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  • The Griffins are pretty stupid and so is much of the show.

    The baby of the show and clearly the smartest character (Stewie) is all that I like. As for the rest, someone please take them behind the woodshed so we can kill off a family clearly meant to bring the educational skills of the general public down with it.

    I don't know what you call it, from satire to a very strange form of whit...

    This is a rather non-plus show is which almost every character IQ level is below that of the lowly ant. It treats women as sluts, men are stupid and the world of Family Guy is seriously uneducated.

    Strangely enough there are good jokes at times, but the funny thing is how truly unfunny this show really is.

    I also can't see what the awards are for, as I see no real value to TV as for that matter how does this show have any value other than the advertising spare in between segments. I just hope it gets cancelled again.
  • My favorite show ever!

    My sister once mentioned "Family Guy" to me and told me to try it some time and I did. The first episode I ever saw was "Fore Father" and what interested me about the series was that it was cancelled twice, the longest for three years and came back on the air in 2005 due to huge DVD sales. That's when I really got hooked on this show. I'm especially glad that the creator, Seth MacFarlane, is on the same party as me, the Democratic party, and I regret ever mentioning that my second cousin is Mel Gibson because his father is a Republican nutcase. My point being that Seth MacFarlane will probably be the biggest name on television since Rod Serling.

    The first episode was when I was kinda young. I was around 8-10 and I though, awsum! Stewie is by far my favorite character because he is well...HILARIOUS! Whoever thought of making this character is a genius! Who would have thought a baby that swears and beats up children would come up in a cartoon? I remember seeing an episode (don't know the name) in which Peter and his wife go to a high school party in part of the episode and they get caught by the police...the cops ask "Aren't you a little too old to be drinking?" and Peter changes the subject and says"DANgER! rUN!" and the cops just run away. It made me laugh out loud so bad.

    If anyone thinks this show is horrible or bad, they don't have taste in humor. Live on stewie and forever Famly Guy!!!

    10,'s.not.funny.Family Guy is a downright hilarious show. Politically incorrect, Family Guy is a hands-down masterpiece with an all-star cast such as Seth Green and Mila Kunis. The show is absolutely great, and it has a habit of making you laugh, which is a good thingFamily Guy is one freakin awesome show. Peter is hilarious and Brian is supa funny. hide show This show may be pretty bad but is Freakin awesome. Stewie tries to kill his mom all the time which is extremely funny. Chris evil monkey is funnier by the minute. I think that that gay old guy is hilarious. Especially in that episode where he beat up a tree because it tries to kill Chris. Brian is completely funny all the time. And what about his girlfreind Jillian. She is pretty stupid. All of the episodes were pretty funny. I reccommend everyone to watch it. I watch it a lot. Anyone looking for entertainment should watch it a lot.
  • Still the funniest show on television

    If there's one show I eagerly anticipate every week, it would have to be Family Guy. Some people seem to think it's declining in quality, but I have to disagree. I was a fan from the beginning, but it wasn't until after the return from cancellation, that it went from "solidly amusing" to "laugh out loud hilarious!" I think a lot of people are turned off by just how risque the humor has gotten, but in my opinion, their willingness to venture into taboo territory makes it all the more original and satisfying. I don't think jokes have to be offensive to be funny, but at the same time, television needs shows out there that push society's limits. Family Guy is that show and I love them for it.
  • Some minor flaws, but okay show.

    To be honest, this is a pretty funny show, but i think it is a little too overrated.

    The Good:

    High quality humor most of the time, in a way that is very unique, compared to other shows. There's just something about family guy humor that you just can't get tired of, no matter how many times you watch it.

    The Bad:

    Some of the humor is slapstick, which causes many young children to watch (trust me, I've seen it happen to a 7-year-old) , which leads to my next point: this show also includes a ridiculous amount of innuendo at every turn. another thing that they always use are multiple pop culture references way too many times, and they can get annoying.

    All in all, I wouldn't say that this is my favorite show, but it's pretty good.
  • LOL!

    This show is crazy! I love it! It beats the simpsons, Not spongebob, But it beats any other show EVER! it's amazing! It's hard not to laugh when watching this, I laugh at least 3 times during one episode, I can't believe theres family guy haters! When i was younger i thought it was really dumb and i coulden't understand it but now i think it's a hit and could win an award! It's amazing! It' one of the best hit shows, Besides spongebob around. I love it!!! Go Family Guy And Fox!!!! Amazing, The best, Animation besides spongebob still!
  • One of the awesomest shows of all time. XD

    I love this show now! I'm addicted to it now. As a matter of fact just yesterday my mom asked me to get the phone and I said, "Sure, but Mom, please remember...everything's better with Cool Hwhip." I watch it on Adult Swim every night and on TBS and FOX whenever possible. I now know all the words to the theme song, "The Freakin' FCC", "Prom Night Dumpster Baby" - even the song that Brian and Stewie performed to the tune of "The Freakin' FCC" at the Emmys back in 2007. This morning as I was setting the table for breakfast I was saying, "Hey anyone, buttscratcher? Buttscratchers, anyone?" and when my mom told me to knock it off I said, all quiet and sad like Peter, "Buttscratcher." This is going in my list of top rated shows!
  • The Person Below me is Awesome

    I agree, Family Guy is terrible and really gets boring over the time. The humor or jokes are not funny at all, and really gets annoying over the time when you hear some retarded mexican in school saying "Remember Peter ph Peter was all like singing Ding Fries are Done!" I just wanna punch his face. I never found any interest in the show's characters, they all have problems and stuff. But i do enjoy the first seasons of the series, they were okay. And also another thing is that the show's a direct rip-off to The Simpsons! And i know you guys already know that. And whats worse is that they made a SPIN OFF called The Cleveland Show which is even worse than the original show. I really have nothing else to say, really. Remember what i said, all bad shows have short reviews.
  • the first adjective i heard used to describe family guy was 'pwn'. that was like 6 yrs ago & imo, that stands true to this day. family guy is more than the simpsons on crack.

    driving home from the gym the other day...just kidding, i was at the supermarket...though doing groceries is an activity too... i mean in livestrong, even 'praying' is listed as a calorie-burning activ...nevermind. i thought i'd play the game 'sequence patterns' because MLIA & i often find myself wondering if i will get lucky 1 of these days & some simple thing like a typo will send me down the rabbit hole & voila! my life isn't as average.......

    i first saw a chopper on this grassy lot, a small area of which i never even knew was a helipad until i saw a heli there. it was on the same level as my car--it wasn't atop (d_mn you, english 101!!!!!) some building or nothin' (ha, got right back at ya). then there was a huge tractor right in front of me. naturally, i next expected to see a UFO... even though this didn't happen, i began to wonder about some things. in the sequence:

    cult following > world domination

    what comes before cult following? & i figured it couldn't be ANYthing other than intelligent slacker/dork that decided to turn things around & actually DO IT. or maybe a portmanteau word: iSlork. i envy the likes of seth macfarlane, seth green, jenji kohan, matt silverstein, dave jeser, nicholas sparks.....just trying to see if you're still with me...because from being iSlorks, they were able to round up a handsome cult following & that means getting all the moolah, girls, & coke... DIET..coke..... because powdery white stuff is bad for you.....sugar, that is......and...

    but these are all just holiday bonuses (bonuses?) the most rewarding part is that these famous iSlorks get to do things EXACTLY the way they want them done. they are living the iSlork's dream & for this, i've got a good amount of respect for their body of work. they're working for "the man" & yet "the man" is their beeo...... right. whatever. i effin' Slork.

    you don't really watch it for the animation. the "drawings" for FG are 'cute' like a kitten playing with a ball of yarn on the cover of a hallmark greeting card is cute. my 2D cartoon animation prof in uni that my friend said looked like a les penguin would've given seth macfarlane maybe a 2.5. anime geeks with good foreshortening skills would've gotten an unwarranted 3.5. 3 for those star wars eps, but i'm pretty sure he had help with those.

    i don't think FG is a juggernaut. yeah......mostly i just wanted to use that term. no, but srsly. what makes a juggernaut a juggernaut? the creator or its followers or both? i don't know, but i personally find FG to be a truly hilarious, entertaining show, 1 of the few that has made me fall off the treadmill laughing.

    & please. FG is more than the simpsons on crack. it took the basic premise of the simpsons & made it its own. the 2 shows are not cut from the same cloth. FG is glorious in its immorality, randomness, references (which i consider to be almost "educational"--like when stewie had that ferris bueller's day off pointillism painting moment), & complex, un-literal, non-linear, & unpredictable, unformulaic humor.
  • A shameless and virtually flawless cartoon.

    "Family Guy" is rich in satire and eight-thousand-miles-over-the-line politically incorrect humor. What could possibly be funnier? These creators know so much of the world's ills that their knowledge is manifested immaculately in almost every script (yes, almost - because even "Family Guy" has its select few lousy installments). What is not to love about the sadistic baby Stewie and the intellectual but all-too-human family dog Brian? Lois is strong-willed and independent, always ready to fight for the person she is. Peter is a moron and nothing ever comes out right in these episodes ... which makes them a better choice than anything with a cheesy, unrealistic "make-up" sort of conclusion. After all, if you watch "The Simpsons" you'll find that Homer's relationship with Lisa is nauseating, but things always turn out "just right" in just the wrong way. Peter, on the other hand, is horrible to his teen daughter Meg and the audience is supposed to know it - and things never turn out right! And this, my friends, is hilarious. "Family Guy" is a show to be watched, enjoyed, loved, and, for every absolutely horrible example of worldly humor, taken in stride - but rarely taken seriously (though the show WILL make you think).
  • Family Guy is Fox's biggest hit, it is probably the funniest show I have ever seen.

    FG is a show based off the lives of the Griffen family. It is very funny with there constant cut away gags and peters stupidity and the fact FG is not afraid to say what they want. People are always appauled due to the shows humor but come on the stuff they show is not nearly half as bad as South Park. So everyone should just chill and enjoy it I mean it's just a show come on people out there grow up. And in the constitution it says freedom of speech so Seth keep on coming with more FG. If you want to comment on my review email me at
  • Awsome show but i sick.

    Great show with alot of caracters Peter is crazy and Meg is ugly but over all it awsome show. Ok rhode island where the show is mostly made in has many colerful caracters that have very unique personalitys. U have peter who is crazy and lois shes just like most soccer moms and stewie who wants to take over the world. Then u have brian the dog hes a lil bit of an alcholic then u have meg shes always being picked on chris hes not the smartest and not know as well as the others but hes part of the family. And the my reviem on family guy hope enjoy.
  • Amazing show! No need for a summery, you just have to watch it!

    This show is amazing! I do get a little tried of this show, but only when they play the same episodes over and over again, My family pretty much worships this show, my dad has a picture of the A-team hanging on our wall, and has an ornament hanging on our x-mas tree of them too. When they had that one episode of the throwing up contest, that's a great! All the sings that they have the characters singing is good, Peter singing the give up the toad song, Brian singing Never Gonna Give You Up, Stewie singing Rocket this show!
  • One of the best cartoons ever.

    Family guy is a brilliant cartoon . It's making me laugh every time I am watching it , especially when Peter have his brilliant ideas , which are so stupid idiotic and ridiculous . He is so mentally retarded that he should not live in normal society, because with his stupid ideas is really dangerous to himself and all environment around him . Of course very important role matter Meg. What will be Family Guy winouth all those laughing of Meg , especially when all family getting together and starts to make laugh of Meg until they make She run away crying ?
  • eh

    I am all for offensive humor, as long as it's witty and can say something about human nature. Family Guy does not. I does not give a single character that is likable or is worth caring about at all in any sense of the word caring. It's seriously awful. The flash backs add nothing to the plot, the characters are terrible, and the animation is completely bland. It's too bad, because with the first season this show had potientially and I wanted to like it. But too bad. Seth McFarlane ruined a allright series and dragged it to the ground.
  • Grew on me

    To be honest I'm fairly new to the series I hated it at first because all anyone ever talked about was funny it was every conversation I had with people they would go back an refer to the show, I hated that. But that is probably the shows strongest point it is liked by most teens these days and people adore the show now, for a show to have a cultural following like that must mean that it is doing something right. I have started watching the show and although it may not be as good as South Park or the classic Simpsons it is still very funny. I see it at the same level as Futurama when it comes to how funny it is and that is a great series so that must mean Family Guy is great as well.
  • This is the tale of the shananigans of one eccentric New england family and the many problems often brought on by the family's patriarch.

    In a word this show is funny it a way only match by the simpson which can be considered its father.The one problem that this show has to do with how far it somtimes go to get the punchline which usually ends up being a gab on a celebrity or even god himself.Its often quite random bordering on mind boggling so much so that its ofter hard to say hmm i know whats coming next. I can safely recommend this show to anyone looking for a good laugh so let me get back to watching peter beat up a giant chicken lol.
  • They're baaaack!

    When the previous season ended, I was horribly afraid that my personal comic highlight of the week was on it's way out the door, now...after three episodes of the new season have been seen by yours truly, I'm happy, pleased and relieved to see that Family Guy IS BACK! The writing is back to it's former levels of earlier seasons (Or nearly so) and some really impressive visual gags as in the 'multi-verse' episode and Peter's love affair with a Kathy Ireland cutout came at me from out of the blue and really did it for me. The writers are coming out of their slump apparently, and I couldn't be happier!
  • I really love this show.

    Oh my god...I really Love this show. The characters are ALL funny in their own way and stewie is hilarious. The only thing i would say is that the repeats are not cool, I love the show but TBS always plays repeats that they either showed the week before or 3 weeks before, i KNOW that family guy have over 6 seasons... so the repeats to me are a cop out, now back to the show. The funniest episode to me is when stewie kills lois and lois kills stewie, at the end o was so upset when it was a simulation but overall my vote is a 10/10.
  • Fantastic show, however the later seasons are not as good as previous seasons.

    The first five seasons of Family Guy are hilarious. But as the seasons go on, I am finding them using the same jokes over and over again especially in this latest season.

    Nowadays they are choosing to go for shocks over comedy but I would still reccomend this show to anyone who enjoys a laugh.

    The animation is great, the jokes are funny (when not recycling jokes) and the characters are brilliant (all except the very very tiresome Mort) so this show is still worth watching. Hopefully the writers will come up with more ideas soon.

    The best season to watch is probably Series Five. The not to great season is Season Six (Unless you want to see Peter's privates).

    But no matter what I will continue to watch this show.
  • The most awesome tv show ever!

    This is a very awsome show. The best ever made in the history of tv.I feel bad for people who hate it. Please, if your going to watch a good tv show,please watch family guy.

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  • this sho is funny

    its funny how peter treets meg.he says stuff to her and ya. but the only thing that is weird is luis nose, its big!this show is awsome!i wonder why stewie wants to kill his mom?and i also wonder if they know what stewieis even saying.this show is really really funny funny!i don't really wacth this show but i seen it a couple of times and i thought it was funny.thats why i like this show! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! !!!!!!! !!! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • I must say..this is the best show ever :)

    This is an amazing show. I love everything about it! The cool talking dog, the hilarious bisexual baby, the funny drunken dad, the neglected meg. I love it all!

    My favorite charaters would be Brian and Stewie. This may seem wierd..(and don't think im gay for saying this..) but i think Brian and Stewie make a cute little couple. lol. And you can't really say their gay (If they were more of a couple) because, if you think about it, it's just a boy and his dog.

    Well anyway, aside from all that gay lol, I can't wait till season 8!
  • Scoop on Family Guy Movie!

    Hey Guys! Can not wait for the Family Guy movie! There is an awesome interview with their writer Ricky Blitt on Check it out!!!

    Blitt talks about how Seth Macfarlene asked him to write the movie. He's not new to Family Guy, already wrote 23 episodes for them - including the highly controversial and long awaited "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein."

    The site, founded by the amazing Natalie Portman and Christine Aylward, gives a behind the scenes pass for all us movie lovers with exclusive interviews from industry insiders, clips and trailers from upcoming flicks, and a community section for us to connect with all the people in the biz! Spread the word y'all! It's DEFINITELY worth checking out!
  • I can actually relate to a lot of stuff in this show!

    As much as I hate to say it, I can actually relate to a lot of stuff in this cartoon. That's what I think makes this show so funny(well, for me at least.) A lot of people look down at this show because it has no basic plot and it has no intelligence. I think that all that matters in a show is if it makes you laugh, it can relate to you, and it's not crappily drawn. Screw the media. Family Guy is one of my favorite shows, and I hope it stays that way until the show is either cancelled or it just ends.
  • New Episodes of Family guy is more funnier than the old episodes and it still silly.

    After coming back from the dead in 2005, Family guy is still going strong despite didn't pay attention to new episodes between 2000 to 2002. This 2008 Season including last season was better than ever including Meg getting treated like crap each and every day and Peter is very silly and stupidly funny with an lower IQ, he still number 1 including Chris, Stuewe, Lois and that silly dog Brain that still drink, smoke and use fowl words.

    Chris dating Connie, Jillian Marrying other man breaking Brian heart again, and the Baby. he even kill his mom but it didn't happened because he was in a video device. even Both Brain, Stuewe and the Jewish person went to WWII and Back. Still Number 2 but still worth watching.
  • Family guy is most certainly a funny show while it is now flawless.

    Family guy is one of the most entertainign shows to date, the jokes are tried and true, and it has a very satisfying miss to hit ratio. The animation is nice and te colors and drawings look top notch, but there is a small amount of recyling that may add to the feeling that the animators are not putting 100% into the show. Whiel the jokes are indeed funny, they tend to be mostly on the adult side and are most certainly not for all audiences. It also seems that alot of the miss jokes for the show tend to go over the moral line, which subtracts from the overall iage from the show. If your looking for a good laugh and a good way to pass your time, Family Guy is a pretty good candidate.
  • Lowbrow, vulgar, aggravating humor, that is part of a show with no character depth, or a basic plot.

    Family Guy. Where do I begin? While it may be one of the most popular television shows currently on the air, it is absolutely horrible. Family Guy often makes references or parodies other shows, while these are fine in moderation, it's overuse proves two thing to be true. One Seth McFarlane cannot think of his own jokes and simply caters to today's youth with pop-culture references. And the second being the fact that all of the characters are simply plot devices with no personality, besides the one they were given for that episode, what I mean by this is that each character has no continuing personality and are different from episode to episode. One such example is the ever popular character, Stewie. During the early episodes he cared only about two thing, killing Lois and world domination. While cliched this was a much better time for Stewie, as now he is a character-less plot device, for example in a recent episode he wanted to become strong, and in many other episodes all he cares about is Brian and is in love with him. This shows you how little plot this show has, and is ultimately a horrible show.
  • love and hate relationship,mostly hate

    Well with family guy heres the deal,i love and hate family guy. You see its like this sometimes the jokes can really wow me and make laugh other times its just boring "oh peters wearing a hat made of dead cats,is that funny?" ok so peter never wore a hat made out of dead cats,but sometimes the jokes are tiring,the animation is very good though, sometimes it feels as if the show is trying too hard,and like the jokes the story is very interchangeable though I still believe the "Jackass" episode was the funniest one to date.Yet with episodes declining in quality and unfunny joke after unfunny joke,it wouldn't surprise me if family guy gets cancelled...again.
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