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  • A show with smarts, humor, and more; Family Guy will easily be one of the most influential shows in history.

    In the late 90's, Seth MacFarlane's creating genius came to life with Family Guy. Surviving three seasons on Fox, it was seen to be extremely edgy and fast-paced comedy. Fox, for some reason, decides to pull the plug on the operation... not knowing what was to come in the future. Now, in 2005, the show is reborn, thanks to a huge fan following and outrageous DVD sales. If only Fox could have seen the future... but hey, Family Guy was able to do what no other show has EVER done... be un-cancelled. Not resumed with a different format, but simply un-cancelled. The show essentially picks right up where it was left off years ago and continues to be exactly what it was. If only Futurama could do the same. I easily see Family Guy outliving The Simpsons, if Seth can keep the show fresh. I truely am surprised that 'that other show' seems to stay on the air. Completely unoriginal now, and no longer what it was to America, Family Guy is easily taking the place of what The Simpsons did early in the 90s.

    It will be interesting to see and follow the two shows as they continue to run.
  • This is a great series. It is funny and comical.

    I recomend watching this series. It beggins with a stupid guy named petter, and his family. Chris his oldest son. Meg, petters daughter. Stewie, petters second son. and Lois petters wife. Chris is just as stupid as petter, and Meg is just like her mom. Stewie wants world domination and a dead Lois. The series goes on with wierd things but funny things happening to his family.
  • Finally, Fox does something that makes sense.

    We all danced at my house when we found out that Fox wisened up and renewed this show. I didn't watch the first few seasons when they originally ran. We became addicted when [adult swim] started airing it. Now we have to have our Stewie/Brian fix on a regular basis.

    THANKS FOX AND [adult swim]
  • Most awesome Comedy show ever

    are you very religious, hate discrimination, and can't stand when someone makes fun of your country? well if that describes you do not watch this show. Family Guy is a hilarious comsedy where Peter and his Family try to make it through everyday life while avoiding Peter's idiotic mistakes. Brian is a brilliant dog, Meg is the ugly duckling, Chris is well dumb, Stewie is an evil genius and Lois is just lois. Also there are many more hilarious characters you'll meet so Go watch it!!
  • A show that I used to like... Then everybody else liked it, and I had to hear every bad Peter Griffin impression and every misquote, then I watched it again and saw how bad it really is. This show is absolutely horrible.

    When this show first came out, no one knew about it. It got scratched from FOX and was picked up by TBS. That's when I became a fan. After that, it went to Cartoon Network. THEN people found out about it. After that, it was Cartoon Network and TBS. Even later than that, it was on all three. Now everybody knows about it. They talk about it constantly like it's the greatest thing on planet Earth. They recite their favorite quotes (or at least they try), decorated with their own crappy Peter Griffin impressions.

    I used to like this show. I used to think it was in contension with "The Simpsons" in my book. Now this is one of my two least favorite shows. It's running very close with "American Dad!" as my least favorite show.

    You know what else I hate about Family Guy? Seth MacFarlane. This jerk is possibly the worst voice actor of all time. Any more than his original five are all repetitive and annoying. The voice of Stewie isn't bad, for example. But when the ego of this guy goes for all of the additional voices on the show, then it gets tiresome. When watching the show, I kept getting bothered by how many voices Seth does, and how similar they all are. Then I came up with a creative solution: stop watching the show.

    This show is over-rated. I wish I could go back in time and prevent this show from ever being aired, because I am tired of all of the stupid Family Guy posers. It's all of you who made this the worst show in history. You all get on the bandwagon and act like it's the greatest thing to ever happen to your lives. Thanks for ruining this show for me, jerks.
  • If you've never watched Family Guy, You didn't see anything!

    The first time I watched Family Guy I thought I was gonna die of laughter. After A while I bought the first DVD and then soon bought season 3. Once the new season I came out I recorded all of them. I had to own them all. The best thing about Family Guy is the random things. If your someone who actually likes plots to shows this isn't the show for you. Family guy can take anything and make it funny. Watch Family Guy Sunday nights at 9:00pm on FOX or 11"30pm on Cartoon Network!
  • Family guy is 'frikin sweet"

    wow. this show is crazy. The plots are absolutly weird, and all but kinda funny. i'm really glad they brought this shwo back. I LOVE stewie. he's such a confused dude. my favorite episode is the one where Peter realises that he's retarded, and the one were Chris is a witness to a bank robbery.
  • This show is freaking awesome!

    Everybody neeeeeeeeeeeeds to watch this show is totally addicting and so wrong sometimes making it MY guilty pleasure! So everybody watch this show and be reday to get addicted. I love all the characters who (obviously) aren't perfect I love the surreality of it all and the storylines are fricking hilarious!!!!!
  • Still entertaining but it's jumped the shark.

    Family Guy was one of the most cutting edge cartoons when it came out. The show combined ultra-obscure pop culture references with two scoops of crudeness. It was a great combination. The show had incredible pacing and let the jokes sit just long enough to make their point. It was a major change from the other classic cartoon - The Simpsons - in that it slapped you in the face with its jokes. Either they were painfully obvious (and funny) or so obscure that you had no idea what they were talking about. Family Guy killed the idea of subtlety and with it brought in the new wave of over-the-top humour.

    As the story goes, Fox played musical chairs with the show that eventually killed its original viewership. DVDs bring it back and now we're left with the warning of "be careful what you wish for."

    I'm fully aware that some of the new episodes were written before the series was cancelled, but the new episodes are largely lacklustre. It used to be that there was one joke that stuck in my mind after watching the episode and it kept me laughing for days. The same thing still happens, but now it's because a joke went on too long and killed the episode for me. The fourth season has something of a story arch for Cleaveland which may well provide some quality, but the writing doesn't seem as crisp as it once was.

    If there's a story arch about Stewie being gay I'll rate the show as a five. I just don't find the gay intonations interesting or original (see: Klinger). Unfortunately, a lot of people will eat it up with "OMG! Stewie + teh ghey = teh funnay" It's been done. It was funny the first time. Please, Family Guy, don't take the obvious route.
  • Absolutely superb...

    This show is superb. Well written scripts, excellent diversity in characters and new jokes every week, how can anybody fail to enjoy this very funny cartoon.

    Admittedly, there are some jokes made that make me think "dodgy", but it is the fact that it is purely for comedy value that makes this show easy to watch. If I thought for one second that this show was racist or sexist-for anything other than comedy-in any way, shape, or form, then there is no way that I would watch it.

    It's refreshing to know that there are some people out there who can write original material. Most shows nowadays are rip-offs of others and flop completely. Others run for too long, The Simpsons for example, and start to not be funny any more, as the writers are fresh out of new ideas.

    If you don't want to watch Family Guy because you feel insulted by it, then don't watch it. But try to remember that there is no malice behind what is, in the simplest sense, a comic cartoon...

    I also find it interesting to note that those who do not like this show, and post reviews about it on this website can't spell either.....
  • Family Guy is one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. It is always exciting to watch a new episode just knowing your going to be laughing your head off.

    Family Guy is one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. It is always exciting to watch a new episode just knowing your going to be laughing your head off. I don't think there is any way to make this show any better. I hope that new episodes will continue.
  • Family Guy is a fun show, but it's definitely still a cartoon. It's smart at times and bounces around with references as much as Gilmore Girls. Aside from some greate satire and some laughs, there's not much substance to the show. It's a time killer.

    I discovered Family Guy a few years back in the dorms. It's a fun shows, and for a TV buff it's a must see. People less than 20 years old will be more apt to like this than older generations, but the 30 and over generation may find it funny too.

    The show is basically a time killer, and I use it to fill gaps in the summer viewing season usually. It definitely has its moments and a lot of inside jokes in it (the chicken, soviet russia, et), but I find some of the episodes uneven. The latest season (the return from hiatus) has proven a bit better than previous seasons, but some episodes I barely crack a smile, and others I'm rolling on the floor. Stewie is probably one of the best characters on television.

    In short, the show is fun to watch, but not something I would go out of my way to see. I use it to fill gaps in summer viewing, and as a break from studying. I don't even remember when it airs most of the time.
  • unstoppable!

    cancelled in its prime?!? what were they thinking? now they're back! resurrected! reanimated! and the new season is on a "freakin'" roll. if you haven't already, you must give this show a chance. i'm confident that there's something for just about everyone to appreciate in this show. but if you're easily offended maybe ya better stick with american idol.

    uh ohhhh!
  • Network neglect

    The fact that the most popular show was cancelled is proof that US TV-networks are driven by anyone but experts. It's a shame how some of these large network executives somehow manage to keep their jobs although they should clearly be sacked.

    These people and how they work is a joke, but alas the joke's on us - the viewers. It is my firm hope that they will listen more to homepages like in order to get their own set tuned into what is hot and what is not.
  • Ba da ba ba ba Im lovin it!

    Ba da ba ba ba Im lovin it! I love this show more than chicken mcnuggets! and i certainly love the chicken mcnugget! WHO DOESNT THOUGH!!! If Ronald McDonald was real, he would say "Family Guy is better than anything McDonalds has to offer! Im going to be the new Family Guy Spokesman!!"
  • This is the best show!

    Family Guy is one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. I just recently started watching this show on Adult Swim and began watching this new season. I was surprised to discover it was freakin’ hilarious. I liked it so much I went and bought the third season on DVD after seeing some of those episodes on TBS and on Cartoon Network. I like the way they drag out things for minutes, such as in the episode 2-20 “Wasted Talent”, when Peter is running home after finding the winning scroll and he trips, he sits there holding his knee and moaning for about 60 seconds. Everyone needs to watch this show.

  • Family Guy is the new Spimpsons!

    Family Guy is about a man who has a family and has to deal with his wife, his daughter, his lunatic baby son, whose trying to kill his mother and his older son. This show has comedy the Simpsons used to have in thei earlier seasons. Everytime I watch this show Im always laughing on the floor, and I was one of thos millions of people who bought the DVD which was the reason it was brought back for another season.

    Also this show is also edgy as one of the episodes was banned due to suggestive talk about jewish people. Family Guys is one of those rare animation shows out there that are actually non-stop funny. So I suggest If you like The Simpsons then watch this show.
  • Family Guy is one of the best shows out there...but let me tell you why.

    It's irreverant, yet witty. It's raunchy, but done with class. The best reason I could give to watch this show is the fact that after being cancelled, it was resurrected from cult-status on networks like TBS and Cartoon Network. It was on 3 times a day at one point. The show has finally come back and it's back with a vengence. They're pushing the envelope week in and week out. They're getting away with things now that they couldn't have dreamed of before. FOX realized its mistake and now they're letting more slide than before. If you enjoy shows like South Park, Simpsons, or American Dad, then Family Guy is the source for some of the most outrageous cartoon antics you've ever seen. As well as references to hundreds of pop culture faves.
  • Everything animation should be

    Family Guy is what today what the Simpsons were back in the late 90's. It is one of the funniest animations on T.V. It always ends up making you think, "How in the world do they get away with this on T.V.?" but you're always glad they did. It's the only show I watch on a weekly basis without fail, and one of the only box sets I own. If you're not too easily offended, and you liked the Simpsons back in it's prime, Catch it on Fox, Sunday's at 9pm EST.
  • I have 2 words for you as Peter Griffin would say: "sweet"

    To be honest with you when I saw family guy for the first time i didn\'t like it. I thought that the humor that they used was too weird. after the next 2 episodes that I saw on Fox and Cartoon Network turned me into a huge fan. This show always makes me laugh even when I seen most of the episodes like a 100 times.
  • family guy is one of the funniest shows on television. Every episode i watch i laugh my pants off.

    Family guy is hilarious every episode is filled with laughter. Stewy (the baby) is the funniest i think cause hes always tryin to kill lois (the mom) brian and peter are pretty hilarious too. if youve never seen this show youll have to youll laugh so hard youll probly fall over. so you gotta watch it.
  • Peter and Lois Griffin have 3 children and a talking dog, Brain. Stewie teh baby can also talk and he trie sot kill his mother. Peter gets himself into a lot of trouble but eth show is funny.

    I love this show. It is so funny. Stewie is my favorite. I love how he talks about killing Lois and taking over the world and all his plotting. Peter is funny too. He is like a big kid. This show is great. Almost everyone at my school quotes Family Guy it is great. Family Guy is funny and I'm glad there is a new season which is just as funny if not funnier than previous seasons.
  • What idiot wanted to cancel this show anyway? This show is over the top histerical!

    Who in their right mind wanted to get rid of this show? Was the executives at FOX on crack or what? The first time I tuned in, my jaw dropped to the ground, litterly. I was laughing my head off, on the floor laughing. This show is ahead of it's time and the creators are pure geniuses. Family Guy is an outragous show and I can't believe their getting away with a lot of the material. AWESOME!
  • Good TV for everyone.

    Anyone who watches TV should watch this show, it's for everyone. No one is safe from the humor that this show pulls off. Cancelling the show just gave the writers more time to come up with more humor. This show will become a classic and will be watched over and over again.
  • A spoof of every thing that plays on TV.

    In my opinion a must see. I love it! I'm glad they brought it back. They make fun of things you see on TV (Reality, movies, ect. Good for the teenager that loves cartoons. I give a 9.7. It's really funny how stupid but true everything is. I love this show and I hope you do, too.
  • This is to set straight all you dumbasses that only have functionality left in the lemming part of your brain.

    Don't get me wrong, Family Guy is a decent show. I just don't know what all this craze is about it. It's not that amazing. There are some funny parts (like the Chicken fighting and the ambulances having to wait their turn HAHA I love that part) but overall its very dry humor. Most of the time it's nothing but a series of strung together cut scenes and really silly, almost idiotic jokes. Every episode I watch seems to have no direction and an almost inexsistant plot that is just there to lead into the joke of the minute. It really lacks the meat-and-potatoes (so to speak) of The Simpsons and even its new cousin American Dad. Bottom line, Family Guy is a show for the everyday barely evolved idiot, while a show like American Dad or the Simpsons is a more clever interesting show to watch.
  • My only regret is that I didn't know how good Family Guy was when it was originally on Fox.

    Family Guy was a classic sleeper show, but unlike similar programs (such as Seinfeld which didn't get good ratings for 4-5 years) it was cancelled. But thanks to DVD I was able to figure out that I was originally wrong.

    I'm loving Sunday thanks to the new season. It's great!
  • The best thing i love about this show is that it shows the times were they say "remember that time" and each time is funnier then ever

    A++ Tv show i dunno why they canceled it at the first time, cmon guys. Whats more funnier then this you got ur fat guy, the sexy wife the ugly daougther, the gay son and the little deformed baby witch is a genius hehe i love this show i recomend you guys watch it..
  • Family guy is the best show that the t.v company has ever come up with. All the episodes are funny and all my friends watch this and so do I.

    Family guy is the best show that the t.v company has ever come up with. All the episodes are funny and all my friends watch this and so do I. This show is rated a 50 out of 50 for me and i am sure a whole lot of other people agree with me too. Keep this on the air for as long as you can
  • Tis show makes choke on my laugh everytime. I love the jokes alot. Hope it never cancles again.

    This show has cruel jokes but people must see that the jokes are still funny .lol all i got to say is that this show is great i love it like chappelle show. f h g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g