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  • its about a family whose names are peter the father ,loise the wife,chris the son, meg the daugter,brian the familys dog and stewie have adventures that are hilarious and tickle your funny bone.

    its freaking sweet (like peter says) this show know whats funny and what not. Its like the simpson but more funnier and it is halarious also its cool you will love the whole family and peters friends. but when they canceeled my heart broke but not now cuase they they are back with new episodes. dont be a geek watch family guy cause Peter says \"its freaking sweet\"
  • Family Guy is one of those shows that is dipped in funny, sprinkled in comic genius and smothered in side-splitting hilarity.

    Family Guy is the best cartoon ever. Nothing even comes close to it. The show stars the Griffin Family, Peter the utterly stupid father, Lois the attractive red-head, Stewie the baby bent on world domination, Meg the ugly chick, Chris the fat dude, and Brian the dog who can talk. These characters form the center of the show and each character has a charm that put them above most TV characters. The shows best character is Glen Quagmire, plain and simple. The show always manages to be funny and down right great. Everything about the show is great and yes I know this review sucks but it is a great show

    This show: 9.7
    This Review: 1.1
  • Family Guy is one of those shows that is dipped in funny, sprinkled in comic genius and smothered in side-splitting hilarity.

    Family Guy is the best cartoon ever. Nothing even comes close to it. The show stars the Griffin Family, Peter the utterly stupid father, Lois the attractive red-head, Stewie the baby bent on world domination, Meg the ugly chick, Chris the fat dude, and Brian the dog who can talk. These characters form the center of the show and each character has a charm that put them above most TV characters. The shows best character is Glen Quagmire, plain and simple. The show always manages to be funny and down right great. Everything about the show is great and yes I know this review sucks but it is a great show

    This show: 9.7
    This Review: 1.1
  • Family Guy is the best show on TV today and is probably the funniest too. This show is even better than the Simpsons.

    Family guy is one of the funniest shows on TV today and probably one of the funniest of all time. The plots are good and the stories are funny. The Characters are funny and have great voice actors to play them. The show all feels like it flows good and that helps to make it more funny.

    The plots are usually for more adult viewers and the jokes are aimed towards adults. The jokes that they do make are very funny, and are usually placed at just the right time. Some people say that the jokes are to sexual or inapropriate, but I think that is what make the show so funny.

    Even though they were taken off the air Family Guy was so popular that Fox had to bring it back. That says something, I don't know of any other shows that have been canceled and then came back on the air. Even though Family Guy is into its fourth season the series is still running strong and keeps bringing the laughs. This show is one of the funniest and best overall shows on the air today.
  • Ok this is a must watch show

    I think that this show is gonna be around for a while. it is replacing the oh so familiar simpsons because people are sick of reruns all the time so they turn to the next best thing, to me this is the first best thing. I mean after how many seasons of simpsons it gets boring so everybody is starting to turn to Family Guy and with the new season having a great start can only get better. I think this is the best show around today. Even though this show was taken off the air, when it came back it came back with huge ratings. I cant wait to see what is coming up in the rest of the 4th season.
  • Family Guy will make you laugh until use go to the bathroom in your pants!

    Family Guy is the funniest show ever. In most respects better than the simpsons you will laugh your butt off each and every episode. The characters
    all have a unique and funny personality. If this show doesn't make you laugh you have no soul or sense of humor at all!
  • We thought the Simpsons could never be replaced. We were wrong.

    This show is so far, the funnyest thing I have seen on TV. In my opinion, the humour of this show surpassed the classic Simpsons, and Futurama. Some of the quotes are almost impossible to stop laughing at. I remember when Peter said "Oh, no! This is worse than the time I forgot to sit!". It was followed by a very humourous flashback of Peter staring at a chair then jumping in the chair and crashing through the wall. I think those are the two factors Family Guy grasped completely; pauses and flashbacks. The pauses cause a lot of humourous suspence, for the viewer to get a bigger laugh. The flashbacks stretch out the story and make it a lot more colorful. The creators were careful of not overusing these factors. And they did everything exactly right. There was no episode where I said "Wow. That was horrible". Everything was pure comedic genius. The reason my review didn't get a full 10 is becuase the show has something we have seen before. Peter, the beer drinking fat idiot reminds us of Homer. The nerdy and unpopular Meg reminds us of Lisa, and the busy housewife reminds us of Marge. If you want to create an animated comedy, make your own unique characters. Nevertheless, Family Guy is highly recomended on my list to watch. I guarantee that you'll laugh at least once in an episode.
  • This show is about a disfunctional family, similar to The Simpsons. Yet, its much more original, funny, and but together than The Simpson episodes, especially the ones airing recently.

    In this review, like most of my reviews I'm going to keep it simple...this show must be seen. Second only to the Lance Krall show on my list of faverite tv shows, Family Guy brings something new and really, really funny to the table that is animated comedy.So, in short watch Family Guy theres no way you could possibly dislike this show, and if you do- go to a psych ward, theres something terribly wrong with you.
  • Easily the best show ever. EVER.

    As stated in my Summary, Family Guy is the best show ever. Not one of the, or close to, THE best show ever. Seth McFarlance created a show that is overflowing in hilarity and has provided me with more laughs that I will need for a life time. If you do not like this show, then you have no soul. It is hip, edgy, and hilarious. The supporting cast, including Alex Borstein, Seth Green, and Mila Kunis, are all great, but it's Mr. McFarlance who really shines. From Quagmire to Peter Griffin to Stewie, he has created a wonderful compilation of satire and comedy. Watch this if you haven't already become addicted.
  • Insanely funny and origanal

    Its great I'd watch it over any show in show any day. It is my personal favourite because peter and chris are hilarious. Its amazing how it can be so stupid yet funny. Its absouluately addictive. Peter, louiese (pardon my spelling) chris, stewie are an amazing cast of comic characters
  • The funniest show on the planet.

    If you have not seen this show need to be hit over the head with something hard and heavy. This show is hilarious! Peter, the star of the show is a complete moron, and says some of the dumbest stuff. He is what makes the show hilarious, and the flash backs he always has are hilarious. I could watch every episode of this show over and over again. Seriously, it is so hilarious it's not even funny...if that makes sense. If you like shows like South Park, The Simpsons, Futurama, ect, then you'll love this show. It is funnier than all of the others I just listed. It's fast pasted, and every scene is comical, which is what makes it so good. I could watch the episodes over and over again, and laugh my butt off every time. If you have not seen this show before, you should see it, it is awsome. I advise you to see it, actually, I'm telling you to see. Please, if you like comedy, watch this show. You will NOT be dissapointed.
  • Family Guy is the Best Freaking Show in the World!

    Family Guy is the best freaking show in the world.Its so funny and and enjoyable.I love every episode.And the new episodes are hilarious too.It never gets boring but instead gets more better.I love this show and the creator did a great job with it.

    Im hoping for more FG season to come until like 2010! This show deserves to get new episodes.

  • Hysterical. Just off the wall hysterical.

    I thought Futurama or Simpsons couldn't be beat - but this show makes me laugh and laugh. They really do a great job with some of the references to movies and tv shows - Star Wars, Star Trek and others. The writers are brillant!!!
    Make sure you get the DVDs for the first seasons and listen to the commentaries. They make the dvd. They actually start watching the show and stop is so funny!
  • Though its not one of the best episodes, this season and episode came off with a good start!

    Overall it was a pretty good episode, heres some of my neatpicks and nitpicks!

    1.Miss Swan Scene
    2.Stewie beating his day dream up
    3.Jimmy Falon Scene include azz kicking
    4.Dr.Diddy & Brians (Racial Tension)
    5.Gene Simmons tounge & lois (That was funny lol.)
    6.Megs dead boyfriend (Funny but sick)
    7.SNL Ending

    1.That guy that wanted to date (kind of pointless)
    2.The male & female who torched their selfs after looking at meg (Got old fast)
    3.Carving the azz in prison (Lame)
    4.Peters confession about condoms (No point!)
    5.Racial Tension at the end (Who doesnt watch apollo?)
    6.Megs geeky friends & Double Stomach

    Episode Rating: 7.5/10
  • Surpases The Simpsons In every way possible.

    I remember watching The Simpsons some 15 years ago and thought about how funny and clever it was. That was then. This is now.

    The trouble with The Simpsons is that it's frightened of change, it's still stuck in the same sense as it was all those years ago and really does seem to be comming down hill; on the other hand, Family Guy is doing the opposite, with each and every season the humour and every thing else get's better and better and you really do start to wonder how they will continue to make it better as it already is as good as it can get.

    The comic timing is a genious. One example of this is in the episode "I am Peter, Hear me Roar" where Stewie is unknowingly being breast fed by Peter as he trys to get in touch with his feminine side. There are no words used at all during this scene but the facial expressions really make you laugh out loud as Stewie discovers who's breast he is trying to take milk from when he discovers a hair in his mouth. I really couldn't stop laughing.

    All in all, with great humour and excellent comic timing, Family Guy is about to take the animated sitcom crown from The Simpsons and stay with it for many years to come.
  • The Best Thing Since The Simpsons

    Okay First thing ive seen allot of new cartoons coming around trying to impersonate and they have done pretty well but there is nothing better than the orginal thing. This is like the best thing ive watch its so comedic especially on those miserable days at school or work. Isnt little stewy so cute lol well personally allot of people i no watch it from especially we 20 yr olds, i havent seen much cartoons that appeal to the older folks and family guy has done that and more.I'll sit and watch the reruns over and over and not get tired of it. I personally recommend those people who cant get a break to watch it, its a fun cartoon and you also learn stuff too lol.
  • This is, by far, the best and funniest show I have ever seen.

    There have been some good shows out there, but none are as good as Family Guy. Sure, the Simpsons came first, but come on, Family Guy not only looks better, but has cooler characters. I mean, come on, who else but Seth McFarlane could come up with an idea so crazy as a baby genius bent on world domination!? I ask you, who? Not to mention the fact that he wants to kill his mother. And a talking dog? Priceless. Peter, Stewie, and Brian are the best characters on the show in my opinion, Stewie, in particular. But when you put Stewie and Brian together, the laughs will never stop. Road to Europe and Road to Rhode Island are two of my favorite episodes, and Road to Rhode Island is my personal favorite. The first episode of this season where Stewie and Brian pretty much had to be Meg and Chris's parents was right up there with those two episodes. I could ramble on for days but I won't Lois is boring, and so is Meg (I just had to put that in there). Good show and I hope it does better this season than it has in the past.
  • Family Guy is my favorite cartoon ever. Period. It is just over the top. Off the wall hilarious. Many of the jokes will keep you laughing all the way thru the commercial break. It is purely awesome and....dare I say... better than The Simpsons.

    Family Guy follows the Griffins. This show is just so funny. After being cancelled, the show is back now in 2005 and the new episodes are not a let down. They still have those jokes that make you laugh for hours on end. The newest episode, Don't Make Me over, was my favorite this season. It had quite a few things that are still funny. I need to give a few examples.

    After Lois, the mother, tells her daughter, Meg, that they will go and buy some low-rider jeans the next day, the evil, sinister, talking baby, Stewie thinks what Meg would look like in low-riders. The thought cloud pops up, showing Meg in her low-riders with her chubby belly hanging out, Stewie says "Oh! Enough of that!" The cloud disappears and Stewie goes back to eating his food. The cloud pops up again with Meg and her low-riders and Stewie waves it away saying "Go away, da*n you!" It pops up again and Stewie grabs a rolling pin and says "Oh, you're going to get it now!" before smashing the cloud to the ground with the rolling pin.

    Another joke that stood out to me was when Peter, the fat father of the family had a flashback to when he played practical jokes at the hospital. So in the flashback, Peter goes up to a man in his medical suit, and says "I'm afraid I have some bad news. Your wife is gonna be a vegetable. You'll have to bathe her, feed her, and care for her the rest of her life." The guy starts crying saying "Oh my God..." Peter then says laughing "Nah ha ha. I'm just kidding. She's dead."

  • The only word to describe family guy is SUPERB.

    The only word to describe family guy is SUPERB. I have every DVD and record all the new episodes. I can watch the episodes about 5 times and I stil fall out of my chair laughing. Simpsons is supposed to be a funny show and it is....sometimes.... But if you think simpsons is funny then you will love family guy. Go buy the DVD's!!!!
  • Simply the most hilarious cartoon out there

    Family Guy is simply an ingeniously funny cartoon. It centers around the Griffin family, which consists of 5 wacky characters. Peter, the dumbass father; Lois, the smart, beautiful and modern mom; Meg, the self-concious daughter with low self-esteem who is desperatele trying to fit in and be cool at school; Chris, the fat dumbass son; Brian, the sarchastic, sophisticated talking dog and Stewie, the baby bent on killing his Lois and taking over the world. The show's humour goes places no other shows go, whether it be the family dog addicted to cocaine or Meg telling people that Stewie is her crack addicted son who eats dog food in order to get a job to buy an expensive purse. Simply put, Family Guy is an amazing show that everyone should definately check out.
  • It is freakin awesome that is all I have to say. Rock on Stewie!

    It is freakin awesome. It is way better than South Park and the Simpsons. It has so much comedy you will doubled over laughing. At sometimes it can get bland but, the next episode it's way better.I love it. Stewie is the coolest charater. So watch this show on Fox 9:00 pm so it doesn't get canaceled again.
  • Family Guy is the show that will lead the new revolution of television. No more reality shows just funny sitcoms and I mean Family Guy funny not Seinfeld funny.

    The show gets better and better by the week. The subtle humor that is in every episode makes it not for everbody. The writers do a great job of keeping it fresh while still pushing it to the line every week (George W amused by a clown as if he was a child) The show will always be funny as long as their is controversy. Its too bad The Simpsons were and will never be this funny.
  • It just seems to get better and better, and funnier and funnier. A comedy series that is going from strength to strength

    The first series was funny, the second was funnier, the third was on the verge of genius, and this fourth series... well you can guess what im going to say... pure genius! There is nothing better than seeing a show resurrected, especially when they go on a rampage of abuse (specifically aimed at American TV)as if the show was in fact bulletproof, which im sure the dvd sales will make sure of. If you haven't watched it, buy the complete collection and catch up with the rest of the world- unless your easily offended, or your boring (which is sort of the same i know :P). Gigiddy-Gigiddy-Gigiddy
  • As funny as South Park

    Family guy has about the funniest cast of characters next to South Park. This show is always consistent with its humor. Family Guy's episodes leave me laughing fo hours after it ends. This is my second favorite show of all time(South Park's the best=D). Definitly a must see for comdey fans.
  • Family Guy is my favorite show on tv right now, its very funny to watch, and its also fun to catch all the little inside references to lots of things from the past.

    Family Guy is the best cartoon that I have seen in recent times. I watch it every Sunday night on FOX and also every Sunday through Thursday nights on Adult Swim. No matter how many times I have seen the episodes, I always crack up and even catch new things that I didn’t see before. I am so glad that FOX decided to bring it back, it was stupid for them to ever cancel it in the first place. I will continue to watch this show for as long as they are shown on tv and even after that would happen, I can see them all on the DVDs.
  • Family Guy showcases the exploits of the Griffin family, consisting of Peter, Lois, Chris, Meg, Brian, and Stewie.

    Family Guy is a very, very funny show. When it came back from being cancelled, I was worried that the quality would dip and it would become lame, but I was wrong. Season 4 is just as strong as the previous seasons were, with almost as many laughs.

    I would definitely say that Family Guy is the animated comedy that came closest to matching The Simpsons in pure hilarity. This show is quite off the wall while retaining wittiness in a very good package.

    One thing, however, I must note about Season 4 is that Stewie's lines seemed to be forced. Stewie doesn't seem to have his classic moments anymore. Perhaps I'm jumping the gun because only four episodes have aired, but the scenes with him and Brian together seem to be a bit forced in because of their previous hilarity in the first three seasons.

    Anyway, I hope that this show's second run will last much longer than three seasons. It may not be The Simpsons, but it's damn close.
  • Family Guy is a great cartoon. It doesnt seem to be fading, loosing its touch, getting dull, boring or anything. The feel of the crude and random humor is better then ever.

    I like this show because it still makes me laugh. Its freakin hilarous and with its random jokes and crude humor its funnier then ever. Since they brought it back on FOX it is still very funny, if not more funny then before and more funny then the new simpsons. Im glad to see a show that was so great be brought back and still keep its touch.
  • If laughing is good for your health, you need to watch this show.

    I have a very simple standard to apply to a comedy show. When I show the show to my friends, do they laugh? If I watch the show a second time, am I still laughing? The answer to this for Family Guy, is happily yes and yes.

    Most of the characters in this show do tend to follow the Simpsons family characteristics to a degree. However, I believe that the differences in the characters are enough to make Family Guy seem Fresh (especially since the new episodes have started up!)

    This animated show has a bit of something for everyone, but most people I know really enjoy the character "Stewie". A meglo-maniacal baby bent on world domination, but easily distracted at just the right comical moment by all the delights of babies everywhere.

    The animation in this show is very good, but frankly I believe it's the outstanding voice-work that makes people laugh.

    This show has the distinction of having so many DVD sales, that the show was renewed after it's cancellation. You might want to check out this show for that reason alone.

  • Family Guy is the best show of time all! It is hard to believe that when people starting loving this show, they starting hating Simpsons. Family Guy beat out Simpsons, an award winning show that everyone on Earth loved! Since Family Guy came, the Simpsons

    Is Family Guy the best show of all them? Well, I think so! This show makes Simpsons (a show that was first loved by everyone on Earth) go from "Excellent!" to corny and not funny anymore. Anyway, Family Guy is now famous for reasons. One is for the comedy. The Flashbacks that making fun of TV Shows, Movies, and Celebrities are what people today love about Family Guy. This type of humor would have anyone on Earth laughing. Well, back in 1999, Family Guy didn't do so well since Simpsons was what everyone was watching. But in 2002, people starting the reruns on Adult Swim and buying the seasons on DVD. Today, 2005, Family Guy came back to Fox with new episodes. Well, I love Family Guy and the new season is the best season out of all four seasons. I hope Family Guy will make fun of a few stuff, like SpongeBob, South Park, etc. Family Guy is the best show of all them!
  • Its wacky humor about a dysfuntional family makes the cartoon already the best thing on TV

    Family Guy Review
    By: StarFry64


    Peter is the family guy who is a idiot. Lois is the daughter of her rich father and wife of Peter. She is smart and also sometimes get angry. Chris who is a fat kid (teenager). Meg is a girl who tries to fit in with the popular kids but can't seem to get to be. Stewie is a sweet baby who can talk but he hates his mom and plans to kill her and rule over the world. Brian who was a homeless dog until Peter found him cleaning his car. Brian can talk but he drinks alot of beer, and etc. Quagmire is the guy who wants to get ladies in a snap with his smooth talking and such, you can call him as a pervert. There is Joe who is a cop who was handicapped when he fell on the rooftop by the Grinch who was steeling Christmas toys. He has athelectic and seems to save his friends' butt going to jail and drinks beer.


    The Griffin family puts the fun back in dysfuntional with its wacky humor that makes Family Guy already the best thing on TV. Each episode usually contains ever situation. From wheter it is about Peter and Lois, Brian, or Meg, and etc.


    You should really watch this cartoon no matter who you are. If you feel like you don't like disgusting humor, you might want to stay back. But for others who want a really great time, watch Family Guy.

    10 out of 10
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