Family Guy

Season 8 Episode 6

Quagmire's Baby

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 2009 on FOX

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  • We have Stewie cloning himself and then much to the amazement of Brian cloning Brian as well. Quagmire has a bay dropped at his him and he claims it isn't his until it says gigitty. Later a DNA test proves little Anna Lee is actually his.

    A very enjoyable episode of Family Guy sticking to the best characters on the show. Generally if you have Stewie and Brian as part of the focal point you can't go wrong. In this case throw in a sprinkling of Quagmire and you have a nice episode.

    A number of funny bits starting with the Ham radio and the Rich Little impersonation of Ronald Reagan and then the karaoke of Don't Go Breakin' My Heart. Then when Peter tries to return the Ham radio the child is discovered.

    Stewie and the clone bit was pretty classic Brian/Stewie stuff. The clone of Stewie was entertaining. Of course the bit would be bad if the clone was retarded, but he is more of a normal kid versus Stewie's super intelligence so he enjoys the mundane things that most children do. The bit with the bath tub was humorous and then Brian sort of outraged and then intrigued enough to ask for his own clone. Only Stewie would ask Brian to do something like he did. Brian's clone was a bit of a mess. The final breakdown was funny except for Brian's final line.

    Many additional little Family Guy type bits as well. An entertaining story and worth seeing again. It's always nice to get another Stewie/Brian story. Thanks for reading...
  • Quagmire finds a baby girl in his doorstep with a note saying that she is his daughter. Glen names her Anna Lee and decides weather to keep her or give her up for adoption. Meanwhile Stewie clones himself and than Brian.

    Another great episode. Glen Quamire had a good episode directed mostly towards him. This episode was very interesting and enjoyable to watch. They finally had an episode with Quagmire finding out he has a daughter from from all that unprotected sex. The only question whos the mother? That we probably will never know considering Quagmire has slept with half the women of Quhoge. The clone part was pretty good as well. Clone Stewie was scary. He looked like a baby with inbreeding in the family. Clone Brian was event scarier. At the end when his jaw fell off was very creepy. In all a great episode.
  • Glenn Quagmire has a garage sale at which Peter buys a Ham radio and communicates with the ghost of Ronald Reagan, meanwhile Stewie clones himself

    Amazing and funny. Sand People hahahahahahahaaaaa At a stripper bar however, Quagmire cannot stop thinking about Anna Lee and they go to her adoptive house to get her back. Quagmire sees how the new family treats her so well and decides she belongs there. As they leave, Quagmire comments maybe he'll see her again in 18 years, much to Peter and Joe's disgust (to which he replies, "Didn't think I changed that much did ya? G'night everybody!") Meanwhile, Brian and Stewie discover the clones are unstable and they both decompose, Brian licking them up. amazing episode i loved it yo
  • Quigmire Shows His Tender Side.

    Throughout the entire series of "Family Guy" Glenn Quigmire has portrayed himself as an irresposible player and pervert, but in this episode, he shows himself with a tender side when he discovers that he is the father of a cute little baby girl. He then becomes a loving, responsible parent when he does everything that he can for his little daugther, Anna Lee. He then makes the greatest sacrifice of his life when he gives her up for adoption to a family who is better suited at raising her than he is. It is not very often that Family Guy brings out tears in its viewers, but this time it does so very well.
  • Yay, a Quagmire episode!

    I loved this episode a lot, and I think it is one of the better ones from this season so far. Although the episode didn't focus much on the Griffins, I loved the idea of a simply Quagmire episode, and I enjoyed that a lot.

    The episode was also quite funny, in my opinion, and that added to the overall awesomeness of the episode, but I didn't think that the episode was as funny as some from earlier seasons.

    I would actually recommend this episode quite highly, as it is certainly an improvement over previous episodes this season. It's quite funny, and I think you'll find it to be decent.
  • Quagmire thinks he found a baby that looks like him; Stewie clones himself

    Father doesn't know best when Quagmire assumes responsibility for a baby Peter finds who looks just like him. Meanwhile, Stewie clones himself. This episode was an improvement over a few past episode. It still doesn't beat the very first episode of the season but it was quite good. Quagmire's plot was 9.5/10 while Stewie and Brian plot was 8.5/10. There were only a few boring parts here but one of the noticeable problem was the very ending of the clone subplot. It was so disturbing to see Brian and Stewie's clones to fell off (I think that blood, I thought it was meat blood). Also Stewie's command to clone Brian was pretty lame (he said something about putting his index finger in order to be cloned). Parts that were memorable were Peter thinking the guy on the radio is Ronald Regan but it's actually Rich Little, a few parts during the clone subplot, most of the cutaways, and a few more. Overall score 9/10
  • One of the most hilarious Family Guy episodes ever!

    And here I was thinking that Family Guy was starting to lose its touch, it rips out an episode like this. It kind of started off slow with the whole ham radio thing, and the karaoke bar scene was annoying, but then everything after that was just knee slapping hilarious! The cloning of Stewie and the ludicrous things that B*tch Stewie said just made you laugh out loud or at the very least made you giggle. Things got even better when Steiwe made B*tch Brian and the jokes just got even funnier! Surprisingly though it offered a more serious plot with Quagmire and his baby. How he suddenly felt compassion and wanted to be responsible for Anna Lee was pretty sweet to see. Absolutely hilarious gags and a somewhat emotional story, a great and winning combination.
  • Brian - Did you wash my car like I told you to? B*tch Brian - No, but I hit it with a rock.

    I didn't like the plot of the episode, but the sub plot was pretty good. The main plot as the title suggests is all about Quagmire taking responsibility for his baby. Quagmire is one of the funniest characters on TV and one who deserves a spin off, unlike the monotonous Cleveland. But Quagmire is the Barney of Family Guy. To make him take responsibility for his baby girl just didn't click with me. And Peter just annoys the hell out of me these days and we had a lot of Peter in this episode. However, the sub plot saved this episode from being a total bore. After Stewie creates a less intelligent clone of himself, Brian too desires a clone of his own to do his daily chores. This storyline was just hilarious with some really funny lines. Bottom line - Give us more Stewie & Brian.
  • Radical

    Epic comedy
  • Quagmire finds out that he has a baby and he realizes that being a father is a huge responsibility

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "Family Guy". This episode would've gotten a 10 from me but it was Stewie and Brian's plot that made it that reason. There really weren't that many laughs from me. I only laughed very hard twice in this episode but they were both towards the end of the episode. If it weren't for Quagmire's plot and this episode focused on Stewie and Brian's plot then my score would have been so much lower because I did NOT like Stewie and Brian's plot at all. Stewie and Brian's plot is about when Stewie clones himself who apparently is a dumb clone and then later on, he clones Brian who is also a dumb clone. Those clones were just repulsive and disturbing to look at... what made the plot worse was the end of the subplot when clone Brian's jaw drops and his body splatters into blood on the floor and the same thing goes to clone Stewie... what the heck? The subplot is the reason why this episode got a 9 but it would've been so much lower if it weren't for Quagmire's plot saving it. Quagmire's plot was really good and all. It was interesting that he has a baby but it was kinda sad that Quagmire wanted to give away his baby Anna Lee. It was nice that Quagmire knows that he made a huge mistake of giving away Anna Lee and went back to get her but a family was already going to adopt her and Quagmire saw how happy she looked with that family so he decided to let go of her. As for the two scenes I laughed very hard, they were both towards the end of the episode. One scene I laughed super hard at was when the stripper gave Peter and Joe homework... then Peter and Joe are working on the homework and then Peter asks Joe "What did you for number 4?" and then Joe tells Peter "She says don't share answers". The second scene that I laughed very hard was when Peter was shouting at Joe and telling him what the house looks like (the house that Quagmire was gonna get Anna Lee until he saw that she was adopted with a happy family). Overall, the Stewie/Brian plot made my score a 9 and it would've been much worse but Quagmire's plot saved its behind like big time... I enjoyed Quagmire's plot and it was kinda sad. 9/10
  • Finally a decent episode.


    Father doesn't know best when Quagmire assumes responsibility for a baby Peter finds who looks just like him. Meanwhile, Stewie clones himself.

    Both plots were great, but Brian and Stewie's plot was a little bit better than Quagmire's.

    8/10 C-

  • Average...

    Family Guy in recent times is turning out to be a show which is funny in occasional bits and pieces. And when you put everything together as a 22 minute show, it appears to be below average material.

    Take for instance Quagmire's story. There were a couple of scenes that stood out. But overall, the story which goes on to depict a mini drama, where he feels bad for giving up his Anna Li for adoption, and later feels good because she went into a good family would pass for a good PSA, not the politically incorrect comedy show.

    Family guy also has the knack of taking certain jokes beyond the overkill point. Here we saw the Flintstones gag which seemed never ending, and the Ronald Reagen one. Stewie and Brian's track was good, and it is partly the reason why I am still watching this show.
  • um, wow

    I usually cannot stand this show. The humor makes me sick. As did some for this episode. But Quagmire's overall plot was pretty good. The end could have made this episode a very great one, but with this show there needs to be a joke every 5 seconds or else it just isn't "good." So, this episode is the first new one I think I have ever watched, and it was actually good, for the most part. The sub plot was also pretty good, not humor-wise, but plot-wise. The end of that was gross though.

    So, 6.0, a fair grade for a pretty fair episode. Now I can't say I hate/dislike every/most episode of this show
  • Time to take old yeller out and shoot it.

    Family guy used to be fresh and amusing. Now it's divided into two parts Peter's stupid antics and Stewie and Brian's stupid antics.

    Where as the Simpsons can still from time to time put out good sometimes even great episodes Family Guy while not even half the age of the Simpsons at this point is declining at a rapid rate.

    This episode has Quagmire finding out he has a daughter (previous episodes suggest he has several kids) He gets attached but won't give her up...sad attempt at sentimentalism and BLAH.

    Brian and Stewie's arc doesn't fare much better we get handicap clones of them that come off as annoying rather than charmingly funny with no good jokes here either. I think maybe I laughed once at the whole episode.

    Again, as I said last week it's time to get new balls in the tank or replace the Manatees. This show is really starting to suck.
  • Um.

    I understand that Family Guy claims to be an adult-oriented show, but there are a lot of children who watch it so I do not think having two characters named b word Stewie and Brian was appropriate, givent the circumstances. Do not get me wrong, I curse like a sailor in real life and am never offended by anything Family Guy does at this point, but even I found the constant use of the word unsettling.

    This episode also had continuity errors (continuity errors on Family Guy? I know, right) that made watching a bit stressful too. Remember when Quagmire picked up Peter from school and saw a dozen of his potential kids? Why did he not care about them? And remember when Joe hated strip clubs? There was a woman dancing in front of him and he shouted, "Why do you bring me here?" but now he proudly goes to one. And was there any payoff to the Rich Little storyline?

    Just a mess of an episode that excelled in very few areas.