wearing condoms. Now this is where the episode goes bad, while going to the school, she encounters a angry mob with protest signs.

    Lois is informed by the principal that she is fired because she was teaching the teenagers condoms, which was pretty stupid. 1. Condoms are used to prevents STD (eg. Herpes, HIV/AIDS and Gonorrhea) and unwanted pregnancy.

    Lois is then replaced by a conservative Christian who instead of explaining the things about sex, he is trying to trick people into thinking that sex is wrong but if you think that's bad, he made the entire city abstinent and being the idiots they are, the kids agree to being abstinent even Meg who should off just figure out it's a lie.

    Meg then shows The Truth about Sex to Peter and after reading section off having your dick fall off, it's truthful at all. He's now abstinent.

    So Lois breaks into the school and exposes the Christians lies and everything is back to normal but this doesn't save the story whatsoever!

  • Lois teaches sex ed but is replaced; Stewie tracks the tooth fairy

    Lois discovers that Chris has some bad information about sex and she volunteers to teach a sex-ed class at the high school. Some parents become upset with her brutal honesty, and they have her replaced. A conservative christian comes to Quahog and gets rid of the condoms at James Woods High. As a result the kids find an interesting loophole. Meanwhile Stewie, terrified of the Tooth Fairy, decides to set traps to destroy him. This one was not my cup of tea. I never enjoyed that much but there were funny parts. Only a few parts were funny in the main plot. Again, cutaways here are funny and saves the main plot from being lame. Subplot was much enjoyable and funnier. I absolutely has no problems with that plot. Overall, this was a decent episode in which the storyline should have been better. 7.5/10
  • Blah


    Lois discovers that Chris has some bad information about sex and she volunteers to teach a sex-ed class at the high school. Some parents become upset with her brutal honesty, and they have her replaced. A conservative christian comes to Quahog and gets rid of the condoms at James Woods High. As a result the kids find an interesting loophole. Meanwhile Stewie, terrified of the Tooth Fairy, decides to set traps to destroy him.


  • Season 5, Episode 6.

    "Once you go black, you go deaf." LMAO! I loved that line! Lois catches Chris watching a porno ("Genital Hospital! LMAO!) with Stewie and some friends and tells him he should ask the Sex. Ed. teacher, and he tells her that they don't have one, so she becomes the sexual education teacher. So, kids at James Polk High School (including Meg) begin having sex in the ear! LMAO! Then Peter tries to do that with Lois! Haha! I loved the whole Grimmace thing. Hehe, Seth MacFarlane is an awesome writer. But Peter, who's married, being abstinent. It's still hilarious though. Plus, Meg's boyfriend dumped her after seeing her naked. Haha, good episode.
  • Best of the new season.

    This episode was great. I marked this one down as a favorite when I saw that David Cross was going to be on it, and when we first learned the story line from the folks at comic con. There were some really great scenes in this one, from the Airplane! gag, to Peter's "It was on my crotch!" line, I was actually laughing almost all the way through this episode. Something that I could not say for a while there. I sincerely hope that this is a good sign for things to come. I hope the folks that think Cherry Chevapravatdumrong was a bad writer change their minds now.
  • decent, i guess

    lois teaches sex ed at the high school, but other parents complain about how she is teaching it.

    stewie tries to kill the tooth fairy after horror tales he was told by brian. but in the end he learns there is no tooth fairy. or is there..?

    this was an OK episode, but not one of their greatest. It wasn't very funny but it did have a somewhat OK premise. my overall grade for this episode is somewhere between a C+ and B-, which is what I usually give because I find it fair, it could do worse, could do better
  • It's getting even better and better and better.

    This episode was very funny and it was an episode that I loved.I loved it when it shows that they were in a disguise,but it was just a real dude.That was like one of the best moments of the show.It's like a best moment made by a super duper perfect show.I loved it when The Kool Aid Man appeared with some Boxing Gloves.That was pretty funny.It was like one of the funniest moments of the show.Or that part where Peter told that Brian's sandwich was on his end and that Tetris scene.They were both very funny moments of the episode.
  • Lois becomes a Sex-Ed teacher at Meg and Chris' school...

    Very, very funny! I laughed a lot! I couldn't stop! I loved the Michael Jackson joke in this episode a lot, it rocked! Another part I loved was when Meg and Doug were having ear sex and Lois caught them! Really funny! Also, the pamphlet about sex was great, HaHaHa! I thought that this episode was so good, especially the part where Lois finally had regular sex with Peter, and I loved the Tooth Fairy at the end. Hilarious! Great episode, and I know that all Family Guy fans will enjoy this! So many great jokes! I also loved Stewie and Jillian's date! Great episode!
  • A good storyline there but it wasn't the best, or the funniest

    I liked this episode quite a bit, but I have to admit I've seen better.

    Stewie decided to battle the toothfairy in order to terminate her. Brian revealed to Stewie that the toothfairy is a fake and isn't real, but that doesn't stop Stewie. Peter and Lois become all hyped up about sex education because it is taking over all the kids lives. I was a little annoyed that the exclusive sex scene as with Peter and Lois was cut out on New Zealand television, damn!
    It's not as worse as when the clip of Osaba bin Lardon was taken out of 'Road To Rhode Island'.
    The whole synopsis of Jillian, the toothfairy and the sex ed was pretty cool. Overall, not a particular funny'(er) storyline in my opinion, but I loved it.

    Another thing, I loved the christianity thing, but the sex in the ears is just wrong... Heheheh lol.
  • This is the type of episode that makes me remember exactly why I watch this series.

    Annoyed at a pizza delivery man for delivering the wrong kind of pizza, Mayor Adam West chases him across time using a 'cat launcher', this breaking a window to the adult movie store accidentally. Upon discovering the smashed window, Chris and his friends steal a selection of the movies. When they return to the house, Stewie joins them to watch them, however, they are all disturbed when Lois comes in and tells Chris he should talk to his sex-education teacher, only to be informed Chris's school doesn't have one. After applying for the job as the sex-ed teacher, she gives the children in-depth lessons on condoms and sexual aids. Meanwhile, Stewie loses a tooth - but is worried about the tooth fairy after being told horror stories by Chris and Brian. Meanwhile, Lois is dismissed from her job after protests from Quahog civilians, and because of the headmaster's worry over Lois encouraging the children to have sex before marriage.

    After the termination of factually correct sex-ed classes, the children are taught information about sex by a reverend, who tells the children that pre-marital sex is wrong. In the assembly, Meg meets Doug, whom she begins dating. Stewie attempts to scare away the tooth fairy by using his toys as protection, however, this plan fails when he discovers the tooth fairy has already been there. After Peter looks at the abstinence booklet, he decides to have ear sex after persuasion by Meg. Meanwhile, Meg and Doug have ear sex, much to Lois's horror. Lois forces Peter to have sex with her, so that she can end the newly-found abstinence tradition which Peter is adhering to. She is successful, Peter breaks his abstinence.

    Stewie sets up a trap in his bedroom in an attempt to capture the tooth fairy, but when Brian tells him that the tooth fairy is not real, Stewie is disappointed. In protest, Peter and Lois go to the school, intent on making the children realize that sex is not necessarily a bad thing. The school is surrounded by security personnel whom they must get past, but they succeed in quietly sneaking in. Lois gives the children a speech persuading them that safe sex is okay and that they should decide when they're ready. After seeing Meg naked, Doug ends his relationship with her, leaving her distraught.
  • lol!!

    This episode was great. I marked this one down as a favorite when I saw that David Cross was going to be on it, and when we first learned the story line from the folks at comic con. There were some really great scenes in this one, from the Airplane! gag, to Peter's "It was on my crotch!" line, I was actually laughing almost all the way through this episode. Something that I could not say for a while there. I sincerely hope that this is a good sign for things to come. I hope the folks that think Cherry Chevapravatdumrong was a bad writer change their minds now.
  • Even better than the last episode.

    Well everyone seemed to have a part to play in this episode, and it was pulled off really well. Chris got caught watching "Genital Hospital" (lol), inspiring Lois to go teach sex ed at the school. After she gets fired, Meg gets involved in the story by practicing "ear sex" with her new boyfriend (another lol), Peter temporarily becomes abstinent, and Stewie vowes to destroy the Tooth Fairy (with Brian tagging along in that subplot).

    Mayor West with his cat-launcher was funny, always like to see Mayor West every now and then. And Stewie walking in on porn ("That's not going to help her nymphomania...") was good too. Unfortunately, there were more liberal views thrown at the viewers. I'm more liberal than conservative, but it's not Family Guy's place to throw one-sided politics into their shows and claim that their views are "morally right." This episode was still better than the last one, though. I could list a lot of things I liked about this one, but the most memorable line was definitely this:

    Brian: Hey my sandwich tastes funny. Is there something wrong with the Smucker's?
    Peter (yelling from down the hall): Yeah, it's been on my crotch!

    A solid 9/10.
  • If this doesn't make you realize what Christianity is truly about, probably Nothing will! :idea:

    I've known this for the past 17 years and I've been trying to tell people for the past 9 years, but it only seems to be recently that people are starting to realize that unfortunately, I'm right, as Always! :roll: The Christian fundamentalists are nothing but trouble as they continually have to push their narrow-minded, racist views on everybody and they don't care how they do it and they don't care what happens as a result of their deliberately Machiavellian (that's a fancy word for a person who believes that it's alright to betray and/or lie to someone for any reason Or for No reason at all!) lies! In this case Meg actually gets to Have S-E-X! (In the ear, but Still S-E-X nonetheless! And I just love the gags in this episode to! The one about the "Tetris" gag, the Michael Jackson gag, the Asian woman gag (a stereotype to be sure, but still funny,) the Tooth Fairy gag, and the Kool-Aid Man gag! This episode is F-U-N-N-Y Funny! That's why I wrote a review for it, to discuss it's hilarity (and truthful information about the lies that Christian fundamentalists tell you!) but mostly for it's hilarity! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • Ear sex? Now that's just wrong!!

    In this episode, Lois becomes a Sex-Ed teacher but get fired after a protest from parents. Meg gets a boyfriend and her school learn that they shouldn't have pre-marriage intercourse. Then, Meg and her boyfriend decide to do "ear-sex". Brian's unintelligent girlfriend returns in this episode finding some more interesting information about her. In this episode, Stewie learns about the tooth fairy and "her" job. Stewie tries to capture the fairy and tries to find a way to get a tooth. This episode is pretty weird but it's funny and worth watching. It ain't the best episode i've seen, but it is still pretty good.
  • Barely Any Good.

    I truly have disgution for this episode, the ear sex thing seems like something only to seem funny by some g@ylord and most of the jokes really cross ed the line for me. Now most of you know I get offended rarely by Family Guy, ie I love The Weinstein episode and I'm Jewish, but this just is disgusting *shivers* ear sex, ew! But I do like the other plot, Stewie planning to destroy the tooth fairy, seems origonal to me and like from the 1st or second season, with great jokes included, hilarious, oh and as for some jokes I like, Meg getting dumped because she was seen naked and the FAMGUY text thingy oh and I like how Meg gets a boyfriend, how good was that?!?!

    A pretty crap episode.
  • ko i love family guy but.....

    dont get me wrong i lpve family guy it my fav show ever.but this one was silly it was very strang to me.i mean in the ear this just grosse i cant even thing about it without sqwerming.
    i like family guy and this episode had some moments that made me laghf uncontrollably,but this was just wirde.this is one episod that is one of the most i would not want to watch.
  • After abstinence pledging comes ear sex. Meanwhile, Stewie fears the tooth fairy.

    I noticed this was a comment how abstinence-only sex education programs give incorrect information as well as what abstinence pledgers often do, abstain from regular intercourse but have other types of sex. But of course, it wouldn\'t be Family Guy if they didn\'t distort reality. This time by replacing anal sex with ear sex and having the educators tell children that if they have sex \"they\'re penis will fall off and land in another dimension populated by dogs who will eat it.\" As stupid as that is, it\'s not surprising that Peter fell for it and pledged abstinence.

    The sub-plot about Stewie and the Tooth Fairy was boring and is what is keeping this episode from getting a 10.
  • Over two hundred reports of ear sex have been confirmed so far, prompting a new slogan, "Once you go Black, you go deaf"

    This episode had its moments such as kids actually believing the lame attempts at the presenters' performance at acting "cool", Meg being dumped after being seen naked, and the "facts" about sex such as penises falling into other dimensions and condoms failing 100% of the time but overall, the episode wasn't as funny, the idea of ear sex not even being slightly amusing.

    Stewie trying to capture the tooth fairy was a better plot but had barely any moments that made me want to laugh and Peter's abstinence was a mix of the two, good idea with a few funny moments.

    Overall, this was just another new episode of FG that tries too hard to be funny and doesn't succeed.

    If you want to say "Stop badmouthing FG, every episode is worth a 10, text FAMGUY1

    If you want to say "6 is too high a score, all episodes are worth a 0.1", text FAMGUY2.

    If you want to say "Come and join our secret terrorist organisation to destroy reality shows and soaps", text FAMGUY3 or call my mobile because I really hate reality shows.
  • The best FG episode in this season so far.

    this epiode is my favourite so far from season 5. The plot is about a group of christians who tell the school kids to only ahve sex when they're married and dont use condoms. Lois disagrees with this and becomes a sex ed treacher and peter joins in on the ride.The kids find a loophole via a penis up the ear. Also, stewies tries to trap and destrroy the tooth fairy. Overall, this episode was enjoyable and lived up to the peak of family guy.(season 2) The humour was clever and the flashbacks were enjoyable and not to longwinded. Hopefully this is the start to a better season 5.
  • Sex! Now I got you attention, you should be watching this episode!

    A much better "Family Guy" than in weeks past. this is supose to be the November Sweeps and I didn't get much ot of those episodes those past three weeks. This is the best episode of the November sweeps. A fine example of why we have them. Lois Griffin is volunteer to teach Sex Education, buyt was kick out of school for doing so. This is somewhat funny, but the series takes a stance on Sex Education. That is why I gave the episode an 8.5. One more thing about Lois Griffin. she's getting hot. One of the hottest adminated characters around.
  • Better, but still needs work......

    This episode is about Stewie's fear of the tooth fairy and abstinence......

    This episode was much better than last weeks installment. The flashbacks were much more funny, and clever. Above all this episode made burst out with laughter more than once. That's all you can ask from a comedy, and they delivered. Still, it feels like there is something missing. Hard to tell exactly what it is, but here are a few examples of where things got really funny. The Tetris flashback was great, Britany Spears dieticion was hilarious, and When meg and that other guy were talking about sleeping together, and the next day you see meg crying. One thing I thought was a waste was the cell phone text. It wasnt bad, but they could have made that joke better.....

    Overall, this was better than last weeks episode, but stil only falls to "average" This is because it wasnt bad, but there was nothing spectacular either. Im also still waiting for that really great episode they always come up with atleast once a season, which I have yet to see......
  • Lois decides to take the initiative to teach kids at James Woods High about sex ed, but is fired and replaced by a religious preacher who teaches false (and funny) information. Also, Stewie fears the Tooth Fairy.

    This is definitely one of the funniest shows of the season for Family Guy. The funniest parts of the episode came when the preacher was teaching the kids false information about sex, and when the kids (and even Peter) believed him. We all know that Family Guy has some of the funniest quotes you'll ever hear, and they added two to their collection this episode. "Sex turns straight people gay, and Gays into Mexicans, everyone goes down a notch" and "Once you go Black, you go deaf" (speaking of ear sex) are up there on the list, and represent how good this episode was.
  • Stewiw battles the tooth fairy and Lois teaches sex education.

    This episode was much funnier than the last couple that have aired. The writers were back to their old tricks, and I absolutely loved it. This episode was filled with great one-liners and off the topic extras.

    I particularly liked the messege that was hidden behind the sex education debate and the new ear sex fad. Yes, the comedy was still there, but the underlying moral was also very powerful. This is great as many of Family Guy's viewers are high school students who need to hear some reality on the topic. Where better to get some information than from an animated series that is hilarious and well-respected.

    Peter's willingness to believe that if you have sex you penis will disappear (I can't remember where) was a laugh riot, especially when we see him turn to his chastity belt. I think it is also a good demonstration of the world's need to believe whatever they hear. Rather than investigate, we often jump on the band-wagon and believe something as truth without any proof to back it up.

    Definitely one of the better episodes this season.
  • Lois teaches sex ed and is fired, while Stewie tries to destroy the tooth fairy

    Improvement over last week's show. It had plenty of funny moments, one of the more memorable being the line of people waiting to snap some sense into Stewie. I'm a big fan of the movie 'Airplane!' and this was a great homage to it. What really got me this episode was the whole chasity belt thing and the ear sex. The episode had a point to make but it didn't try to go all out with it, and had comedy outweigh the moral, similar to "Saving Private Brian" so it's good to see that the show isn't trying to go into South Park's turf. I was also glad to see Jillian return from last week. If you read my other review of that episode, than you probaly already know that I think she is a great new character for the series, and i'm exciting to see that she's become a recurring character. (Espically with next week's episode) Although the plot about Stewie trying to kill the tooth fairy was weaker than the other main plot about Meg going out with a boy who was absient, it was still really enjoyable. I'm glad that the show is having continuing events through the episodes, so that they can develop the characters better also. I really recommend you see this fine example of why Family Guy is such a great and funny show.
  • Lois tries to teach the students at James Woods High about Sex Ed., Meg takes a vow of celibacy and finds it difficult to keep the vow with her new boyfriend. Peter takes the same vow but it doesnt last long after Lois forces herself on him.

    Seth is the man with this series. Every episode is just getting better and better. I couldnt stop laughing at all the silliness the episode had. Chris and his friends taking porn and watching it in is room is definetly something teenage boys do. Stewie coming in and joining the fun is just what Family Guy does best. Lois teaching Sex Ed was a funny bit, considering the woman is one to love having sex as she was explaining to Meg and then getting the reaction from Brian.
    Stewie going after the tooth fairy was a very humerous sub-plot, and showing the fairy to be a borderline hobo, that was just as funny. I guess Brian's girlfriend will be in a couple more episodes, its a good thing because I havent seen too many of the supporting cast. Funny as always, keep them coming!!!
  • Stewie wonders about the tooth faith, Lois teaches sex ed, while Brian has trouble dealing with his bulimic girlfriend.

    Classic Family Guy. The "Airplane" joke was great, the Mel Gibson jokes never get around. They put a different twist on the Tooth Fairy by making him a guy with a fetish for teeth.

    Another great episode, political incorrent but brutally honest. Brian is once again put with some girl he doesn't love. Gotta love Brian. It's always funny to see Stewie misinterprets things and turn these situations into so much fun.
  • Lois teaches sex ed but gets kicked out and replaced by an evangelical preacher that teaches abstinence only. Kind of a parody of contemporary Christian thought on teaching sex-ed which is not my favorite, but the episode is very funny.

    This is exactly why Family Guy is so funny. This particular episode started out kind of slow, but I let it all go when Lois game out as the Grimace. Oh my gosh, that was probably the funniest moment in Family Guy history. Definitely a classic. Not the best show on the whole, but there are some moments in there that show the classic writing of the show. I would defnitely recommend this episode, which is encouraging, because the latest episodes haven't been as good. I'm glad the jokes are becoming more original and fun again. I love Family Guy!
  • Great Great episode

    This has to be one of my favorite episodes of Family Guy so far. The kids at school learn the wrong things about sex and end up trying out a new for of sex called "ear sex" which implies exactly what it's called. Meg actually gets a nice boyfriend who's actually not creepy, or nerdy or anything bad and they do actually have ear sex. Although they do end up breaking up because he actaully saw her naked which was just hilarious to watch.

    The other part of this episode that was great was when Louis was actually technically raping Peter because she wanted to have normal sex and not the ear sex that Peter heard about. So when Louis smashes the light in the bedroom so that we can't see really anything except a little bit of light. During this scene we actually see Louis drag peter down to the ground. As she is doing this Peter is clawing at the ground trying to get away but they do end up having sex, so it's all gooo.

    The only reasons that this episode didn't get a 10/10 was because of two things. The first thing was when the episode would actually stop and go to a narrirator asking what you wanted the characters to do using a text form. The other part was that a couple of the flashback moments wern't that funny but otherwise this episode was great.

  • Lois starts teaching about sex ed but is later banned

    An entire Family Guy episode about sex.....and it was hilarious! It started out a little strange with Adam West and his "Cat Shooter" or whatever he called it and his cat named Paul. I enjoyed the whole pausing so they can let you see the choices and act like you could actually vote! Well finally Meg has been given some lines and Chris had a few in it too and it was hilarious! Best part about the episode was the whole Ear Sex thing!!! That had me laughing throughout the entire thing! Andd then the Opal Crusades when they did their first presentation! I thought it was great how they( the opal crusades ) tried to appeal to the younger generation with their "informal way of sitting" and talking about their rivals. One thing I didn't really like was the whole Bulimia thing cause thats serious and not something to just laugh about.
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