Family Guy

Season 8 Episode 6

Quagmire's Baby

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 2009 on FOX

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  • Quagmire thinks he found a baby that looks like him; Stewie clones himself

    Father doesn't know best when Quagmire assumes responsibility for a baby Peter finds who looks just like him. Meanwhile, Stewie clones himself. This episode was an improvement over a few past episode. It still doesn't beat the very first episode of the season but it was quite good. Quagmire's plot was 9.5/10 while Stewie and Brian plot was 8.5/10. There were only a few boring parts here but one of the noticeable problem was the very ending of the clone subplot. It was so disturbing to see Brian and Stewie's clones to fell off (I think that blood, I thought it was meat blood). Also Stewie's command to clone Brian was pretty lame (he said something about putting his index finger in order to be cloned). Parts that were memorable were Peter thinking the guy on the radio is Ronald Regan but it's actually Rich Little, a few parts during the clone subplot, most of the cutaways, and a few more. Overall score 9/10
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