Family Guy

Season 5 Episode 6

Prick Up Your Ears

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 2006 on FOX

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  • Lois teaches sex ed and is fired, while Stewie tries to destroy the tooth fairy

    Improvement over last week's show. It had plenty of funny moments, one of the more memorable being the line of people waiting to snap some sense into Stewie. I'm a big fan of the movie 'Airplane!' and this was a great homage to it. What really got me this episode was the whole chasity belt thing and the ear sex. The episode had a point to make but it didn't try to go all out with it, and had comedy outweigh the moral, similar to "Saving Private Brian" so it's good to see that the show isn't trying to go into South Park's turf. I was also glad to see Jillian return from last week. If you read my other review of that episode, than you probaly already know that I think she is a great new character for the series, and i'm exciting to see that she's become a recurring character. (Espically with next week's episode) Although the plot about Stewie trying to kill the tooth fairy was weaker than the other main plot about Meg going out with a boy who was absient, it was still really enjoyable. I'm glad that the show is having continuing events through the episodes, so that they can develop the characters better also. I really recommend you see this fine example of why Family Guy is such a great and funny show.