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  • The crazy life of the Griffins: Meg, Peter, Lois, Stewie, Chris, and Brian.

    HILLARIOUS!! This is one of the best shows to hit television in a LOOOOONG time. If you're a fan of some of the most hillarious things on Earth, combined with witty dialogue, interesting characters, and great animation--watch "Family Guy". It's amazing! The way the characters perfectly work together is great. I'm predicting Peter Griffin to be one of the best TV dads of all time!
  • Family Guy is by far the funniest show out there these days and keeps getting funnier!!

    Family Guy is the best animated comedy on TV right now and it is because it is so random which makes it funny. Seth Macfarland is a Genuis to come up with a show like this. Sad to say it does blow The Simpsons out of the water. If you have never seen this show before you must you will laugh until you pee your pants. With different characters like Stewie a British speaking baby with a high IQ and always trying to kill his mom, all the way to Quagmire a guy just trying to find some action, then you got the main character Peter whos always looking for adventure.
  • best show ever! must see!!!

    This is the best animation comedy show out there today. Every episode is halarious and the characters personalities are very creative.

    This show is a must watch 9/10 people will love this show. If you don't know where to watch this show. Its on Fox (28) at 8:00pm , Teletoon (45) at 9:00pm and Global at (3) at 8:00 (i think lol)
  • I've seen awful stuff, like "Friends", but this is just the WORST!

    First of all, the main character, Peter Griffin, is a complete cliche: Stupid, fat, and likes beer. The Simpsons, perhaps? Also, this is a completely pointless to watch show when there is South Park, and even Futurama is better. I have no clue towards why everybody likes this show. There's an uninteresting flashback that's completely derived of any humour interspersed between two minute scenes constantly in every episode that I've seen (which comes to seven, since each time I saw it, I'd say, "Maybe THIS episode is funny," and then it ends). Seth McFarlane should be ashamed.
  • My God This House.......Show is freakin sweet!!!!

    This show has to be the greatest ever made. It's innovative writing, amazing characters, originality, voice talents that could knock you off your feet. This show's got it all: A baby hellbent on world domination, a talking dog with emotional issues, and an evil monkey that lives in the closet...he wasn't always evil. Yes, this show was cancelled, don't let that sour you on taking a chance on it, it was renewed because of tremendous DVD sales and popularity....or so they say, My Opinion: The execs at Fox are just stupid, simple as that.

    Favorite Episode: Any episode Made In Seasons 1-4
  • This is the show for you if you want a good laugh! Absolutely hilarious!

    This is a show I don't get to watch very often, but really satisfies me when I do. It will put you from a bad mood to a good mood. I think the funniest character is Peter because he seems to be kind of person to do what ever he wants, which is how I feel alot! I really like comedy so this show suits me. I highly recommend this show to the WORLD. It's the best show on television!
  • Family Guy, sounds boring? think again...

    Family Guy is the most intense comedy show out there, with jokes so far fetched that it will make you laugh out of pure admiration of the crazyness and fantasy behind this show.

    The Show is not afraid to touch sensitive topics and really tear them open and sometimes to shreds. The best character out of them all is without a doubt the pretty original character Stewie which is a small child in dypers that has a IQ of einstein-level, or so it seems.

    He tosses out some of the best jokes and really really makes me laugh, all my friends agree too, Stewie is without a doubt what makes the Family Guy so very very funny and different. I mean we have the standard characters in the show, but Stewie is the dot over I as we say in sweden.

    Lets hope this perfect series continues its reign as the best animated comedy show ever.
  • Family Guy is not being its usual self. Sure, some gags are great, but this season does have me longing for the days when Pest Exterminators acted more like loose canon police officers.

    What happened to my beloved Family Guy? This used to be the best animated show ever. The funniest, the wittiest, the most unpolitically correct show on TV. The show returned with a bang, but its just getting worst as this season progesses. The jokes are becoming less funnier and the great jokes are now few and far between. Family Guy is not what it used to be. I have the feeling that the writers are thinking that anything they write the fans will love. Sure, there have still been some great jokes, but I'm sad to say there are more misses than hits. Seth and Co., please, you guys can make it funnier than it used to be! But the last couple of episodes have been making me feel like you're just doing it for the money.
  • Its about a father named Peter Griffin, mother named Lois Griffin, Sons Stewie Griffin and Chis Griffin and Daughter named Meg Griffin. Peter has friends named Cliveland, Gwagmire, Joe and their wives. Oh yeah and their dog Brian

    Family Guy is so good I watch it almost everyday. Its funny and funny and also.... funny. lol its very just.... FUNNY!!! You should watch it if you like funny and stupied. They have another cartoon named American Dad its the same Creator. American Dad is good too its almost the same.
  • This show is by far the best. Its so funny, and it always makes me laugh. My favorite character is Stewie. He's so cute, and way advanced for his age.

    This show is a must see. The characters bring life to a new brand of comedy and really know what the audiences like. Stewie is great and is the highlight of the show. And everybody knows that they've always dreamed of having a dog like Brian. He's great. The show is Fantastic....Watch it!!
  • well the family guy i love that show!!! but i still go to church im not a good chrishtion but when it comes to making fun of Jesues thats a big let down for everbody. It was the show about the pasion of the christ.

    well the family guy i love that show!!!
    but i still go to church im not a good chrishtion but when it comes to making fun of Jesues thats a big let down for everbody. It was the show about the pasion of the christ.
    But I still love the show my fav. charcter is stewy how he is always trying to kill lowes i love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dare I say funnier than the Simpsons?

    Okay I'll say it, this show is funnier than the Simpsons! This is my favorite show on the air. Family Guy's relentless jokes keep you laughing from beginning to end. The pop culture refernces are quite original, and may be what appeals to people so much. This show is definetly worth watching!
  • A awesome show to watch. Great fun.

    Family Guy is a fun show to watch.It's on Adult Swim and probably the best show on the network.It rarely ever gets boring.There's originalty in each episode.You remember the jokes for days.When you see the wierd things they do in some of the episodes you'll really want to watch more and more.A great show.
  • Family Guy is my favorite show right now and I was so thrilled when Fox decided to bring it back and the show has only gotten better as time goes on.

    Family Guy is great. From the first show until last weeks episode it has kept me laughing. I love all of the one liners and all of the classic flashbacks. To me Peter Griffin is the new Homer Simpson and is becoming the most well known character on TV. When I go to school and here people quoting them and I am able to do it right back it shows me how popular of a show this is and how good it truely is. Family Guy should stay on the air for many years and should take the place of The Simpsons when the time comes.
  • Hands down the funniest cartoon of all time

    Family guy displays raunchy adult humor at its finest. It is head and shoulders above the other animated tv shows such as Futurama and The Simpsons. I am so glad they decided to bring this series back, the first three seasons just wasn't enough for me or anyone else I know.
  • Without doubt best comedy of the decade!

    Absolutly hilarious show about a fat man his two sons; one bent on world domination and one a fat dumb skull, plain daughter, rubungtious wife and talking dog. Fast paced comedy might have orgianlly cause the show hardship but has truly helped the show explode into the best show on TV.
  • Family Guy is a great show even though it is directed towards an older age group due to its sometimes mature language and content. However I feel it is todays best animated shows. Every character brings something to every episode. Watch it and love it!

    Family Guy is my favorite show on today. My brother and I own all of the DVD's and have enjoyed them all. The show is centered on a family living in Quahog, a small town in New England. Peter Griffin is the father, and is very similar to Homer Simpson. Peter does amazingly stupid things but is very funny. Lois Griffin is the mother and provides a good supporting role and often blames Peter for things. Stewie is the baby, and my favorite character. Stewie is the most intelligent of the family and bent on world domination. He is one of the best characters and resembles Bart Simpson. Chris Griffin is the son and the least intelligent, possibly tied with Peter. He is pretty funny but more of a secondary character. The best part is there is an evil monkey in his closet and no one believes him. Meg Griffin is the daughter and also somewhat of a secondary character. She's only funny to laugh at most of the time. The last one is the Dog, Brian. He is an alcoholic that loves art and literature that makes witty remarks. I hope this review increased your interest in this show and does it justice. Go watch it!
  • Ok how can I describe this show?? It's flippin' hilarious!!!! I mean a baby wanting to take over the world, a drunk dog, a retarded fat man, a fat kid, and a girl who is a loser. How can this show go wrong??

    Ok there is only one room for improvement for this show: have new episodes more than once per week. I mean you just cant get enough of this show so that was why I dished out 60 dollars and bought all seasons of this series. This show totally beats out South Park, Simpsons, Futurama, and even that Spongebob show all the youngin's are talking about. Well done Seth Macfarlane!!!
  • Comedy

    T h i s s h o w i s a m a z i n g ! ! ! i t i s t h e f u n n i e s t s h o w e v e r ! ! ! W o r d s c a n n o t d e s c r i b e t h i s s h o w!
  • It's amazing Family Guy came back after being cancelled!

    Family Guy is a great show, and I watch it six nights a week! I've always liked this show... probably longer than I remember, and I am very happy (and amazed) that it sold enough DVDs to come back to Fox! That never happened before, and I didn't know it could! I kind of regret not purchasing even one DVD of this show, but I know that there were many kind people that bought at least one for their veiwing pleasure. In conclusion... this is a great show, I'm glad it was liked enough to come back, and I give it a thumbs up!
  • This has to be the funniest show of this time. I wish I could meet the makers of this and shake their hand.

    This has to be the funniest show of this time. I wish I could meet the makers of this and shake their hand. I hope this show never stops, I bet you everyone in the U.S. would be angry. Best of it's time I give it 5 stars. Good Job!
  • this show has every thing from funny, tragic, fighting, but mostly funny

    sweet show, it is the funny of all time, who cares about the show having no plot this is funny beyond compared. This show could get some more episode though. At some point the longer scenes can get a little tiring (except for when Peter hurt this leg scence; that was funny). To be honest the least fav character of mine is Lois (a little 2 much on the realistic mother figure). Meg is just completely is the freakist character (in my opinion). The rest of the cast are plain hilarious (except Quagmire-a little perverted but still funny - gigidy gigidy all right...)
  • Family Guy is very funny, however it's reliance on pop-culture references will make this show age terribly in 10 or so years.

    Family Guy is probably the best animated-comedy on television its irreverence and off the wall humour as well as hilarious cut-aways put it a step above The Simpsons and Futurama.

    The show is very funny, however it's reliance on pop-culture references will make this show age terribly in 10 or so years, which worries me.

    If you think this show is a cheap Simpsons rip-off then you don't know this show well enough, it is entirely its own. It goes where The Simpsons fears to go with rude, crude, politically incorrect and often offensive but always irreverent and funny humour.

  • This is one of the best shows on tv..Period.

    Family Guy is a show which will go into the ages..This show has so much comedy and situations that relate to us in real life which we wouldnt think would be funny..But seeing it on tv with this "Family" and to see their reactions to it is just plain priceless..This show gets a 10 out of 10 from me.
  • A Cornucopia of comedy built around jokes upon moments in the past! Its comedy derives from the essence of things like slavery, classic Television and Tabloids along with flashbacks to stupid things that happens to them for no reason other than Peter bein

    I think Family Guy is one of the funniest and well alluded shows I have ever seen almost everything said is an allusion to something or someone that has graced history with a moment!!! Perfect Plotlines and Characters Stewie is the smartest written character on the show!!! Lois isn't!! Awesome!!
  • Family Guy started out in 1999, and finally now that it has entertained people for the last six years, people are really beginning to appereciate it. This show has definitely proven to be one of the best comedian shows ever, everything is funny about it.

    The difference between this and any other show like this is that Family Guy is willing to go to whole another level of comedy despite whatever methods they use. I think Family Guy is funny as hell and it isn't a rip off anything, you could say that about a million shows in the world, just because its funnier doesn't mean you have to hate on it. Some people may not like it because its out-ranking a bunch of classic comedies that they love.
    Basically, their time is up and now its Family Guy's time to shine, Family Guy is completely original in the fact that they have a talking a dog and a baby that wants to rule the world, someone tell me where that was a rip off. Thats why this show is great, because the material is so darn funny.
  • This show never takes a break, you will never stop laughing for all 22 minutes.

    Wow, I\'ve watched the show for a long time now, and now that its back on air its better than ever. Cant wait to see more from seth. This show never takes a break, you will never stop laughing for all 22 minutes. I hope they stay on air for 50 years.
  • Simple Family Guy is its own type of comedy

    When I first saw Family Guy I thought it be like one of those washed up shows that you would see on at like 2 oclock in the morning, but as you watch it more you'll see that it has its own sense of funny at one time too funny it got offensive and banned, as we all know family Guy makes fun of everything you could think of for example Breakfast club and cereal mascotts,political people and strippers,Rock Stars and Rap artists,Celeberties and other Tv shows, most importantly alot races in the world Seth and the others can truely make us laugh with there amazing voices, its like you wake up and hear Peters laugh to Megs constant nagging of her teenage life or hearing Stewie say "victory is mine!!"

    One Phrase to describe this show
    Freaking Awsome!!!!
  • Is it funny,witty,fast paced,inapropriate for minors,or just plain hilarious?The answer is,all of the above!Family Guy is a show for people with time on their hands to spend some quality time with the wee ones(considering the wee ones are at least 13).

    If there is a show out there better than this one(and I will NOT take American Dad for an answer),then I would like an update please.From Peter's pea sized brain to Stewie's goal for world domination to Lowis's lessons of life that no one pays any attention to,Family Guy is a must see for anyone who says there's nothing on.

    Wat do u get when u combine our old classic movies, and our classic shows? This! It is by far one of the best shows EVER! I know this guy who doesn\'t even think that Chris is funny! I was all like WTF!?! And I told him to screw his self! Anayway, GREAT, FUNNY, AND CLASSIC SHOW! GOD I think i need a break!