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  • WTF!?

    Family Guy WTF! I don't know what to say this is the worst show eveeeeeeer! GTH who made that Fuckin gross show
  • Family Guy

    Despite being one of your "biggest fans" and buying your box set, to see you accuse The Simpsons of 'ruining TV' is a joke on you.

    18'30" S11,E02 if you care to see.

    You are kidding me. Surely.

    Family Guy has nothing on The Simpsons and Seth can only DREAM to be up there. (and he probably does citing the evidence)

    So please Seth, stay in you league, do your thing and keep your bum clean little boy.
  • Family Guy

    This is the most disgusting show on TV. Well one of them. I am by no means a prude, but come on filth is all can say!!!!!
  • Family Guy's So Bloody Addictive

    I totally agree with all of what "therealdeal" has said. I'm sick of people moaning that the only Family Guy seasons that were good were 1-3. Sure, season 3 upwards - the shows were awesome. But season 1 and 2? Please, its obvious why the show was cancelled. The episodes are boring and the characters are under-developed, but I'm not saying that they should never have been made. In fact, I think it's more interesting now to see how far the characters have come. Stewie is good as an evil baby, but when he was just evil it was a bit dull. I, like "therealdeal" also enjoy hearing Seth voice his opinions through Brian. Why is everyone complaining so much? He created the character and has the right to do as he wishes. Many have also complained about Quagmire's transformation into an upright bitchy snob. Well, just like Stewie and Brian, the character had to go somewhere. Yes, I think they could do with bringing back the more cheery and perky Quagmire we all loved. However, I think he's become a lot cooler and sly with the ladies, which is good development for his character. I do have a bit of a problem with Peter. He's become downright idiotic with far less compassion or feeling. Lois is becoming increasingly irritating. All she does is nag now. I want the cool karate-fighting Lois back.

    I'll be honest. Sometimes the shows fall flat. Sometimes there are jokes which are just rude or gags I just don't get. But this show is soooooo addictive. I think it's something to do with the rich variety of characters. I was thinking about this as I was staring at my giant Maxi Family Guy poster on my wall...

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  • Shitty simpsons rip off

    It sucks

    and it only gets worse and worse

  • The first three seasons were great then it turned to crap

    This show was just created to be offensive ***ed and geared towards immature twelve year old's it's also somewhat of a Simpsons ripoff. Also Seth Marlane isn't funny.
  • don't approve?don't watch

    Look, people: FG has, more the most part,since 1999,been pretty darn like the political incorrectness/racism/monotonously annoying cutaways/sexism/80's obsessions/plots waning during some seasons/show losing its steam??? DON'T WATCH IT ANYMORE. shows for little kids? we've precious little adult cartoons on . as it CN Saturdays.

    On March 10, Peter Griffin farted, blew up his house, and then said, " brownhouse!" For my fellow FG rest my case. Seth Macfarland, his writers, and the actors voicing all three of his shows are a winning combination who NAIL IT a hundred more times than they miss. don't approve?don't watch.
  • Please try to read it all

    I'm just gonna jump out and say it. The old episodes suck! Yeah, you heard me, from seasons 1-3 most episodes were terrible. The old episodes are the reason why my rating is an 8.5. The last few seasons were the greatest combination of episodes I have seen. Stewie, Peter, and Brian are the greatest creations ever, and have gotten funnier and funnier. Stewie used to be a boring evil guy. Now he has put aside his evil ways, but still using his inventions for time traveling and other stuff and provides lots of funny lines. Peter used to love his children equally but now hates his daughter's guts. HA!!!!!!!!!! And my favorite character is Brian. Lots of people hate Brian because Seth is using him as his "puppet" but I like to know what Seth thinks. It's also hilarious when even though Brian usually acts as a human, he does dog like things too. The road to episodes are brilliant! And people think jokes are offensive. Five Words. Have. A. Sense. Of. Humor. It's a cartoon! Most of the time they can't deliver serious moments, but on occasion an episode comes like the episode Brian and Stewie where there are some dramatic moments. I also loved Seth's singing voice. Peter, Brian, and Stewie need to have more five minute musical numbers! I also love the Conway Twitty and Giant Chicken Gags. Another one of my favorite characters is Dr. Hartman. He needs more appearances. You can also never go wrong with an appearance with Ollie Williams and even Floyd Wetherton. My favorite episode of all time is I Dream Of Jesus. Long Live Family Guy!
  • really?

    My sister loves this show. Often we don't let her see the show because it is not for kids 6 and younger ! People need to make more little kids shows . I hope someone agrees with me.

    This is the best comedy animation on TV in my opinion.

    Will always love it!

    This show is so funny and just so random I love it! I will never get tired of it!
  • Very Funny

    Yeah in quality this is defininitly not great. But it is undeniably funny!!! :)
  • This is wierdly but good sense of humor

    Seth dude you are a Genius keep this and it up
  • Now this show has humor!

    When I first saw this I thought it was gabarge...
    Turns out: I loved it! This is the kind of humor we need!
    I mean we all know laughing is recognizing, well there you go: They use lots of other people/shows/lables/things we all know. And there's lots of flashbacks and short scenes that have nothing to do with the plot, which makes it hilarious! All this was the idea of a man with humor: Seth Mcfarlene, he also does the voices of: Peter, Stewie, Brian and Quackmeyer. (Gigitygigitygoo!)
    Well the plots aren't too interessting, but the humor is!
    That's why I think it's a great show!
  • Hi, I'm OldManKrabs555 and this is my review on Family Guy.

    Family Guy is an awesome show, I like anything made by Seth MacFarlane. My favorite characters are Stewie and Brian. I don't know why, I just like them. Family Guy is my second most favorite TV show tied with American Dad next to SpongeBob. People may say Family Guy isn't good anymore in Season Nine, but honestly, I don't think it's so bad. I mean, why are people hating on Season Nine? I just wish they could stop some of those random gags like when someone mentions something and then they show it; that's getting kind of old. Well, this has been OldManKrabs555 on Family Guy.
  • why does everybody hate this show so much????????????????????????????????????????????

    this show is not as funny as it used to be but is still HALARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this show maybe be sick and twisted at times but yet ITS Halarious.Every 5 seconds it made somone laugh! This show is about a really fat and stupid guy named Peter Griffin,with and IQ about 10.He has 3 children: Chris:He is the fat and obese man that is always made fun of.

    Stewie: He is a baby genius.He makes alot of cool inventions,and is evil,and wants to kill is mom lois and rule the world.Accept no one knows he wants to do that (beside Brian) He has th IQ of about 196.

    Meg:She is an ugly nerdy weirdo girl that no one loves(especially her family.

    He also has a dog names Brian.He can talk,and he is always nice,but a violent person that drinks alcohol and takes pot.He is almost Stewies "Friend" at times.

    He also has a wife named Lois:She is nice and supports everyone.And these people go trough mystical family problems (sex,drugs,bad things,and ect.
  • Still Love It

    yea... The show is getting kind of old, but I still really love it. You can pick any episode and it will be funny. But I love shows that push the edge. Like louie, archer, always sunny and that new show on fx called legit. I just realized i only named fx shows, but whatever. they're great. read this and they'll you'll know why
  • funny but is getting way to racist

    funny but is getting way to racist, Seth MacFarlane. looks like 13 year old Asian ***got
  • Two different shows

    Family Guy is two different shows really.

    In the first seasons, roughly up to season 6, Family Guy was a show that would make fun of everything and everyone. It was soon clear that Family Guy the opposite of The Simpsons: while The Simpsons works by contrasting hilarious scenes with serious and heartwarming scenes, Family Guy worked by being outrageous throughout.

    This has changed.

    The later seasons suddenly try to include serious moments. This doesn't work, of course, making most of the later episodes rather dull.
  • Moronic

    It tries to be South Park, but made by halfwitts, for morons.
  • New Episode Suggestion

    Peter has a job to move some furniture for Lois. Everytime he lifts a piece, he grunts and then farts. The whole family watches knowing what is going to happen, laughs and makes fun of Peter. The word gets out and other families are requesting Peter's help just so they can have a laugh. He winds up on the local news because they used his grunting/farting for a fundraising event where they sold tickets. Because Meg and Chris are ridiculed at school about Peter, he is required to retire from manual labor. Also, the parents of the school kids feel Peter is a bad example.

  • It really depends on age.............

    I think that it all depends on how old u r like you wouldn't let a 5 year old or even a 6 year old watch Family Guy right? I wouldn't because Family guys are one of those shows like American Dad it has alot of cursing a fighting inside Family Guy so I would give this show a thumbs down even though I love the show :/
  • Some love it, some hate it. This is my opinion.

    I might get some thumbs down, but Family Guy (or at least the old ones) is one of my favorite shows on television. Some people think that the humor has gone downhill, which it sort of has, but it is still that same quirky humor that we all love. I do admit some of the storylines are kind of blah, because they're running out of ideas, but that doesn't stop me from giving it a terrible rating. The characters have gone downhill a little bit, and the show is just basically randomness at this point, but it is still funny and manages to get some laughs out of me, and that's what I'm basing my review on. It is an animated comedy, after all. You can agree or disagree with it, but this is just my opinion.
  • The worst thing in the universe(s)

    This has got to be the worst thing to ever exist! It shoudl have never existed!

    Plot:0.0 there is none just flash backs

    Animation:0.1 just horribly bright and annoying

    Lines:2.6 just random stuff

    Humor:1.3 toilet humor is so terrible!

    Jokes:0.7 simply just toilet jokes

    Characters:1.0 the only good one is Meg

    Music:2.3 to many songs at a time and most of them are weird cowboy's songs.

    Spin-offs:3.0 American Dad is not a spin-off, just a related show

    Episodes:1.2 just the same thing


  • Great, great show

    I'm forty-nine and I love Family Guy. There, I said out loud, and damn it feels good! I can't get enough of it. And, you know what? Quagmire's my favorite character (giggidy). Man, feel like weight's been lifted.
  • It was a step up from that awful Tale of a Third Grade Nothing episode but it was still bad. It had a subplot that had chance to go somewhere but it didn't.

    Finally, Joe and Bonnies' baby is born and it is a beautiful girl. With the hospital bills so high, Joe has to work another job and even has to pay back a loan shark. Peter said the only way to get Joe out of debt was to steal from Carter. Meanwhile, Stewie has a crush on Susie. They ruined Joe in this one by taking away his dignity and he used to a strong character. Stewie should have just gone up to Susie and talked to her instead of making that stupid long video which was a waste and the Christian Bale bit should have been shorter. There were more bad jokes ( eye floaters?!! ). At the end, Stewie said he was no longer interested in Susie but is in love with Bryan Adams. Why am I not surprise? It would have been great if Susie could talk too and it would also have been cooler to have another talking baby for Stewie to hang out with. That would have been better than that stupid video. The only part I laughed was at end when Lois told Peter that she got the money for Joe was convincing her father that she was getting a divorce lawyer. Peter thought she was joking but she walked away and he got nervous. I bet she did. Overall, a step up from the last episode but still, this one was terrible.
  • It's a Shame to see such a Great Series Drop like a Freakin' Rock!!

    A Family Sitcom with a Goofy Father, Hard Working Housewife, Confused Odd Boy, Dorky Girl trying to fit in, A Reasonable Talking Dog and an Evil Baby wanting to rule the World! This Terrible Show once had a lot of potential. This Silly Family with their Wacky Adventures had it's Few Enjoyable Seasons, but then it went down hill and made a Turn for the Worse; Ever since the Ending of Season 4 it just dropped dead to me. Stewie changed from an Evil Genius into a Happy Go Lucky Gay-Wad who wants to have sex with the Freaking Dog! Now I don't have a Problem with Gay People, It's just that Stewie makes Gays look Bad and he was never gay to begin with, sure he had some Gay Jokes in the past, but it was only a few times and it never took itself to a limit like having sex with the dog or dressing up as a woman to get dates with other men. Peter was once a Goofy Father who was very Gullible and then Became a Complete *** with no common sense and is an Arrogant Asshole! Lois was a hard working house-wife and then became a total Slut having sex or making-out with almost anyone! Chris was a Strange Confused Boy and now seems more normal than before, he is also underrated and no longer Talented. Brian was a Caring Reasonable Active Talking Dog who was the Voice of Reasoning, Now he is a Liberal-Douche who doesn't give 2 shits about anyone else besides dating Bimbos, He rips on anyone who disagrees with him and gives off opinions rather than Facts! Meg is still the same though, which is good. Quagmire was ounce a Friendly sex driven Man, now he's a Dick who is constantly cheating on his friends wives and never seems kind and nice anymore but more bland and mean. That's not even the worse part, The Worse Part is that Quagmire is now a Rapist who likes hearing the cries of Woman in pain... 0_o, WTF is wrong with these writers; how is any of that even remotely funny, It's not, It's just Sick and Disturbing. Joe was all about action now he is like a quiet little mouse and is almost as bland as the new Chris. Peter, Brian, Stewie and Quagmire seemed to have changed the most out of all of them and is it just me or are they constantly making Disease, Racist, Gay and Disturbing Jokes about Actors, Once in awhile is okay but jeez, They use these gags way to much in the new Seasons; Speaking of which some of their Jokes are just repeated over and over again, Returning your Jokes is fine and all but not 10 freaking times, come up with new Jokes you lazy ass writers, It's getting old and bland now. Not to mention Brian and Stewie are together all the freaking time in the recent episodes... My God they have their own episodes like in 50% of the Series now, Peter is 25%, Quagmire is 15% and the others are 10%. WTF... You mind as well call it "The Stewie and Brian Show" now!!!! As Peter always says in the Opening of Family Guy, Where are those good old Fashioned Values, on which we used to rely. A Show that reminds us of that, has changed with new values that we don't rely on, The Disappointing part is that it's coming from the show that has changed way too much. How Sad... Okay I'm done here. So Seasons 1-4 of Family Guy were the Best With Interesting Plots and True Comedy! Seasons 5 and Above are not Funny, have Weak Plots and the Characters are Very Different from what they used to be! The Stewie Griffin Movie was Good and the Family Guy: Star Wars Movies were Crap! So Only Watch the first 80 Episodes. And so this is the End of My Review. Good-Bye!

    Here are my Ratings for each Season, Just In-case you were all curios.

    Season 1:- 8.0 (Great)

    Season 2:- 9.0 (Amazing)

    Season 3:- 8.5 (Great)

    Season 4:- 7.5 (Good)

    Season 5:- 3.5 (Bad)

    Season 6:- 3.0 (Bad)

    Season 7:- 1.0 (Disgraceful)

    Season 8:- 1.5 (Disgraceful)

    Season 9:- 2.0 (Terrible)

    Season 10:- 2.5 (Terrible)
  • A script for Peter Griffin

    Okay, so Peter and bunch of friends are at a party and one of peters friends girlfriends (which weighs a lot) is talking about tattoos, peter asks her if she has any, She says yes. She has several including 1 on her thigh. She's wearing very tight leggings and for peter to avoid asking her to pull down her pants to see it, he asks her to roll up her leggings up to the thigh area. He then realizes they will rip apart from her oversized legs so he awkwardly trys to change the subject.. lol & that's while everybody's watching. Comedy right?
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