Family Guy

Season 12 Episode 3

Quagmire's Quagmire

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2013 on FOX

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  • Decent comedy

  • Just Bad.

    Quagmire is so depressing now. He has become desperate for ove. His character is supposed to be smooth and he used to not date every woman he you know what I mean"wink wink"
  • What was I watching??!!!

    Brian howling at the fire truck and Adam West were the only good parts in this trainwreck. Also Peter at the restaraunt and when Joe and Peter switch cars while driving drunk. I hated what they did to Quagmire. He used to be cool but now he is so perverted. The subplot was weak and boring. Brian humping Rupert? You were right Deadwood, a six year old could have written a better episode.
  • Giggity Giggity

    Well not every episode can be awesome, but You'll still laugh at every single one of them Giggity :)

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  • A little better but not quite great yet

    This was a rare episode where I wanted the b plot to be the a plot. The stewie oscar-rupert thing was great by taking the whole stewie relationship thing, and mixing it with the whole stewie is a baby bit. This creates hilarious jokes (my favorite being oscar hanging himself, as well stewie's drawings of him and rupert). The main plot on the other hand had some good jokes (peter and joe switching keys as well as chris trick or treating as a condom were the best). However all quagmire's stories have a little too much peevishness about them. I like the dirty jokes to be sly and vague instead of direct and gross. Overall not a bad episode, I just thought the a plot was a little too much dirty jokes, and a too predictable ending.
  • Are you fraking kidding me people?

    This was about a million times better than last episode.

    I can't believe these other reviews. The part with Brian and the fire truck was mildly funny. Adam West and Adam Levine were not.

    I thought this was actually a great plot. I loved the story of Stewie and his "first" bear. And Quagmires match was hilariously over the top. Really pushed the limits.

    I'll agree with DeadRookie that you could have gone further with Ida but that's alright, it was still pretty humorous.

    Not one of FG's best episodes, definitely not one of the worst either. Doesn't deserve these other really low ratings.

    Keep up the good work guys. :)
  • Better than last episode, at least.

    This was an okay episode. It had several funny parts, such as Brian howling along with the fire truck siren and Adam West complaining about the Apple logo on his laptop. Peter at the fast food restaurant was also funny yet a bit long, but at least not super long, like that Conway Twitty gag in The Juice is Loose or Peter giving Consuela his phone number. Overall, not a bad episode, but it could use some improvements.
  • Weak.

    After waiting nearly a month for a new episode, this is how we are treated. Another relationship episode. They couldn't bother to make a decent plot or something, mostly because they want to shift the show to a sitcom or soap opera.
  • Quagmire's Quagmire

    There were some funny parts, Brian and the fire truck and the Adam Levine bit were probably the best parts, but the storylines they are giving us these days really test the viewer's patience. We're talking rejected Nickelodeon scripts dumb.

    Not horrible though. Worth watching.
  • It was ok

    Not the worst nor anywhere close to the best, this episode was better than the first 2 bs episodes. Family guy has really gone downhill, but there were a few funny jokes like when Peter and joe switch cars I was lol but this show seriously needs to get back to the good old days.
  • Pretty ...

    Finally a new episode. This show was pre-empted so many times this season it feels like it's never been on. This episode was SICK. The dialogue was SICK--I bet the FOX censors at what used to know nans Standards and practices didn't GET all your sick jokes. bUT YOU MISSED THE BOAT. Jesus---you make Quadmyre have sex with his own male/female Dad. IDA-- even comes to Peter';s house---ands we all know BRIAN had sex with IDA---but you failed to connect the dots. What would have been an outrageously funny episode if Brian had learned that fact was just lame! Everything with Rupert was for 6 year olds. horrible writing for Stewie. he has hardly done anything this season. this episode tried too hard to be outrageous and althought it WAS outrageous---it just wasnt very funny!