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  • Ok, Before you bite my head off for giving this a 7.9, just listen to my reasoning.

    I, like many other people used to be a HUGE fan of Family Guy. I thought it was the best cartoon on television..etc. When Family guy first showed up it was Hilarious, intelligent, unexpected and entertaining with few bad episodes(The only one that comes to mind right now is "A picture is worth a thousand bucks")What many people don't realize, is: when they are rating this show, they are rating "Old Family Guy" because it was the first and lasting impression. The same show I would of very well rated in the 9's if it wasn't for present discoveries. Ever since it came back, it hasn't had the spark and excitement that it used to. There are too many mediocre or bad episodes, it's second time around. I'm not saying there horrible, I'm just saying there just "O.k." I can only hope they can pick it back up and start a large track of good episodes. Save us Family Guy...Your our only hope.
  • It used to be good show.

    What happened Seth? The last 3 seasons of this show were terrible. I mean they had good episodes such as Blue Harvest, Road to Rupert, Boys Do Cry,..but then it just went downhill. It seems all the writers of this show went to do American dad(Which is a good Show) and Cleveland Show(Terrible..Terrible). So the show is basically about the Nilhistics of the Animated Adeventures of Peter Griffin, his wife Lois PewterShmidt-Griffin, his daughter Meg, his son Chris, and his other son Stewie(A somewhat Gay baby, attracted to Brian), and a talking dog lives with them named Brian, and wacky out-of the blue neighbors like Joe, and Quagmire. Well, Family guy its just a former shadow of itself.
  • A Terribly Overrated and Completely Lackluster Show

    Family Guy may have begun as an interesting concept but its formulaic nature has gotten the best of it.

    What differentiated McFarlanes brand of humor from his competitors was his utilization of seemingly random comic scenarios. This concept may have worked for the first couple of seasons but it has since become an inconsistent and utterly humorless piece of animation. Seths inability to come up with any original ideas or maintain any sense of plot has allowed the show to devolve into nothing more then a series of random satire scenarios. As a result this show is long overdue for cancellation, as well as the cancellation of McFarland's career

    Good Day
  • The show for those who find The Simpsons too cerebral.

    I have sure given this show a chance. But I can no longer watch. It is a dumbed-down, mean-spirited, lowbrow, more liberal version of The Simpsons. I can imagine the writers' meetings now: Ha ha, let's make pop-culture references that even viewers with a 70 IQ would get, like, "Ha ha, I get it, I saw Gilligan's Island! I'm in on the joke". Ha ha, let's make fun of a celebrity's physical appearance, because our viewers aren't smart enough to understand subtle political satire. Ha ha, let's make the father character so mean and unlikeable he makes Homer Simpson look like father of the year."

    Obligatory PC gay character? Check.
    Redneck caricature? Check.
    Coarse sexual "humor"? Check.
    Mistaking crude content for political incorrectness? Check.
    Predictable denigration of family unit? Check.
    Beat marginally funny themes to death? Check.

    I'd say it is meant for low intelligence 12-year-olds, but who would let their 12-year-old watch this? I weep for America that this show is what passes for humor. An example of how our culture gets coarser and dumber every year.
  • Family Guy is not funny. To me.

    I've watched a few episodes of this show. I've watched old episodes, I've watched new episodes, I've watched the most recommended episodes, and I even watched the least recommended episode, and it still gets to me- why do people find this show funny? I can't remember a single time I laughed at a joke in this show. I sometimes smiled, mostly just rolled my eyes. Family Guy seems to base its humor on the concept of "People laugh at nostalgia and long, uneasy moments" and that's basically it. every joke is either completely irrelevant, or just a stretching moment which made me feel obliged to laugh, even though I didn't find it funny. The plot seems to be the entire concept of The Simpsons, but without the charming characters and depth, and the plot is build of The Simpsons concept too- one thing lead to a bunch of completely different things. I'm sorry if you don't agree and if you like this show, I just have some hard time understanding why.
  • One word: boring...

    the title of this review says what I think. It says it all: the show is really boring and I freakin hate it. I have never seen such a ridiculous show (except for American Dad) in my entire life. It sucks so bad and I dont even know why people like it. It needs to be called off. The show ripped the Simpsons off, the Simpsons is a great show, but Family Guy isnt. All the jokes are so bad and un funny. I find every situation absurd and suckish. Family Guy is the piece of crap must seen on TV, but it should end!
  • The Clone that Killed the Original

    When you look at FOX's "Animation Domination" lineup for this year, one can only come to a simple conclusion: Seth MacFarlane is taking over the animation world, Bill Gates style! Most of the animated shows on FOX are his, and Family Guy was the one that started it all. But, just because a show is popular, that doesn't mean its good. As big as its fan base, there are haters as well. Lets look at why some people like the makers of South Park and King of the Hill loathe this show. To start, this show is a carbon copy of the Simpsons. Now, this wouldn't be a problem, if they didn't completely PWN them! Usually greatness is achieved by being original, not so in Family Guy's case. In this case, outright copying and pasting has put this show over the top, but does it deserve to be there, I don't think so! One of my problems with Family Guy is their gross humor. If I wanted to watch gross humor, I'd go to Cartoon Network. The viewers of this show SHOULD be grown ups, so try treating us as such, the stage that we think toilet humor is good for chuckles should be long gone. But I honestly believe its there to maybe draw in a few younger viewers. A cartoon that is a hit and is considered "funny", what kid wouldn't watch it? The point is they shouldn't be! Now I understand that this is America and people are free to say whatever they want, but is nothing sacred anymore? These guys will make fun of anything and anyone (as long as it doesn't offend their own liberal viewpoints). I mean, I understand being cutting edge, but openly mocking other people's beliefs and opinions without dong so to the opposite, come on guys, at least pretend to be fair. Whatever happened back in the day when clean humor was enough for people? It seems that Family Guy seems to demean its viewers by saying, "since you are all degenerate and filthy minded, we will treat you as such". Although there are funny parts of this show, sometimes I feel like less of a person after watching this show. Sorry guys, Family Guy is defiantly not a "family" show. Remember back in the day when everyone thought that the Simpsons were the scourge of the earth, now their clone has taken that title.
  • What happened?

    I'm pretty sad about what has happened to this show. It's stupid at the point where it's unwatchable. The jokes are recycled and repetitve. A few examples include: Chicken fights, mental and physical jokes about Lois and Meg, the immature sex jokes and flashbacks. Family Guy also loses points on originality. It's no doubt that this is another version of the Simpsons now, with the stupid dad, the wife, three kids, one of them babies, and a dog, not to mention that some of the characters have changed a lot. An example of that is Stewie. He almost never talks about world domination anymore, and he might actually be kind of gay which is very creepy. WTF Seth MacFarlane? The only reason I have given this monstrocity over a 1.0 is because this show was actually once funny. Seasons 1-4 of Family Guy where the best. The jokes were smart, and laughable. The characters where also enjoyable to watch. I reccomend watching the older episodes. The newer ones are total garbage. Seth MacFarlane MUST be running out of ideas at this point.

    Overall 4/10
  • Another low-budget time filler by Fox.

    Another low-budget time filler by Fox. By this point in the game, its clear that Seth Mcfarlen is just creating shows to get more money for himself by doing all the voices. Cheap animation, outdated culture referances, terrible voice acting, and low-shots are all that comprise this rapidly aging series.
    I know no adults who watch this show, but i know plenty of children who watch it. Which makes perfect sense considering your essentialy sentancing yourself to 22 minutes of sex jokes, fat jokes, and fart jokes. The bread-and-butter of low quality comedy.
    Do yourself a favour and avoid this show, if you must watch something, make it a show with something clever to say such as The Simpsons or Futurama.
  • An extremely overrated show.

    The major problems with Family Guy include the fact that it is a shameful knock-off of The Simpson. In a way, Family Guy was souly created to cash in on the animated family sitcom genre. Another key problem with the show is that it is chuck full of repetitive cutaway gags that get more annoying the longer you have to sit through them. The show has been getting lamer and lamer throughout its run, and Seth just won't bother changing the show's pathetic format and writing style. Though this is a much minor subject, I also dislike the animation style as well. It looks so bland and motionless, and I can go as far to say that South Park's cut-out animation style is more pleasant on the eyes than Family Guys horrendous animation. Not much else to say other than, I hate the show, and I just pray that it will be over soon.
  • Once it was funny. Now it's awful.

    Family Guy is now little more than an endless parade of gross-out jokes. The humor disappeared a long time ago. Sorry, hard-core fans, but there is nothing funny about Brian eating Stewie's poo. Only a demented person would enjoy watching that. Is Seth McFarlane obsessed with bestiality and homosexuality or what? At first, I thought the show was a satire against American middle-class stupidity and racism, but now I think the writers are celebrating it. The repeated sick and nasty jokes against Mexicans and blacks seem unwarranted. The target 18-35 male audience may like this kind of toilet humor, but it only goes to show why racism and stupidity are so hard to get rid of. I'm not calling for censorship, but what kind of person would find child-dog intercourse and crap eating funny?! This show has outlived its humor and its place on the Sunday night line-up.
  • A polite correction to the reviewer under me: it was hilarious.

    A polite correction to the reviewer under me: the show was hilarious. Now it's a bunch of flaky dandruff and a vessel for Seth's political crap. Even Stewie turned from an originally smart baby to a gay stereotype that offends me (I'm not gay myself, but I support their rights) and other people. Humor constitutes of political spew, and unfunny gags and annoying cutaways. Plus, I always thought Seth was a very talented man, having voiced nearly all the characters on the show; but now it just sounds conceited and frankly cheap. Seth's an old hack, who needs to get some new ideas for the show that doesn't involve politics. Aren't we sick of reality already?
  • Although the rest of the episode was alright, it was the ending that made it so sweet.

    A TV show introducing a new character for an episode that seems too good to be true is something that has been done plenty of times before. Early on in the episode there is usually one character that for some reason does not like the new guy and is usually shunned by the rest of the characters because of it or ends up becoming alienated for some reason. However, in the end the new characters flaw is revealed to the rest of the crew and the old character that was once displaced is once again apart of the group once more.

    This episode was really no exception to the old formula. Brian is replaced by New Brian, a younger dog that knows how to keep the entire family entertained and feeling good about themselves and is overall a flawless, fun-loving companion. When Brian decides he is no-longer needed at home, he stays at Cleveland's and Quagmire's for a while. After Stewie gets tired of New Brian's agreeableness and saccharine personality, he tries persuading Brian to come back. Brian tells Stewie that as long as New Brian is there, he has no place at home.

    So it looks like it is up to Stewie to make New Brian leave. Since at this point in the episode New Brian had yet to show any flaws that could be exposed, unless you count perfection as a flaw, I really wasn't sure what was going to happen.

    Stewie decides to confront New Brian alone when he is baking a cake. Stewie tells him that he needs to leave and that no one wants him around anymore. New Brain responds with disbelief as it appears everyone at home loves him. Stewie assures him that they really don't and that the family especially doesn't like "the way you hump that chair in the den."

    To which New Brian responds, "Well, Rupert seems to like my humping."

    "What did you say?" was the response we heard from Stewie and accurately describes my feelings right after hearing the comment. As New Brian continued to elaborate on how he defaced Stewie's prized teddy bear, it became all too clear what New Brian's fatal flaw was: pissing off Stewie. Stewie's eerily placid demeanor as New Brian described how he "humped [Rupert] for two hours yesterday. He just laid there and took it." (to which Stewie responded with a straight face and his head cocked to the right, "Did he?") and how "every time you are sleeping with him, he's gonna be thinking of me" was clearly just the calm before the storm. Finishing the scene with a shot of the two of them in a stare off, New Brian with a smirk on his face and Stewie with that same expressionless gaze he kept throughout the entire spiel made the next scene of Stewie dragging a bloody garbage bag to the curb entirely expected but still so satisfying. Sometimes the best humor is that which you can see coming a mile away yet it still hits you like a freight train. New Brian's transition from a perfect people pleaser to a sodomist to a butchered bag of meat in so little time was a perfect way to return things to normal before the episode ended. Plus, the scene at the end of the episode featuring Stewie in the shower trying to wash off and comfort a supposedly traumatized Rupert was just icing on the cake.
  • A comedy show that follows the antics of a very funny family.

    This is a very funny show. Most episodes have no relation to one another, but instead have separate stories. The things that can happen in these episodes are endless. You'll never know what will happen next. This type of random comedy actually works well. The jokes are mostly funny, and original, but there are a few that are terrible. The jokes mostly come from pop culture, and other various real world sources. If you don't watch much television, or news, then expect to not get some of these jokes. The characters are also very funny. They all have their certain quirks that make them hilarious, like Stewie's obsession with world domination, or Brian's drinking problems. All in all, this is definately worth checking out.
  • A Great Show

    Family Guy.. is A really funny and good show. The characeters are all hilarious in their own ways and episodes always keep me interested besides a few. I don't think Family Guy has fallen. Its stiil the same Freakin Sweet, Twisted, and Politically Incorrect show that we all know and love. Peter: His retarded self always chuckles a few gigles out of me.

    Lois: She is very funny when she acts bad. Her voice is hilarious as well.

    Stewie: Probably the most famous character on the show. He is very funny in his evil spirited comments, his newly acquired gay personality, and his attemps to kill his own mother in the earlier seasons.

    Brian: Meh, he's boring some times, but funny sometimes.

    Meg: Haha, I love Meg when she gets fiesty! I love the jokes everyone cracks on her, although I do feel bad for her.

    Chris: His fat butt is funny sometimes.

    Overall, Family Guy is a great show that will surely stay for generations to come.
  • Once a comedy genius, now a victim to mediocrity.

    This show changes from season to season. Season 1 was great. It introduced the evil, talking baby, Stewie who constantly tries to kill his mother, Peter, a oaf who tries to be a family guy, but falls miserably and Brian, a talking dog who tries to relax and loves his martinis. Season 2 changes slightly. Peter becomes a bit more stupid and Stewie starts to pop out more jokes and does less evil ploting. In seasons 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 Brian starts to date, Stewie becomes more kind and some what feminine and Peter becomes selfish, mean and not a Family Guy at all. If the episodes today were more like Family Guy in season 1, I would watch it 24/7. Please Seth MacFarlane, save your show!
  • This is getting L-A-ME!

    I mean come on. I thought this was supposed to be a classic. Well. It was. Now, it's just filled with immature jokes and mediocre "crack-ups." Personally, I find the new seasons and episodes absolutely horrible. What happened to the old Family Guy when all the jokes were decent, funny, comedic, smart, witty, and all the good stuff you can describe them with. Also, Stewie sucks. He is probably the worst character in comedy cartoon history. He just plain creeps me out and he should creep you guys out too unless you are all on crack. Leave this show for the vultures, folks.
  • Hilarious comedy but you must have an open mind for some of it...

    I love this show, it obviously was inspired by The Simpsons and no one can deny that but it's a classic and original show in it's own right.

    The show basically follows the life of the Griffins. This 'normal' American family consists of Peter Griffin: an overweight legend of a dad, 'loose' Louis: the laid back and wild mam, Meg: that kid no one likes, Chris: the loveable dumb ones, Stewie: the evil baby with an English accent and Brian the talking and smoking dog. Well this bunch of crazy folks always end up doing bizzare things you would do in everyday life. You know go back in time, to alternate realties, talk to death, burst into song... I could go on about all the funny things that happen to this family but theres so many. For me the Star Wars remakes on this show are the best episodes they have done, I would consider buying them if you ain't seen them!

    Overall I always end up laughing a lot when I watch Family Guy, the novelty for me has not worn off yet. Sometimes the scenes can be utterly pointless and make no sense or drag on but all shows have their flaws. For me this is possibly one of the funniest things going on the telly at the moment and I hope the laughs keep coming.
  • Great show but now losing it's original charm and humor.

    Back in 1999 this premeired after the SuperBowl and i got to say it was absolutely hysterical everyone can agree. But looking at it 7 years later it's absolute garbage. They're running out of ideas and the jokes are the same every episode along with new ones just being as corny as the same repeated jokes. I love the old seasons i would say season 1-5 season 6 was okay seasons 7 and 8 are garbage but to be honest i watched a few episodes from season 9 and there not terrible but still not as good and funny as the first seasons.
  • My opinion is really going down on this show.

    Okay,I still think this show is funny,but the old seasons are better.They had way better jokes.Now in this show,it's just fart joke after fart joke after fart joke.You know,fart jokes are not funny.Peter always has to start the fart joke.Lois is pretty much the worst character of the show.She always ruins everyone's fun.Brian is so drunk and sucks at getting girls,Chris is one of the best characters of the show,Meg is okay and Stewie is the best character of the show.Now,Cleveland is gone to go on one of the best spin-offs of all time and there are no more fights with the Giant Chicken.OH COME ON!!!I want to see another fight.Now,Peter is friends with the chicken.Oh come on!!He has beaten you up 3 times and you guys are friends?!Wow,The Simpsons is way funnier than this show,and it doesn't feature fart jokes.The only thing this show is good about are the random flashabacks.Well,this show gets a D.Score:

    Humor:Fart jokes and D### jokes=Fail.


    So Seth,you managed to rip-off a good show.Now.The Cleveland Show and American Dad are your only good shows.
  • Very funny or at least it used to be.

    Ever scene i started to watch family guy it was the best shows for comedy. But the new episodes are getting to be less funny and to real. Its a cartoon but they make things to real if you know what I mean. Stewie is gay now for some reason. At least now I know why he is a virgin in the future. Brian is just boring chris is just plain ol stupid meg is still well meg peter is to aggressive now and Louis is annoying. But I will still love this show for all its done over the years. its diffidently one of the best things to happen to tv.
  • Very funny show; Yet very violent.

    This is the BEST. SHOW. EVER. I watch it every night on Adult swim. And I like the new animation. I still don't think Family Guy is now crap, for it is unbelievably Awesome. It gets funnier and funnier every episode, every season, every year! I ignore ALL people who hate this show, for they are just jealous. My favorite character is stewie, as in I don't know why a baby has a deep voice. So original. Why I put in a 9 instead a 10? It's just that I have to watch it every night at eleven O' Clock. This is a VERY awesome show. Once again, IT. IS. THE. BEST. SHOW. EVER. Mario620, going OUT!
  • Kind of a Simpsons rip-off, but enjoyable.

    The Griffins are a typical family in the USA, it has a dad, a mom, a daughter, a son, a baby and a dog. But wait a minute, they're not a typical family. Peter is very dumb and funny, a little bit let funny than Homer Simpson. His wife is Lois, she is very motherly like Marge, but a lot sluttier, I mean, she slept with her dog, his husband's best friend, his daughter's boyfriend and more. Meg, is the neglected daughter, everyone in the family and town pick on her, but she gets her revenge in "Dial MEG for Murder". Chris is a moron, Stewie is a gay evil genius (or was), and Brian is the only one who can understand him and is an alcoholic. Peter's friends are pervert Quagmire, wheelchair Joe, and black guy Cleveland (who banished to a lame spin-off).
  • It's the Stewie/Brian duo, the musical numbers and the sometimes gorgeous animation that's worth sticking around for.

    If Family Guy had the wit from its earlier seasons and never had the "jokes" on domestic violence, rape and sexism, it would be my idea of heaven. Cartoon? Check. Random and observational humour? Check. Cute, funny, effeminate baby boy? Mmm-hmm! Music that captures the swinging joviality of the MGM era? You better believe it, buddy. To expand on my point about wit, I wish today's FG eps would contain the quick, subtle conversations it used to have (Brian: "What? I said 'runt'.") and give up on the three expletives per episode (are they part of a deal that says they have to cram them in as much as they can or something?) because you don't need to swear constantly to be funny - and I'm tired of scrambling desperately for the mute/pause button whenever I'm watching FG and one of my parents enters the room. FG barely ever swore in the earlier seasons and a great deal of the dialogue in the earlier seasons was really funny. It would be funnier if Lois or Peter were about to swear in an episode and then realised Stewie was in the same room and had to drag the word out to change it into another word. I bet any money I could write a funny FG ep that didn't contain one expletive/offensive word (oh yeah, I said it!)
  • Sick, Twisted, Politically Incorrect, and hilarious!!

    The griffins are a family from quahog, Rhode Island. Theirs peter the dad, who usually gets in trouble with his stupidity and makes his wife Louis mad in the process. There's Chris the son, who is kind of an outcast at school but you can tell he's smarter then you think. Meg the daughter who is a complete outcast in school and at home and takes abusive from peter especially. Brian the wisecracking dog, with drink in hand. Stewie the evil baby who wants to take over the world and possibly kill his mother Louis.(Unfortunately the character underwent serious changes after the show was brought back and now hes a flamboyant gay baby) The show is similar to the Simpsons showing a nuclear family, and tackling issues every family deals with. Family Guy also features cutaway gags of pop culture or just something completely random, which is a highlight of the series. There is also many secondary characters that just add to the LOL. Even though some people (Including ME) Believe the series was better before it got canceled. You cant deny that family guy is one of the greatest animated sitcoms of all time!!
  • Still Funny...

    I think I'm in a group of people that aren't effected by the used to be better nonsense. I've started watching FG 5 months ago and watched all seasons in an order. While watching then frequently I wasn't able to found any flaws that wasn't already there from the very first episode. In any show there are better episodes / seasons than usual but i couldn't found any reason to believe that newer seasons of Family Guy won't be funny.I believe the problem is people got used to Family Guy. The show is on the air since 1999, which makes 8 years if you ignore cancellations. The same concept could be boring but watch American Dad. You'll see Seth Macfarlene still got it. So don't make excuses such as it's not funny anymore. The guy who writes American Dad (which gets highly good reviews) writes this show.
  • best show ever

    this is ine of the best cartoon shows ever. Family guy is created by Seth MacFarlane and voices over 10 or less characters and is impreesive and the show is about Peter a family guy and his family and their wacky adventures and favorite character is Stewie and evil super smart mastermind and he is a baby that can talk that is what is the best thing about this show and they got a dog name Brain that can talk too and also objects in the show can talk to and one of the things i hate about this show is that the crule jokes on religions and stuff
  • I love this show!

    I love this show. Even though it is inappropriate and sometimes politically incorrect, it is very funny. I love how stupid Peter is. I think that he is even stupider than Homer Simpson if that is even possible. What I like about this show is that there are alot of different characters and the episodes usually have a song in them. It is different than other shows in that this show goes where no other shows would go. They cover just about everything and offend just about every one. I think that this show is not for the easily offended and that if you can't handle it, then you probably shouldn't watch it.
  • i LOVE this show

    this show is amazing! it's a little offensive at times, but it's morely concerned around adult humor and teenagers like me love this stuff.
    i loved the episode where peter and louis go on vacation and they break into a hotel room as an imposter. it shows later on where louis tells peter: "peter the toilet paper is made of money!" then he tells her that they also have high class british porn and it shows it (there's no sex scenes) LMFAO! that's hilarious! then later on, he watches it again cause he feels like louis isn't attracted to him anymore and another clip comes up and that one is even funnier. "you know we could be having sexual intercourse right now! oh yes we could! ooh but let's not...."
    LMFAO!! funny stuff guys so 10/10 for this show. keep it up fox!
  • Exciting, funny and offensive to everyone!

    I became a fan of this show at the beginning of 2008. I thought it was hilarious. What makes this show so stupid is the number of pointless cutaways that have nothing to do with the story whatsoever.

    It focuses on a dysfunctional family called the Griffins. The main charactor, Peter, is the fat, drunken, TV loving father who always has a crazy plan to get out of a sticky situation. Living with his wife Lois, His son Chris, His daughter Meg who he has a dislike for, His talking baby son Stewie, and his talking dog Brian.

    This show got cancelled in 2002, but was revieved after strong DVD sales, and that's is a good thing, especially for the fans who were devistated by the show's cancellation.

    To be honest, I do think that old episodes are funnier than the more recent episodes, however after watching a few episodes of Season 7, I really think they are getting back on track.

    Many people think this show is a rip-off of The Simpsons, but I disagree. Sure it has a fat, drunk father, two kids hat fall out with each other or a family dog, but the show isn't a COMPLETE rip-off of The Simpsons.

    Some people may not like this show due to frequent cutways, or the offensive jokes, but I am one who does. I think its a clever and funny show with wacky plots and un-pc humor. Give this a look if you like that kind of stuff.

    NOTE: This is a really old review. I like the show less now.
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