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  • A great show. Not the best, but not the worst.

    It has some great episodes. Some suck like the Christmas special, but everything can't be golden. It isn't as good as the Simpsons but its not really a contest.

    They do have some racist things. BUt not as bad as South Park. The Christian jokes are innaproprate, but I didn't say the show was perfect. Watch the show if you like the Simpsons or a show about a family off idiotic four fingered freaks. I know I will.
  • Peter Griffin is a rude, sexist, narcissitic, fat oaf who is relentlessly funny. Along with his family this show is packed with non-stop laughs.

    Oh my god. God bless this show because it is halarious. It is not to be taken seriously and those who are offended by it should know that. But still it's a great satire and expresses its opinion of pop culture quite inventively. It has a talking baby. A power-hungry, mother-hating talking baby. What more do you want?

    The new season after it was cancelled started off halarious but now seems to be getting more dull. Seth MacFarlane better think of something!
  • O the halarity!

    In my opinion family guy is the best show on fox.It will probably be the funnieist show you'll ever watch!

    For some reason a while back this show was canceled!But now its back and as funny as ever.Back when family guy was canceled it fealt like my life had a big hole in it but when i got the news they were bringing the show back i allmost hade a hart attack!

    This show is filled with amazingly funny writing and a huge cast of original zany charecters.This show will allways be great and hopefully wont be canceled anytime soon
  • It is probably the funniest show I have ever seen. Futurama comes in 2nd, but this is by far the best.

    Family Guy is a great show. I watch it all the time and if you ask me, its probably the funniest show out there. Peter is such an idiot, you cant help but laugh at everything he says. Stewie, the baby, can be funny without even trying. One of the funniest scenes in the show is when Peter and Brian get in a fight, and Peter is in that glass case not talking to Brian, and Peter farts inside the case and he can't breathe and he starts to pass out. Simply, it's fantastic. I give it a 10 out of 10.
  • This is tv with all the stops pulled out.

    The things they can get away with on this show are amazing. It's a bit less than South Park, but this is Network TV! The thing about though, is that this show is not just about shock value, although there is some of that. They make all of their jokes really funny, and the pop-culture references are obscure, sometimes total copies ("Rocketman"), and totally hilarious. I just hope the new episodes don't taint the old ones, and hold up to them in quality.
  • The Family Guy, more like The Family Rip-off!!!!

    This show makes me boil over with anger every time I think about how much of a rip-off the show is to The Simpsons. I mean what where they thinking? Peter is a white chubbier version of Homer. They both get drunk, say stupid things, and are not the best dads around. Lois is a desperate housewife like Marge who wants attention and wants her family to be perfect. Chris is a made over Bart, who gets into trouble, and says smart things. Lisa or should I say Meg, is the misunderstood daughter in the family who is smart. If it wasn’t for the talking baby Stewie, an attempt not to have a Maggie clone, or the family’s talking pet Brian to minus another twin (Santa’s Little Helper), this show would be the same dang thing. Even though the show is same, it has a cheap advantage. Family Guy learns from the Simpsons and from their mistakes in the show to create a perfect and funnier version to win the audience over, and that just pisses me off! The Simpsons came first and will always be the most original and best. To me Family Guy is not “Freakin Sweet” it “Freakin Sucks”.
  • Five letters G R E A T

    I think this show's become greater and greater as episodes pass. This show is really hillarious with all those sarcastic and nonsense commentaries of the characters. I also like when one says something that is wrong with him, and then they show us a flashback or something like that. Everybody should watch it, and I hope this program continue many years as The Simpsons.
  • The closest thing America has to farce.

    Farce is not something we really think about any more. Falling in between "high" comedy and strict bathroom humor, farce exploits physical and often offensive or bizarre situations for a purely surface level comic effect. This is not to say that farce is always dumb, some of the best farces are incredibly intelligent and border on satire, these are things like Monty Python's Flying Circus, Fawlty Towers, and probably the finest example, "Noises Off" the play by Michael Frayn. Yet you'll notice that all of these examples are British. Not since Charlie Chaplin, the Marx Brothers, The Three Stooges,etc. has America truly had a farce. SNL and Mad TV certainly try for it, but it'susually too inane to really be part of a classifiable artistic genre. History lesson aside, Family Guy is America's newest farce.The humor on this show is outstanding, mixing high and low humor, physical and intellectual, with minimal attention to "situation comedy" like sitcoms. It takes this certain brand of humor and social commentary much farther than the Simpsons, and not simply because it is more offensive. Since it is largely freed from the limitations of sitcoms, it is less restricted than the Simpsons. Aside from all of this, the characters, both primary and secondary are a delicious mix of ingenuity and stereotypes, examples being Stewie the highly intelligent baby, Brian the talking alcoholic dog, and the stereotypical neighbors Quagmire and Clevland. It is certainly out there,but this is one of the most original American shows in a decade and it's embrace of the farce is commendable and welcome in this age of repetitive sitcoms.
  • Tthe most influetial show of our time. it is amazing, so many people love it. Peter is halarious. Family guy is great!!!!

    jcoolins, maybe you should learn to spell "sense" before writing a review on a show that you especially know very little about. You dont get this awsome show because you were born without a SENSE of humor. I really dont see how you cant think it is funny. This show is amazing and possibly the best show ever made.
  • Family Guy is the best show ever for comedy. The flashbacks are hilarious and the family is just wacky and funny. Sometimes you go "what the freak is going on" or maybe you can't think b/c your laughing to hard. Definitely by far the funniest show ever ma

    This is by far the funniest show I have ever seen in my life. Seth is a genius. Random, unexpected things happen, and the flashbacks are hilarious. Peter is really funny b/c he\'s mentally retarted and fat; Lois is weird b/c she\'s nice and then goes insane or martial arts on your butt; Chris is like his dad, fat, stupid and funny; Meg is funny b/c high school outcasts her; Stewie is the best b/c he\'s a one-year-old genius trying to kill Lois and take over the world; and Brian is funny b/c he\'s the talking dog who likes to drink. This is by far the funniest show created.
  • 4 words, the greatest show ever.

    Family guy is the greatest! Peter is the biggest idiot in the world, but that's what makes the show great. Basically, he is how not to live your life. The cutscenes are the show, without them it wouldn't be half as funny as it is. How can you beat the show with Hitler selling sausages? Season 4 started off slow, but the episodes are getting better. Thank whoever brought the show back because life wouldn't be the same without it. I was getting tired of watching reruns on Adult Swim. I hope Family Guy has as many seasons as the Simpsons and passes it up to be the longest running cartoon!!!!
  • Family Guy is about a modern day yet wacked out family that has some pretty strange but funny "adventures" in every episode. Peter Griffin, the head of the famiily is probably the new dumb dad of comedy following Homer Simpson while his other family meme

    This show is painfully hilarious even thought it resorts to racial, sex, and gross out humor. The characters in this show especially Stewie are witty and fast paced. Even though some of the stuff on the show can be a turnoff for me sometimes, I still find it to be quite funny and would recommend this show to anyone who is into fast pace comedy. The only problem with Family Guy is that in certain times in the episode, the whole storyline shifts from one place to another and back again. BUT other than that, watch this show, you will not be disappointed.
  • The Best Freakin' Comedy Show of All Time

    This show easily beats any comedy show to date. The simpsons have there laughs here and there, but the most recent seasons like the last 3 or 4, there were no moments where you thought it was funny. The simpsons was funny in its prime around seasons 4-10, then it just stops. Family Guy however, it started off a little weak and that's why I think it got cancelled. Family Guy's time slot also moved a lot and I could barely follow it and its schedule had conflicted with mine. I bought the DVDs instantly when it came out and was surprised to hear that it was going to return. And return it did, the first episodes showed great potential to rebuild their famous dynasty. This show is easily the best show on TV.

    To compare to the other animated comedies, this show easily beats Futurama, American Dad, South Park, and Simpsons. Believe me, I was a hardcore Simpsons fan, and I'm still a loyal fan to the show, but it just isn't funny or very intersting anymore. I've seen every episode through the season 16 finale, and it just doesn't do it for me anymore. I name this show "The Best Freakin' Comedy Show of All Time".
  • Hilarious! The funniest cartoon ever made by far.

    This show is without a doubt the best animated comedy there has ever been; I am a big fan of The Simpsons, Futurama, etc, but this is certainly the most "laugh out loud" funny of the lot. I accept the fact that episodes of The Simpsons have a sustained plot whereas this tends to just do whatever the hell it likes, but thats what makes it so different.
  • family guy combines adult hummor and funny charecters to blend and come up with a prefect cast ,stewie which is one of my favorites is by far the best cartoon charecter you will see around and probbly one of the smartesst ones also.

    family guy is a masterpiece created by seth mc farlen.this is the best cartoon show around and you will get stuck whatching it hour after hour this is a unique cartoon because it combines something that i think most cartoons dont have which is adult hummor.the adult hummor is funny but it is even funnier if you understand the joke or the line.i think this show is for all ages and you should definetly check it out or go out and get the dvd set which is an awesome dvd if your a fan of the show.
  • Pretty Good!

    Family Guy is the 'cartoon's cartoon,' unafraid to breach the lines of decency. The latest episodes are still very funny, but they need to get back to that gritty nature that makes the PTC cringe.
    Items such as Norm McDonald's reference to necrophelia, to Peter Griffin's questions about whether or not to draw a man's genitals are what makes the show truly one of a kind. The closest McFarlane has come so far has been Peter's remark that 'Christians don't believe in gravity!' But in other terms, the show hits the spot, especially when it comes to saying things that most of us only think (Peter's altercation with Jimmy Fallon has my blessing). All in all, Fox was wise to see bring back Family Guy. Just like the Simpsons that preceded it, this show just wouldn't work on any other station outside of cable. And just like the Simpsons, I'm pretty sure this time Family Guy is around for good.
  • Decent but the most over rated show ever!

    This show is good I laugh but it gets the zero because it is the most over rated show I have seen. People call it the best show non stop laughs but it really is just another mildly funny cartoon. Please stop over rating it and it might get a 7 or 8. gosh!
  • this show if flat out crazzy the writers of this show are geaunises i never imagined a skow like this would come out i though by now that nobody would have enough ideas to come up with a show like this i mean its so hard to write new material.

    this show defines funny and will probably go down as one of the biggest comedey shows of all time at least thats what i think i hpe all the guys that work on this show keep coming up with new material and keep family guy realey funny and exciting k
  • Freakin Hilarious!

    I never heard of this show until it aired on Adult Swim, and I thought it would suck. Then I watched it, and I knew there was something about the show that was... "Magical", if you will. Family Guy is creative, smart, and funny. Although it's my opinion, I believe if you watch it, you will NOT be disappointed.
  • The Simpsons has nothing on this show. It took their ideas and the dysfunctional family approach and took it a step further. The episode that is absolutely the greatest is when Bryan gets addicted to crack/cocaine. This is one of the smartest and funnie

    I think this one of those shows that will definitey have you rollin' in laughter. I watch the reruns on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network and I cannot stop laughing especially the antics of Stewie, Bryan, Peter, and even Quagmire. This show also has a lot of other issues... This is really one of those funny and smart shows at the same time. HILARIOUS!!
  • i love family guy stewie is my favorite blast i will kill u all a dead louis? yeah this the best show ever other then futherama but its still great i was like wow when i heard that the new season was coming in on fox and adult swim

    i love family guy stewie is my favorite blast i will kill u all a dead louis? yeah this the best show ever other then futherama but its still great i was like wow when i heard that the new season was coming in may on foxs and june on adult swim:)
  • A mild-mannered \"family man\" Peter Griffin and his wife, Lois, raise their kids (an overweight idiot, a social outcast, and a genious baby with a slight British accent), as their adventures week-to-week provide nothing but hysterical laughter.

    Family Guy is a show that constantly has gotten better, and it\'s ironic how this comedic show has had it\'s own hilarious adventure of it\'s own: cancellation. After being cancelled in 2002, the show was re-added to Fox\'s line-up in 2005, for a fourth season. The show is hysterical, and at times is almost rude to even it\'s most loyal viewers (myself included), yet if you can whole-heartedly laugh at the jokes and get over the fact that creater Seth MacFarlane is TRYING to get under your skin, you\'ll enjoy the show, and laugh at least once during an episode. It\'s just that funny.
  • Cunning and Grand, this show will go down in history with Friends and Seinfeld.

    Family Guy is smart and innovative! This show knows how to entertain viewers and gain ratings. When I first watched the show, I didn\'t understand some of the humor, but now that I\'m older, I\'m almost falling out of the seat laughing. Also, this show wouldn\'t be where it is today without the great flashbacks in every episode. I bet everyone can remember the flashback with the chicken fight. It was put into Family Guy history. Althought I like the episode that i got the flashback from, my favorite episode would be \"I Never Met the Dead Man\". I loved how they portrayed William Shatner. This was also stewies best episode, in my opinion!
  • This show is the best show on TV Right now, this Jcoolin guy can suck my balls if he think he can drag his dumbass from the simpsons era, and say what he said. Family Guy is so funny, always making you laugh constantly, this show beats any other shows.

    Family Guy is so funny, always making you laugh constantly, this show beats any other shows. It makes you laugh all the way, there is no stupid episode because it is always funny. This has to be one of the best shows, on FOX. For those who doesnt like it, and likes the simpsons has to be one of the most jealous people ever. Cant take the fact that the simpsons sucks now. Family Guy Rules.
  • This rock your socks

    Anyone who doesn't like Family Guy is a racist. There I said it Lois.

    -yes I changed the quote some to fit :)

    But seriously I think this is one of the best reasons to still watch TV at night. It makes you laugh and there are some interesting underlyign themes.
  • The most offensive show since South Park and is one of the best comedy show you can find.

    First there was Simpsons. Now there is Family Guy, a show were you will laugh at it's ridiculous humor and offensive moments. Family Guy evolves around the Griffin Family. There is Peter who is the main character and biggest nut since Dave Chappele. Next there is Lois the mother who cares for her children. There are the kids Meg, Chris, and Stewie. Finally the dog. Family Guy's trademark is that they always make fun of something ranging from the black market to gay people. Family Guy is a great comedy show that you will want to watch time and time again but compared to Simpsons this is another sitcom.
  • The life of the Griffins living in RI. They go through many adventures and issues every episode.

    This show is extremly funny and uses some of the best jokes around. The insanity and randomness is the reason why the people wanted the show back. Their ability to support multiple story lines really make this cartoon special. Any thing can suprise you and the show's material are both fresh and original. Family Guy is by far one of the best cartoons this era.
  • Great show, but not what it once was.

    Feels like a completely different show then the family guy that was canned by fox. I know that they're coming back after an extended break, and are bound the be a little rusty so i'll give them the benefit of a doubt, as long as they don't get as worn as the simpsons.
  • I for one was extremely diappointed in the laast episode of Family Guy. It used to be a funny, original satire that was always saying what other shows were afraid to say. Now they've bought their own hype. They just make offensive remarks and don't bother

    I for one was extremely diappointed in the laast episode of Family Guy. It used to be a funny, original satire that was always saying what other shows were afraid to say. Now they've bought their own hype. They just make offensive remarks and don't bother trying for more. A very poor turn indeed.
  • absolutely histerrical!!!!!!!!

    luv d show. laugh my behindd off everytime i remember an episode. great show to watch before going to sleep. makes ur life seem so much better after u watch d show. u better wear a diapper d first time u watch d show. I can garrantee that u will pee urself!!!!

    u gotta watch d episode when petter fights the chicken!

    so many funny episodes!
    so little time!

    simply the best show on telivision!!
    American Dad doesn't fall short either!