Family Guy

Season 8 Episode 18

Quagmire's Dad

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 09, 2010 on FOX

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  • Fair episode.

    The ending of this episode where Quagmire beated Brian was uncalled for because thats animal abuse. I was ready to suggest that Brian called 911 on Quagmire for what he did to him.
  • Radical

  • I almost died

    I swear I laughed so hysterically when Brian just found-out that the "woman" he just slept with was actually Quagmire's dad, and Quagmire beats him up for that. The Quagmire-Brian Conflict somewhat increases.
  • Oh, so funny.

    The gay jokes simply fit in this episode. Peter and Joe's text conversation was my favorite part.
  • You all MISSED JOKE

    this entire episode is just a build up to the most EPIC line ver spoken by a DOG on TV "hey I f..cked you DAD" LMAO..this one rocked.
  • Um, okay... what were the writers thinking when they made this episode?

    I thought that this was a mediocre episode of "Family Guy" and has proved that "Family Guy" has lost some of its charms over the years. I still enjoy Family Guy very much but this episode just proved that "Family Guy" can have a weak and bad written side. This episode actually started off good. I thought the cutaway with Aquaman was hilarious. Stewie was hilarious in this episode and just kept making me laughing harder and harder. This episode just got way worse when Quagmire's dad went from a man to a woman and I don't know what the writers were thinking. Quagmire's dad's dancing entrance in the beginning of the episode was also pretty funny. It was also hilarious when Peter and Joe were texting each other saying how Quagmire's dad is gay Stewie watching an alien in a grasskirt juggling torches was also funny. I found it disturbing that Brian kissed Quagmire's dad (who is now a woman named Ida) and later on found out that it was Quagmire's dad. Brian throwing up for pretty much one minute straight after Stewie told him that Ida is Quagmire's dad was unfunny and unnecessary. The ending was also a total letdown when Quagmire was super angry at Brian for kissing his dad and then Quagmire is beating up Brian and then Brian told him Quagmire that he had sex with his dad. Overall, a mediocre "Family Guy" episode with a completely cruddy ending. 5.5/10
  • It was good..

    Q: Its probably hard to find out your father is really a woman. Being transgendered is NOT being gay It is being a woman or man i n the inside but different on the outside. I just don't understand how a person can take all the surgery!??! Brian's Involvment: His involvment wasn't needed, but it was alright. Brian throwing up after finding out about Quagmire's father was funny as hellems. I just kinda hate how he and Meg are treated in the house. Its just cruel, especially for Meg. Overall, this was a solid episode in my very vauluable opinion.
  • Freaking amazing!!!


    I've never missed an episode of Family Guy and, I have to say, I haven't laughed this hard since the early episode where they moved south for witness protection. I've watched the last ten minutes about fifteen times and can't stop laughing out loud!!!

  • Very disturbing....


    Quagmire can accept his dad's lifestyle choices, but not when they involve Brian.

    Of course, when Quagmire's dad becomes a woman, Brian falls in love ONCE AGAIN, and has sex with him/her then barfs for like over a minute which was unnecessary, and then Quagmire beats the hel out of brian at the end.

    overall, awful


  • Quagmire's colors finally come out!

    No, I don't mean Dan Quagmire...I mean Glen. It seems that Quagmire has become from Ladies Man to Complete Jerk! I now lost respect for Quagmire because he beat-up Brian. I wish Brian would get his vengeance on Quagmire whether it's by Dan or he dates someone from his family.

    Quagmire's hatred toward Brian isn't funny, Quagmire is being a Jerk and Brian DOES try...he tried to get a job, he tried to go to College, now it looks like Brian got shafted no matter what in this episode and it wasn't even funny, not even the last line that Brian said!
  • Why does everyone treat Brian like hes nothing?!

    I mean seriously what has this Dog done to deserve all this crap through his whole life?! The only one who doesn't really treat him bad anymore is Stewie which is kinda cool. And why did we need to see Quagmire beat Brian up? How was he supposed to know his dad had a sex change operation?! He was out of town, and i remember all Quagmire wanted was for his dad to be happy, so why beat the dog? its like if a over-powered muscular dude beat up on a midget. Low blow.

    And when they said at the beginning Brian would die in a forest and there prepared, i remember when they thought he died a bit ago, they sobbed til dusk.
  • Ugh.

    It seems that Seth MacFarlane's aspiration with Family Guy was to lambast every single minority imaginable, and with this, the endlessly disappointing eighth season, I think his objectives have been fully realized.

    The predominant idea with this episode was to denounce transsexuality and homosexuality by corroborating stereotypes. HILARIOUSLY enough (sarcasm), Quagmire's father is the subject.
    He was in the NAVY, has a LISP, and acts like the typical, overused gay cliche we've seen too many times already.

    I mean, need I say more?
    This episode is an aggregation of Sex and the City jokes, dense opprobrium of conventionalizations about homosexuality, and ineffectively appalling vomit cracks.

    Avoid. Heck, just avoid this whole season.
  • This episode was just alright.

    This episode was just an alright one. It started out really slow, there was nothing that made me laugh, and I was a little disappointed with the plot. However, the episode got better as it went on. I did enjoy seeing Brian with who he didn't know was Quagmire's dad. His reaction when he found out who he was was hilarious. I also thought it was funny when Quagmire found out. Still, there were parts that annoyed me. I hated the way Lois acted in this episode. She was a complete jerk to Brian. Also, I thought the ending where Quagmire beat Brian up was unnecessary. The only thing I have left to say about this episode was that it had some good parts, but it could've been a lot better.
  • Someone tell the creator this is a parody

    This time, let's focus on two scenes.

    1. The dinner at the Griffins' and the following dialogue. The scene at the table is funny. It is pretty much on par with other episodes. But in the next scene we have a dialogue between Quagmire and his dad that is completely serious. Nothing in it is parody, and if you replace a few words, you could use the scene in a daily soap about a mother telling her adult son that she filed for divorce. But Family Guy is not a soap opera. It is a parody; the characters are not real. Family Guy made their choice to be outrageous, and now they suddenly want to mix in depth. It does not work.

    2. Brian and Stewie find out that Brian slept with Ida. The scene builds up nicely to the moment of realisation - and all we get is an extended throw-up-scene. And since we had such a scene only a few weeks ago in the "Cleveland-Show", it is just boring.

    This was another episode where I used the fast-forward when I watched it the first time.
  • Worst Family Guy I've Seen

    WTF? This was just incredibly bad. The humor was lame, the episode was, of all things, maudlin (seriously? an attempt at a "very special" Family Guy?) It had the downs typical of the series (like the ENDLESS vomit scene; FG has always loved doing something dumb a really long time) but it didn't have any of the ups. It failed to reach the heights of transgressive humor, instead only reaching the lows of bad taste. I don't want to say FG has jumped the shark based on one episode, but it's going to have to be damn good next week or I am going to seriously consider giving up on it. This was just a waste of my time.
  • not so funny.

    Well this episode seems to be falling down the same slippery slope as the rest of the MacFarlane series.

    "Quagmire's Dad" was another episode that held little laughs but was not completely lost in transition. Quagmire seems to be very proud of his father for the most part of the episode. Seeing him as his "mentor" so-to-speak as he is a decorated Naval hero that's seen his fair share of "action". However once he's introduced it becomes apparently obvious that he leads a very homosexual lifestyle. Quagmire seems to be in complete denial of this which leads to a few chuckles. Mid-way through the episode Quag's dad gets a sex-change operation and the remainder of the show seems to present more dramatic character development of Quagmire's acceptance of his father's lifestyle. Overall the episode deserves the "Mediocre" score I gave it IMO. However there was a ray of hope at the end of the episode (unlike last weeks) with a hilarious scene between Quagmire and Brian ending abruptly with the funniest joke of the episode.

    Honestly, The Simpsons have had a better run this season than Family Guy. Not that that's a bad thing, but it seems Family Guy's charm is wearing out and jokes are starting to grow old. I do hope this show can regain it's footing.
  • Decent episode, better than most of season 8

    This episode was somewhat decent, but it's not a knockout or a classic by any standards. In this episode, Quagmire's dad comes to Quahog, and the guys assume that he's gay due to his mannerisms and actions. In the end, he becomes a woman and Brian has sex with him-her (uhh, yeah.) The main problems I have with this episode are three things: the way Peter and Lois treat Brian is just cruel, the throw-up scene was WAY too long no matter what the situation, and Quagmire beating up Brian: yeah we get it, Quagmire hates Brian, no need to make a long brutal fight scene over it. There were some good things about this episode, like the sex jokes at the naval party, and the way the family treated Ida was funny. Overall, decent but not amazing. 7.5/10
  • I liked it until Brian got beat up but he did get in a good final rank.

    Brian is a nice dog for the most part. He had shown a lot of loyality and kindness over the years. Not just to his family but to others. Examples of just this season. He tied being nice to Quagmire, He tried to help out his fellow K-9s, When Peter lost his memory Brian could of stollen Lois away but instead warmed peter about Quagmire's intenstions. He also has show Meg kindness in diel Meg for Murder. Shore Brian has made some mistakes over the years but who hasen't I think Quagmire was in the wrong. At least Brian got the last laugh.
  • this is so horrible

    ok i have alot of things to say for this episode, and also the episode "brian and stewie". Peter already saw quagmires dad when quagmire said he was having family sex when you saw his mother and father running through the house and on a horse, there was another episode where brian DID EAT stewies poop (including diaper) when they were in the vet and he said "i thought it was indian food. This episode was horrible i didnt even laugh in this episode i was only like "eh funny". there was not a good plot for this episode. and there was a whole hour of barfing :P that was retarded
  • More vomit?

    Looks like we're a minute short on runtime for this episode, we better fill that gap with senseless vomiting and screaming. I'm not sure what the writers' fixation is on vomiting, but it wasn't funny after the first time when Brian, Peter, Chris and Stewie drank ipecac, and only then because of shock value. And when did animal abuse become funny? I hadn't watched seasons 4-7 and just started watching again recently, but now I know why I stopped. The past few episode have been insanely boring, with only a few semi-laughable moments spread across all of them. I guess the good that comes from this is that it can only get better from here, right?
  • well its better than the last ep but thats not hard to accomplish

    pretty dull ep honestly. we've already heard this joke before so making an entire episode about it just added to the dullness. they would of been better off focusing on brians trip more. and once again they had to have disgusting scene that made me change the channel. why are they so obsessed with puking scenes this season? and more importantly why must they be so fricken long? the only funny part was when brian was talking to lois and peter in the kitchen after he got back. and that wasn't that funny. hopefully the next episode can break this trend of crappy ones
  • mixed feelings

    I have to say, I laughed quite a bit during this episode. The plot was clearly formulated out of deperation, because as everyone who's anyone knows, the writers don't know what to do with these characters anymore.
    Here's the good in this episode, IMO:

    Adam West's reaction is basically my reaction to most of family guy's jokes now. "Hahaha! WHAT!?" That made me laugh.

    Peter and Joe texting was probably the funniest part of the show.

    Everyone's reaction to finding out that Brian slept with Quagmire's dad. I especially loved Peter's, with him moving his glasses. Hilarious.

    I thought that the gay double-ententres were funny, but mabey I'm just feeling immature today.

    I thought the pacing and joke-timeing was much better than it's been recently.

    The bad:

    Meg bashing is just not funny to me. It's so obnoxiously self-aware, and I can't stand it. Brian throwing up lasted just 15 seconds too long.

    Stewie putting his penis inside out. Why?!

    Lois's snarky attitude toward Brian is a real turnoff and makes her character less and less likeable. I can't stand her anymore.

    The ending almost ruined it for me. There was some great emotion going on with Quagmire and his dad, and Brian scrubbing in the shower was surreal and you felt for these characters for about a minute. But then the slapstick/realistic beating up starts and it nearly kills the entire episode. I'm not sure if the last line worked for me either. That being said, I give the episode a pass, but a marginal one.
  • Quagmire's Dad

    After a great episode last week, we get this pile of rubbish.

    Poorly timed sex jokes and really awful storylines were the entree tonight, with the appetizer being more bad jokes, and the dessert being, yeah, more bad jokes.

    There was no need to introduce Quagmire's father at this point and then completely destroy his character with a sex change. There was no need to have Brian throw up for a minute straight without taking a breath. Frankly speaking, there was no need for this episode.

    A few lines made me laugh, most notably what Brian said to close the show, but this was a disgrace for Family Guy.
  • fair

    quagmire's dad comes to town and peter and joe think he is gay by the way he acts. turns out he is a trans gender, and wants to be a woman. quagmire does not like this, and Brian ends up sleeping with quagmire's dad, now a girl named Ida, not knowing it was him/her. Then Quagmire beats the heck out of Brian and the episode ends.

    It was OK, it started off OK, got worse when he turned into a woman, got better when Brian likes Ida, then goes down. Sorry, but vomiting excessively on television, no matter why it was done, is just not funny in my book. Also, Quagmire beating up Brian lasted a little longer than I would have liked. Otherwise, a 3.5/5 for me