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  • This is a great show,Funny,Dramatic,overall awesome.

    This show has always been really funny, The story always made sense, and followed some character throughout. There are a decent amount of specials for this show, which I also like in a series. With specials like "On the road to" You never know what to expect, but it's always great. The show has changed over the years, but only for the better. Family Guy has always been one of the funniest cartoons in my mind. With the Cast and Crew working on the show, I always know what to expect, and that's another fantastic episode. Overall, this is a great, funny show.
  • It's funny!

    It's a great show! The family is just hilarious. I wish it was more, TV-14 then TV-14 DLSV.... It make it better for all.

    Anyway its a good show, with Peter, the fat funny man who can't seem to do anything with his life. Lois, just Lois.... Meg the Ugly Banshee Monkey, Brain the talking liberal nutjob dog, Chris the fat kid, and Stewie, everybodies adorable little hitler All of the episodes have proven some bit of hilariousness to them, I think its a great show!

    It was sad it was cancelled, but I'm glad they brought it back.

    Family Guy ftw!
  • I know people are going to disagree, but I just don't find the show too amusing.

    This show is about a geeky family that strips with a zany of overrated characters. To give my opinions on the main, there is Peter, a fat geek who has no life and works at a fast food resturant. There's Lois, a high pitched women (obviously a geek from that) who is married to Peter, in which I don't see why. There's Chris, the only one I like since he is not a geek. There's Meg, the hugest geek in the whole family that reminds me too much of the sickening Miley Cyrus. There's Stewie, an immature infant that always cusses, which gets VERY annoying. And there's Brian, a retarded pet dog. In my opinion, the show is pointless, it shows stripping way too much, and there's too much geeks. The only thing that keeps the show from getting a 1 is the rare humor in the show. But otherwise, terrible, just terrible. So go ahead, click Disagree, I don't care, it won't change my opinion AT ALL.

  • one of my all time favorite shows

    listen everyone can say that its going downhill just because it had one bad season in season 7, but do not let that affect your opinion about the show in general. especially the early years. the early years of Family Guy were some of the most freaking sweet moments of any show in television history. when the show got revived i admit that they became more focused with the cutaway gags then the actual story but it doesn't bother me because it was still bringing in plenty of lol moments. overall, family guy is an extremely solid show and don't let one bad season affect your opinion about the show in general.
  • What has happened to family guy? It used to leave me in stitches now I'm really struggling to find laughs.

    I used to think that there was nothing better on TV than family guy, but the more recent episodes really seem like they are struggling to produce the humor. There are still funny parts in the episodes and its still enjoyable to watch but I really feel its missing the spark that it first started with. Personally my favorite character is Peter though it seems that at the moment he is not playing as big a role as he used to. There seems to be quite a few 'Brian and Stewie' episodes which, after a while, tend to get a bit boring and repetitive. Hopefully they can find that old spark again and reignite this good show that was once great.
  • Used to be great. Now it's just annoying.

    I loved the first three or four season of family guy. A diabolical genius of an infant intent on killing his "domestic overlords," a fat misogynist dealing with the fact that he's ignorant (and an incapable family man), his wife who puts up with his antics and her baby's attempts on her life while managing the house, a dog with more common sense than the rest of the house combined, and two everyday, anti-social kids all living under a dysfunctional roof made for great television. Now that's all been thrown out the window and lies dead in a pool of blood about 1,000,000 miles back.
    The diabolical genius intent on maternal murder is now a flamboyant stereotype who serves as nothing more than a gag, the fat moron hasn't changed a bit and is getting a bit stale, the wife does nothing more than occupy his bedside, the dog is THE most annoying character in television (seriously, Seth, drop the politics), and the children are hardly more than background props.
    I think this is a show that has run its course. I understand that some people still find this show good and I still watch it from time to time, but I've grown tired of it. Good riddance, Family Guy.
  • It's like that time I reviewed Family Guy...

    A show about a fat idiot, his stupid son, a socially akward reject, an evil baby and a woman.

    The Simps-I mean, Family guy has it all! Except for all it lacks. Some adult cartoons offend people by pushing the envelope. Family Guy offends people by pushing the envelope that was already pushed off the table and eaten by the cat. What does this mean? It means Family Guy's offenses come at the expense of played out adult show punching bags, such as: The handicapped, the government, Christians, Black people, gays and Mexicans. Seth McFarlane takes special care in making sure his show doesn't offend his precious target audience (I.e frat boys, stoners and 14 year-old girls). The Humor in this show comes from the afore mentioned "offensive" and "edgy" content, and from the pointless, witless disposable jokes in the form of flashbacks triggered when someone (usually Peter) says "It's like that time I..." or "It's worse than the time I...". This line is usually followed by an action, an 80's pop culture icon and a place. Example: "It's like that time I beat Madonna at a Taco eating contest in Guantanamo bay". The "jokes" don't make much sense (if any) and have as much wit as a glass of orange juice. The characters are bland. They have no personality and what little character they have is stolen from other, more developed characters from other shows or other media. They change to suit whatever cut-away gag McFarlane crapped out for that week's episode, resulting in endlessly shifting characters devoid of any personality. They're basically lumps of clay... poorly animated lumps of clay. The animation looks like it was done by a 10 year old. The art is mediocre at best and the animation is almost non-existent. Characters lack eyebrows, so their facial expressions are incredibly limited(a technique the incredibly gifted protege genius McFarlane farted out to save money and so that he wouldn't have to think too much) leaving only their body language to convey their (lack of) emotions. This would work, in theory, IF the characters weren't so stiff. They're always drawn in 3/4th's view and their movement is limited to their mouths, a slight head-bob every now and then and, if it's a special occasion, they MIGHT move their arms! To sum it all up, Family Guy is a poorly written, witless show that is still popular to this day for some unknown reason. I don't even know why. Its target audience shouldn't even GET their "jokes" since they reference things from 80's pop culture... FROM THE 1980's, BEFORE most of the show's viewers were born. Combine that with some of the most unlikable, personality-less characters around, a douchebag writer/ creator who's constantly pissing out worse and worse episodes and you get Family Guy, a stupid show completely undeserving of all the praise and fame it's acquired over the years.
  • Once a HILARIOUS show has now become a gross out gag. But still worth adding to your favorite collection if you look at the older seasons.

    Back then this show used to be absolutely hilarious, something that would've been perfect for comedy central. It used to be be up there with South Park, The Simpsons, Futurama and Beavis & Butthead. But now it's dying a fiery death and is getting too dumb. The 150th episode Brian & Stewie (do not watch that episode) is a perfect example of the shows down fall. Half of this show is also totally ripped from The Simpsons, which means Seth is unoriginal and couldn't think of an idea how to design the show's setting and characters. The Cleveland Show wasn't necessary either, it just showed more proof how uncreative Seth Macfarlane has become. This show's partner, American Dad! is much better than Family Guy now, since it's smarter and has more plot and originality. I hope this is just a phase and the show gets cured again.

    Grade: 80%
  • Best. Show. Ever.

    With its wacky cutaways, and funny guest appearances, Family Guy has made it to the 'perfect' top numbers spot in my profile!

    Peter Griffin is the main character, who has done some crazy things, from buying a dinosaur, then a brain damaged horse, to attacking a fish-juggling Hitler and causing a pillow fight to turn into a fistfight with his friends. Heck, he actually cheated Death, and caused death to stop happening by breaking the Grim Reaper's ankle.

    Lois Griffin is Peter's sane wife, who was put up with some of the crazy antics. She usually treated Peter like a kid, like when Peter beat up a kid who hurt Chris.

    Chris Griffin is fat, like Peter. He usually has some antics of his own, and was afraid of the evil monkey who lived his closet, before the monkey moved away.

    Meg Griffin is the punching bag of the family, always getting kicked out of the house or hurt or even insulted. However, she turned into a delinquent after spending time in jail, but she's not like that anymore.

    Brian Griffin is the family dog, who even had a crush on Lois. He is best friends with Stewie, although Stewie might have a gay crush on him, after Brian licked Stewie's ass, like Peter's dumb horse did in Peter's sleep.

    Stewie is the youngest and most intelligent of the family. Early in the series, Stewie had plans to kill Lois, but Stewie decided to skip that. He is best friends with Brian, and might have a crush on him, too. Brian licked his butt and was forced to each his poop, too.

  • Which was once a very funny, smart show is now a complete disaster.

    I'll start off by saying I loved the first few seasons of this show. It was still violent and everything, but it provided some good laughs. We had all the funny characters like Stewie the homicidal baby, and Brian the talking dog. While these characters were funny in the earlier seasons, a lot has changed now. Stewie is more whiny, and seems actually gay in the newer episodes. It's pretty bad. Moving on, the jokes in this show are no longer funny. They all involve farts, penis and other testicle jokes that a typical 8 year old would be cracking up to. Did I mention the jokes are now even more violent and offensive now? Seth has gone off the deep end now.
    It's a already bad enough he makes the Cleveland Show!

    If I were you, I would rent one of the earlier season's of this show. It is so much better than the newer episodes.
  • Freaking.Sweet.

    Absolutely no more can be said about this AMAZING show. It is extremely entertaining and funny, and is the best show I have found since The Simpsons. Family Guy rules. As simple as that. a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a.
  • Family Guy is about the Griffin family Peter, Lois there children Meg, Chris, Stewie and there smart almost human talking dog Brian. The show focuses on there every day lives and problems.

    I love this show so much. My Favorite charaters are Brian the dog and Lois the housewife. I love Brian he is so easy to like. I love how he tends to be a booze hound. I love when Brian sings. I love Lois because she is loyal to Peter no matter what. Thats got to be pretty hard considering that Peter is a Moron and a drunk. Lois is pretty much the only one is is nice to meg for the most part. I also like Meg. Very few like this poor girl but I do. I look forward to each new season with eagerness.
  • A eco-friendly Episode, it just took two laughs, at best.

    Its hard for me to say this, because i am a Family Guy fan since first Episode, but Ocean's Three and a Half was in my opinion a waste of Time. Speaking of Time, most of that was filled with Stewie's Video to a Bryan Adams Song (though i liked it), which was okay, and that awfully stupid Christian Bale Audio. Why did they do this? Why giving the nice Stories, clever Puns and partially black Humor to American Dad only, and let Family Guy go down the Drain?

    Most of the older Episodes have cool Stories and really funny Clips (the brand of this Show), but somehow the Team lost its Touch. Watching American Dad,

  • Uncreative, unoriginal, idiotic, and overall: Not funny.

    I never know why anyone ever watches this episode. Most of what seems to happen is that they take scenes of something such as a movie or tv show and just remake it with their characters. This for some reason is funny, and I will never know why anyone thinks so.

    Seriously, the amount of immature jokes and stereotypical jokes are so overused that it has became as not funny as it was they showed before. By copying old jokes, and immaturity thought is just, not hilarious. I find this as one if not the most overrated show ever aired.
  • Family guy is in my top 3 greatest cartoons on tv today. Its fresh, politically incorrectand ,unpredictable, and hilarious to watch! Keep this show on forever!

    Family guy is in my top 3 greatest cartoons on tv today. Its fresh and unpredictable. All characters are perfectly balanced and unique. Stewie and Brian are my favorite. The shock factor in the politically incorrect jokes makes this show stand apart from most of the shows today.
    I hope they never censure this show of cancel it. Family guy makes all the statements that need to be said once in a while. The prostate exam episode still makes me smile every time I think of it. Everyone had those times where they are thinking something they cant say because it is not correct to comment….well in cases like that I see some family guy episodes flashing in my mind…and it's hard to not grin. Keep this show on forever!
  • Fred Savage is the greatest actor in the history of the world!

    After crashing and burning last week, I was extremely relieved to see the show slightly recover with a decent but by no means classic episode. I really wish they would have done more with the Fox News angle and less with the Handiquacks but overall, at least they got to the main plot right away instead of making us suffer through a three minute Conway Twitty song. With the Lois and the Willy Wonka "run home" scene, that was slightly amusing but it seems like they're using the same jokes again and again. This episode reminded me of the older episodes where there was more of an actual plot instead of constant random jokes. I always enjoy watching people slam Ann Coulter but by far the best of the joke of the episode was at the end when they did the Wonder Years narration thing and Fred Savage screams, "I don't need you anymore!"
    Bottom line: Not classic, but good enough that I'll keep in on my Tivo for a couple of months so I can watch it again later.
  • A decent show worth watching when there's not much else on.

    Family Guy is not exactly something I would call a "family" show. There is a very large gerth of crude humor, that can be offending and inappropriate for children under... let's say 12.

    The show follows a family of 6...(Peter, Lois, Chris, Meg, Stewie, and Brian.) Peter is a rather pompous idiot who is always getting himself in trouble, while his wife Lois, who has had her share of shenanigans, is usually the logical stay-at-home mom.
    Chris and Meg are teenagers who are unpopular, and a little off the wall.
    As for Stewie he has an intelligent, wanna-dominate-the-world, sort of personality, and apparently nobody can really "hear" what he plots except for Brian, the family's dog, that is an almost human like character, and a major alcoholic at times.

    Overall this show doesn't follow a real plot, but can be found worth a few laughs.
  • Sick and not funny!

    I have 5 childern and I would never want them to view this show. What's wrong with the world today? We don't need this filth! What kind of Family guy is he anyways? I sure would not have wanted these characters as my family nor would I want that for my kids. This show is not funny! This show is sick,twisted and perverted. Why would anyone think it is okay to behave the way they do? Lets get back to viewing good and uplifting shows, I bet our world would be a better place. By the way Jesus does not hate many humans, he hates the sin not the person.
  • bottom of the barrel

    jeez. I cant believe how bad that episode was. I feel like they are completely out of ideas/not trying nemore and instead waste everyone's time with mindless hour long scenes and no plot whatsoever. If you go back to the pilot episode and all of them up until the third season those were all great episodes and really made the show. Now Peter is a complete moron (a lot more so) and these new episodes are like a completly different show altogether. If the next episodes are like tonight's I can't bring myself to be tortured anymore.
  • Offensive for no reason, filled with silence, random references to old stuff, boring "action" scenes, self references, hatred and propaganda. Bottom line: Unfunny, annoying and an insult to humanity.

    I cannot stand this show, not because I find it offensive (South Park is way more offensive, and I find it acceptable) or against my political views (which it is, but I don't really care), but because it has no quality.

    Let's imagine Family Guy is a book. In one chapter, someone says something that isn't funny but could be considered offensive to certain people, and the writers expect you to find it funny because someone, somewhere, will be outraged.

    Oh and imagine a book where a joke is followed by a million comas, just so the viewers have time to get it and laugh.

    Then another chapter is full of references to pop culture from previous decades. Totally random references that serve no purpose, but for some reason that's supposed to be funny.

    Next chapter: Peter fights a chicken for 10 minutes. Why? Who knows? It's rofl so randum therefore it's supposed to be funny.

    Self reference, lot's of self reference. That's hilarious too, right?

    And like in any high quality program a character has to be abused, mocked and humiliated at every chance. In this case, Meg. Meg's so hideous, we hate her.

    Oh and of course Brian. Did anyone watch Boston Legal? For 5 years James Spader was David E. Kelley's megaphone for his political views. That's what Brian is to whoever created this show.

    Family Guy isn't funny. It isn't clever, original nor "groundbreaking". It is a cancer.
  • A bit like "Married With Children," but without all that taste and charm getting in the way.

    This is a show of an interesting type: one where the comedy is geared toward mean-spirited lessons in what the writers don't like. Call it negative satire. The kids are frightening, the parents are slobs and even the family pets have something wrong with them. And baby Stu is a one-joke figure that wears thin very, very quickly. The show might be considered cute by people who liked to punch other kids on the school bus. For everyone else, though, it offers little daylight. I wouldn't like to be around people like this in real life, so even as a cartoon alternate world, it fails to convince me. Show's over. Nothing to see.
  • A Rate for old times' sake...

    The last episode (Dial Meg for Murder) was the last drop for me. It's grown tiresome for me watching the same things over and over. Yeah, there are still some funny moments (especially the flashbacks), but I'll no longer even think to watck an entire episode. For the brief funny sketches there's always youtube (For being outside of USA I cannot use Hulu). I'm sorry to say that this show has being going downhill for a while now, McFarlane has overstretched himself (Three shows are a little to much, don't you think?). On the politics side, the constant mocking of just one half of the spectrum has grown stale (to put it into perspective, I'm liberal-ish). I'm more and more convinced that almost every show need an expiration date, rather than risking losing pace.
  • Family guy = Fun

    Family guy is a seriosly funny comedy cartoon.It's a wonder why there are so few people that hate it here.But almost half of America hates it!But why?!Never mind.About the show now... it's really great and has randomly super funny jokes.My favourite characters are Peter, Brian and Stewie.Peter the sex maniac and alcoholic main character, Brian, the always complaining dog which had a lot of girlfriends, and finally Stewie, the twisted little kid which seeks the death of his parents.But why does he hate them?I hope they tell that in the final episode (if there going to make it soon).
    P.S. I love this show!
  • Family Guy: sick, offensive, random, politically incorrect. Is it a good show? No

    Family Guy is the hugely successful animated show whose success has most probably overtaken The Simpsons; the show its ideas were completely bootlegged from (the fat, unintelligent dad, the frazzled mum, a baby, a dog, a dysfunctional brother and sister and hundreds of outrageous recurring characters although Family Guy's are a lot more far-fetched.) The shows entire premise is The Simpsons but minus the clever jokes and believability and add a series of crass and annoying skits that almost desperately tries to shock the people watching. Apart from the episode "Brian Wallows and Peter Swallows" which was truly depressing everything about the show is a farce, (I mean; characters like a greased – up deaf guy and a homicidal chicken, storylines like Peter starting his own religion, befriending a talking cow and kidnapping the Pope, need I say more?) with jokes that are completely random and don't tie together at all. Out of all the characters; the one that has changed the most is Stewie, the urbane baby who inexplicably speaks with a posh and mature English accent although no one seems to regard it, in the first 2 seasons he was just a generic evil genius with a fixation not only to rule the world but to murder his mother while nowadays he's grown into an effeminate but still wise – cracking and sardonic brat whose homosexual tendencies seemed to have overtaken any plans for world domination despite Stewie still often exercising criminal violence. In my eyes the only character who makes this show plausible is Brian although he's a drinking, smoking and sexually active dog he offers a realistic and sophisticated view on the insane goings-on, he can be pompous sometimes though but only occasionally gets sucked into the insanity of the show's environment. He is also quick to point out when a character is wrong or just plain stupid, mirroring what the viewers and certainly what I feel. Brian is voiced by the creator Seth MacFarlane just speaking normally as is nearly every other male character on the show which gives it a much primitive feel as it's far too obvious it's his baritone voice every time although not to discredit Macfarlane's writing which is actually quite witty, too bad it's hidden under inane shtick. The most excruciating aspect of the show is the countless number of cutaway scenes in every episode when the writers are either too lazy to finish the scene or need a way to squeeze a bad joke they have into an episode. The show looks quite good with rapid – fire animation that suits the manic nature of the show; however I'd say this trend begins from the 3rd season onwards because before then it's just sketchy and stiff cartoon. The audio really drills into your head especially with piercing vocals from Alex Borstein and Seth Green. Although Family Guy has the ability to make you laugh and looks quite good; the pros are severely outweighed by the cons.
  • Glad it was brought back

    I was i huge fan of the show when i was a kid when it first came out. When it was canceled i couldn't believe it, I bought all the DVD's and watched it all the time. When it was brought back i was so happy. But when it came back you could tell the show had changed from what it was, but for the better, it came in funnier and more in your face then the older episodes. The show has become bigger and better than The Simpsons and i can't see an end to the show anytime soon.
  • You still laugh your butt off even after you have seen each episode like 20 times! It gets funnier on every newer episode!

    Family Guy is the best animation comedy show that anyone has ever created! The show has a secret that no other show has and that is the FLASHBACKS! By going to flashbacks the Family Guy characters can make hilarious jokes while still continuing the episode story. Stewie is my favorite character out of all the Family Guy chracters because he always has something up his sleeve or gets himself into something. Peter is the king of "special" people! I also love the Evil Monkey! The show always manages to stay fresh because it has colorful characters and the fact that Family Guy uses flashbacks also helps! This show is hilarious and is a must watch show for anyone that wanys to laugh!
  • Has Its Good Moments

    Don't get me wrong family guy is awesomely funny at times....but if theres one thing i believe is true, the writers of family guy really know how to kill a joke in the fastest way possible! other then that its an ok show
    id suggest just not dragging out a joke for so long, like the one where stewie is dancing for a helicopter just goes over the top but still it has its good points and i will continue to watch it when its not repetitive lol
    i i i i i i i i i i i i
  • Family guy is one of the best animated comedies and its FREEKEN SWEET

    BOy where do i start uhhh ya ok this is the most randomest show ive ever watched how do you like that not usling real word,back on topic its about the griffen family the dad peter sure gives us most of the laughs im i right then theres my favourite character stewie who wants to rule the wolrd with his arsenal of weapons and wants to kill his mom lois, heres twist hes only 1 years old

    lois is just your average house wife with a pysco brother who likes killing fat guys a sister with a happy baby and some parents who make mexican immagrants work for them nothing unusual meg what else to say?/ need i say more

    brain family dog can somehow talk (they should make a episode about that) likes drinking wine and taunts stewie alot and does waht ever your dod does (if you have one)

    chris is the middle child ( you should have seen him when he was just born) tries to get girls and faces pea pressure

    and that it FIN
  • One word: utterly horrible.

    This show should have stayed canceled. The fact that there was a lame 'grass-roots' movement to revive this tripe just proves that a lot of otherwise intelligent people have horrible senses of humor.
    Yeah, I know, them's fightin' words. But I am not trying to pick a fight. I am just trying to fill up one hundred words. Why do the reviews have to be a mimimum of one hundred words, I ask you? Sure, some people would love to blather on about terrible television shows. Others prefer to make succinct, bilious attacks on awful cartoons that for some reason have gained a cult following. Ugh! Do you hear me? Ugh!
  • Family guy rocks

    There is only 1 word i can use for this show and that is FUNNY i mean you cant get a better show then this. you see some people dont get the show and hate it and you know what i say to them learn to love it. most shows are to scared to cross that line on tv but family guy isnt and that what makes it so good they should give the guy who made it a medal for best comadie show ever i mean it. Some people still like the simpsons but that has had its time and should move over here is a line for my fav ep stewie kills lois it gose The guy who watched the simspons back in 1994 and juust wont admite it isnt funny anymore you know that is right the simspons has lost its way and its time to let other schools get the lime light so ty and i hoped you enjoyed my rant.
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