Family Guy

Season 8 Episode 6

Quagmire's Baby

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 2009 on FOX

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  • We have Stewie cloning himself and then much to the amazement of Brian cloning Brian as well. Quagmire has a bay dropped at his him and he claims it isn't his until it says gigitty. Later a DNA test proves little Anna Lee is actually his.

    A very enjoyable episode of Family Guy sticking to the best characters on the show. Generally if you have Stewie and Brian as part of the focal point you can't go wrong. In this case throw in a sprinkling of Quagmire and you have a nice episode.

    A number of funny bits starting with the Ham radio and the Rich Little impersonation of Ronald Reagan and then the karaoke of Don't Go Breakin' My Heart. Then when Peter tries to return the Ham radio the child is discovered.

    Stewie and the clone bit was pretty classic Brian/Stewie stuff. The clone of Stewie was entertaining. Of course the bit would be bad if the clone was retarded, but he is more of a normal kid versus Stewie's super intelligence so he enjoys the mundane things that most children do. The bit with the bath tub was humorous and then Brian sort of outraged and then intrigued enough to ask for his own clone. Only Stewie would ask Brian to do something like he did. Brian's clone was a bit of a mess. The final breakdown was funny except for Brian's final line.

    Many additional little Family Guy type bits as well. An entertaining story and worth seeing again. It's always nice to get another Stewie/Brian story. Thanks for reading...
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