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  • So stupid

    its so dumb it doesnt make sence maybe thats why it was taken off the air. not to mention its being beat by a canadian show called trailer park boys now thats a funny show and makes sence with a plot. also the simpsons blow it away. hopefully it gets taken off the air again
  • I am retracting my review because many people here are sending rude messages to me.

    sorry I don't know how to delete my review so I have to keep this here. If anyone knows they can messege me about that. Thank you.
    :) l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l
  • Same reason why I watched Epic Movie, listened to the Jonas Brothers, and read Twilight (2005 book). I can't hate it if I've never tried it, and boy, do I HATE this show.

    Basically I seen that this show has good reviews and a lot of my firends like it. However, I am speaking for myself, and this show SUCKS! If I was to give my rating, it would be in the negatives. Honestly, it's not funny 96+% of the time, and is really gross and disturbing. The characters are horrible and the flashbacks are unecessary. The plots of the episodes are also bad. The only episode I enjoyed was the 100th episode clip show (which wasn't really an episode, and it was actually bashing Family Guy)

    Family Guy can't do profanity (like South Park, which is funny), and should have less inapropriate content as Spongebob.

    And don't campare FG to the Simpsons. They're barely alike and the only thing they have in common is the fathers are idiots (but in FG, Peter, Chris and Meg [sometimes Lois and Brian] are idiots). The Simpsons is WAAAAAY better, and so is King of the Hill, and Spongebob and other shows. Seth can't do a normal family sitcom and should be a stand up comic instead, and stick to American Dad, which is much better, although it is still painful to watch.

    This is my opinion. But if you're tempted, go ahead and watch Family Guy; you may like it (I sure didn't).
  • Lowbrow, vulgar, aggravating humor, that is part of a show with no character depth, or a basic plot.

    Family Guy. Where do I begin? While it may be one of the most popular television shows currently on the air, it is absolutely horrible. Family Guy often makes references or parodies other shows, while these are fine in moderation, it's overuse proves two thing to be true. One Seth McFarlane cannot think of his own jokes and simply caters to today's youth with pop-culture references. And the second being the fact that all of the characters are simply plot devices with no personality, besides the one they were given for that episode, what I mean by this is that each character has no continuing personality and are different from episode to episode. One such example is the ever popular character, Stewie. During the early episodes he cared only about two thing, killing Lois and world domination. While cliched this was a much better time for Stewie, as now he is a character-less plot device, for example in a recent episode he wanted to become strong, and in many other episodes all he cares about is Brian and is in love with him. This shows you how little plot this show has, and is ultimately a horrible show.
  • Sick and not funny!

    I have 5 childern and I would never want them to view this show. What's wrong with the world today? We don't need this filth! What kind of Family guy is he anyways? I sure would not have wanted these characters as my family nor would I want that for my kids. This show is not funny! This show is sick,twisted and perverted. Why would anyone think it is okay to behave the way they do? Lets get back to viewing good and uplifting shows, I bet our world would be a better place. By the way Jesus does not hate many humans, he hates the sin not the person.
  • The Clone that Killed the Original

    When you look at FOX's "Animation Domination" lineup for this year, one can only come to a simple conclusion: Seth MacFarlane is taking over the animation world, Bill Gates style! Most of the animated shows on FOX are his, and Family Guy was the one that started it all. But, just because a show is popular, that doesn't mean its good. As big as its fan base, there are haters as well. Lets look at why some people like the makers of South Park and King of the Hill loathe this show. To start, this show is a carbon copy of the Simpsons. Now, this wouldn't be a problem, if they didn't completely PWN them! Usually greatness is achieved by being original, not so in Family Guy's case. In this case, outright copying and pasting has put this show over the top, but does it deserve to be there, I don't think so! One of my problems with Family Guy is their gross humor. If I wanted to watch gross humor, I'd go to Cartoon Network. The viewers of this show SHOULD be grown ups, so try treating us as such, the stage that we think toilet humor is good for chuckles should be long gone. But I honestly believe its there to maybe draw in a few younger viewers. A cartoon that is a hit and is considered "funny", what kid wouldn't watch it? The point is they shouldn't be! Now I understand that this is America and people are free to say whatever they want, but is nothing sacred anymore? These guys will make fun of anything and anyone (as long as it doesn't offend their own liberal viewpoints). I mean, I understand being cutting edge, but openly mocking other people's beliefs and opinions without dong so to the opposite, come on guys, at least pretend to be fair. Whatever happened back in the day when clean humor was enough for people? It seems that Family Guy seems to demean its viewers by saying, "since you are all degenerate and filthy minded, we will treat you as such". Although there are funny parts of this show, sometimes I feel like less of a person after watching this show. Sorry guys, Family Guy is defiantly not a "family" show. Remember back in the day when everyone thought that the Simpsons were the scourge of the earth, now their clone has taken that title.
  • Sick!

    This is a really bad show. I agree with the user who said they made a mistake when the brought it back. This is a terrible show! The worst idea I have ever heard of! This family is weird and they should have not brought it back. I said to myself that why are they doing this? When you see this show you will see what I am talking about in this reveiw. I just can't beleive this show. Cancel it! Do not watch it ever! I will be your new friend on the website if you don't watch it. Please!
  • This show should be cancelled. It is highly offensive and racist. It represents a decay of social values.

    This show should be cancelled. It is highly offensive and racist. It represents a decay of social values. The fact that it is shown on TV for children to view jeopardizes the education of children and encourages the anti-social behaviour of children. It is one of the show that can give the rest the world the wrong idea about our society as a whole. It is hard to fight racism and ill intentions disguised as humour; but the media in the long run will weed out bad element like this show to restore the integrity of decent sense of humour; a yardstick of social progresses.
  • An adult cartoon with a chip on its shoulder about an evil talking baby.

    A show which was unnecessarily revived when there are so many superior shows which are more deserving. This is one of the worst shows Bad jokes and poor humor make up this lowest-common-denominator show, meant for the simplest minds.

    I cannot imagine there being enough support to keep this show on the air, but being a cartoon, it was likely easier to finance than your general live-action show.

    This unbearable show makes Beavis and Butthead or South Park look like genius fare, even going so far as to insult the viewers directly. There is little, if anything, in the way of redeeming qualities. Stay away from this travesty at all costs.
  • There is no way this show shold be as popular as it is. It is self indulgent and unoriginal.

    The idea that this is the best rated show makes me feels sick. It's style is a complete rip off of the Simpsons and it doesn't even come close to being as good. It feels like they are trying to be the simpsons but with no idea about what is actually good about it.
  • I cartoon show about a family the Griffins who live in the town of Quahog Road Island. The family consister of parents Peter and Lois. There 3 kids Meg 16; Chris 14; and baby Stewie. Living with them is there intelligent; alcoholic talking dog Brian.

    OMG I love this show! I am the the biggest fan. My favorite Charater is the dog Brian. I'm crazy for that little white dog. He can sometimes be a douche but for the most part is a kind and loyal friend. I love how despite have human qualities like talking; walking on two feet; reading and driving he still posseses many dog traits like barking; growling; fetching anything that is thrown and eat out of the garbage. I also disagree with Quagmire being mean; ranting at him and treating him like crap. Half of what came out of Quagmire's mouth was false. The stuff that was true Brian has made up for with good deeds and loyalty. I guess you can tell I hate Quagmire. Family Guy is the best enough said.
  • is vry good u guys r just jelous

    this show was rlly good anybody who doesn't like it lets see u try 2 make somenthng better sheesh! i like the humor its like nine gag le p00p shoopdawhoop

  • Disgraceful show!

    This is the most digraceful show I've ever seen. The jokes are horrible and offensive. Seth Macfarlene is a total jerk and a Atheist. Hope he' dies in hell!
  • It's like that time I reviewed Family Guy...

    A show about a fat idiot, his stupid son, a socially akward reject, an evil baby and a woman.

    The Simps-I mean, Family guy has it all! Except for all it lacks. Some adult cartoons offend people by pushing the envelope. Family Guy offends people by pushing the envelope that was already pushed off the table and eaten by the cat. What does this mean? It means Family Guy's offenses come at the expense of played out adult show punching bags, such as: The handicapped, the government, Christians, Black people, gays and Mexicans. Seth McFarlane takes special care in making sure his show doesn't offend his precious target audience (I.e frat boys, stoners and 14 year-old girls). The Humor in this show comes from the afore mentioned "offensive" and "edgy" content, and from the pointless, witless disposable jokes in the form of flashbacks triggered when someone (usually Peter) says "It's like that time I..." or "It's worse than the time I...". This line is usually followed by an action, an 80's pop culture icon and a place. Example: "It's like that time I beat Madonna at a Taco eating contest in Guantanamo bay". The "jokes" don't make much sense (if any) and have as much wit as a glass of orange juice. The characters are bland. They have no personality and what little character they have is stolen from other, more developed characters from other shows or other media. They change to suit whatever cut-away gag McFarlane crapped out for that week's episode, resulting in endlessly shifting characters devoid of any personality. They're basically lumps of clay... poorly animated lumps of clay. The animation looks like it was done by a 10 year old. The art is mediocre at best and the animation is almost non-existent. Characters lack eyebrows, so their facial expressions are incredibly limited(a technique the incredibly gifted protege genius McFarlane farted out to save money and so that he wouldn't have to think too much) leaving only their body language to convey their (lack of) emotions. This would work, in theory, IF the characters weren't so stiff. They're always drawn in 3/4th's view and their movement is limited to their mouths, a slight head-bob every now and then and, if it's a special occasion, they MIGHT move their arms! To sum it all up, Family Guy is a poorly written, witless show that is still popular to this day for some unknown reason. I don't even know why. Its target audience shouldn't even GET their "jokes" since they reference things from 80's pop culture... FROM THE 1980's, BEFORE most of the show's viewers were born. Combine that with some of the most unlikable, personality-less characters around, a douchebag writer/ creator who's constantly pissing out worse and worse episodes and you get Family Guy, a stupid show completely undeserving of all the praise and fame it's acquired over the years.
  • Has Its Good Moments

    Don't get me wrong family guy is awesomely funny at times....but if theres one thing i believe is true, the writers of family guy really know how to kill a joke in the fastest way possible! other then that its an ok show
    id suggest just not dragging out a joke for so long, like the one where stewie is dancing for a helicopter just goes over the top but still it has its good points and i will continue to watch it when its not repetitive lol
    i i i i i i i i i i i i
  • One word: boring...

    the title of this review says what I think. It says it all: the show is really boring and I freakin hate it. I have never seen such a ridiculous show (except for American Dad) in my entire life. It sucks so bad and I dont even know why people like it. It needs to be called off. The show ripped the Simpsons off, the Simpsons is a great show, but Family Guy isnt. All the jokes are so bad and un funny. I find every situation absurd and suckish. Family Guy is the piece of crap must seen on TV, but it should end!
  • The worst thing in all universe's and parallel universe's and was never good not even a nano second.

    This is the most unfunniest, worst, terriblest, horriblest and childish thing ever to exist and nothing will ever be worse than this can't believe I used to like this, the feeling haunts me.


    Plot:0.1 I don't see the point of the plot,It's just some gay person living with his family in the Usa called Road island or whatever you call the crappy place they live in.

    Graphics:1.1 there just horribly bright and ugly

    Humor:0.0 just horrible and childish toilet humor,argh!

    Characters:0.1 the only good one is meg and Carol.

    Jokes:0.1 they are no jokes, just farting scenes that only a 4 year old would find funny

    Theme song: 1.2 it just sounds awful

    Episodes:1.0 there all a pile of shite

    Drama:2.5 most of the show now is drama

    Seasons:0.2 Nothing to say about them

    Overall;1.0 you suck shit macfuckface
  • Family Guy

    This is the most disgusting show on TV. Well one of them. I am by no means a prude, but come on filth is all can say!!!!!
  • The worst thing in the universe(s)

    This has got to be the worst thing to ever exist! It shoudl have never existed!

    Plot:0.0 there is none just flash backs

    Animation:0.1 just horribly bright and annoying

    Lines:2.6 just random stuff

    Humor:1.3 toilet humor is so terrible!

    Jokes:0.7 simply just toilet jokes

    Characters:1.0 the only good one is Meg

    Music:2.3 to many songs at a time and most of them are weird cowboy's songs.

    Spin-offs:3.0 American Dad is not a spin-off, just a related show

    Episodes:1.2 just the same thing


  • Offensive for no reason, filled with silence, random references to old stuff, boring "action" scenes, self references, hatred and propaganda. Bottom line: Unfunny, annoying and an insult to humanity.

    I cannot stand this show, not because I find it offensive (South Park is way more offensive, and I find it acceptable) or against my political views (which it is, but I don't really care), but because it has no quality.

    Let's imagine Family Guy is a book. In one chapter, someone says something that isn't funny but could be considered offensive to certain people, and the writers expect you to find it funny because someone, somewhere, will be outraged.

    Oh and imagine a book where a joke is followed by a million comas, just so the viewers have time to get it and laugh.

    Then another chapter is full of references to pop culture from previous decades. Totally random references that serve no purpose, but for some reason that's supposed to be funny.

    Next chapter: Peter fights a chicken for 10 minutes. Why? Who knows? It's rofl so randum therefore it's supposed to be funny.

    Self reference, lot's of self reference. That's hilarious too, right?

    And like in any high quality program a character has to be abused, mocked and humiliated at every chance. In this case, Meg. Meg's so hideous, we hate her.

    Oh and of course Brian. Did anyone watch Boston Legal? For 5 years James Spader was David E. Kelley's megaphone for his political views. That's what Brian is to whoever created this show.

    Family Guy isn't funny. It isn't clever, original nor "groundbreaking". It is a cancer.
  • I don't know how can many people laugh at this crap. It's embarrasing to watch.

    Parody humor is all this is. I don't know how can they get away with all those spoofs. They think they are better to anything, and they don't even have jokes of their own, just mocking of everything. Well, that formula, for me, ends in a suckish way.
    I was pretty happy about the South Park's "Cartoon Wars" when they made look this show like complete crap. That show is undoubtedly vastly superior to this nonsense.

    It hardly makes sense. A lot of people watches it, but I'm pretty sure that they don't even understand everything, how can anyone get all the references and allusions? Is impossible, they make fun of everything and everyone, that people don't even know what it was about. And what's up with always a character has to say "oh, this is worse than..." or "this is not as bad as when...", and they put a flashback or a very incoherent scene on screen. WTF? And that's all what they do over the 22 min. And the chicken fight that lasted 5 min, how nonsensical a show can get!

    Peter's voice is so annoying, Stewie is less funnier everytime. Brian is retarded, etc. And I hate when Peter just stands there, put a boring face, and says stuff. Is not funny at all. I hate that old guy who is in love with Brian, is so terrible. TBH the Star Wars parody sucked, specially the Robot Chicken reference, they could not have ended it without mocking another show...
    I mean this is awful, it should have stayed cancelled, because the first 2 seasons were funny, nobody can deny it. I liked the show then, that's when it was "freakin' sweet". Just stop doing it so random, 'cause it's not working. But it doesn't seems like it is getting any better soon.
  • Show about a family who is dealing with their daily life. (Comedy)

    I watch this show sometimes, and sometimes I find it funny. Sometimes I think who the heck in their right minds would watch this show. It's just so insulting sometimes, and so UGH!!!! I mean, I can't believe I actually tooned into that. I mean, I like it SOMETIMES but other times it could be insanely bad. I mean- no offense to people who like it but I pretty much think this show is crap. Thats all I can say right now. The only thing I like about this show are the video clips thats about it. I mean, I might change my thoughts later, but for now I'm not liking the show too much.

    I will admit this show is funny, but sick. I dont have much to say about this show. The Simpsons are much better. I hate the stupid American Animated Comedies like Family Guy, American Dad, South Park, and Futurama. sickens me!

    j j j j j j j j j j
  • This show is ****. I dont care if it people disagree. Its unfunny, it totally copies simpsons, boring, and the only good episode was the star wars parody.

    The show revolves around a disfunctional family, with a fat drinking and bad job dad, a gambling problemed house wife, a son and daughter, an evil baby, and their pet dog. Its not the simpsons. Its worst. Family guy totally copies ideas off of the simpsons and even trying to act funny, its boring and random nonsense. I get atleast 1 chuckle out of every episode and there was only one good episode: Blue Harvast parts 1 and 2. Its a parody of star wars if you dont know and the only ones who read these bad reviews of family guy are people who want to send me hate mail and people who agree with me, who arent alot. But i dont care, its my opinion and i think this show is bad. If you send me hate mail for a show you didnt create you obviously have no life and your such a loser. And you must be thinking "well your making a review of a show you hate so you must not have a life." This is what i have to say. "what ever. I dont care. I'm telling people what i believe and i dont care what you believe and you dont have to care what i believe so let me get back to reviewing shows and games." Anyway I obviously dont like this show, doesnt mean you have to like it.
  • It's like Simpsons only not as funny or original.

    Family Guy started as a Simpsons clone but it has since surpassed that shows popularity in recent years and has been brought back to life after cancellation thanks to millions of sales on the DVD market. My question is, why? This show is highly unoriginal considering it is an obvious clone of better shows such as the already mentioned Simpsons and King of the Hill. The only thing that this show does differently is that it is more ludicrous, more sacrilegious, more poorly written and more offensive to more people than both other shows combined. Why should we praise a show for that? It is insulting, crude and, to top it off, not very funny. This is especially true of the recent episodes after the show was resurrected. I know some hard-core fans of this show and even they weren't very impressed with the past few episodes. I just wish this show would die and stay that way.
  • My rating for family guy is it can suck my balls.

    First off I would like to say Family Guy sucks, I can¡¯t believe people watch this garbage. I believe the show sucks so much that even put in the effort to figure out how to say family guy sucks in as many languages as possible. So far I¡¯m up to nine if anybody would like to contribute to this it would be greatly appreciate. This is what I have so far:

    Spanish El Tipo de la familia Chupa
    French Le Gars de famille Suce
    German Familienbursche Saugt
    Italian L'Individuo di famiglia Succhia
    Dutch De familie Kerel Zuigt
    Portuguese O Rapaz de fam¨ªlia Chupa
    Russian §±§Ñ§â§Ö§ß§î §³§Ö§Þ§Ö§Û§ã§ä§Ó§Ñ §³§à§ã§Ö§ä
    Norwegian Familie Guy Suger
    Chinese ¼ÒÍ¥»ï¼ÆÎü

    This is dumb and show I¡¯ve ever seen like come on all the characters retarded the show was a ridiculous I can¡¯t even believe that fox would even bring it back they should have left it canceled. I would rather hit myself over the head with reruns of the nanny than watch this crap. I was in love here in the comment that they have the highest DVD sales for a show ever and that¡¯s because the people bought were just as dumb as the show in the finally had something they could really to and that my friends is being stupid. I believe that Family Guy remembered for being the dumbest thing ever put on television thank you.

    I Welcome Any And All Comments About This Review.
  • The Family Guy, more like The Family Rip-off!!!!

    This show makes me boil over with anger every time I think about how much of a rip-off the show is to The Simpsons. I mean what where they thinking? Peter is a white chubbier version of Homer. They both get drunk, say stupid things, and are not the best dads around. Lois is a desperate housewife like Marge who wants attention and wants her family to be perfect. Chris is a made over Bart, who gets into trouble, and says smart things. Lisa or should I say Meg, is the misunderstood daughter in the family who is smart. If it wasn’t for the talking baby Stewie, an attempt not to have a Maggie clone, or the family’s talking pet Brian to minus another twin (Santa’s Little Helper), this show would be the same dang thing. Even though the show is same, it has a cheap advantage. Family Guy learns from the Simpsons and from their mistakes in the show to create a perfect and funnier version to win the audience over, and that just pisses me off! The Simpsons came first and will always be the most original and best. To me Family Guy is not “Freakin Sweet” it “Freakin Sucks”.
  • This is the worst show ever. Find out why.

    It is so sad that a show that is so horrible and stupid is able to be shown on television to amuse people. People think that it is funny but it is very insulting to some people. Like that episode where Perer thinks that he has breast cancer but he really doesn\'t is not funny. My family has a horrible case of breast cancer and my mom died when i was last year and I am only 13. How do you think I felt when I saw that. Both of my grandparents died also. And it made fun of my religion. The whole little thing in the episode where that fat idiot Peter thought that somebody was possessed and he went the power of Christ compells you, that is very insulting. The three children should be taken away from their father because he is such a stupid idiot. People act like it is okay for him to do that kind of insulting stuff because he is stupid. Well if he is so stupid he should not be able to drive and he should get fired from his job. I think that this show should be taken off the air because it is so horrible. Family Guy fans are probably going to think that I am taking this too far because it is only a show. Well guess what, Im not. What if your parents died from a horrible disease and then one of the most popular shows in the world makes fun of it. I\'m sure you would be upset. People who watch this show are sooo immature.
  • This show sucks, sorry guys

    I am sorry but this show absolutely sucks, first of all how can people in their 20\\\'s watch this, its a bloody cartoon, for kids and teenagers. Grow up people !

    This show is a ripoff of the Simpsons just more politically involved and a lot less funny, but at least in the Simpsons the characters do not look so stupid,who wants a talking, smoking and drinking dog ? A constant father of three getting his bottom out and this annoying little kid who at 1 is probably more intelligent than his father.

    I cannot stand this show and thank god for inventing the remote control because I\\\'d rather go to sleep than watch this crap!

    Fox should never have brought this show back.
  • It was a step up from that awful Tale of a Third Grade Nothing episode but it was still bad. It had a subplot that had chance to go somewhere but it didn't.

    Finally, Joe and Bonnies' baby is born and it is a beautiful girl. With the hospital bills so high, Joe has to work another job and even has to pay back a loan shark. Peter said the only way to get Joe out of debt was to steal from Carter. Meanwhile, Stewie has a crush on Susie. They ruined Joe in this one by taking away his dignity and he used to a strong character. Stewie should have just gone up to Susie and talked to her instead of making that stupid long video which was a waste and the Christian Bale bit should have been shorter. There were more bad jokes ( eye floaters?!! ). At the end, Stewie said he was no longer interested in Susie but is in love with Bryan Adams. Why am I not surprise? It would have been great if Susie could talk too and it would also have been cooler to have another talking baby for Stewie to hang out with. That would have been better than that stupid video. The only part I laughed was at end when Lois told Peter that she got the money for Joe was convincing her father that she was getting a divorce lawyer. Peter thought she was joking but she walked away and he got nervous. I bet she did. Overall, a step up from the last episode but still, this one was terrible.
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