Family Guy

Season 11 Episode 2

Ratings Guy

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 2012 on FOX

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  • Episode felt short of potential

    The idea of one man controlling what's on TV is a very interesting concept, especially when that man is Peter Griffin. But the possibilities explored in the episode fell far short of the comedy I expected. Stabs at NBC are way too common to be funny anymore. The episode had potential, but in the end, it wasn't what it could have been. I did have some laughs though.
  • Worse episode to date

    I joined just to say how aweful this episode was, the jokes fell short by a long shot. If this is going to be the quality of the show from now on i'm just going to stop watching it.
  • Ratings Guy

    Some sharp and witty commentary on the state of television these days, and as a big TV fan I loved all of those references, but those clever muses could only cover up a bad storyline for so long. This was on a PTV level of stupidity regarding the premise, so that's why I can't go higher than a 7 out of 10.
  • Worth the watch

    I actually caught this episode by chance and can honestly say it did have it moments

    I think all the spoof name changes of current TV shows that are on now was clever and funny in and of itself and the fact they get mad as the slightest of changes (Ex added a 2nd tree to One Tree Hill or an actual cougar to Cougar Town which inturn its killed by Courney Cox)

    And the ending with Peter instructing Fox members what to do to return Television back to normally is exactly how Tv is (Go make a law n order and add like six more,we're gonna need one or two talent shows,etc)

    The peisode started off really poorly--in fact the first half was boring and stupid. Thsi was an outside script submission (not staff) since the quality of the episodes from last season was so poor..I guess they have begun to take on submissions. The episode did improve and I really enjoyed the scenes at the end where peter brings Tv back to the way it is. Telling Dick Wolf to "amke 6 Law and Order shows but make them ALL THE SAME" (lol)...he should have also asked for Six CSI shows all the same. Should have been better but still better than last week.
  • nielson guy

    i gotta say. i figured an episode like this would happen sooner or later. ive always wanted to see how peter would change tv. and this episode did great at presenting it to us. nice filler in the start with the firehouse and it gets right on, peter makes changes to all the shows making tv unwatchable..wich i guess is a bad thing cause people may actually not be lazy and go outside ok. peter than saves tv (before the simpsons) and gets tv back. the "6 law and orders" were a great joke. but law and order svu is my all time favorite, always. stil great episode seth!
  • Absolutely hilarious!

    Wow, I haven't laughed this much in such a long time for Family Guy! This one was full of laughs! Peter controlling TV ratings was epic! SIX LAW & ORDERS <333 + KREEPING UP ON THE KARDASHIANS <333

    It was so funny! I had lots of great laughs - including dropping Meg off at the fire department station :P

    If you want t o have a good laugh, I highly recommend this oen!
  • By far, the best episode of the season!

    Here are some of the best highlights of this episode:

    - Cutaway of Peter and Lois leaving Meg at the fire station

    - Joe insulting the firefighters

    - Stewie acting like Peter Griffin "These pants have stool in

    - Sad music playing after the Griffins become a Nielsen family

    - Changes Peter made to television (The Mad Men/Star Wars thing was hilarious!)

    - Peter beating Homer Simpson to the "ruined television" plot line (The Simpsons haven't done that, haven't they?)

    - Peter giving ideas to people on how to make television better (Six Law & Orders XD)

    - The ending

    So this is by far, one of the best episodes of Family Guy.
  • What Gives!

    Peter wrecks television again, and his friends and neighbors don't move on. They should have went to the movies or go outside? But, Seth McFarlane didn't listen. He made it happen in episode two of season one. Good ending, rest of show, average.
  • Best show

    Decent episode