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  • South park is right about this show.

    Family guy once had an appeal in the early seasons but now it doesn't. The cut aways are stupid they say remember the time i punched myself in the balls and it rolls a pointless clip. The gags drag on long enough to the point were it just plain boring and the majority of the time their just time fillers. In family guy they constantly reuse jokes up until the point where it is not even remotely funny they have had 3 chicken fights, Cleveland has fallen out of that bath tub like what ten times sure these kinds of things can be funny the first and second time but really come on. Then there is the Cleveland show which is just terrible I saw and episode and Cleveland said "I have fallen out of that bath tub more times then it could possibly be funny" so they are aware of it so why are they still doing it? And also they have done the bird is the word joke that is just plain annoying and unfunny and they have had to have Conway Twitty for 3 minutes I'm dead serious some boring country singer just to fill up the episode. Have you ever seen any other show do this?
  • Our brains can not take anymore of this garbage

    To rate this show at all is actually a waste of time.

    The characters are boring and exxaggerated.

    It seems only to have one function and that is to make people that watch it stupid.

    I've tried watching this show but it seems as if it was written by a very sick person, Simpsons could at least be funny as it was a serious comedy this UTTER GARBAGE has no place on TV or ANYWHERE!

    Better to cancel it and save us the boredom
  • Family guy/american dad

    I think family guy and american dad should make an episode where they have a wife swap. They should make an episode where Francine and Louis switch husband's for a week.
  • Uncalled for language

    The language they use on Family Guy now is inappropriate (i. e. Fuck, cock, asshole, dick,etc)

    It was funny without the bad language adding the bad language just shows no class.

    Quit while your ahead....
  • MacFarlane has sold way out!

    MacFarlane has sold way out! His show has just turned into every other show! It is nothing but dumbed down trendy idiot propaganda now! That is the best way I can describe it, without going into deep detail. And I do not feel like wasting anymore of my time explaining why a crappy show stinks! Thank you!
  • Great show. Really funny. Way better than new Simpsons. Reminds me of Simpsons in its classic seasons.

    Come on guys, whats wrong with you? You all really need a sense of freakin humor for cryin out loud.

    This show is really funny & its way better than those boring ass newer episodes from The Simpsons.

    Yes, Family Guy did go sort of downhill, but episodes from 2013-present are still leaving people in stitches.

    Family Guy is not afraid to push the edge of the acceptable boundaries. Jokes about Michael J Fox's high profile battle with Parkinson's disease have caused public anger (these people really need a sense of humor), but the show continues.

    The Griffins and their aqquaintiences are really funny in their own ways.

    Peter Griffin is hilarious, he is on a tie with Homer Simpson. Lois, being a nagging wife and mom still manages to be funny at times, Chris , being an idiot has his moments, Meg sucks tho although everyone's treatment to her can be hilarious at times- for example, whenever Peter yells Shut up Meg! Everybody laughs and in the Star Wars parodies she is shown as some kind of gross monster , and Stewie & Brian are pure comedy gold especially when they go on their foreign Sci-fi adventures together.

    Quagmire is frighteningly predatory in his sexual advances, and Joe makes consistent jokes about the inability of his legs to work, & when he disagrees with something he yells and it never fails to make you laugh. Cleveland may be a bit tasteless but that doesn't effect the shows clever humor. Mayor West, oh my God he's the man. He's played by and based on his real identity (Adam West obviously) but in a cartoonish manner. They even have James Woods as a character for Gods sake.

    The cutaway gags are underrated, seriously. Even Trey Parker & Matt Stone (creators of South Park) bashed these. Come on, there just jealous. Without their amazing cutaway gags, the show wouldn't be anywhere near as original and comical. Rather than simply saying "oh no,we're done for and its all my fault" Family Guy has a tendency to say something like "this is worse than that time I saw Michael Jacksons groin treatment dance (cuts away to Michael Jackson slapping his groin, hitting it with wood and even shooting it while he still dances on stage) . Absolutely brilliant.

    The success of Family Guy lead Seth MacFarlane and his writers to produce successful films such as the Ted films and Million Ways to Die in The West, and I highly reccomend them for any fan of this show.

    I think FOX should pass the torch to Family Guy as todays most successful animated sitcom on FOX. The Simpsons were better than Family Guy at a long point, but that's long over. Go watch a Simpsons episode from season 18 and beyond then watch a Family Guy episode, then compare the humor and see what I mean.
  • Mind changed on this show!

    Not really a Simpsons rip-off, it's super hilarious! I don't give two shits if I'm 13 and like this show!
  • Family Guy

    First seasons were good, the later seasons are meh/bad
  • This is still airing?

    This show used to be "funny" back when it first started airing and crude humor was still sort of new. The fact that this is still airing now though is unbelievable to me. How many edgy, used up jokes can they still manage to pull out of their asses? If you like a show that's repetitive, idiotic, slapstick humor, I'd recommend this to you. Otherwise, find yourself a better show to watch. This one is horrible.
  • Seth Macfarlane can suck my ass.

    If you are dumb and ignorant then this show is perfect, if you are slightly intelligent you think its funny but stupid, if youre actually intelligent you realise quickly that the show is pretentious, boring, repetitive, needlessly insulting and poorly written. JUST DIE ALREADY!!
  • I love it.

    I just love how they talk shit about everyone. I love the fact they risk/risked getting sued because of it. Same with south park. Literally just love the shit talking. I hope they get worse too and offend everyone at some point. They say what most people want to but can't. Or won't. I know the show will most likely end soon. But it's too bad.. Maybe someone should just make a show that shit talks the whole time. I definitely would watch that.
  • a stupid idea of a show from the get go

    its shit full class shit its not funny it makes people sick to their stomach its insensitive and full of anti religious symbolism and mean spirited jokes bottom line THIS SHOW NEEDS TO DIE AND BURN IN LIVING HELL
  • @Lukas1977 thanks for sharing but ... PISS OFF will ya! Great show.

    Great show. .the sad part is that you get the feeling that Seth and gang don't wanna keep doing the show. Not sure why that happens, I guess too much of something gets to be too much. The fans still love it, I love it! Stewie is no longer trying to kill his mother and bent on world domination. That blurb about what the show is "about" is very out of date. Family guy has grown into a modern animated sitcom with characters you love and hate. I look forward to Sunday nights because of this show... until they bring the X-Files back this is as good as its gonna get! (and it may not get that good
  • Old episodes are better

    I dont know if its just me or that episodes gets even more weird and not funny every time. I still like them but old episodes are funnier to me plus they dont make em spanish anymore it will make me understand better

  • Family Guy

    The show that ripped-off "The Simpsons" is one of the most loved/hated show on earth. It's funny, intense, and etc. Back then, the show has been cancelled twice by FOX, and now they want it. Who would've known that several people hated the series, including animators, who express their opinion and/or feelings about "Family Guy". The show maybe stupid at times, but it's an okay show. The only character I feel really bad the most is: Meg Griffin, and the character that REALLY should've stayed dead is Brian because honestly, his egotism and cruelty is really getting on my nerves. But the one thing that really, really, REALLY irritates me the most about the show is those stupid gag cutaways that really has nothing to do with the episodes. It's getting old and I want that to change (it's no wonder people chose "South Park" over this show). This show has received a lot of criticism from so many people and animated TV shows (such as: The Simpsons, South Park, Futurama, because of their unsuitable content, their lame cutaways and somewhat derivative plot. Sometimes, and I repeat, SOMETIMES I wish the show really was cancelled. Okay, so I admit I have a love/hate relationship with the series, but at least I'm honest about it.

    The only score I would give "Family Guy" is a 4.0 out of 10.
  • disgusting show

    this show is disgusting ,its a disgrace
  • Rape much?


    So sorry.

    Not sorry.

    I started watching your "family" show several years ago and thought it was mildly amusing.

    Then the rape jokes.


    Is that how low you have to stoop to get attention?

    I wouldn't have even bothered to mention it (just gone about my normal, non-viewing, anti rant to friends) If it hadn't been for a group of girlfriends and I just now having the "it used to be funny" convo.

    Also, even straight women would fuck Meg before Peter.

    Just Sayin'.

    Your show is ball kickin'.

    As in, painfully horrid.
  • Why haven't they cancelled this show yet?

    They should cancel this show already. Along with all the stupid one-trick pony shet macfarlane shows.
  • defender of the show

    Raven77, how can you say that about the show, when all you have done is read wikipedia entries? How can you judge something you haven't seen?

    I have watched every episode, and from the beginning, the tone of the first couple of episodes sets out the rest, and what to expect.

    Don't like it? Don't watch it. Also, if you haven't ever watched it, don't b***h about it
  • Too offensive to me! My faith in cartoons is screwed by this show!

    You know, when I heard of Family Guy being a knock off of the Simpsons, I couldn`t help but feel a bit excited because I loved the TV show the Simpsons and I thought that I could get a real thrill of this show and man, was I wrong after I watched an episode of it. First off, I could`nt belive how trashy and disrespectful this show was all the way from the beginning to the the end of each season based on the summaries I read on wikipedia and personally, I could really rant on all the Griffins one by one.

    Peter Griffin: First off, you`re a Homer Simpson knockoff and the only thing that is different about you is your style of comedy. Homer may have had his inappropriate moments on his own show (like the tree house of horror where he danced in church naked) but his actions don`t even come close to offensive as yours. I mean, he even does a better job at being a father than you. Homer loves all 3 of his kids but you... you practically treat both your sons like they don`t exist and you beat up the living snot out of your child Meg (It really baffles me why this has not caused media outrage). Personally, I think someone should cancel your show again, because you deserve it.

    Lois: just like your husband Peter, I don`t think even a 1 day old kid would mistake you for a good parent because you`re simply terrible with the way you cheat on Peter several times and how you let him take advantage of you in many terrible scenarios. The only sympathy I can give you is when I yell, "HEY LOIS, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? STEWIE IS TRYING TO KILL YOU!" Other than that, I hate your guts.

    Quagmire: you is a sex fiend/molester/pervert and you deserve to go to jail for life. (The same goes to that Herbert guy)

    Chris: Just do yourself a favor and grow up. I think your antics fall on the offensive side of telling jokes and personally, I just can`t stand how low you go sometimes.

    Stewie: Someone should send you to a psychiatric hospital. And Family Guy die hards, I don`t know what is so entertaining about a toddler trying to kill his own mother. It`s just wrong and totally uncalled for.

    Meg: out of all the members of the Griffin family, I can`t help but feel sorry for you. All that pathetic excuse for a family does is bully you mercilessly non-stop. I`m surprised social services have`nt gotten wind of the Griffin parents treatment to you because you deserve much better than them. I hope that before the season ends, you will end up in a better family that truly shows the respect you deserve.

    Brian: Let me just tell you this: I was probably the only guy who was happy to see you kicked the bucket in 2013. I felt the same way when the car ran over you just like when Gus Fring from Breaking Bad got killed. You were ***phobic, didn`t show even a moment of respect for any religion and really had your moments where you took the show too far with your "humor". I think that the universe gave you and Stewie what you deserved that day. I also liked Vinny better than you. In fact, if I was walking down a street one day and I got to a fork in the road and I saw you and Vinny on opposite ends of the street, I would stop. Suddenly, when I see a car on both ends of the fork speeding to you and Vinny and you both fail to notice the car in time to escape on your own and I had to choose between helping you and Vinny, I would have IMMEDIATELY rushed to save Vinny over you. As far as I`m concerned, when I look at the Griffin family, I still see Vinny in Brians place.

    And to Seth MacFarlene: Someone once told me in my life, "Look, you may think that comedy is not serious but there is a clear line between entertaining and

    The Parent Television Council has named your show the morally worst show of the week more than 40 times and even reading their descriptions of the episodes stuns me with shock that you concider what you do comedy. You honestly have no idea how wrong your show is and I really hate your style of humor. I think that Hollywood should just give you the boot like Sarah Silverman.
  • a real family guy

    Upon hearing of your upcoming show staring Jesus, I will no longer be a viewer of your show. Blasphemy, is taking things too far. I hope all Christians, and believers in Christ show your show the door. By the way, did you vote and donate for The Obamanator too?
  • At Least it...

    (Review writer was admitted at a hospital for a heart attack while writing this review)

    I don't know how to end my title. It's become boring, lazy, preachy, unnecessarily offensive, abusive... It just makes no sense. Nothing does. But that's ok. What's not ok is how they f***ed up so bad. Peter is an ass***, Louis is a c***, Brian is... BRIAN!!! Meg is boring, Chris is bland, Quagmire is... a rapist, child molester, etc. (seriously, why would you like someone like that?). Stewie however, is now cute, funny, and tolerable, so that's a plus. Cleveland is a great character, that's also ok, and I can't really say anything bad about Joe. However, the stories are either ridiculous or painful to watch, there is no development and there is so much filler that I could watch any of the new seasons in 4 hours including commercials if I take away all the filler.

    And since I'm not Brian, I'll say I understand the people who like this show. It's so bad it's actually good sometimes (like The Room) but it's still terrible. Just... terrible.

    (If I were Brian, I would've said "This is my idea, and whomever likes this crap of a show is a r***ed idiot. I'm right and if you don't agree, get a brain).

  • I'm just into vulgar humor

    What I love:

    ~The musical theatre genre used for the soundtrack of the show.

    ~ The vulgar humor. Okay I'm immature.

    ~The cutaways.


    ~ Ernie the chicken, Conway Twitty and the long af cutaways. It just wastes time.

    ~ Lack of character development (ex: Peter learns a lesson and it goes out the window right when the credits roll) I'm also critical that the writers CANNOT commit to changes in the story lines like when they killed off Brian (though I like him far more than Vinny) and James Woods (he should've stayed dead :l ).

    I wish it did rely off of the plot instead of the gross out humor and cutaways but hey, it's a show I love to watch and it always guaranteed to make me laugh.

    do you guys know what i think and what will be best for you guys and the family guy universe, i think you should bring back all the dead family guy characters like Loretta, Muriel, Diane Simmons greased up deaf guy etc. family guy was a lot interesting when these guys were there. and also make stew Gilligan Griffin return back to his world domination stance and also to killing his mum Lois. stew is no longer as interesting as know you guys wont heed to this advice but pls think twice. by Emmanuel Daniels 08111823857 is my phone number
  • Irreverent. Amazing. and it would be better if Dan Porvenmire is Still Here

    I'm a Huge Fan of Family Guy

    His Animation style is cool. Despite of the Case of the Puke. Because Not all The Programs Show Puke

  • I rank all episodes of Family Guy

    10. The Son Also Draws (Season 1)

    9. Mind Over Murder (Season 1)

    8. Holy Crap (Season 2)

    7. Chitty Chitty Death Bang (Season 1)

    6. Peter Peter Caviar Eater (Season 2)

    5. Death Has A Show (Season 1)

    4. I Never Met A Dead Man (Season 1)

    3. Brian: Portrait Of A Dog (Season 1)

    2. A Hero Sits Next Door (Season 1)

    1. Da Boom (Season 2)
  • The best comically written show of all time

    Okay let me just say, Family Guy is THE best show to reach television. Family Guy is definitely has been the biggest show of the 00's (not so much the 10's because everyone is over it now). It's nowhere near as funny as it used to be, but the newer episodes have really hilarious moments too and I still think it's the funniest show ever. I don't know how they come up with this stuff but we need a moment of silence to honor the writers who are true geniuses. I don't like people who say it's a rip off of the Simpsons, yes it was inspired by the Simpsons but it's still way different humor, the only thing that's the same is that there's three kids, parents, and a dog. People are saying that Bob's Burgers is the best thing now and that it's better than Family Guy now, which I totally disagree, Family Guy has declined in humor but it's still very hilarious. I will never get tired of re watching episodes, I will laugh out loud each time.
  • No wonder Seth MacFarlane is making movies now

    His ideas for cartoons are very short-lived, that's exactly why American Dad and The Cleveland show were cancelled.
  • Ahahah a Meg-Torture Porn, and Brian as a Metaphor

    This show is garbage, actually even garbage had more original substance than this grotesque cancer. I'll write a longer review later
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