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  • Some love it, some hate it. This is my opinion.

    I might get some thumbs down, but Family Guy (or at least the old ones) is one of my favorite shows on television. Some people think that the humor has gone downhill, which it sort of has, but it is still that same quirky humor that we all love. I do admit some of the storylines are kind of blah, because they're running out of ideas, but that doesn't stop me from giving it a terrible rating. The characters have gone downhill a little bit, and the show is just basically randomness at this point, but it is still funny and manages to get some laughs out of me, and that's what I'm basing my review on. It is an animated comedy, after all. You can agree or disagree with it, but this is just my opinion.
  • The worst thing in the universe(s)

    This has got to be the worst thing to ever exist! It shoudl have never existed!

    Plot:0.0 there is none just flash backs

    Animation:0.1 just horribly bright and annoying

    Lines:2.6 just random stuff

    Humor:1.3 toilet humor is so terrible!

    Jokes:0.7 simply just toilet jokes

    Characters:1.0 the only good one is Meg

    Music:2.3 to many songs at a time and most of them are weird cowboy's songs.

    Spin-offs:3.0 American Dad is not a spin-off, just a related show

    Episodes:1.2 just the same thing


  • Great, great show

    I'm forty-nine and I love Family Guy. There, I said out loud, and damn it feels good! I can't get enough of it. And, you know what? Quagmire's my favorite character (giggidy). Man, feel like weight's been lifted.
  • It was a step up from that awful Tale of a Third Grade Nothing episode but it was still bad. It had a subplot that had chance to go somewhere but it didn't.

    Finally, Joe and Bonnies' baby is born and it is a beautiful girl. With the hospital bills so high, Joe has to work another job and even has to pay back a loan shark. Peter said the only way to get Joe out of debt was to steal from Carter. Meanwhile, Stewie has a crush on Susie. They ruined Joe in this one by taking away his dignity and he used to a strong character. Stewie should have just gone up to Susie and talked to her instead of making that stupid long video which was a waste and the Christian Bale bit should have been shorter. There were more bad jokes ( eye floaters?!! ). At the end, Stewie said he was no longer interested in Susie but is in love with Bryan Adams. Why am I not surprise? It would have been great if Susie could talk too and it would also have been cooler to have another talking baby for Stewie to hang out with. That would have been better than that stupid video. The only part I laughed was at end when Lois told Peter that she got the money for Joe was convincing her father that she was getting a divorce lawyer. Peter thought she was joking but she walked away and he got nervous. I bet she did. Overall, a step up from the last episode but still, this one was terrible.
  • It's a Shame to see such a Great Series Drop like a Freakin' Rock!!

    A Family Sitcom with a Goofy Father, Hard Working Housewife, Confused Odd Boy, Dorky Girl trying to fit in, A Reasonable Talking Dog and an Evil Baby wanting to rule the World! This Terrible Show once had a lot of potential. This Silly Family with their Wacky Adventures had it's Few Enjoyable Seasons, but then it went down hill and made a Turn for the Worse; Ever since the Ending of Season 4 it just dropped dead to me. Stewie changed from an Evil Genius into a Happy Go Lucky Gay-Wad who wants to have sex with the Freaking Dog! Now I don't have a Problem with Gay People, It's just that Stewie makes Gays look Bad and he was never gay to begin with, sure he had some Gay Jokes in the past, but it was only a few times and it never took itself to a limit like having sex with the dog or dressing up as a woman to get dates with other men. Peter was once a Goofy Father who was very Gullible and then Became a Complete *** with no common sense and is an Arrogant Asshole! Lois was a hard working house-wife and then became a total Slut having sex or making-out with almost anyone! Chris was a Strange Confused Boy and now seems more normal than before, he is also underrated and no longer Talented. Brian was a Caring Reasonable Active Talking Dog who was the Voice of Reasoning, Now he is a Liberal-Douche who doesn't give 2 shits about anyone else besides dating Bimbos, He rips on anyone who disagrees with him and gives off opinions rather than Facts! Meg is still the same though, which is good. Quagmire was ounce a Friendly sex driven Man, now he's a Dick who is constantly cheating on his friends wives and never seems kind and nice anymore but more bland and mean. That's not even the worse part, The Worse Part is that Quagmire is now a Rapist who likes hearing the cries of Woman in pain... 0_o, WTF is wrong with these writers; how is any of that even remotely funny, It's not, It's just Sick and Disturbing. Joe was all about action now he is like a quiet little mouse and is almost as bland as the new Chris. Peter, Brian, Stewie and Quagmire seemed to have changed the most out of all of them and is it just me or are they constantly making Disease, Racist, Gay and Disturbing Jokes about Actors, Once in awhile is okay but jeez, They use these gags way to much in the new Seasons; Speaking of which some of their Jokes are just repeated over and over again, Returning your Jokes is fine and all but not 10 freaking times, come up with new Jokes you lazy ass writers, It's getting old and bland now. Not to mention Brian and Stewie are together all the freaking time in the recent episodes... My God they have their own episodes like in 50% of the Series now, Peter is 25%, Quagmire is 15% and the others are 10%. WTF... You mind as well call it "The Stewie and Brian Show" now!!!! As Peter always says in the Opening of Family Guy, Where are those good old Fashioned Values, on which we used to rely. A Show that reminds us of that, has changed with new values that we don't rely on, The Disappointing part is that it's coming from the show that has changed way too much. How Sad... Okay I'm done here. So Seasons 1-4 of Family Guy were the Best With Interesting Plots and True Comedy! Seasons 5 and Above are not Funny, have Weak Plots and the Characters are Very Different from what they used to be! The Stewie Griffin Movie was Good and the Family Guy: Star Wars Movies were Crap! So Only Watch the first 80 Episodes. And so this is the End of My Review. Good-Bye!

    Here are my Ratings for each Season, Just In-case you were all curios.

    Season 1:- 8.0 (Great)

    Season 2:- 9.0 (Amazing)

    Season 3:- 8.5 (Great)

    Season 4:- 7.5 (Good)

    Season 5:- 3.5 (Bad)

    Season 6:- 3.0 (Bad)

    Season 7:- 1.0 (Disgraceful)

    Season 8:- 1.5 (Disgraceful)

    Season 9:- 2.0 (Terrible)

    Season 10:- 2.5 (Terrible)
  • A script for Peter Griffin

    Okay, so Peter and bunch of friends are at a party and one of peters friends girlfriends (which weighs a lot) is talking about tattoos, peter asks her if she has any, She says yes. She has several including 1 on her thigh. She's wearing very tight leggings and for peter to avoid asking her to pull down her pants to see it, he asks her to roll up her leggings up to the thigh area. He then realizes they will rip apart from her oversized legs so he awkwardly trys to change the subject.. lol & that's while everybody's watching. Comedy right?
  • A blend of slapstick and fantasy, Seth MacFarlane's FAMILY GUY -- resurrected for network broadcast after being cancelled and then becoming a huge hit on DVD -- is a television show within a television show.

    Often, viewers see patriarch Peter Griffin (voiced by MacFarlane) having visions that look like flashes of TV shows -- almost like animated channel surfing. As a plot device, this can serve as a distraction, which ultimately disrupts what might be a storyline. On the other hand, the constant cross-references to musicals, literature, plays, and other TV shows might amuse some viewers. Of course, if viewers don't get the references, they might come across as offensive -- but then again, viewers might get offended anyway. Don't expect consistent content from this show.
  • funny show!!!! I HATE REALITY TV cause it suxs big time!!!!!!!!!!!

    since the networks and cable channels have decided to go cheap on us and make 99 percent REALITY TV shows, wrestling (on sci-fi!!) and are always cancelling great shows... i have cancelled my cable and no longer watch any tv... i download all my shows i like off the internet and have started watching alot of bbc shows from england. I'll not sit in front of the box and watch crap in the evenings after working all day. I want quality or nothing at all from the networks / cable channels. I SUGGEST WE ALL BOYCOTT THE TV for one week each month until the REALITY CRAP is taken off the air. That crap causes brain damage... it's totally unacceptable. No one is stupid enough to enjoy that crap except some inbred bigfoot half-breed. They want to produce the cheapest crap possible and still retain the ratings to get sponsors and advertising dollars. Don't give them the appearance of ratings by watching at all. Turn off you cable / sat and download... NO Commercials!!! and only watch what you want to watch when u want to watch it... been doing this for 4 years now and it's great. Only problem is, running out of shows to watch. Sci-Fi channel, now si-fi (junk now) sold out and became a cess-pool putting on fantasy and wrestling crap... was once the best channel on cable... anyways,

    boycott cable / networks and download from internet...

    watch ur shows without commercials or interuption...

    hope the networks realize they're loosing their loyal viewers because we're NOT dumbing down and

    we HATE reality TV crap...

    screw u a-holes... you're idiots and you're gonna kill ur networks/channels if you keep on this way
  • Great show!

    This show is WAY BETTER THAN South Park! I hate that show. But this is good. Even though it makes fun of people and religion it has a boundary line. South Park doesn't even care. And to all you saying Family Guy has deteriorated, I honestly don't see it. I've seen the old and new episodes and it still seems like the same family guy to me. But everyone has their own opinions I guess.
  • Family Guy was Once a Great & Hilarious Show but Now it is Fucking Garbage!!!

    Family Guy was a Great Show Back in it's Old Days. Every Episode had a Plot & All of The Characters were Likable. Peter was once a very Naive & Goofy Father that cared for his Family Deep Inside but now He is a Total Jackass to Everyone & Everything around Him including his Family & Especially Meg plus He causes so much Damage around Quahog & doesn't pay the Consequences for it plus He Killed some People & doesn't even Care. Lois was a Hard House Working Wife but now She is just a Whore & used as a Space Occupier. Chris was a Dumb Weirdo (A Different Kind of Dumb from his Father Peter) but was also Likeable with Talent but now He seems like a Normal Kid with no Talent also The most Underrated Main Character of All Time. Stewie used to be an Evil Baby bent on World Domination & taking the Head of Her Mother Lois but now He is just a Jolly Gay Wad who says Random Shit at Times that's not any Funny. Meg hasn't really changed that much She is the only Character that I appreciate besides Adam West however all She is used for is being The Punching Bag of The Family & that is just Wrong. I Actually Feel Bad for Meg at Times. Now Brian is The Worst of them all, He use to be a very Calm yet sophisticated Dog & was also The Voice of Reason but He Slowly became The Most Pathetic Character in the Whole Series. Brian is now a Liberal-Douche that doesn't give two Shits about others opinions plus He is a Rude, Disrespectful, Spoiled, Selfish, Racist, Immature, Hateful, Antisemitism, Abusive, Pretentious, Cruel, Psychological Manipulative, Irresponsible & Self Centered Jerk that Dates Bimbos for there Sexy Bodies & nothing more. Quagmire used to be a Friendly Sex-Driven Man but Now He is just a Rapist with a Terrible Attitude plus He tries to have Sex with his Friends Wives. Joe used to be all about Action but Now is just so Boring, Quiet & Out of Character. Cleveland use to have a very Unique Personality but now he is just a Second Peter Griffin but not as Bad. Family Guy's Jokes use to have Wit & Creativity but now there Jokes are just plain Awful & not Funny the least bit. There Jokes Now contain Racism, Toilet Humor, Drugs, Abusive Jokes, Diseases, Making Fun of Actors & 9/11 Terrorist Attacks. Once in a While is Fine & Dandy but they Repeat these Jokes over & over again. Plus they won't stop repeating the Same Jokes over & over again that were only Funny the First Time, They never try something New. There use to be a Story or Plot in each of there Episodes but now there is just constant Cut Away Jokes that take way to Fucking Long & yet again not Funny. Plus Conway Twitty Jokes were never Funny & One of them took like Five Fucking Minutes. & even if The New Episodes have a Plot there either Ridiculous or just a Copy of an Original Family Guy Episode. I for One am getting so Fucking Sick & Tired of Stewie & Brian Episodes. Like 45% of there Episodes Feature a Stewie & Brian Episode & there just on some Gay Ass Adventure or some Shit & It's getting so Mother Fucking Old that it's not even Funny. They might as well just call it The Stewie & Brian Show! There Computer Animation is Good for The Background but they Computerize The Characters as well & that makes it look Lazy, Very Shitty & just Plain Bad. The First 3 Seasons of Family Guy were Amazing & The Golden Age of The Show also it's The True Family Guy but after it got Cancelled a Second Time, it returned but that's when it started going Downhill However Season 4 still had some Good Moments & Good Episodes. Family Guy Started turning into Shit once it reached Season 5. Original Family Guy is Awesome!!!

    Family Guy (Seasons 1 to 3)- 8.5 / 10

    Family Guy (Season 4)- 7.0 / 10

    Family Guy (Season 5 to Current Season)- 2.0 / 10
  • Funny,Crude.

    Personally, not bad! I used to not like this show, and I will say that some episodes do piss me off (the racist thing is the main thing that'll piss me off) and as of a different religion, they have enough jesus christ stuff to make it funny. They bring shitty real life and policatical issues and do what most people would only bring to light in the privacy in their homes.
  • gjkbh\dks

  • Use to like it.

    When this show came out it was to me a laugh riot. I mean I never saw a show like this. Its randomness, its clever jokes, taking pop culture and turning on its head and yes I liked the fart jokes. I was actually eager to see a new episode each week. I bought the dvds annually. I would repeat these joke on the playground every Monday at recess. I would go out of my way and have my family members tape episodes that I would miss.

    Now a days I can't say that its the same show I fell in love with. You probably heard this countless times but I"m jut going to have to say it again. It has lost its magic. The lazy writing, the pointless references, the one sided political views, the dramatic change in characters, the recycled jokes, the constant references to pop culture that are flat, the need to us violence and musical numbers to fill in the space,the recycled jokes, the God Dam preaching, the anti-religious bigotry, the recycled jokes, and I must say the over all flow is kind of stale.

    Truly I would rate this as one of the worst shows on tv right now for all theses reasons, I'll admit the come up with a good joke now and then but after all the other stuff. Pffffff, I say!
  • new episode ideaaaa

    I Think since stewie so evil, only one person makes since to fight him. The seed of Chuckie.
  • Its true

    Totally agree with therealdeal
  • Crued & Funny as hell

  • Disgraceful show!

    This is the most digraceful show I've ever seen. The jokes are horrible and offensive. Seth Macfarlene is a total jerk and a Atheist. Hope he' dies in hell!
  • Can't Live Without This Show

    it's one of the best show that ever aired , i can't wait for the next episode, funniest show ever
  • family guy ..... LOL

    i love family guy its so funny im watching it now
  • awesome so funny but some dislikes

    in the last few episodes like halloween on spooner street stewie is pushed around i dont like that stewie doesnt take any bull crap also i didnt know how to list ideas for an episode but i think that chris and peter should go on the biggest loser
  • Funny, but innapropriate

    The show is not for kids at all
  • This show is somewhat good...

    ...and it could be better. Some of the things that happen in this show are funny, and most have potential. But some of the things that happen (such as obvious inhumane acts against people and animals who are undeserving of that treatment) are completely out of place and innapropriate.

    What bothers me most is the way they fill so much time with stupid flashbacks and annoyingly long songs that nobody in modern society listens to.

    Something else that bothers me is how often they make fun of other TV shows, music, people, movies, and life in general. While most if it is undoubtedly funny (and true!) I don't care much to watch a recap of the News on a cartoon. I'd much rather watch something to take my mind OFF of it!
  • Mayor West

    The subject of this review is mayor west. This character has always been funny and creepy and perfect Family Guy material. However, a lot of people have been wondering why he has never mentioned having been Batman. Not one reference or comment or insane fit about the subject. Someone should really take care of this.
  • Lost touch

    I'm one of those annoying people who always quote family guy. Recently though i had just watched the first episode of season 11.. and i have got to say.. it is terrible its not funny its just every family member pointing out the obvious of a awkward situation, or making one.

    When did it get so shit? Seth you need to get back to the roots and make the family members more lovable!! Why doesnt any animation show make the characters get older? wouldnt that give them more to work on.. rather than having like 10 birthdays but still staying the same age?.

    Also i totally agree with Adam Privett!! you spelled it all out!!!
  • Still good

    Admittedly, it's not as good as it used to be BUT it's still funny for the right reasons. I originally liked this show because it had blunt, raw and offensive humor and was (for me) a turning point in animation comedy. OK, it has some 'bad' episodes here and there but are they that bad...really? If anything, I like and respect the fact they are still pushing the boundaries and welcome more. Family not change a thing :)
  • Quality Entertainment but with a few bad episodes

    I feel it's not right to compare it to the Simpsons, Futurama or South Park, It delivers the crude jokes that make it loved or hated in a good fashion most of the time, character development is decent but not perfect and the cutaways are bizarre and a lot of the time are the best part of an episode (although they do get tiring sometimes).

    There are episodes which have storylines that really don't work and rely purely on the jokes to make it work but the great majority of episodes keep me laughing. Some more original jokes and less Celebrity mockeries would be good, also it would be neat if they did Viewer Mail Episodes more often rather than messing about with an Idea the writers have that just doesn't work.

    There are plenty good things I could say about it. I really don't think the humour took as much of a fall as others are saying here but that is my opinion. Just short of a 9 in my opinion, easily (oh god they're gonna kill me for this) among the greatest comedy shows on TV.

  • Cutaway gags get annoying when a show relies on them too much

    I used to love this show. First few seasons were awesome, with the clever humour, likable characters, and overall decent plots. Cutaway gags were occasional, and usually not much longer than 10-30 seconds.

    Unfortunately after it was uncancelled it started to lose my interest. While my main beef with season 4 was that it was just raunchier than the earlier seasons, Season 5 onwards was when it really made a turn for the worse.

    Characters retooled so that Peter is now an insufferable ***, Lois is now just an irresponsible mother whos just there for milf appeal, Brian is now essentially Seth MacFarlane, Stewie is no longer bent on world domination, Chris no longer has any talents whatsoever, and Meg....they didnt change her personality, but shes pretty much now the family's chewtoy.

    Now onto the actual plot and jokes....Plot is pretty much nonexistent in most eps now, due to the cutaways having more prominence. The jokes are no longer clever, sometimes a joke will drag or even get reused for no reason (something i like to call "forced running gag") and in general, the humour gives the impression that a 5 year old writes this crap.

    I'm sorry Family Guy, but the direction you've been going for the past 5-6 years just isn't for me.
  • I don't know how to explain my love for the show.

    Silly I know, but It goes beyond providing a few laughs.
  • Seth isn't even trying anymore

    Family Guy was once a show that pushed the envelope and made very crude, yet funny jokes. Everyone has seen it, and whether you liked it or not, it got people laughing. As the show went on, it got funnier but somewhere along the show, something went wrong and the show has lost its comedy and interest. In the first 4 seasons, there was a great amount of humor and it had variety to it, but now on the recent seasons, the jokes are repeated too much and there is not as much variety as before. I know shows have a tendency to repeat their own jokes, but Family Guy does it too much. Compare it to The Simpsons, they use a lot of the same jokes again and again, but they bring in new humor in almost every episode so it shows that The Simpsons is trying to get new humor in. In Family Guy, the same jokes are used to much and there is very little new humor added to the show. The plots themselves are still pretty good but not as good as the first 4 seasons, these new ones are stories that have been done before on other shows or recycled episodes with more humor in it. The cut away gags aren't even as funny anymore and just don't seem to be as interesting or charming like in the first 4 seasons. Another problem with this show is that almost every character is now out of character with who they once were. Peter was a goofy, funny, and wacky character who would get into trouble by accident and was a loving person to his family. In the recent seasons, he has become less distant from his family, he is not as goofy and funny, and seems to be arrogant. Brian was a funny and witty dog who excelled at dry humor in the early seasons and was likable since he had a crush on Lois and did his best to control his love for her. In the new seasons, he is a cold hearted person who puts down everyone and everyone's ideas, he is a hypocrite, he wants to be with Lois now and every girl he dates is a bimbo and he doesn't care as long as he has a woman to bang. Quagmire was a funny, warm and friendly sex driven person who always provided hilarious sex jokes in every episode. Now he is just obsessed with wanting Lois, he doesn't really provide as many sex jokes, and he is not as warm and friendly like before. Joe used to be all about action, but now he is quiet and not as energetic as before. Stewie though was the biggest change, he used to want to take over the world and made great jokes, but now he is not interested in world domination, and is used for a lot of gay jokes and is closet gay I have absolutely no problem with gays, but Stewie makes gays look really bad and he is not funny like before. Everyone else had little to no change in character. But why did a majority of the main cast change personalities? Family Guy was a good show while it lasted and while some of the new episodes still make me laugh here and there, it's not enough for me to really watch this show anymore. Seth has been going down hill since airing The Cleveland Show and he needs to get it together. It's a shame to see this series has gone down hill, and maybe it's time that Seth cancel this show and put all his effort into his only watchable show, American Dad, or postpone this show to get new ideas and humor going. If you want to really enjoy Family Guy, watch the first 4 seasons and avoid every other season.
  • Stupid,but I still watch it.I hate lois and brian the most.

    Started getting really bad in 2011,they make every character stutter all the time.It seems the better the animation is,the worst the actual show.Heres the new plot-

    Peter-A dumb,witty, guy who likes to do dumb things,and is not really funny anymore.

    Lois-A cheating,boring,mocking bitch who thinks shes better than her kids,horrible now.

    Chris-Now,hes the smarter type for some reason,but still does dumb things.

    Meg-Now,she stands up for herself?,its been 13 fucking years,seth.

    Stewie-Gay,kinda funny smart person who now acts like an actual baby.WHY THE FUCK?

    Quagmire-A person whos now hating brian,has sex with people,and is not funny at all.

    Cleveland-He left the show,and now is so energetic now on Cleveland show,the cleveland show is a fucking failure with a gay ass spin-off.

    Joe-Alright,I guess.He is so soft now.

    Bonnie-Cheats on joseph 3 times,joe is calm about it.Joseph cheats on bonnie once,and she freaks the fuck out.

    And now the absolute worst person in the show,that always makes me so sick.

    Brian-A now political,hypocritical,asshole who talks way too much now,and always bashes religion,he is seth mcfarlanes puppet.I fucking hate brian since 2008,he is no longer the sarcastic,quiet dog.
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