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  • Not a hit in the UK, rarely shown, but it\\\'s one hell of a laugh!

    I see Family Guy replacing The Simpsons, as it\\\'s getting on now, and its over 15 years old. It can\\\'t create anymore good storylines. Family Guy is still going strong, and I find it one of my favourite programs on TV. Alot of people I know think Simpsons can\\\'t be beaten, but it\\\'s an opinion, this reality. Family Guy should never stop, never let us down, and will always give us the best laughs, the best plotlines, it cannot fail. All I wish from Family Guy and British TV companies is that it is shown more of in the UK.
  • A crazy funny show.

    I think family guy is stupendous. The inexplicably perfect timing of this show is one of the key factors of its greatness. Also Seth McFarland's Peter Griffin is a hilarious and now classic charecter. Some poeple say that the new season of family guy is inferior to the old ones, however, i love and cherish the new ones as well because they have become even more random and utterly laugh packed. All in all, if you havent seen family guy yet, first of all, get out from underneath that rock, and secondly watch family guy!
  • This is an awsome show!

    I love wacthing this show! its a very very cool show I wacth it all the time with my dad and brother when they are not busey I hope they'll make more episodes! Its one of my favorite shows and its the most Hilarious show ever! When ever i wacth it again and again its just gets funnier!
  • This show gets better every time I see it!@

    This show gets funnier every episode. Petarted looks histerical... I can't wait to see it. I've heard the reviews for it and seen some clips and I can't wait to see the whole thing... This show is my favorite and I'm so glad it came back!!! Seth MacFarlane is a GENIUS!!!!
  • its an awesome show that I'll never stop watching!

    Family guy is about a screwed up family that is politicaly incorrect. Its funniest character Peter Griffin is by far the stupidest man on television, but who can get enough of him? It s the funniest cartoon on t.v and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who loves the adult cartoons.
  • Giving Family Guy a Nine is on par with the very best of the simpsons.

    Giving Family Guy a Nine is on par with the very best of the simpsons. The family Guy pushes all the envelopes necessary for society to evolve. Only thru intense comedy can this happen.. I hope its stays around long enough to get the accolades it deserves. I for one watch every sunday and tell at least three people a week to watch. That way it will hopefully stay on the air.
  • Like Jesus, Family Guy returned from the dead on Easter. Unlike Jesus, Family Guy is highly entertaining.

    Family Guy is going to be to this decade what The Simpsons was to the last; a cultural phenomenon that soaks into all of the developed world. It could even be bigger: it may not be as high-brow, but with Family Guy borrows so many great features from its older sibling that it may even usurp it! Compare a Family Guy episode from this year to a Simpsons episode from the same time.

    While it's true that what we've seen from series four so far hasn't lived up to the high standard set by series three, there are few warning signs of shark jumping; Family Guy occupies a very high plateau. Fans of character based comedy may dislike it, but everyone else is going to enjoy its absurdity, smuttiness, and the high density of gags.
  • Family Guy

    Funniest show in the world! i got to say that family guy makes me laugh at least 10 times every episode. its the kind of show that just never stops but is still funny in a kind of way. I give it 10 out of 10 because of the comedy and animation.
  • A wonderful show for almost all ages

    This show is VERY similar to The Simpsons. the only difference is it approaches it in a different way with talking babies and dogs. The overall show always gives you a good couple of laughs yet is lacking the consistency of them. If this show wants to compete with the simps. then it needs to learn from their 15+ year expierence.
  • One word fits this show. "Excellent"

    Overall this show is Funnier then Simpsons, better then the Simpsons. I like the show, best on the early Adult Swim, and best FOX for animes. Glad they brought it back. Stewie attempts to kill Lois is cool. Overall this show beats the Simpsons in everything, from funnier-better episodes. Nothing reallys need fixing here.
  • A beautifully random cartoon that doesn't do the politically correct thing and pull punches when it comes to being funny.

    This is a show for and by someone who not only knows eighties and ninties pop culture trivia but someone who can laugh at some of the most politically incorrect jokes thought up. It's a beautifully random cartoon that doesn't pull punches when it comes to being funny and sometimes goes straight for the jugular when poking fun at celebrities and societal norms. "Family Guy" shines with creativity and never ceases to disappoint its very loyal fans. It's no wonder this show has defied cancellation death three times and still comes back for more. It's one of the best comedies regardless of the fact that it's a cartoon and comes on FOX.
  • Yap

    I think this seaon is the worse of the 3, but not bad at all.

    Season 1- 9.5
    Season 2- 10
    Season 3- 9.2
    Season 4- 8.5

    I think people were to hyped and thought ever episode was going to be gold. Now the season opener was the best, but none of the other 4 lived up to that.
  • Everyone should watch this series!

    In some things they are going to far and in the newest series some jokes are brought way to long. But thats their style, and I love it :D
    As a regular watching fanatic i can only say: Everyone should watch this series! Its the best alternative to the cancelled Futurama series.

    A must view!!! 5 stars :)
  • Funny, Funny Funny...

    this is a great show.. the humor sometimes may be dirty but its a decent show thats funny and makes me laugh everytime. anyway, the script needs some work.. stewi is awesome.. the black news caster is awesome.. the characters generally are great. Meg needs some more work. Quigmire is my personal hero.
  • i think that family guy is a great show but not as good as the simpsons

    I agree that family guy is a good show. but its stupid humor. sure it may be better the the current simpsons which are still good but as a whole the simpsons are much better pit the best season of family guy with the best of the simpsons and it would not be as good. you could name 1 good episode of family guy and i would name 5 just as good or better simpsons episodes. to say it is currently better then the simpsons is accurate but the simpsons have done everything over 16 years and are still going strong. but as a whole series the simpsons are so much better then family guy. i mean how hard is it to think of some way to make situations dirty not very. on the other hand look at simpsons humor. they have to think of situations that you can place a joke and it so subtle and beautiful. and they place running gags so well you that when you catch them you are like wow did not see that coming. i can watch the same simpsons episodes over and over again and still get a new joke. with family guy you get all the jokes up front and therefore loses replay value cause the same jokes over and over again will get old.
  • Family Guy uses the best of past and present TV, adds it's own spin to it, and creates something that is extremely enjoyable.

    No matter who you are, odds are that you'll find at least one character that you can enjoy and relate to in this show. Although there are people out there that will only say "Family Guy stole that from another show" don't see the real fun behind this show. Family Guy takes the best that TV has offered us over the years, adds a new twist to it, and makes it even more enjoyable. Definitely a must watch show...
  • The Family Guy. What can be said about the show?? Well it centers on the GRIFFEN FAMILY. Stupid dad, Loving Mom, rebellious daughter, overweight son, and an english talking baby who wants to destroy his mother along with the world. Oh! and an Intellectual

    Okay well from the summary, the show may seem off putting. I agree. The summary was near enough the exact same summary I as given by various friends who said "I must watch the show... I'd love it!!!" Still a little aprehensive, I did watch the show and loved it!!
    If you want to relate the show to something then it has to be said it is a little more adult intended than The Simpsons, However both shows can easily deliver side-splitting one-liners and in a split second, with memorable characters that everyone can relate to.
    Family Guy is however a little less conservative than King Of The Hill with a bit more of a relaxed atmosphere and a little but more raunchy. There is however some mild language but nothing to vulgar or inappropriate, it has been carefully placed in the right moments to deliver the right scene. So in difference to South Park which although funny can sometimes be inappropriately rude.
    So it is safe to say that the creators of the show have certainly found a niche within the viewers and it deserves every credit for it. I love the fact I can watch a show that is hillarous yet is adult intented but not so rude and disgusting that the comdey falls to pieces so I have to say 10/10 for this show. I appeal to everyone to watch atleast one show before you decide for yourself.
  • Fox cancelled this made me laugh my ass, glad adult swim and dvd production made them realize there mistakes... The suits have not clue to what we like.

    Man i remember when this 1st came out on dvd. I was a huge fan and was dissapointed that it was cancelled, so i ended up running to best buy the day 1st season came out. I had figured since this got cancelled people really didn\'t care about it and i should have a copy waiting for me, boy was I wrong they had sold out of it early that morning and i was like how the hell does a show that no one care about get sold out. Well that showed those dopes at fox that this was special and that they just messed up.

    For the show, what can i say its funny as hell. The characters are very entertaining and this keeps the show fresh. I enjoy watching stewy trying to take out his mom, i like seeing how stupid peter is and seeing him get into trouble, brian is just redicouluse (yea i know i spelled it wrong) its like the creators mocking disney and everyone else that has a talking dog on there shows and makes him interact with the humans. And the rest there all funny, this show is great.
  • Its really funny but i dont like its drawing style. i mean its not as bad as southpark but also not as funny. i like watching it but im not crazy for it.

    Its really funny but i dont like its drawing style. i mean its not as bad as southpark but also not as funny. i like watching it but im not crazy for it. i watched now all series, it defintily has something of simpsons while it might be a bit more on that funny side than social critic. good show to kill some time.

    a great funny show that i cant get enough of. it never gets old so freaking funny it will laugh you till you die dont drink and watch this show because you will spill it from laughing so much so in conclusion a gret show and everyone should watch it
  • Family Guy, the brainchild of TV comedy genius Seth McFarlane, is definitely, to put it in the words of Peter Griffin, freakin' sweet. Not even American Dad, McFarlane's other show, can steal it's thunder. Family Guy is a classic portrayal of an America

    I first truly discovered Family Guy when channelsurfing one night. I had seen vague snippets of this show, but up until about 2004 it did not truly quench my thirst for good quality programming.

    When was still on the Internet, I was managing the Kim Possible board. Everyone knew about 'KP''s soon-to-be cancellation, and one user (who I cannot recall, unfortunately) brought up the topic of Family Guy, who had escaped the fires of cancellation due to excellent DVD sales. After hearing from another friend the excellence of this show, I fell in love.

    Stewie cracks me up, as does Brian. Some say they don't like the interaction between the two now, but I love it. While Stewie may not be the matricidal infant he was before, I'll have to admit there ARE some excelllent quotes in the series because of him, such as "Is there a shorter word for intercourse?" and "Haha! Look at me! I just escaped from Kevin Spacey's basement!" (which I actually do not get, but Stewie running nude through a public mall cracks me up).

    Peter, the patriarch of the Griffin family, is also hilarious. With a friend who wants nothing more than a hot chick, and another friend who is peace loving, hilarious dysfunction rears its' head.

    I urge everyone to at least give this show a try. I enjoy it very much, and I know many others feel the same exact way that I do.
  • Family Guy is an animated show that began to air on Fox in 1999.This show is outrageously funny,and ahead of its time.Adults will laugh until they cry with pleasure.An adult favorite!

    Family Guy is about a guy named Peter Griffin who lives with his family in Quahog,Rhode Island.It includes his wife Lois,his kids Chris,Meg,and Stewie,and their talking dog Bryan.Peter is a dim witted,overweight,man who is always getting into a stupid situation.Like the time when he accidently crashed into a satellite dish!
  • The best cartoon of all time!

    Adult Cartoons feel as though they are becoming the best T.V. genre of all time. Family Guy is just a freakin hilarious show with many wierd and funny events.

    The show has great animation and backgrounds.

    Extremely funny and unforgetable. If your looking for a hilarious cartoon show, this is the show for you.

    The best writing in a cartoon. The writers of the show and storyboards are pure genious and solid.
  • An awesome show! It is way funnier than The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Malcom in the Middle, and Arrested Devolopement combined!

    A very funny show that takes place in Rhode Island. About a fat guy named Peter who is a complete idiot, and his family which consists of his wife Lois, his daughter Meg, and his son Chris, his other son which is a diabolacol mad man named Stewie which is a baby and he brings much comedy to the show. And last but not least their talking dog Brian. This show has many stupid parts and for Family Guy stupid is the best thing! Many plot twists flash backs and just funny things happen. The 4th series is here and it is the best one yet! And I hope that this show lasts forever.
  • So happy it's back!

    I was one of the few people that watched Family Guy on FOX from the very start. I was very sad and hurt when the show got cancelled, also how it got moved around in time slots. When the DVD's came out I was in heaven, but I was even more happy when new episodes returned! The best part is that it's still funny, and I don't have to worry about it getting cancelled because the ratings are good.
  • FG is the ultimate show. i mean if you like the simpsons or any variety show you will love this one as well. Its funny its creative and its random moments are just pure entertainment. If you know anything about pop culture, this show will haev you on your

    Imagine life with a dad that is "special" and unresponsible and a mother who loves her big idiot of a husband, and there three kids. All of these elements are the perfect description of "the Simpsons". Now take away the yellow skin, and actually let the youngest not only talk but speak his mind with a british accent and you will have Family Guy. It has all the randomness of The Simpsons, but has more "What If's" and spoofs on classic tv and pop culture. FG pushes so many buttons and makes you laugh so hard. It is definately one of those "Love It, or Hate It" Shows. Thanks to DvD sales and its success on Cartoon Networks: Adult Swim, FG did something very few shows have done. Made a comeback from being canceled for over years and made it Big, Edgy, and Awesome! So with its new huge fanbase along with the original FG Fanatics, there will be alot more tales from Spooner Street.
  • Forget The Simpson's, this is pure cartoon genius!!

    The greatest thing about family guy is that everything can be used for a joke! Magnum P.I, Oreos, Macgyver, E.T, Charlie Brown, they've all been used and abused to create the greatest hook on tv today! How many shows dare go to such places when looking for (and finding) humor? The answer is not many, and none to this high standard! This is without even mentioning the Griffins. The single best family on tv!! If you only have time for one show a week, make it this one! You won't be sorry!!!
  • Family Guy is one of the funniest shows ever.

    Family Guy is one of the best animated comedies ever. Its episodes are full of humor from the past and current events. This is a must see. What other show has been cancelled and than brought back on air due to high DVD sales? Due yourself a favor and go watch Family Guy right now!!
  • Family guy - good but not too good

    I like family guy but Peter is a little to supied and family guy is a little unreal with the talking dog, and the talking baby. I like a few episodes like that one when Stuwie and Brian go to Europe, and that one when peter becomes a fisherman and thoes are my favorites.
  • Everyone smile - and try to keep those red dots out of your eyes

    One of the most amazing things about Family Guy is, once you’re a fan - you’re a fan.

    But if you're sitting on the fence, I can't emphasize enough what a great show "Family Guy" is. It is literally funnier than anything on TV today, and over time, I expect it will be even more broadly appreciated for its comic genius. If you want to laugh until it hurts, and aren't offended by humor on the edge, this is definitely a show for you.

    It is an unfortunate fact that in the politically correct age we live in that edgy comedy is categorized as offensive when it is really just being silly. That is exactly what happened to "Family Guy" a series that laid siege to every one of our sacred cows (religion, sex, violence, race relations, etc.), but did so in such a matter of fact manner, I find it hard to believe that anyone could have taken issue with it.
    My husband and I watch this show all the time. As soon as it went off the air, we bought all the seasons, 1 through 3. We watched them over & over, and most of our friends question us about watching it when they come over.
    Now that it’s on again, I couldn’t be happier. The new episodes are so much better, proving that the creators and producers aren’t getting old, they’re getting better. And even FOX is getting better about the timing, there always seems to be one thing said right before a commercial break, and me and my husband are still laughing through the commercials.

    Family Guy follows the life and exploits of Peter Griffin, an idiotic family man flanked by his intelligent and loving wife, Lois. The couple have two children - Chris (an overweight, mentally challenged teenage boy), Meg (a neurotic teenage girl with low self-esteem), and Stewie (a super-intelligent infant who believes his mother is his enemy). Together, the Griffins live with their human-like dog, Brian, in suburban Quahog, Rhode Island...
    This show has wonderful characters - and there’s the constant question of whether anyone actually understands what Stewie is really saying or that Brian, the dog, is actually talking.