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  • Stupid,but I still watch it.I hate lois and brian the most.

    Started getting really bad in 2011,they make every character stutter all the time.It seems the better the animation is,the worst the actual show.Heres the new plot-

    Peter-A dumb,witty, guy who likes to do dumb things,and is not really funny anymore.

    Lois-A cheating,boring,mocking bitch who thinks shes better than her kids,horrible now.

    Chris-Now,hes the smarter type for some reason,but still does dumb things.

    Meg-Now,she stands up for herself?,its been 13 fucking years,seth.

    Stewie-Gay,kinda funny smart person who now acts like an actual baby.WHY THE FUCK?

    Quagmire-A person whos now hating brian,has sex with people,and is not funny at all.

    Cleveland-He left the show,and now is so energetic now on Cleveland show,the cleveland show is a fucking failure with a gay ass spin-off.

    Joe-Alright,I guess.He is so soft now.

    Bonnie-Cheats on joseph 3 times,joe is calm about it.Joseph cheats on bonnie once,and she freaks the fuck out.

    And now the absolute worst person in the show,that always makes me so sick.

    Brian-A now political,hypocritical,asshole who talks way too much now,and always bashes religion,he is seth mcfarlanes puppet.I fucking hate brian since 2008,he is no longer the sarcastic,quiet dog.
  • Freaking Sweet!

    Family Guy is a very funny show. The show can deliver laugh after laugh after laugh. I dont mind the random flashbacks after all they are very funny, Seasons 1-3 were really great and funny, Meg was treated like a human in the family even. Seasons 4- now are still funny but not as good as the show used to be.
  • The Most Quotable Show Ever!

    This show is so hilarious! I do have to say though that i dont really like how it forces liberal views on me, im conservative and i dont mind some healthy liberal/conservative banter but i think that this show is just the wrong place for it. Like when Lois freaked out on Brian when he became a Republican. That kind of stuff is just annoying and i think it is increasing so that is why i just a gave it a nine. Aside from all of that, this show makes me laugh out loud! I think what makes this show so great is that it sticks with you long after you've watched the episode, me and my friends are ALWAYS quoting family guy because there are just so many every day things that you can relate to the show so i just love it!
  • Even though this cartoon lost some of its charm... it's still a great cartoon with humor that makes me laugh hard


    I love to watch Family Guy and I watch it almost every day and catch the new episodes on FOX. I have to say that this show had gone downhill just a little bit. Also, this show isn't the same without Cleveland. I don't know why the creators made Cleveland leave "Family Guy" and work on "The Cleveland Show". It's great that Cleveland makes cameo appearances in new episodes sometimes though. I also think that this show has been offensive to some people in this world and it has gone a lot more violent. Peter is very funny so no problems with him but he can get a little annoyng trying to be funny in the emotional and serious situations in some episodes, Lois is still pretty much the same but doesn't act like a mom anymore, same thing with Chris and Meg, Brian has a lot more experiences in his life than he had in the older episodes of "Family Guy" but has turned into a jerk though which made me lose my respect for him just a little, but Stewie I feel like sometimes he turns gay and that's the talking baby that I love. Overall, this is a great show to air on FOX but I hope Seth MacFarlane makes the jokes funny and not offensive. Overall, Family Guy is still a great show BUT I hope it gets better as the show continues to air.... it's still a hilarious show so please give this show a break "Family Guy" haters. 8.5/10

  • One of the funniest shows of all time.

    Yes, in the more recent episodes the show perhaps hasn't been quite as good as it once was. Though there is still a moment in at least every episode that will make you laugh out loud. When creating Family Guy Seth MacFarlane took elements from two short films he had made about a middle aged man and his dog. You can also see a bit of The Simpsons' influence in Family Guy, though in all honesty I think that Family Guy is funnier. Another big plus for this show is that Adam West often makes appearances as Mayor West. Now if that's not awesome I don't know what is!
  • Great, but I must agree going downhill.

    I have Volume 1, Volume 8 and Volume 9 on DVD. All containing very great episodes. So, I decide if I watch it on DVD why not watch the episodes before they're released on DVD to see if they're good. Unfortunately for me, I tuned in on Season 10. One of the worst in the shows history. Some of the episodes were just hard to finish watching, which is sad considering this is Family Guy. But thankfully, it gets a positive review because it was still a very clever, crude show that had lots of jokes that you can rewatch episodes for and not remember the joke so when you see it you laugh out loud. Really, the only show that truly keeps me laughing.
  • Went completely downhill.

    It's wasn't great as before. And overrated.

    Plot: Family Guy, focuses about the Griffin family, a family with problems. Their problems are funny and great as depicted, and they always encounter issues. And not just that, also the other characters has their own problems as well! But in the newer seasons, this was forgotten and made the Griffin family very happy, making the show very unbalanced.

    Characters: In the older seasons 1-4, the characters details are in a good state. In the new season, they are straightforward like robots. Voice acting is still great, dialogue was also once nice before, it also went downhill.

    Humor: The show has lost it today, it's comical and unique humor was lost. The comical and unique humor was perfect and really great back in the old seasons. Now, it just went to the pit.

    Art: The show art and the animation is left untouched. So no issues.

    Overall: 3. Seth has lost it. But he can still fix it though. He ran out of ideas.
  • Great show, but with some problems...

    I think Family Guy is a superb show. It's always been one of my favorite adult shows to watch, but there are a few problems. I am just gonna put there after putting the positive stuffs. The main characters here are all likable unless otherwise. The humor here are good most of the time. My favorite seasons would be 3, 5 , and 10. Also, the characters that are considered my favorites are Peter, Stewie, Quagmire, as well as a few recurring characters. Besides being an enjoyable, there are problems though...the show has been jumping the shark since season 7 because this is when we starting seeing more weak episodes. It continue to be like until season 9. Season 10 was better than those last three seasons. Another reason for the jump the shark thing is too much violent and time filler (especially those crappy Conway Twitty performances). The writers need to knock it off. They're funny at all. I admit, some of them are but just a waste of time to everyone. Also,Herbert is my most least favorite character in the show. He just made me roll my eyes at him everytime (not all of them) he appeared in. He is hardly funny. Brian's love for Lois is terrible as well. The worst episode ever is Brian and Stewie. It's a borefest...just features the most used modern pair in the show. I am just saying that Brian and Stewie is used TOO much. I wanna see more Peter and Brian, that's my favorite pair. I don't hate the pairs of Brian and Stewie, I'm just pointing it out that how much pronounced the pair is since season 4. So yes Family Guy might be an enjoyable show, but its problems increases in the later years. I don't know to decide which era is better. I think the first three seasons is tad better, but with lame animation. The show after its revival is still enjoyable, but with more Brian and Stewie, time fillers, Herbert, F-word, and violence, with improved animation since season 6. I might add those score together. Overall this show is enjoyable but with major problems in the later seasons...but hopefully it fixed after season 9 Early seasons: 9.3/10 Later seasons: 8.8/10 Overall score: 9/10
  • Time to end it.

    At one time i thought Family guy was hilarious, it was crude and silly but i still liked it. I've watched a few of the new ones recently and there are LITERALLY no laughs. Not one. I never liked seth macfarlane anyway but it seems now he has resorted to cheap shots at celebrities and dumb shock humour. neither of which are going to keep me watching this programme. To be honest i would prefer to watch the simpsons or south park. Two series that are both older and have had more seasons than family guy, yet still manage to make me laugh. Give up now, dont let this show be remembered as a piece of junk. Because currently that's what it is.
  • Sarcastically Silly

    I love the cartoon animation in this show. The jokes are so wicked sometimes, it keeps the show a-flowin...
  • Amazing

    Family Guy has got to be one of my favourite shows, loads of people complain how the jokes dont fit into the story but thats comedy for you! its hilarious while i must admit a few episodes are a bit bland most of them are hilarious and i've seen every single episode thanks to :)
  • A Great Show, but with stumbling blocks along the way...

    Reading some of the past reviews is really interesting because I believe everyone makes some good points. Personally though I believe Family Guy is a great show that has just suffered from bad writing and exaggeration in some of the episodes.

    Season 1 and 2 were very entertaining seasons. They introduced the characters well and had consistent, well written episodes. I think the writing was the best in these episodes, and they relied less on cutaways and more on good stories.

    But heres probably where I differ with some people. I believe that from seasons 3-6 Family Guy developed into one of the best cartoons on TV. Yes Peter turned into a big kid, Stewie became more normal (but also more adult like and cynical which i liked), Brian turned into an opinionated douche, and Lois got more slutty. However, I found all of this very entertaining and the cutaways were fantastic. Peter made the show with his dumb antics and me and my friend loved watching the show to see what Big Petey would do next!

    However, Family guy definately took a dive in the second half of season 8 - season 10. They got more reliant on the characters stereotypes and the story just turned to crap. And thats why I very much agree with some of the negative reviews on this post. Season 10 has definately picked up though in the second half which is very good to see! the first half was apalling...

    Anyway, I just wanted to give my own opinion :P I think Family Guy is very much a show for me that doesn't have to be witty to be good. South Park has definately got them beat on that. But sometimes a bit of stupid humour is great, and Family Guy delivers on this :)
  • Best Animated Comedy Of All Time

    Witty and funny.
  • Kill. Me. Now.

    Watching this show is pure torcher for me. I don't see how people could just sit there and watch offensive and gag jokes go on and on and on AND ON. I agree with futuramarama. This show is way overrated. I get it's people's opinions, but how so many of them?? And I don't know about you but I feel like the whole "evil toddler" idea is kinda overused. EDIT: Lol, I'm sorry but I couldn't stop laughing at Thunder's review. Jealous? Wow.. Just wow... That's the most pathetic thing I've ever heard. I get that you have your own opinions but saying that we're jealous? Never! Haha no... Believe it or not I actually COULD come up with something better than this hot garbage. Not to mention that this is a rip-off of The Simpsons. But I'm not even gonna got there. Overall, no one is jealous of this piece of crap of a show, and if you really believe that, good for you! It's great to see people's self esteem (well not exactly self esteem) go up over something that obviously isn't true.
  • This was originally a masterpiece of comedy,but now,it's just an overrated piece of crap

    Family Guy was once a great show and was so funny. It was actually my favorite adult cartoon at first. Looking at the show now,I will not believe how low the show ranked. It was just a masterpiece,hilrailous comedy gold show,now it's just a overrated,Offensive,piece of trash. First off,the humor is not funny at all. I mean,back during the first three seasons,the cutaways were just funny as hell,and were original. Now,the cutaways are too long,are just pointless,and now they're recycling their old jokes,and kill them. Also,what's with all the jokes about 911 and diseases? There are many people dying in the world right now,and yet Seth has to joke about them. I mean,come on! Laughing at a kid with leopracy is just wrong on so many levels. And what's with the 3 minute music videos? Seriously,this is what people say is better than South Park? Second,the characters have changed A LOT. Peter was originally a caring father,but could act stupid at times. Now,he's just a ***ed baby who acts like as if he was still a kid. Lois was also a caring mother,but now she's just a huge soccermom who's in it for the sex,but even she acts better than Peter. Chris was just a stupid kid,but was funny,now he seems like a normal kid who acts nowhere as stupid as he was before. Brian was a dog who acted normal,but actually had a personality. Now,he seems like the WORST character of the entire show. He is just a liberal bastard who forces religion to be fake on people,and acts like a total jerk. Stewie is the biggest change. He was an evil baby who wanted to take over the world and kill Lois. Now,like Brian's prediction,he's just a normal baby who acts like a regular baby,and is now a gay person. And like everybody else,I have no problem with gays,but this is just ridiculous. Some of characters have changed too. Especially Quagmire,who has gone from a pervert to a jerk. Meg is the only good character of the show,but she is So mistreated to her family because of her looks,and yet she knows that her family sucks. The show has also gotten too serious. I mean,they have made so many serious episodes that are just bad,and on top of that,they have to add jokes. For crying out loud,I've seen better on George Lopez,but making jokes about women abuse? Seth,are you ever going to learn? There are still funny jokes once in a while,and a good episode once in a blue moon. Also,they always have recycled plots. I mean,it's always about Brian dating a stupid girl,or Peter screwing up everything. Just be original for once. It feels like that joke on South Park about Manatees making the jokes are true. But overall,this show has sunken down like a toilet,and is just overrated. If you want a good adult cartoon,go watch South Park.
  • is vry good u guys r just jelous

    this show was rlly good anybody who doesn't like it lets see u try 2 make somenthng better sheesh! i like the humor its like nine gag le p00p shoopdawhoop

  • Starting to go downhill

    I have loved the older episodes of family guy but recently I have found myself hating recent episodes, They seem to try too hard to get laughs unlike previous episodes when it flowed with the story. Still love the show but they need to tone it down a bit.
  • Giggity. TV-14 DLSV

    One of the funniest shows on television! It takes place in the fictional Rhode Island town of Quahog, and follows the misadventures of Peter Griffin (Seth MacFarlane), and his dysfunctional family. His wife, Lois (Alex Borstein), is a nagging mother with no friends. His daughter, Meg (Mila Kunis), is the person everyone hates, mainly because she's ugly. His son, Chris (Seth Green) , is a funny fat teen who constantly is picked on for being nerdy. His baby, Stewie (Seth MacFarlane) is an evil genius who constantly tries to kill his mother. He has a crippled friend, Joe, a sex addict friend, Quagmire, and another friend Cleveland, who now is the main character of The Cleveland Show. Family Guy makes many insults towards everyone, is rude and crude, and is not a great family show; It is cruel, funny, and smart. All people over age 9 can watch it. :-)
  • Blecch

    This has got to be one of the most overrated shows on the face of the Earth. I've seen it before, and whilst I sometimes laugh, it is always at something dirty. I mean, yea, apparently that is the point. But there is more to a show then making every single episode a gag-fest. This show absolutely fails in plots because each one is over-run by mindless gags and random cutaways, which is what the show is famous for. But I don't agree. People who say this show is better then The Simpsons or anything else for that matter I Strongly Disagree with. People who shout out how hilarious this show is, is something I would normally also disagree with. None of the characters are even remotely likable, the jokes run on far too long, stuff like that. Sorry if I am sounding too harsh with this review. Grade- D
  • Insane

    There are a few things about this series, like the animation and some of the characters. The voice cast is also very good, I praise the work of Seth MacFarlene, Mila Kunis and Seth Green for portraying such amazing characters.

    But, unfortunately the series also lacks what the French would call a " je ne sais quoi". Maybe it's because they exagerate on the jokes, and sometimes, even if the writers don't want to do it, they end up making racist jokes about serious subjects. All in all, it's a decent animation series, but after season 3 it kinda started to go downhill by using toilet humour.

    Don't have anything against who likes it, but I believe that this series is clearly the proof that Americans don't know how to make fun out of themselves, at least, not the way British manage to do it with Britcom. Overall, I give it a 7.
  • Inspired Insanity Gone South

    There are several things that MADE Family Guy great. Chris's insane delusion with his Evil Monkey. Stewie's ingenious plots to commit matricide and take over the earth. Peter's extreme idiocy and crazy behavior and Brian's witty repertoire of ripostes in response. Lois's 'bad girl" persona. The "Road to..." episodes, particularly "Road to Rhode Island" and "Road to the Multiverse", were nothing short of awesome. And, of course, Meg's unflappable spirit as a "lightning rod" for the family to pick on.

    But alas, quality has decreased. Brian, as pointed out by Quagmire, is a boorish alcoholic whose sole entertainment value lies in his adventures with Stewie. Peter's antics are no longer funny (with the exception of the occasional adventure). Meg finally stood up for herself, and I find myself feeling sorry for her rather than proud. Lois has yet to decide if she wants to be a loyal mother or a '20's flapper girl/stripper. Chris is a nonexistent character comically, except with Herbert and as a rare foil for Peter. Stewie alone retains comedic value, but where is his desire for world dominance and matricide? His brilliant, eccentric experiments? And why, oh why, is he leaning toward homosexuality instead of leaving it ambiguous, as should be?

    As for the plot? It was always crazy, but more and more we find less and less continuity. (Shouldn't Peter be at least as handicapped as Joe with all his incidents)?

    The supporting characters are a relief, however. Quagmire remains outstanding, his escapades awesome, and his feuding with Brian a long time coming. Cleveland leaving is a shame, but "BFFs" gives us some closure. And Joe has the most depth of any character.

    So if you're asking me to define the show in short... what can I say? It is the most accurate, hypocritical, snobbish, stupid, funny, demeaning, frustrating and engaging show out there. But it has lost its place in great animation. There once was something in the show enough to call it great, legendary, and possibly even iconic. Now, not so much.
  • Iconic

    The most quoted, clip posted on Youtube-ed, favorited, talked about show in animation history it would appear. Could use two touches though: 1) more evil from stewie. I have to admit, the old take-over-the-world, what the duece Stewie was unacceptably annoying but even he admits he's gotten soft. 2) please stop with the musicals..Please. Other than that, never miss an episode.
  • The Best Reason To Watch Family Guy Is Lois!

    Lois is the most rational of all the members of the Griffin clan. Why she married a doofus like Peter Griffin, I'm sure many men will never understand. This has been familiar territory explored in other sitcoms such as King of Queens.

    The best episodes of Family Guy are those centered on Lois, such as when she worked at FOX News; was a lounge singer or ran for mayor of Quahog. Strangely enough, Lois actually looks more intellectual when she's wearing hot pants instead of her plain Jane blouse and tan slacks. It's also refreshing to know of her background with the Pewterschmidt family, which is told in several episodes.

    I'd love to see Family Guy episodes centered solely on Lois, especially as either Wonder Woman or Electra Woman going after the bad guys of Quahog. Since there are so many episodes centered on Brian and Stewie as well as Peter, this would be a change of pace.
  • Stewie's costume and rave review

    Hi all

    I must say this is the funniest show I have ever seen in my life. My kids told me to watch a long time ago and I did not think I would like it because it was animated. well I was wrong, now I tape every episode there ever was. This is my kind of humor. the writers on this show are genius. So just in case any one thinks this show is silly or rude has no sense of humor. I do not how they come up with such classic material, just awesome. Now I must say that I have found a mistake on the opening presentation in the graphics. now I am not trying to be judgmental even though I am sure you don't care, but if you look real close stewie does and does not have a stripe on his yellow pants, except at the end when going up the stairs. no biggie who cares really. I just had to point it out because I notice it every time. I hope this show never goes off the air. My neighbors think I am nuts, and I probably am cause I can not stop laughing and I am home alone. Good Job Guys!!!!
  • family guy

    i love watching family guy but just want to see if you would do world of warcaft like south park did on wow
  • One of the best shows ever made.

    I don't understand why there's a lot of people out there that hates this show so much. It is hilarious and they are missing out on a lot of really funny stuff. If this stuff isn't funny to them, then maybe they just need to learn to get a sense of humor.
  • I cartoon show about a family the Griffins who live in the town of Quahog Road Island. The family consister of parents Peter and Lois. There 3 kids Meg 16; Chris 14; and baby Stewie. Living with them is there intelligent; alcoholic talking dog Brian.

    OMG I love this show! I am the the biggest fan. My favorite Charater is the dog Brian. I'm crazy for that little white dog. He can sometimes be a douche but for the most part is a kind and loyal friend. I love how despite have human qualities like talking; walking on two feet; reading and driving he still posseses many dog traits like barking; growling; fetching anything that is thrown and eat out of the garbage. I also disagree with Quagmire being mean; ranting at him and treating him like crap. Half of what came out of Quagmire's mouth was false. The stuff that was true Brian has made up for with good deeds and loyalty. I guess you can tell I hate Quagmire. Family Guy is the best enough said.
  • ehh it was funny

    the first seasons were awesome, but take my brother for example. he loves family guy and their references, but he would always use them, ALWAYS and he still does. half of the references he uses he doesn't understand where they came from. overhearing these references over and over again has bored me, the new seasons aren't as funny, sometimes i rather watch american Dad. i guess im saying that its funny, but its not that show that you would still laugh at the jokes if you seen it like 3-4 times already.
  • Can be very funny and fun to watch.. But sometimes very offensive

    This show is one of my favorite and I love watching, but sometimes this show can be very bias and racist. They even come across as anti-Semitic, which isn't okay (I'm not Jewish but still...), not to mention the constantly make mockeries of God/Jesus and Christianity, I understand Atheism, but constantly bashing another religon is offensive (Obviously)

    BUT, on the other hand, I still like the show (Even though I've found myself numerous times open my mouth to things they would say) It's a very comical show if you do have a sense of humor and get where the writer and producers are coming from, If you don't have a sense of humor or you get offended easily, Don't watch this show.

    This almost seems like a negative comment with a good rating, but it's a 50/50 review with a high rating :)
  • better than simpsons!

    i have to agree its very similar to the simpsons, but family guy is much funnier! its much more random and laugh at loud funny and peter is the funniest cartoon character that has ever been on tv, the best show
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