Family Guy

Season 8 Episode 6

Quagmire's Baby

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 2009 on FOX

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  • Quagmire finds out that he has a baby and he realizes that being a father is a huge responsibility

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "Family Guy". This episode would've gotten a 10 from me but it was Stewie and Brian's plot that made it that reason. There really weren't that many laughs from me. I only laughed very hard twice in this episode but they were both towards the end of the episode. If it weren't for Quagmire's plot and this episode focused on Stewie and Brian's plot then my score would have been so much lower because I did NOT like Stewie and Brian's plot at all. Stewie and Brian's plot is about when Stewie clones himself who apparently is a dumb clone and then later on, he clones Brian who is also a dumb clone. Those clones were just repulsive and disturbing to look at... what made the plot worse was the end of the subplot when clone Brian's jaw drops and his body splatters into blood on the floor and the same thing goes to clone Stewie... what the heck? The subplot is the reason why this episode got a 9 but it would've been so much lower if it weren't for Quagmire's plot saving it. Quagmire's plot was really good and all. It was interesting that he has a baby but it was kinda sad that Quagmire wanted to give away his baby Anna Lee. It was nice that Quagmire knows that he made a huge mistake of giving away Anna Lee and went back to get her but a family was already going to adopt her and Quagmire saw how happy she looked with that family so he decided to let go of her. As for the two scenes I laughed very hard, they were both towards the end of the episode. One scene I laughed super hard at was when the stripper gave Peter and Joe homework... then Peter and Joe are working on the homework and then Peter asks Joe "What did you for number 4?" and then Joe tells Peter "She says don't share answers". The second scene that I laughed very hard was when Peter was shouting at Joe and telling him what the house looks like (the house that Quagmire was gonna get Anna Lee until he saw that she was adopted with a happy family). Overall, the Stewie/Brian plot made my score a 9 and it would've been much worse but Quagmire's plot saved its behind like big time... I enjoyed Quagmire's plot and it was kinda sad. 9/10