Family Guy

Season 4 Episode 14


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 2005 on FOX

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  • Original and intellectually Smart

  • Provinmere and Macfarlane did a great episode!!!

    This was Dan Provenmire's (old Family Guy director) best episode. And one of the best Family Guy episodes ever. This was full of funny moments. I loved the "The Freaking FCC" song.
  • ptv is freeken halarious a sepechealy. when peter says gentlemen. that was a fart

    Gentlemen. that was a fart the episode. was awsom
  • Peter create his TV station

    After a "wardrobe malfunction" occurs during a live broadcast, the FCC begins to censor all of Peter's favorite television shows. As a result Peter creates his own TV station "PTV" which broadcasts from of the Griffin home. Peter and Brian create their own edgy programming for the station until the FCC shows up to shut down PTV, and censor all controversial material in Quahog. Not the best episode for season 4 since there are a few nitpick yet I gave it a 10 anyway. One, the opening was really long and a waste of time. If you want to watch this episode, please don't watch the first three minutes of it. Second, I kinda don't like that Lois refuse Peter to do some of the stuffs. This is where Lois' nagginess had more pronounced. Last, the last few scenes were okay. Other than those, it was an enjoyable episode. I laughed at most of the parts during the first two acts...such as the opening sequence (it ended with Homer Simpson being crushed), Quagmire falling down after hearing Lois said "you like eating red carpet," Brian slapping Stewie, some of the part being censored, All the show parodies, Peter's reaction after everything is censored (although it's kinda loud for the horn), and a couple more funny parts. Overall, despite the three problems, this was an excellent episode, but not the best for the season though. 10/10
  • superb


    what i liked- the edited Honeymooners sequence, the editing of Dick Van Dyke's name, the FCC song (Though to be honest, i don't know why so many people consider it one of the best songs from Family Guy. I think it was OK But there are probably better ones), quagmire fainting when he hears lois and peter in their bedroom yelling about the red carpet, the FCC censoring real life, peter fixing things at the end, etc.

    good episode. the only things i did not like were the lengthy opening, which wasn't really that funny to begin with, and some parts in the middle dragged. overall, good episode, B is my final grade

  • Family Guy standard wise, this was a pretty average episode with nothing that really stood out.

    Overall, this episode wasn't all too funny, though it did have its moments. Some nostalgia here and there with Star Wars references here and there, The Roadrunner Show, The Naked Gun, The Shining, The Simpsons, even Doom. However, none of them were really that particularly funny and they really felt more like blasts from the past instead of jokes and gags. There were some funny jokes, like Stewie and Brian's low budget and self made comedy where Stewie produces the laugh in the box, the whole episode being based off of Janet Jackson's infamous nudity incident at the Super Bowl, etc. In terms of Family Guy standards though, this is pretty average with nothing that really stands out.
  • The beginning really dropped the score.


    After a "wardrobe malfunction" occurs during a live broadcast, the FCC begins to censor all of Peter's favorite television shows. As a result Peter creates his own TV station "PTV" which broadcasts from of the Griffin home. Peter and Brian create their own edgy programming for the station until the FCC shows up to shut down PTV, and censor all controversial material in Quahog.

    The Osama bin Laden part was completely unnecessary, but the rest of the episode was good.


  • Yes, you are reading right. PTV WAS OVERRATED!

    Maybe it's because I saw this episode after all the hype. Maybe it's because it's the conclusion of the running FCC jokes that occur althroughout the show. Whatever it was, I felt that this episode was seriously overrated.
    Yes, the song was great. Yes, the shows of PTV were funny. Yes, it had several laugh like crazy moments. But was it really the second coming? Was it really the best episode ever? Personally, I enjoyed Jungle Love and I take Thee Quagmire more of Season 4, as they did not come with all the hype, but were funny. PTV was funny, but it was so overrated by everyone else on this site i felt there had to be someone who was harsh on it and could see past the profanity and censorship jokes and give it a unbiased review.
  • Good, but definitly overrated

    In this episode, Peter's favorite shows are blocked after the david hyde pierce incident at the emmy awards. Peter then decides to set up his own tv station in order to broadcast without censorship. I personally liked some of the parody's on this part, but the side boob hour was pretty lame, although the sitcom parody with Stewie and Brian was hilarious and priceless. When Lois has had enough of it, she calls the FCC, which leads to one of my favorite musical numbers in this show. After that, the rest was pretty average. Overall, I enjoyed the first half, but everything afterward was so-so. 8.5/10 B+
  • Family Guy is going down hill.

    I couldn't believe the first five minutes, a joke should never run that long. There were some descent jokes, but most were just stale and unfunny. This didn't get any better compared to season 4 episodes, but you could say it has even gotten worse! I can't give the excuse that it was just one bad episode, it's been an entire season and a few episodes of the new season. We can only pray that Family Guy will return to it's season 2&3 greatness, but it's probably a lost cause.
  • Classic

    A lot of this episodic material from here is really genuinely funny. Rarely did I feel like i was being given a "filler" joke and when i thought i was, it was simply because i hadn't picked up on an allusion or another. The jokes were fresh and even made me laugh, till i was on the floor. The lyrics for the FCC were fantastic and rang a sad truth in a comical enjoyable melodic tune. The Osama gag was a bit long but i guess that's what made it so unique and funny. Overall a great episode worth watching multiple times.
  • Still making best episodes.

    This episode had the best opening instead of the theme.I loved the part with Stewie in the game Doom,in the war from Star Wars and running over Homer Simpson just like the openings.That part was very funny.But that song they sang was the best song of all of the episode.I loved it when they censored a tv show.It wasen't very much a best part of this episode,but it was a very good episode.This episode was one of the best episodes of Family Guy yet to be made and it was a good episode to be made by anything by that.
  • PTV.

    I did not enjoy this episode during its initial airing. Not at all. But rewatching it in syndication and I have grown to appreciate it. This is pretty much the gold standard of the new Family Guy, the one episode all try to aspire to achieve. The cutaway scenes were great, and while the FCC song was annoying, there have been worse on Family Guy before.

    Sure, people will remember this episode because of "The Side Boob Hour", but to me that was simply lame. The best part was the parody of a sitcom with Brian and Stewie, and Stewie's laugh track.
  • One of the funniest episodes of anything ever

    I first started watching Family Guy three years ago and this was the first episode I ever saw. I laughed my butt off at pretty much everything in this episode.

    Present day, I have now seen every episode of Family Guy and I understand why this episode is universally praised. It is a throwback to what made Family Guy special to begin with. And still, this is one of my favorite episodes of Family Guy ever.

    The plot line. Peter creates his own tv station since the FCC is censoring everything on tv. All of the original programming is hillarious and my favorite moment is the FCC song.

    Bottom line, fantastic episode and the best since the cancellation.
  • Not the best Family Guy episode but it was pretty good.

    In this episode of Family Guy, the government introduces censoring on many or all TV programs. Peter takes action by opening his own TV channel, 'PTV'!

    Anyway, it was pretty hilarious and quite humorous! How can they introduce censoring in real life! That's the part that is most hilarious for me!

    This episode was quite good and certainly does make you life, but for me, there have been much better episodes of Family Guy and therefore, I gave it an 8.5. But I still think that it was a very funny episode and the concept was quite laughable in my opinion.
  • a dead-on, loving episode

    Something tells me Family Guy has had this experience on occasion. In a loving and fond episode that tells off the FCC, it's about how one single event sends the FCC executives bleeping everything on tv, Peter creating his own R-rated tv channel, and the FCC cornering him and censoring his own life. It's expected that the FCC executives are portrayed as upperclass, tight stiffs that have no fun whatsoever. Everything that Peter does is a loving tribute to the crass, disgusting things shown on tv. There is an excellent musical sequence called "The Freakin FCC" (redone during the 2007 Emmys) which lampoons the program to the extreme and the director Dan Povenmire, who choreographs some of the finer Family Guy musical scenes, makes excellent use of it. There is so much funny moments, like the FCC execs airhorn's Peter cussing, that it's almost impossible to label all of the funny moments. It's perfect that Family Guy is the one to do this kind of episode, one, because of course, it adores slinging the crass and disguisting things at our faces on a weekly basis and the other because of course, as a primetime show on a major network, it has been censored a couple of times. And the episode is able to bring up a good point about the FCC, how they feel they're doing viewers a favor, but just how much censorship is too much? And when does that line cross into our lives? This is a series classic and it proves that no matter what, Family Guy will somehow keep on doing whatever it wants and write about what they want to write about.
  • this epesode awsome side boob..

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  • I'm analyzing this episode for a class, please contribute.

    I'm analyzing this specific episode for a class. If anyone can please answer the following questions as much as they can it would be very helpful. All answers will be kept anonymous, and will be used for audience research. All answers are acceptable, you don't need to like the episode to respond. Thank you very much for your time, and participation.

    -Your age group: under 17, 17-23, 24-30, 30+?
    -Have you seen this episode? Do you like it? If so, why?
    -Do you think they use racially motivated jokes in this episode? Are they intentionally offensive?
    -How do you feel about Family Guy's approach towards the issue of censorship?
  • Great!

    This episode is probably the best of Season 4. The humor, the whole PTV concept, it's all great!

    When tv is censored to much, Peter decides to make his own television station, called PTV, which won't be censored, at all.

    The beginning. Like, wow. I loved that. It was the longest scene in Family Guy history! And, one of the funniest! When Stewie came in I was laughing, and that whole chicken thing. Random opener for a great episode. Good combination, lol.

    10 out of 10! Amazing! The beginning, the middle, the end: They were all great, amazing, outstanding, and you should watch this episode. You won't be disappointed.
  • Episode that should be seen by all Family Guy fans!!!

    After a "wardrobe malfunction" occurs during a live broadcast, the FCC begins to censor all of Peter's favorite television shows. As a result Peter creates his own TV station "PTV" which broadcasts from of the Griffin home. Peter and Brian create their own edgy programming for the station until the FCC shows up to shut down PTV, and censor all controversial material in Quahog. Great episode, very funny the FCC who needs em!!!! Hilarious episode one of the best of the season!!! Heck even one of the best of the series!!! Once again an amazing episode that should be seen by all Family Guy fans!!!
  • The opening scene with Bin Laden is a classic and shouldn't be missed.

    This is probably the greatest episode of Family Guy so far. From the opening sequence through the brilliant FCC song to the final scene where Cindy and the Brady Bunch are marveling at her poop, it's a masterpiece of animated comedy. The scene where Peter is being censored for almost every other word while he's describing what he and Lois do sexually is downright hysterical.

    One of the great lines in the history of the show is uttered when an FCC representative is censoring Peter's privates with a "black bar," then looks up to his associate and says "his chin looks like balls, you want me to cover that too?"
  • Peter starts his own tv station called PTV. The FCC cancels PTV. And then the FCC controls every inappropriate thing that happens in Rhode Island. So peter and goes to Washington to convince the FCC to lift its content ban on TV and on Rhode Island.

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  • Huh huh huh, The FCC like sucks, cos we don't get to see the girls naked, huh uh huh!

    Incase people didn't get my intro it was a intro to Beavis and Butt-Head, another of my favourite series. Now this is one of my former favourite episodes, believe it or not I saw this before I saw Lethal Weapons, and this was my favourite episode until I saw that now it is like my 3rd favourite thanks to Meet The Quagmires taking my fave ep slot. But this show is special to me it was the 15th Family Guy episode I saw(until 05 I had only seen season 1-14)and I really liked it, I laughed my a&^ at every corner and highly enjoyed the Super Friends refferences the song, the clip scene and all the programming Peter puts on his chanel.

    I want more like this!!
  • at the emmys, there is a wardrobe malfunction which causes the fcc to censor everything on tv. peter gets mad and creates his own tv channel called ptv. lois shuts him down and the fcc decides to censor real life.(classic clip-peters side boob hour)

    i i think this episode characterizes what family guy is all about. politically incorrect and just plain hilarious. the clip peters side boob hour has to be the funniest clip i have ever watched on family guy. this episode is probably the best one that the writers have ever aired.i have watched this episode many times and it doesnt get old. the plot is backed up by great jokes,and the plot is the most creative one that i have ever seen. all in all, for those who say that this episode sucks i have a quote for u- revenge will be mine
  • 'There's no negotiation with the fellas at the freakin' FCC...'

    Due to a 'trouser malfunction' at the Emmys, the FCC decide to censor TV. Peter, outraged that all his shows are being tampered with, sets up his own TV station called PTV. However, his output incurs Lois's wrath, who promptly puts him out of business. But the FCC go one step further and decide to start censoring real life...

    This is an episode I've watched many times and is one that really doesn't get old. It's hilarious, it's topical and it's just great. There are some great jokes in it- especially the Side Boob Hour and Peter's language being censored by the FCC where you end up with nonsensical words like 'wetness', 'Episcopalian' and 'parking ticket'. There's another fine musical number where Brian, Peter and Stewie bemoan 'the fellas at the freakin' FCC' which is just brilliant. A classic episode.
  • Very very funny. Censoring tv!!!

    Due to a trouser malfunction from David Hyde Pierce at the Emmys tthe FCC censors tv so Peter gets his own station and calls it PTV. With programmes such as The Waltons, The Brady Bunch and real life side Boobs and Douchebags. The channel is a huge hit until Lois calls the FCC to censor PTV. They over hear Peter and decide to censor real life. With a siren over every C**P, F**K and B*****D, Peter is not happy. Lois soon changes her mind and they go to Washington to sort it out. Hilarious.
  • In my opinion, this is THE best Family Guy episode. It's perfect and flawless in every aspect. I've watched it a dozen times and still laugh til tears every single time.

    In my opinion, this is THE best Family Guy episode. It's perfect and flawless in every aspect. I've watched it a dozen times and still laugh til tears every single time.

    Being a fan since the beginning of the series, I've followed how they have changed. At first it was more of a little 'wrong' middle-class family humor value but now it has leaned towards what it does best - make you laugh and before you have stopped, make you laugh again.

    This is why I watch the series, and a lot of people here seem to agree. Four thumbs up, I wish for more episodes to be this funny.
  • Very Funny...............

    I loved this episode so was hillarious.In Ireland this is on the season 5 boxset and is the first episode.I turned it on and laughed myn haed off.I loved the start when Stewie killed all those guys.It was such a funny episode.We see that Peter must be censored.He can't swear and must be covered up when he's naked.He makes his own TV station to get back at the FCC.It's such a fuuny station and has stupid shows like dogs humping and Douchebags.And the funniest by far is Cheeky Bastard.It's a show when Brian and Stewie are talking and the Studio audience is stewie laughing hahahahahaha.It's a great episode.
    One Of the best so far!
  • You’ve got to censor television you fools!

    We begin PTV with Peter having to miss one of his favourite shows, because of Meg’s play at school. As a result, he misses a ‘monumental’ moment in TV history when a certain celebrity exposes his testicles live on the show. Not only is Peter obviously annoyed but so it seems are the FCC, who eventually censors everything that may offend anyone from TV. This of course prompts Peter to start up his own station, with the help of the Apache Chief of course.

    Through the first act of the episode we’re treated with a handful of jokes from the multi-reference opening sequence which as with most of the alternate openings in FG history, works fantastically and puts a fresh start on things from the beginning. We also have a great Osama Bin Laden skit, George W. Bush showing up years late for Vietnam and Cobra Commander (G.I. Joe) taking the role of FCC president, which are bound to get laughs from just about anyone.

    As we continue into the episode, we are shown brief glimpses into Peter’s new station, ‘PTV’, all of which is unavoidably and rather predictably offensive and non-PC. Just as things are going smoothly Lois eventually intervenes after Peter craps onto their car on the motorway during a great Jackass parody. Lois eventually calls in the FCC who proceeds to take Peter’s show off the air and after a prompt by Peter himself, decide to try and censor people’s lives too.

    The second act of PTV is one full of laughs, mainly due to the brilliantly conceived ideas for shows on Peter’s station, and the way which it is pulled off during the episode. There isn’t as much going on in terms of plot for the act but this is pretty much expected and justified in PTV. Anyway, it needn’t matter because such gags as the Side-Boob show, Peter’s baby-sitting being more dangerous to children than crude TV shows, and of course the brilliantly composed and performed FCC song offer some great laughs and entertainment for this section for the episode.

    Finally, we are brought to Peter and Louis arguing again, over whether or not Lois was right to bring the FCC in to clean up Peter’s station. Peter then brings up a seemingly valid point in context of the episode when the apparent discovery of how well chocolate & peanut butter go together in a great scene. Eventually Lois loses faith in her decision, mainly due to her lack of sex because of the FCC censoring it (not much affecting Peter however), and confronts Peter, telling him he was right about her being wrong. After some gloating by Peter, they eventually set things straight with the government and the FCC’s reign of censorship is lifted, leaving the Griffins to go home and watch some naturally gritty Brady Bunch episodes.

    With the final act of PTV, we have another great selection of gags, but not nearly as frequent or as hard-hitting as the first two acts, as an immediate effect however, there is more plot development which leads somewhere interesting but predictably ends rather quickly but hey, that’s why we watch Family Guy right? Among the best of the gags is the constant use of the FCC’s horn to censor curse words, with the first scene in particular when Peter is talking to Lois at the breakfast table being hilarious. We also share a special moment with Peter when he reveals a ‘Peter’s Right!’ banner and balloons that he prepared 15 years prior, along with a clown, who is naturally, a skeleton by now.

    PTV is a very funny episode as a whole and proves to be one of the best offerings from season 4 to date. This is also one of the season’s better stories and plotlines, which doesn’t rely too heavily on cut-scenes and flashbacks, but still uses them when they are needed, to great effect. A great episode with some good performances, and most of all, proves that distasteful TV can be good TV.

    STORY: 8
    COMEDY: 9
  • PTV was one of the best Family Guy I've ever seen. It was funny from the word go. The FCC song was so funny, I recoded it on my digital voice recorder. I was listening to it when I wrote this review. SO very very funny.

    The start was good because of the Simpsons thing at the end of the first scene. "Hi Stewie, who the hell is that." says peter. I loved the Peter Griffin sideboob on his TV station. "Look at that sideboob, and look at that sideboob. How about that sideboob, does it turn you on? Well it shouldn't, cause it's my sideboob." Now that is why family guy is so funny, because they don't care you is watching. But it gets funnier when the FCC control life, and they cover up peters penis, but the fat would do that anyway. "His chin looks like balls, should I cover them up too." These two quotes are the reason why Family Guy is funnier than the Simpson. On another less funny note, I have found out that the season 5 on DVD is the season 4 episodes they didn't put in season 4 DVD set. Go to the episode guide and see for yourselves. FAMILY GUY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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