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  • Family Guy

    Family guy use to be one of the best Comedy's out there.The first few seasons were amazing.But the last few years of family guy just got boring, the plots lack interesting topics and "SMART"meamorable jokes. what used to be a nice show to watch is now just affensive and for some reason the writers thought it would be funny for the character to start swearing for no reason.

    I have to admit there was a time that i really loved family guy and i have nothing against it, i just wish they went back to how their episodes used to be and to stop trying to make the show "outrgeous" but i still think it's ok
  • Not an enjoyable show

    Well, to start it off, this show has copied one of the most beloved shows of all time, The Simpsons. It is also racist, crude, politically incorrect, and stupid. Sure there are some funny jokes here and there, but mostly it is just dumb. Another thing, Peter Griffin is not a "family guy". He is a careless father (Homer Simpson cares about his family) who is obsessed with porn stores and hangs out with his weird friends. No disrespect to those of you who like this show, but it is just dumb. Also, their baby Stewie wants to kill his Mom! I don't know what got into these writers with their ideas. This show can also be very mean to Asians, blacks, and Mexicans. One word-Crap.

    (Thumbs up if this show isn't freakin' sweet!)

  • Was good

    Before season 7 family guy was my favorite show

    Now it sucks!

  • Stewie

    stewie is so cute and funny i think i'm in love with him wait who doesn't love stewie
  • Family Guy

    I love this show, favorite cartoon show! It's just hilarious!
  • La mejor serie animada!!! (para los spanish speaking)

    Family guy con su particular humor negro es una de las mejores series animadas del momento.
    Si esta serie no te produce una risa, antes que verla te aconsejo que visites un doctor.
    Para todos los que comparan esta serie con los simpsons diciendo que es una mala copia, se equivocan, son dos series muy distintas, tienen muy pocas similitudes, pero lo que marca la gran diferencia es el humor. Family guy es gracioss, los simpsons no! (por lo menos a partir de la 6ta o 7ma temporada).
    Family Guy hace los chistes que otra serie no se anima.
    Para toda la gente que le da reviews negativos, vayan a un doctor que los medique para tratar el sentido del humor, ya que no lo tienen.
  • Great show, even though there are some things I dislike.

    This show centers around the Griffins, a dysfunctional family living in the fictional city of Quahog, Rhode Island. I have to admit, when I first started watching it a year or two ago I really didn't care for it too much, but it seems like the more episodes I see, the more I get into it. It can be truly hilarious most of the time, although it's true that there is a handful of episodes I would call swings and misses. It's hard to say what my favorite episode is so far, but among my favorite are "Dial Meg for Murder," "The Fat Guy Strangler," and "And Then There were Fewer." Most people have said the show has declined in quality after season 3 or so, but I've only seen 2 or 3 episodes prior to season 4, so I can't really comment on that. There are really only 3 things I don't like about this show. 1. The writers seem to hit the viewers in the faces a lot with their political and religious views, which can be offensive. 2. Gross humor is overused sometimes, and 3. The random cutaway gags, although funny usually, can get annoying. Other than those things, this is a great show from the episodes I've seen, and I like most of the characters, especially Stewie, Peter and Brian. The only one I don't like is Lois. She can be too annoying and is very judgmental sometimes. Overall, despite a few gripes, this is a great show that really has grown on me over time.:) Marebear2009, out!

    ~dedicated to tigerdude22~
  • (Seasons 1-3 = 6.5/10) (Seasons 4-5 = 3.5/10) (Seasons 6 onwards = 1/10)

    The original three seasons of Family Guy were funny; the episodes had momentum, the characters were likeable. It WAS a lesser ripoff of the Simpsons, but had some original gags.


    Peter- He was sort of like Homer Simpson, with different mannerisms. Peter is an overweight, middle class father with a low IQ, who is addicted to television and booze. He means well, but his interests are a priority over those of his family. Lois- An oblivious housewife who is concerned with her family's welfare. She is usually very passive-aggressive, but when she loses her temper she becomes violent.

    Meg- Unpopular and insecure teenage girl, who is obsessed with fitting in with the cool crowd. She insults her family unprompted because she has low self-esteem.

    Chris- A dimwitted middle-child, who aspires to be like his father.

    Stewie- An evil baby genius hellbent on killing Lois. Stewie is understood by no one except the dog; his family is oblivious to his intentions. He builds doomsday devices and hates everyone.

    Brian- The dry-humored talking family dog who is undergoing a mid-life crisis. He has many vices, but is considered Peter's best friend.


    When the show returned to kick off a fourth season, a lot of things had changed. Peter in particular lost his well-meaning disposition, instead he became intentionally mean. He also devolved into a consistent four-year-old.

    Because Peter was the character originally obsessed with TV, it made sense when he referred to pop-culture scenarios. However, by this point in the series, Stewie heavily took on this role, which was out of character and incredibly gay Stewie was hinted at being gay earlier on, but soon became a full-on stereotype. The cutaways were overused, and grew increasingly pointless.


    Peter- He is now intentionally mean and cruder than before. He behaves like an infant, and is officially deemed retarded. A very obnoxious, unlikable character.

    Lois- She is no longer concerned about her family.

    Meg- Is now hated and abused by her own family for no reason.

    Chris- Has more of a mind of his own.

    Stewie- Gay stereotype who is oddly pop-culture savvy. He's no longer evil, but wants to f**k the dog.

    Brian- A political douchebag. He hangs around Stewie 90% of the time. He is now just opinionated, rather than smart.

    In the latest seasons, the episodes have become more like debate sessions, like this:

    Should Bonnie cheat on Joe, or no? (A: No)
    Are abortions justified or not? (A: yes)
    Is getting a sex-change justified or not? (A: yes)
    Are fly-by-night marriages cool or not? (A: yes)
    (sometimes it's as blunt as) Republican or Democrat? (A: Democrat)

    When these episodes come along, characters tend to stand around voicing their opinions for lengthy periods of time. The plot stagnates. By this point, treating the characters like real people is a futile effort. They are no longer a family dynamic because of how far they've strayed from their roles.

    I feel more like the characters are a reflection of the voice crew. They don't treat Meg like a daughter, they treat her like a work colleague who plays the butt of an injoke. They've completely torn down the fourth wall a number of times, in an attempt at humor, where the audience will only understand if they know who the voice actors are. Even then, no one cares.

    A common complaint about Family Guy is that they re-use the same unfunny jokes as often as they can. They also use a lot of 'filler' by which I mean scenes that are supposed to be funny because they last ridiculously long. You'll see episodes where a full 3-minute music video is chucked in just for the hell of it. It's not to make you laugh, it's for the lazy crew who want to piss you off and masturbate.

    The show today is much different than it was originally. It has degenerated into absolute sh*t. However, if you love irrelevant pop-culture and potty humor, you'll adore Family Guy.
  • Once a good show, now virtually unwatchable, where did it all go wrong?


    I used to be a huge fan of Family guy, season 1 was okay, season 2,3,4,5,6 were fantastic. Seasons 7,8,9,10 are just awful. I liked the original family guy when the episodes were well written and humor was well crafted and thought out.

    Recently I think Family guy has become unwatchable, season 9 and season 10 so far have been awful with the occassional good episode. I miss the old school Family Guy and i wish they would go back to it or cancel it. The episodes are just horrible. Its as if they just write anything down to get a laugh and it has become way to preachy (Thanksgiving episode of season 10).

    Family guy has been renewed through to 2015-2016 so we may have more of this to come. Family guy used to be good, now it is virtually unwatchable with the occassional laugh.

  • It's probably time to put down the pen.


    I'm updating my old review which I wrote originally back when the show returned from being cancelled. Most of it is still true, although I wish they would give up and stop making it now, episodes are either very dry or this season even about "serious" topics, or, like the latest couple of episodes, actually quite funny in places. It seems to depend entirely on who wrote it each week and there is not enough quality control for my liking.

    I was very excited to have Family Guy back on television. It had been the most clever, and funny show on television, and in most ways it still is. Trouble is, it knows it. There are still some hilarious moments which catch you off guard, but the writers have begun to overuse the old 'remember the time I...' gags and keep bringing back old characters or trying to get a laugh out of some random nostalgia moment. For the most part, the episodes' stories do not feel as structured as they had done in the past, so you have no real direction as to how the episode will end, and they appear to have completely abandoned the morals and family values they attempted to instill at the end of many of the original episodes. Of course I still love the show and will continue to watch, I write this simply because I do not feel it is as good as it used to be, and if the trend continues, then the legacy of the show may be irreversably damaged.

  • It used to be good,however,it needs to end now.

    Family Guy is one of those shows that was good at first,however,has gone downhill after a few seasons. This show is about a family named the Griffins who... You know what I'm not going to explain it. First off,all of the characters are now morons. Peter used to be a hilrailous dad who screws things up,now he's a complete idiot who constantly does fart jokes and pi-pi jokes are all the time. Lois is a character who I didn't even care about,now she's a complete killjoy who ruins Peter's fun. Chris is well,a bigger moron. Brian used to be a funny dog who always loved drinking,now he's a complete jerk who sucks at writing novels and dating girls. Meg is the only good character of the show,since she stands up to all the stuff her family puts her through,but she doesn't get any respect at all. Stewie is a character that I still like,despite the fact he doesn't care about world domination anymore. However,I do like Herbert the old pedophile of the show. The humor now just sinks below now,and 95% of the show are sex jokes,fart jokes and pi-pi jokes. Seriously Seth Mcfarlane,grow up! I mean,almost every episode has fart jokes. I know this is a adult cartoon,but why are there so many fart jokes in the show. I'll let the pi-pi jokes pass,since most adult shows have pi-pi jokes. The sex jokes are something I can't handle also. The cutaways are just stupid now,and half of them are not funny. Seth wasted 3 minutes of the episode on a stupid music video. Why? Because he's running out of ideas! Seriously Seth,end this show if you are going to keep adding fart jokes to it. And why are there so many Simpsons references on here. Is Seth saying FG is better than The Simpsons,or is he just jealous of that show because TS is better?Also,what happened to the chicken fights? Well now,Peter and the chicken are now friends. Are you kidding me? I want to see another fight with Peter and the Chicken that includes them destroying the city. Please,FG needs to end. I mean,I love a few episodes of the show,but still,it needs to end now.
  • I'm done. Family Guy has become so unfunny, so badly written, that I'm quitting watching this show.


    This was the worst episode of Family Guy, in fact the worst episode of any TV show, that I've ever seen.

    I pull funnier things than this off the inside of used bandaids. I find funnier things than this at the bottom of my handkerchief at the height of allergy season. Wards full of late-term ebola sufferers are funnier than this.

    Ashton Kucher consoles the rest of the cast of Two And A Half Men by patting them on the back and saying "There there, at least we're not as unfunny as Family Guy".

    I would rather eat a large bowl of live centipedes than watch this episode again. I would rather have unnecessary bowel surgery. I would rather lick the inside of John Goodman's underwear after he's been for a three-day hike without changing clothes.

    I hate you, Family Guy writers. You've killed what was once the funniest thing on TV. You suck.

  • Worst Family Guy Episode ever. It has gotten real dark and serious.


    Looks like they intentionally wrote the episode to be just that. I've been a Family Guy when it was cancelled and was one of the ones who bought the DVDs that help bring them back on TV. I'm sticking to watching the old episodes on cartoon network. I find American Dad funny because unlike Family Guy the characters have stayed the same. I really hope they cancel Family Guy again...Seth doesn't need to do anymore damage to the series.

  • Damn funniest cartoon I've ever seen!

    Normally I'm not into cartoons all that much and when I first saw Family Guy on tv, I wasn't exactly that excited about it. But I gave it a shot and I have to say that there have been more than just a few times where I have been literally rolling on the floor laughing. The show is extremely funny and I didn't really expect that from a cartoon (well it isn't exactly a normal cartoon I know...). Today I am proud to say that Family Guy is one of my favorite shows on tv. Let's hope they keep being as funny and don't slowly turn into a repetitive show!
  • This show is one of the best shows ive ever seen!!!

    I think that this is one of my favorite shows because it is funny and it also can be interesting at other times. I dont really care about the humor because it doesnt really bother me and even if some of it is really overboard I still will always love this show. I think everone has a favorite character in this show and mine would be stewie i just love the fact that he is a little baby that wants to take over the world and kill his mom but even though he is violent he is still the one that makes the show so funny but thats just me you guys probubly have your own favorite characters and those are some things why I think that this show is a great show to watch and i hope you like this review and sorry if its bad its only my 3rd one.
  • One of the greatest shows to air on TV and people who dissagree dont even get why


    Family guy-is an American animated television series created by Seth MacFarlane for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The series centers on the Griffins, a dysfunctional family consisting of parents Peter and Lois; their children Meg, Chris, and Stewie; and their anthropomorphic pet dog Brian. The show is set in the fictional city of Quahog, Rhode Island, and exhibits much of its humor in the form of cutaway gags that often lampoon American culture.

    When i first heard of this show i was 13. i think it was 2007 or 2006. the first episode ive ever seen was i think the episode "PTV" it was onadultswim at 10 pm i think, and i first i was like hm..this show was weird and confusing but a little funny. but not funny enough to watch it again. it looked like a immitation of the simpsons.

    one day many days later my dad said, wanna watch the first episode of family guy? i was like ill give it a shot. i watched the first episode, thoght it was great, i asked dad, whats the show about

    "Its a show about life, pop culture and politics through the eyes of hollywood." thats my explination(my dads was loonger but i get it now) there is a reason its like the simpsons cause they explain that anything is possible. it makes fun of everyone cause everyone has its own faults.

    this show is Supposed to look like its bad but its not, its one one of the funniest shows on the planet and i love all the characters even the a-hole ones(90% of the characters are at times XD) but they get their moments its a animated sit-com so DUH

    people who never seeen the show and heard its crap, give it a shot. i reccoment the 1st episode, "PTV" and "New Kidney in town"

    some of the best episodes

    and family guy is Still great, so you critics shut your hole and enjoy tv or get out. cause if you think you can do better, id love to see you all try

  • Once funny, now it is too dramatic.


    Sick, twisted, politically incorrect and freakin' sweet. The animated series features the adventures of the Griffin family. Peter and Lois have three kids - the youngest is a brilliant, sadistic baby bent on killing his mother and world domination. Chris, like his father, is obese, has a low IQ and… More no common sense. Meg desperately tries to be part of the popular crowd, and is coldly rebuffed. Their talking dog Brian keeps baby Stewie in check while sipping martinis and sorting out his own life issues. After being canceled in 2002, having an outstanding performance in DVD sales and syndication ratings that beat late-night talk shows, its cult status reached great heights. As a result, the series was added back to the FOX Summer 2005 line-up. Family Guy returned to the small screen with new episodes on Sunday, May 1st, 2005. A DVD Movie was released in September of 2005. Family Guy has won 3 Emmy awards and 3 Annie awards. My review: The first few seasons are good (1-4, so I would stick to them instead of the crappy new episodes. 6/10 F

  • The most over-rated, poorly animated, poorly written, unfunny, and least appealing show-- (with the exception of appealing to absolute morons)-- That I have ever had the misfortune of seeing. Stuff like this makes me question us as a human race, really.


    Just this one thing to say, and it needs to be said: Seth MacFarlane needs to be drug out into the Fox back lot, kicking and screaming, and be shot in the back of the head for even making this show... Let alone the other exact copies of Family Guy he's marketed as "shows". The man is purely an uncreative and untalented hack, to say the least. I feel the fact that America eats his shit up is highly insulting to us as a race and to our intelligence. No wonder other countries think we're spoiled, ignorant, and unappreciative morons.

    It proves that if a man copies the success of another well-written and funny show (The Simpsons), downgrades the humor to unfunny pop-culture references, fart jokes, pointless filler scenes, and pointless/numerous sex jokes, animate it half-assed, and thenrinse-lather-repeat with 2 more "different" "shows", that he can become a national treasure and make lots of money that he doesn't deserve. Only in America... Only in America. :|

  • That 10 is for the episodes ranging from 2000- 2005.

    I am a Family guy fan. Ive always loved the show, my favorite episode was the one wear peter becomes lando griffin and stops All the kids at james woods high to stop licking toads to get high! CLassic!! But enough about me! Family guy is a show about a very disfunctional family living in a make- believe town in Rhode island. Ranging from 2000- 2005 Family guy was amazing but now, and you will probably thumb me down for this but: Family Guy (at this very moment) is at it's downfall. Yeah, I said it. It is. Family Guy Is TOTALLY falling. Its gotten WAYYYY inappropriate. "Well Thats family guy right?" Wrong. Its just not. Well al know Seth Mcfarlane can be a bit suggestive but this is just too much. Seth Has turned this show from suggestive but funny and classic laughs into a political and suggestive cess- pool. But I love the show, but like I said before: "after 2000-2005 Family guy has gone bad." I Hope seth turns this show around! I rest my case!!!
  • A once funny show is now nothing more than a sad desperate cry for attention.

    Family guy used to be one of the funniest shows on tv, but now they recycle the same jokes and skits over and over and over until it actually becomes annoying. The Fox Sunday Line-up has become nothing more than a desperate attempt for Seth MacFarlane to stay on tv. What happened to good sunday shows like king of the hill and futurama. Its pretty sad when The simpsons (22+ years old) is the best show in the line up. I hope he just gives up soon so fox can make room for a new sitcoms that arent reusing the same jokes from seasons 1-3
  • Its the worst show now.

    The show used to be so good in the years 2000-2005 but now it is just showing nothing but Stewie and Bryan gay show. Why is Stewie gay Do they think that for a 1 year old baby to be gay that it's funny. Because its not funny. And there is no more episodes about Peter about him being dumb. He's just a non factor in his own show. Worst show now. Just a pitiful show now. I hope they cancel this show real soon. If they don't show and bring the comedy back then this show needs to be canceled.
  • From 1999-2011, Family Guy has been on the air, and still is, as of 2011. Read further or more information.


    Family Guy premiered in 1999. The series was created by Seth MacFarlane. It is a hilarious series to watch, but it's losing it's original taste.

    Let's start with the plot's. The plot's (most of the time) are the same. Nothing ever changes. Brian's writing, Meg's dating scene, Stewie attempting to kill lois, and much more. But, on rare occasions, we'll see something NEW, like for example, the Family Guy cartoon version of Barack Obama guest starred, something we don't often seen on television, and the episode, "New Kidney In Town", was a great episode. It had great drama, but NOT much humor. The concept of a dog giving up a life for a human was really heart warming. You have to admit, The plant coming to life in that episode is hilarious, right?, and the part where Peter was crazy from all that Red Bull while milking the cow, and then milking it so fast that the udder just catched fire, and so did Chris's legs, without pants OR underwear, that made me roll off the chair. So, Overall, the plot's are the same, but there is something NEW on RARE occasions.

    Now, on to the cutaways, In almost and/or every Family Guy episode, you will see a cutaway. The cutaway's, at times, can be annoying, and sometimes to the highest degree. Sometimes, the writers TRY too hard to make them funny, but it never works, and the facts make the series decline. Like, the "FaceBook" cutaway in "And I'm Joyce Kinney" was mean. Lois posted that her Aunt Clara passed away and we're all sorry, but Joyce Kinney liked the status, MEAN. That's something to just comment saying "I'm so sorry for your loss". In the episode, "Brian and Stewie", there were apparently NO cutaways. That's good because the cutaways are getting out of hand and annoying. Overall, Cutaways were good, but are NOW kind of getting out of hand.

    Now on to the "killing of the characters". WHY did Seth kill some "Family Guy" characters off the series. That was just not right, and that's why many fans have turned away from the series. As of "And Then They Were Fewer", Diane Simmons if off the series, for good, as well as Stephanie, James Woods, and some other's. If that never happened, maybe I'd give this show a 8 or 9. (Seth) That was just messed up - killed good characters of a good show. Without them, the show would decline by about 2 or half a rating. Overall, They didn't deserve to be killed off, Us fans will miss them - Well, Maybe some of us don't mind, but I doubt that.

    So, there are alot MORE flaws with Family Guy, and It's losing it's taste. I've seen all season 9 episodes so far, and all except 1 or 2 were terrible. Maybe, your opinion's are different. Overall, It's a show still worth watching, but it's declining and going downhill by the episode, maybe not. Maybe we shouldn't jump to the conclusion that the series is terrible. We'll just have to wait until the writers get their creative thoughts back. The concepts are often original, and not always. Peter and Brian fighting over Lois was original (maybe not, on the series.) Lois, as of "And I'm Joyce Kinney", has been revealed of having a "dark side", Stewie confesses his love for Brian as a dog, and Meg and Chris got a chance to meet Barack Obama. Alot of things on the show are good, but MOST of the time, there are bad things.

    So, It's going downhill, losing it's drama, cutaways are getting annoying, and alot more flaws, but we'll just have to tune it to see of - Maybe, they'll get their thoughts back and bring the show back to the classic times of seasons 1-3 or 4. There is a chance - the old "Family Guy" taste WILL be back, but as of now, It's getting bad by the episode. It's terrible.

    Overall Rating: 6.0-7.5

    Thank you for reading.
  • Was great when it first started, but now they're not even trying anymore.

    Family Guy is another one of those shows everyone's heard of. Like The Simpsons, whether or not they liked it, they've heard of it. After the first 3 seasons, the show was cancelled, but successful DVD sales eventually brought it back, making the series the first time any show was brought back this way. But after the 4th season... well... like with SpongeBob, The Simpsons and The Fairly Odd Parents, the show simply just lost its way and with Season 10 coming up, you'd think this show would have been cancelled again ages ago.

    The main plot focuses on a dysfunctional family living in Quahog, Rhode Island, consisting of Peter and Lois (the parents), and Meg, Chris and Stewie (the children), along with an anthropomorphic pet dog, Brian. Of course, it echoes The Simpsons (minus the talking dog part), but at the time, that was only a minor complaint. Or possibly a major complaint if you think Family Guy was just a simple cash-in by FOX.

    First problem, the humour. It used to consist of simple cutaway gags that never hurt anyone. Now they're not as amusing and are hit-and-miss (mostly miss). Some of the jokes are repeated and recycled from older episodes too. And don't get me started on the Conway Twitty gags and the random Chicken fights...

    Second, the characters. Like The Simpsons, they have been flanderized to beyond the point of recognition. Peter was turned from a goofy and widly funny fat man who truly cared about his family (like Homer Simpson) to an arrogant jerkass. Brian used to be an incredibly witty dog who had a crush on Lois. Now he's simply an author avatar for Seth MacFalarne to spew his political views. Stewie has changed the most, from being an intelligent baby seeking world domination into a long-overdone gay joke. It seems that everyone (except Quagmire and Joe) have stayed the same. Why's that?

    The vitrol for Meg in the show astounds me. She's treated as if she is a monster, not an average teenage girl. Her family treats her like crap (further expanding on the rampid flanderization with the characters) and her school is no better. No wonder the fans think she's The Woobie.

    Family Guy was good while it lasted and I enjoyed it's run. But now it's time for it to be put to rest. Watch the first 4 seasons and just skip the others.
  • It's like Simpsons only not as funny or original.

    Family Guy started as a Simpsons clone but it has since surpassed that shows popularity in recent years and has been brought back to life after cancellation thanks to millions of sales on the DVD market. My question is, why? This show is highly unoriginal considering it is an obvious clone of better shows such as the already mentioned Simpsons and King of the Hill. The only thing that this show does differently is that it is more ludicrous, more sacrilegious, more poorly written and more offensive to more people than both other shows combined. Why should we praise a show for that? It is insulting, crude and, to top it off, not very funny. This is especially true of the recent episodes after the show was resurrected. I know some hard-core fans of this show and even they weren't very impressed with the past few episodes. I just wish this show would die and stay that way.
  • The comedy gets old.

    I used to think Family Guy was an okay show until I watched more than just one episode. Now I think it is an annoying cartoon with tired jokes and forced comedy. The stupid stuttering from the characters to make it seem like real human vocabulary is annoying and already been done. If they think they are smart with this, they are wrong. I also do not like the stupid pauses. Yeah, we get that you are trying to be different, but give it a rest Family Guy. Overall, this show is really annoying and it has run its course. Thank you.
  • I can see why so many people love it, and I can see why so many people hate it.

    This is definitely a show that's for those who like parodies, drunk, sexual, offensive, and violent humor. I have no exact favorite, but Peter and Stewie are on the top duking it out.

    The first season was good for warming-up. None of the episodes were classics, but they were funny nontheless.

    The second and third seasons were without a doubt the best. Almost no episodes were unforgettable, and the ones that are still had the humor from the first season.

    Season 4 was about as decent as season 1, but not any lower than that. It was a comeback after they were cancelled, so it was another warm-up. At least this season had a few classic episodes.

    Season 5 and on I lost interest in. The fifth season had some good ones, I won't lie; however, some were just so boring that I actually changed the channel.

    So yeah, it'll entertain you somehow, but if you wish to get the good laughs, I recommend seasons 2-3 and if you love it, seasons 1 and 4, and if you STILL love it, check out the other seasons.

  • used to be my favorite TV show.... But season seven ruined it.

    Family guy is exceptionally hilarious. the jokes are usually all funny, the characters are fantastic. so basically season 1-4 was fantastic.season 5-6 was good. and season seven is really [ no offense] really bad. All the episodes there kind of ruined the reputation family guy used to have. this is a bad sign to season 8 and further seasons. Somehow its pretty weird. the simpsons went downhill like 9 years ago, and gradually stayed that way. But family guy suddenly went downhill and is continuing to look that way. i think seth has really shown he does not have the talent anymore.

    so anyway i loved season 1-4, absolutely adored it. season 5-6 was not bad, had some terrific episode i will always remember.... and im not going to mention anyway about season seven.

    so highly recommended and recommended in seasons 1-4 seasons 5-6. but please... i think season seven is a huge letdown.
  • Going down hill!

    A year ago, I would have given Family Guy a much higher rating! This past season has begun to get boring. I don't know if the writers have run out of storylines or what, but the episodes this season seem to include way too much filler (for example: song and dance numbers that last over 4 minutes). I've found myself fast-forwarding through more and more of each episode, being bored with what I see. I had been glad that it was "renewed/under contract" until 2012, but now, I'm worried that we'll be stuck in a rut with a show that's going nowhere!
  • Great show but starting to lose it's touch

    Used to be one of the best animated shows on TV. In fact used to be one of the best shows on TV. However, recently Family Guy has deteriorated quite severely in quality. Ever since the airing of "The Juice Is Loose" (including the fore mentioned episode), this show has shown signs of lack of ideas and severe character changes that seem out of character when compared with older episodes. I am talking mainly about two characters in particular. Firstly, Peter has become suddenly less stupid than he used to be and Stewie has developed an uninvited homosexual side to him that just isn't funny. I recently watched seasons 1 through 3 and was almost in stitches at Stewie's attempts at world domination and ,of course, trying to kill Lois, and Peter's insane levels of stupidity. This has resulted in me (and I'm sure i'm not the only fan who feels this way) feeling that Family Guy is running out of ideas which isn't a good sign considering it's only in it's seventh season. However, the first episode of season 8 sounds like it has the potential to turn my views around as I thought Blue Harvest was one of the best episodes they've done and another Star Wars parody would be great.
  • Reasons why family guy is going downhill fast.

    Family Guy used to make me fall out of my chair laughing, but the last 6 or so episodes have been horrible. Not funny at all and it looks like there relying on old jokes like Brian's Novel repeatedly. There are way to many songs like in 420, which had to be the worse episode ever. It's really sad that this once great show has gone this far downhill. Maybe the new star wars episodes will give the show a boost but the way its going I wouldn't be surprised if it got the hook within the next year or so. Which is really sad because it was at the top and now its like they don't even care. At the end of last season I would have gave them a 10 now I'm struggling to give them a five. dcd
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