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  • It's not what it used to be.

    I will always watch family guy, but i won't always find it funny. This show has gone downhill lately and it seems as if none of the creators or writers care anymore. It really might be written by manatees. All of the subtlety of the characterization has been lost. Stewie is the prime example of this, no longer the hilarious genius who dreamed of world domination, he is now a one dimensional gay joke. Old jokes are reused time and time again. Possibly the worst example of this is when they used the Cleveland bath tub gab after he had left the show.
    When they cant think of a way to reuse a joke or make a reference to Brian's novel they fill it with long unfunny filler to make up time.

    Basically the family guy i grew up watching and loving is not what is being made now, and this upsets me. It was one of my all time favourite shows now i barely laugh.
  • A terrible show.

    I'm sorry to all the Family Guy fans out there, but this show is terrible. I will admit that Stewie is a funny character, but apart from him, this show is racist and immature and stupid, and just not funny at all. My brother absolutely loves this show, but I do not see why, it is one of the stupidest and most pointless shows I have ever seen. I think it probably started as another "Simpsons" but it will never be as good as The Simpsons, ever. This show is really not appropriate for kids either, yet it is on at 4pm most days. It's just so racist, and ridiculous. Sorry to anyone who loves this show, but that's just my opinion, this show is terrible.
  • What was once a hilarious show, is now a wreck.

    I've watched Family Guy for years finding it hilarious with clever jokes and funny flashbacks Peter always says he has. But after the Season 4 or 5, this show went to hell bringing down its whole charm. Stewie used to be funny with world domination at his fingertips. He doesn't do any world dominating anymore. I mean, he does some in the newer episodes (Louis Kills Stewie and Stewie kills Louis), but now, he just travels on all these adventures with Brian. In one episode, they travel back in time to a war period. And then in one episode, they travel to different universes. Then in one episode, they go on a spy misson to disable a rocket missle. Then in one episode, they try to get Stewies stuffed animal back and so on and so on. Who is writing this bulls*** anyways? This show never even makes sense anymore. I mean, the whole point of the show is to be random, but the older episodes at least had a proven point trying to be givin. Seth M. is starting to lose it. This monster that was once a hilarious adult cartoon has turned into a nightmare. Althought, I must say, I won't ever stop watching this show. It isn't very good at all anymore, but I've been watching this show for years, and maybe someday it will improve back to normal again. And there are a couple good jokes in this show. But it tends to repeat itself a little too much. The Cleveland and the bathtub rotinue like a user said is getting boring. They even did the joke when Cleveland didn't live there anymore.

    Family Guy is a decent show which has seemed to drop down over the years. Maybe it will get better.
  • Had promise once upon a time, but now....

    This show is awful. The first few seasons were okay and there was a lot of potential for it to be a good show. But then, after it was cancelled and brought back, it was like no one was trying anymore. The jokes are stupid and mean-spirited, the writers totally misunderstand the point of pop-culture references (when used, they should be used RARELY and they have to actually make sense in terms of the story), and all of the characters are either flat, boring, or just generally unlikable. And there's nothing wrong with a little offensive humor, if it's well written, but on this show... it's just like the writers are more interested in pushing people's buttons than doing quality writing.

    Bottom line, Family Guy had promise, but then ruined it with lazy writing. My advice, watch the SImpsons. At least they had the courtesy to give us at least 10 seasons of good, well-written episodes.
  • Time to get this review over with!

    Meet Family Guy. One of the most obnoxious, offensive TV shows up to date. This whole show is offensive. Such examples include it making fun of Mexicans, Christians, blacks, Asians, and other races and religions. Surprisingly, people laugh at some of the dry, racist jokes. I'm not surprised considering a large chunk of the viewers for Family Guy are grown men who sit on their ass all day, 10 year old boys who haven't hit puberty yet, kids who watch the show and don't even get any of the jokes, and a good amount of teenage girls who laugh at any sexual joke the show provides. Speaking of sexual jokes, this show is bashed with dirty jokes. Other than that, the jokes are when Peter has a flashback. "Remember the time I....", "I remember the time that I went to Paris with Jackie Chan" All the creators have to do is take a celebrity and a place, and have Peter there. A 7 year old could write the storyline. (Watch the episode "Cartoon Wars Part 2 from the TV show South Park for a Family Guy bit.) The only other jokes than that is Peter hurting himself in violent, bloody ways. It will be funny every now and then, but it gets old after a while. Another huge factor of family guy that is really f***ed up, is the show LOVES to repeat the jokes OVER and OVER again. Heck, some of the jokes last for up to 4 minutes at a time. A little old huh? Most of the time, the story to the episode makes no sense at all. They just take a bunch of random Peter flashbacks for 13 minutes of the episode and have the other 7 just the lame pathetic storyline that the low-life Seth M. makes up with his spare time. (Not like he has any spare time. He does American Dad, The Cleveland Show, and Family Guy. He owns Animation Domination.) The characters are crap. What's so funny about a depressed girl who is always getting teased at school or a overweight kid who knows nothing at all? Peter is a copy off of Homer except he is way stupider and doesn't have the 1 of a kind traits of Homer. Louis isn't funny, Brian is just normal, and Stewie's happy-go-lucky world domination adventures get stale quick. All the other characters are crap. Quagmire is pretty funny I'll admit. Joe isn't funny at all, Mort ISN'T funny! Jewish jokes from Seth again. What a douche. There are a couple other characters that are decent, but are mainly repeated in every episode making them go boring and dull.

    Overall, Family Guy is a show that trys to be funny, but ends up going over the wire. The earlier episodes are ok I must admit. If you are looking for an edgy show like this, WATCH SOUTH PARK. It does the bad racist stuff in a funny way. Unlike Family Guy where they just automatically attack black people and other races.

    P.S. - I'm not black, jewish, ect. I just know that the stuff Family Guy will do would offend A LOT of people.
  • Was an excellent show, but starting to go downhill

    This show is a true gem to me, at least the first 3 season were. They were some of the sharpest writing of comedy and was able to hold a candle next to the simpsons and south park. However, the show took into a significant downturn after it's revival from cancellation. They began to focus far less on plots and more on "how many cutaways gags can we fit in one episode?" And, while it was ok at first they began to become unfunny and soon began to ruin the show. While it doesn't destory it, it undenibly cuts into the quality of it. Also, the characters began to change. Stewie became homo Brian became an A-hole, Peter retarted, etc. I believe these changes are ruining the show, as the newest season 8 was barely watchable as it was mostly racist, religious and other hate jokes. However, I give the show a 7, because of the first 3 seasons. They were absolutly flawless. They had great writing, kept you on the edge of your seat, and just plain funny. If the show were more like these seasons, it would earn a 10 from me, but the newer ones earn about a 4, so I have to keep the score averaged out. So watch any episode from the first 3 seasons, you won't stop laughing I gurantee it. But, I would only watch certain episodes from later seasons as many them are offensive and terribly unfunny. 7/10 C-
  • Still decent, but not great

    Many will rant that the show sucks and you might expect a cynical individual such as myself to do so as well. Well I can't honestly do that. Compared to other shows that have lost their quality, (ie Spongebob) Family Guy, while it may not always be funny, is still watchable.

    The show follows the same goal as "The Simpsons" - to tear the concept of a nuclear family to shreds. Which is fine.

    The show I thank for making me laugh my arse off. I was introduced to the series at a relatively innapropriate grade - 4th grade, which may not be too uncommon. The difference is that i'm not like Redneck children, I don't imitate what I see on TV. My favorite seasons are really the first two along with a bit of the third. This was my favorite show for a relative time, and I was extatic when hearing it was returning.

    I'm not sure if it's just me, but it just seemed different to me when it did return. I wonder if it's just me because it returned from production after 2-4 years and that always feels weird to me!

    I now can say with great integrity that the series is in fact not what it used to be. The show seems desperate for jokes and uses many overused material again and again. Not to say that there isn't a good episode here and there.

    However, unlike before, it is ripping everything FOX stands for a new one like never before and that I can't be mad at. They don't care, as it's all about money even if it's at their expense! The show at times has valid points to make surprisingly enough...

    So, while I don't believe the series is very good anymore; I still believe that it isn't the worst thing on TV these days and at least deserves a 6/10

    Ok so this may not be my FAVOURITE show but I still love it! The only reason I rated it a 9.5 is because it's like peter isn't even the main character anymore. They almost only ever show stewie and brian. But anyway, the show is hillarious and defently unique (am i the only one who notices this?) I haven't saw another show in my life with an evil talking baby who plans to destroy the world lol :D Overall, Family guy is defently one of my favourite shows but it doesn't come close to Spongebob Squarpants, which is, and will always be my favourite show. But still, this is about family guy, and don't worry, I lovveeeee family guy too
  • Cool!

    This is by far the greatest show ever! It is so funny, I could wet myself. Every single time I watch it, I blow up laughing. All the characters are really funny. It is a funny and cool show. My favorite character is Stewie because he may be a baby, but he is a evil genius. Why doesn`t Louis understand that Stewie wants to kill her? She is wrong if she thinks Stewie is just a little baby. He will probably kill her sooner or later. To me, Family Guy is the show with one laugh after another.It is amazing!
  • Lucky there's a Family Guy!

    Ok, now I can't say I've been a fan of Family guy since it's start, but since I was only 5, that would be a lie. I started watching it, when it went into sydication and was on everyday, after I got home from School. Now since Family Guy started, It's gotten better and worse.

    The animation is AMAZING. It's very well done, but the storylines most resently have been lacking. in the last 2 or 3 seasons, it seems like Peter get maybe 2-3 storylines, Lois gets 1-2, Chris gets 0-1, Meg gets 1-2, and then Brian and Stewie get all the rest. So my hope for season 10 is that they'll stop with all the time machine episodes, the "Road to..." episodes. I love this show, don't get me wrong, but last I checked this is called "Family Guy" not "Family Dog and his Evil Homoerotic Baby Sidekick."

    But I do have faith season 10 will be better. I saw the sneak peek of the season they showed at comicon, and it looked really promising!
  • It sucks.

    There's a lot to say for the Moral Fabric decay of society, highlighted by crap like this, but let's avoid that. Let's just look at the show. It sucks. It's as simple as that. The only thing more idiotic then replacing TV Tome with this website, is that this embarrasment is atop the Favorite TV shows list. It's a shame it won't allow me to give this show a 0.0
  • I don't get it. Why this mediocre show is so appreciated?! Well, I guess it's because of we live in a mediocre world.

    Power To The Masses. And the masses like it simple. with illustration for every joke. no subtext, no complex realife message. just straightforward no sense (not nonsense, god forbid).
    Power To The Masses
    Power To The Masses
    Power To The Masses
    Power To The Masses
    Power To The Masses
    Power To The Masses
    Power To The Masses
  • Hey family guys on... well thats one thing to turn around a bad day.

    Family guy is the one show i look forward to watching every week. It makes me laugh every time, yea the jokes can be offending but thats one of the things that make it so good. I can watch a the same episode over and over again and still find it funny. Family guy is the kind of a show that you watch and then cant wait to talk and laugh with your buddies about the jokes.

    Family guy is definatly the number one animated show on television. The simpsons do not rule any longer. :) - - -
  • First three-four seasons were genuis, but the new season looks like something Seth McFarlene spat out.


    Don't get me wrong. I love Family Guy. I memorized everyline from all the old episodes...

    but now it's just... it's not funny. It seems like he's not even trying.

    The jokes just aren't as shocking as they were... If you want to compare it to American Dad, American Dad is defintally better than the new Family Guy.

    I'm sorry Seth, don't do two shows at once; it's a lot of work.
  • One of the greatest animated shows to grace TV since The Simpsons and Family Guy.

    Family Guy is a great show, known for its flashbacks and tongue-in-cheek humor. The show was so great that it was brought back to TV after years of it being cancelled, due to the phenomenal DVD sales and ratings on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. I myself have seen every episode of Family Guy, and it is a really great show.

    Another thing that makes the show so great is the music. The music itself is done by Walter Murphy, and there are a number of singing sections, often written and sung by Seth MacFarlane, the very talented creator of Family Guy. Songs such as "You've Got A Lot To See", "So Awfully Different", and "Road to Rhode Island" will be remembered by many for years to come.

    The characters themselves are very memorable as well, and each character has their own personality, from Peter the drunken idiot to Quagmire the horny sex addict to Stewie the genius baby who plans to take over the world. Family Guy beats out The Simpsons and Futurama on my list as the best animated television show ever.
  • One of the best shows ever to hit fox never. They should never have cancled it but now that its back. I can laugh every sunday while wathing something besides the simpons on fox. This show is orginal and trys something new each time.I just love this show

    One of the best shows ever to hit fox never. They should never have cancled it but now that its back. I can laugh every sunday while wathing something besides the simpons on fox. This show is orginal and trys something new each time. The best part is Peter who just is to stupid for his own good.hile wathing something besides the simpons on fox.
  • I'd like to write a review, but all the haters would probably bag me out. I know, and I agree, the old stuff is better than the new stuff, but so what? Why should that change how you really feel about Family Guy?

    I'm in no position to defend Seth McFarlane and he wouldn't care what you say about him either way because Fox still runs his show and that's that. Obviously it rates well enough, even with the odd swing and a miss, but I like it. I will always like it, that is what it's like when you truly find something you like forever. You wade through all the political, racist, anti relgion stuff...well that doesn't leave a lot left, but who cares?, I still like it! Since season 1 I've watched everything the creators of this show have put out. They're trying it cater to the widest audience possible, that's why there are bad episodes every now and again. It is your choice, like it or not. I know where I stand, and if I ever meet Mr McFarlane one day at least I can say to him without any second thoughts that I love Family Guy!

    I will admit this show is funny, but sick. I dont have much to say about this show. The Simpsons are much better. I hate the stupid American Animated Comedies like Family Guy, American Dad, South Park, and Futurama. sickens me!

    j j j j j j j j j j
  • "Lucky there's a Family Guy..."

    Next to The Simpsons, Family Guy is one of the greatest shows that Fox has to offer! Peter Griffin is one of my favorite characters on the show. His personality and his shenanigans always make me laugh until it hurts. Whether the episodes are old or new, Family Guy will always be great. Even if this is a TV-14 show, it amazes me how the creators can get away with the things that might offend parents. One thing that truly makes this show great is the personalities of the characters. When you hear Peter do something funny or Stewie do something evil, you know you're in for an excellent show. The characters make the fictional town of Quahog, Rhode Island a fun place to live. If only it exists. Family Guy is a cartoon that stands above the rest, and I encourage everyone to see it!
  • Different but good.

    Yes I admit it is different then in 1999 but it has changed for the better its new adjustments gave it more plots, more episodes and more characters it is funnier in different ways like new jokes. Stewie has gotten less evil Gayer I will admit but less evil they have been meaner to Meg (thumbs up) but if you would like me to make a long story short Funnier in some way and less in other ways this

    (Both) We're off on the road to Rhode Island We're having the time of our lives. (Stewie) Take it dog... (Brian) We're quite a pair of partners, Just Like Thelma and Louise. 'cept you're not six feet tall (Stewie) Yes, and your breasts don't reach your knees. (Brian) Give it time. (Both) We're off on the road to Rhode Island, We're certainly going in style. (Brian) You're with an intellectual, who craps inside his pants. (Stewie) How dare you. At least I don't leave urine stains on all the household plants.
    (Brian) Oh, pee jokes. (Both) We've traveled a bit and we've found, Like a masochist in Newport we're Rhode Island bound. ((Brian) Crazy travel conditions, huh? (Stewie) First class or no class (Brian) Whoa, careful with that joke, it's an antique (Both) We're off on the road to Rhode Island We're not going to stop till we're there (Brian) Maybe for a beer. (Brian) Whatever dangers we may face, we'll never fear or cry (Stewie) That's right, until we're syndicated Fox will never let us die, please! (Both) We're off on the road to Rhode Island, The home of that old campus swing. (Brian) We may pick up some college girls, and picnic on the grass. (Stewie) We'd tell you more, but we'd have the censors on our ass. (Brian) Yikes! (Both) We certainly do get around. Like a bunch of renegade pilgrims Who are thrown out of Plymouth colony. We're Rhode Island bound. Or like a group of college freshmen who were rejected by Harvard and forced to go to Brown! into this

    You've got to look your best tonight, You tubby little parasite, Cause there's a lovely lady and she's waiting for you.

    And though her pretty face may seem, A special person's wettest dream, Before you get to see it there are things you must do.

    We'll try, a tie, And boutonnière of yellow, Or a rose, that shows, That you're a classy fellow, With the posh, panache, Of Jefferson at Monticello, Busting out a mile with style.

    I know you just can't wait to stare, At all that luscious orange hair, But boy before you touch a single curl, You must impress that ultra-boomin', All-consumin', Poorly-groomin'
    Down syndrome girl.

    On any normal day you reek, As if you're on a farting streak, Your finger's up your nose and you are dripping with drool.

    But if you want a lady's love, you're better off by smelling of, A gentlemen's Cologne instead of sneakers and stool.

    A squirt, a spurt, Of something just for Ellen, And you'll see, that she, Will find you so compelin'And she does, because, The only smell that she'll be smellin', won't be coming from your bum.

    You wanna take that little whore, And spin her on the dancing floor, But boy before you do a single twirl, You must impress that effervescing, Self-possesing, no-BS-ing, Down syndrome girl.

    Her eyes are emerald portals, To a secret land of love, And her smile is like the sweetest summer flower...

    Her kiss is so inviting, And her hugs are so delighting...

    And what makes them really nice, Is that they've got a little spice, Because they're tighter than a vice, And may go on for an hour.
    My boy between the two of us, We'll get you on that shorty bus, And then you're gonna take it for a whirl.

    Now go impress that super-thrilling
    Wish-fulfilling, Yoo-Hoo spilling, Ultra-swinging, boner-bringing, Gaily singing, dingalinging, Stupefying, fortifying, As of Monday, shoelace tying, Stimulating, titillating, Kitty-cat impersonating, Mega-rocking, pillow-talking, Just a little crooked walking, Coyly pouting, booby-sprouting, For some reason always shouting, Fascinating, captivating, Happiness and joy creating...

    Down syndrome girl!
  • I give it a bad review its when you watch it for so long rerun after rerun it getting old besides I'm an anime fan I still like cartoons hack the reason why I give it a good review is because of last night show. OJ kills people at the end classic.

    I decided to renew my summary because, after reading the recap on South Park, i realized that shows with no plot are doomed to have a strong start but a weak ending. Family Guy is just one of those shows that I find funny at times but then i hate them because they lack of a good plot, Comedy is good for awhile but then the laughs turns to cries. The Simpsons had a good plot structure because they didn't drive away from the plot every five minutes i mean what does Peter getting a new pair of shoes have to do with Meg applying for college? i know i hear the phase "its not suppose to make sense as long as its funny" But i wonder at times is if Family guy should face the reality of time
  • Ok, Before you bite my head off for giving this a 7.9, just listen to my reasoning.

    I, like many other people used to be a HUGE fan of Family Guy. I thought it was the best cartoon on television..etc. When Family guy first showed up it was Hilarious, intelligent, unexpected and entertaining with few bad episodes(The only one that comes to mind right now is "A picture is worth a thousand bucks")What many people don't realize, is: when they are rating this show, they are rating "Old Family Guy" because it was the first and lasting impression. The same show I would of very well rated in the 9's if it wasn't for present discoveries. Ever since it came back, it hasn't had the spark and excitement that it used to. There are too many mediocre or bad episodes, it's second time around. I'm not saying there horrible, I'm just saying there just "O.k." I can only hope they can pick it back up and start a large track of good episodes. Save us Family Guy...Your our only hope.
  • It used to be good show.

    What happened Seth? The last 3 seasons of this show were terrible. I mean they had good episodes such as Blue Harvest, Road to Rupert, Boys Do Cry,..but then it just went downhill. It seems all the writers of this show went to do American dad(Which is a good Show) and Cleveland Show(Terrible..Terrible). So the show is basically about the Nilhistics of the Animated Adeventures of Peter Griffin, his wife Lois PewterShmidt-Griffin, his daughter Meg, his son Chris, and his other son Stewie(A somewhat Gay baby, attracted to Brian), and a talking dog lives with them named Brian, and wacky out-of the blue neighbors like Joe, and Quagmire. Well, Family guy its just a former shadow of itself.
  • A Terribly Overrated and Completely Lackluster Show

    Family Guy may have begun as an interesting concept but its formulaic nature has gotten the best of it.

    What differentiated McFarlanes brand of humor from his competitors was his utilization of seemingly random comic scenarios. This concept may have worked for the first couple of seasons but it has since become an inconsistent and utterly humorless piece of animation. Seths inability to come up with any original ideas or maintain any sense of plot has allowed the show to devolve into nothing more then a series of random satire scenarios. As a result this show is long overdue for cancellation, as well as the cancellation of McFarland's career

    Good Day
  • The show for those who find The Simpsons too cerebral.

    I have sure given this show a chance. But I can no longer watch. It is a dumbed-down, mean-spirited, lowbrow, more liberal version of The Simpsons. I can imagine the writers' meetings now: Ha ha, let's make pop-culture references that even viewers with a 70 IQ would get, like, "Ha ha, I get it, I saw Gilligan's Island! I'm in on the joke". Ha ha, let's make fun of a celebrity's physical appearance, because our viewers aren't smart enough to understand subtle political satire. Ha ha, let's make the father character so mean and unlikeable he makes Homer Simpson look like father of the year."

    Obligatory PC gay character? Check.
    Redneck caricature? Check.
    Coarse sexual "humor"? Check.
    Mistaking crude content for political incorrectness? Check.
    Predictable denigration of family unit? Check.
    Beat marginally funny themes to death? Check.

    I'd say it is meant for low intelligence 12-year-olds, but who would let their 12-year-old watch this? I weep for America that this show is what passes for humor. An example of how our culture gets coarser and dumber every year.
  • Family Guy is not funny. To me.

    I've watched a few episodes of this show. I've watched old episodes, I've watched new episodes, I've watched the most recommended episodes, and I even watched the least recommended episode, and it still gets to me- why do people find this show funny? I can't remember a single time I laughed at a joke in this show. I sometimes smiled, mostly just rolled my eyes. Family Guy seems to base its humor on the concept of "People laugh at nostalgia and long, uneasy moments" and that's basically it. every joke is either completely irrelevant, or just a stretching moment which made me feel obliged to laugh, even though I didn't find it funny. The plot seems to be the entire concept of The Simpsons, but without the charming characters and depth, and the plot is build of The Simpsons concept too- one thing lead to a bunch of completely different things. I'm sorry if you don't agree and if you like this show, I just have some hard time understanding why.
  • One word: boring...

    the title of this review says what I think. It says it all: the show is really boring and I freakin hate it. I have never seen such a ridiculous show (except for American Dad) in my entire life. It sucks so bad and I dont even know why people like it. It needs to be called off. The show ripped the Simpsons off, the Simpsons is a great show, but Family Guy isnt. All the jokes are so bad and un funny. I find every situation absurd and suckish. Family Guy is the piece of crap must seen on TV, but it should end!
  • The Clone that Killed the Original

    When you look at FOX's "Animation Domination" lineup for this year, one can only come to a simple conclusion: Seth MacFarlane is taking over the animation world, Bill Gates style! Most of the animated shows on FOX are his, and Family Guy was the one that started it all. But, just because a show is popular, that doesn't mean its good. As big as its fan base, there are haters as well. Lets look at why some people like the makers of South Park and King of the Hill loathe this show. To start, this show is a carbon copy of the Simpsons. Now, this wouldn't be a problem, if they didn't completely PWN them! Usually greatness is achieved by being original, not so in Family Guy's case. In this case, outright copying and pasting has put this show over the top, but does it deserve to be there, I don't think so! One of my problems with Family Guy is their gross humor. If I wanted to watch gross humor, I'd go to Cartoon Network. The viewers of this show SHOULD be grown ups, so try treating us as such, the stage that we think toilet humor is good for chuckles should be long gone. But I honestly believe its there to maybe draw in a few younger viewers. A cartoon that is a hit and is considered "funny", what kid wouldn't watch it? The point is they shouldn't be! Now I understand that this is America and people are free to say whatever they want, but is nothing sacred anymore? These guys will make fun of anything and anyone (as long as it doesn't offend their own liberal viewpoints). I mean, I understand being cutting edge, but openly mocking other people's beliefs and opinions without dong so to the opposite, come on guys, at least pretend to be fair. Whatever happened back in the day when clean humor was enough for people? It seems that Family Guy seems to demean its viewers by saying, "since you are all degenerate and filthy minded, we will treat you as such". Although there are funny parts of this show, sometimes I feel like less of a person after watching this show. Sorry guys, Family Guy is defiantly not a "family" show. Remember back in the day when everyone thought that the Simpsons were the scourge of the earth, now their clone has taken that title.
  • What happened?

    I'm pretty sad about what has happened to this show. It's stupid at the point where it's unwatchable. The jokes are recycled and repetitve. A few examples include: Chicken fights, mental and physical jokes about Lois and Meg, the immature sex jokes and flashbacks. Family Guy also loses points on originality. It's no doubt that this is another version of the Simpsons now, with the stupid dad, the wife, three kids, one of them babies, and a dog, not to mention that some of the characters have changed a lot. An example of that is Stewie. He almost never talks about world domination anymore, and he might actually be kind of gay which is very creepy. WTF Seth MacFarlane? The only reason I have given this monstrocity over a 1.0 is because this show was actually once funny. Seasons 1-4 of Family Guy where the best. The jokes were smart, and laughable. The characters where also enjoyable to watch. I reccomend watching the older episodes. The newer ones are total garbage. Seth MacFarlane MUST be running out of ideas at this point.

    Overall 4/10
  • Another low-budget time filler by Fox.

    Another low-budget time filler by Fox. By this point in the game, its clear that Seth Mcfarlen is just creating shows to get more money for himself by doing all the voices. Cheap animation, outdated culture referances, terrible voice acting, and low-shots are all that comprise this rapidly aging series.
    I know no adults who watch this show, but i know plenty of children who watch it. Which makes perfect sense considering your essentialy sentancing yourself to 22 minutes of sex jokes, fat jokes, and fart jokes. The bread-and-butter of low quality comedy.
    Do yourself a favour and avoid this show, if you must watch something, make it a show with something clever to say such as The Simpsons or Futurama.
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