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  • Family Guy will make you laugh until use go to the bathroom in your pants!

    Family Guy is the funniest show ever. In most respects better than the simpsons you will laugh your butt off each and every episode. The characters
    all have a unique and funny personality. If this show doesn't make you laugh you have no soul or sense of humor at all!
  • We thought the Simpsons could never be replaced. We were wrong.

    This show is so far, the funnyest thing I have seen on TV. In my opinion, the humour of this show surpassed the classic Simpsons, and Futurama. Some of the quotes are almost impossible to stop laughing at. I remember when Peter said "Oh, no! This is worse than the time I forgot to sit!". It was followed by a very humourous flashback of Peter staring at a chair then jumping in the chair and crashing through the wall. I think those are the two factors Family Guy grasped completely; pauses and flashbacks. The pauses cause a lot of humourous suspence, for the viewer to get a bigger laugh. The flashbacks stretch out the story and make it a lot more colorful. The creators were careful of not overusing these factors. And they did everything exactly right. There was no episode where I said "Wow. That was horrible". Everything was pure comedic genius. The reason my review didn't get a full 10 is becuase the show has something we have seen before. Peter, the beer drinking fat idiot reminds us of Homer. The nerdy and unpopular Meg reminds us of Lisa, and the busy housewife reminds us of Marge. If you want to create an animated comedy, make your own unique characters. Nevertheless, Family Guy is highly recomended on my list to watch. I guarantee that you'll laugh at least once in an episode.
  • This is getting L-A-ME!

    I mean come on. I thought this was supposed to be a classic. Well. It was. Now, it's just filled with immature jokes and mediocre "crack-ups." Personally, I find the new seasons and episodes absolutely horrible. What happened to the old Family Guy when all the jokes were decent, funny, comedic, smart, witty, and all the good stuff you can describe them with. Also, Stewie sucks. He is probably the worst character in comedy cartoon history. He just plain creeps me out and he should creep you guys out too unless you are all on crack. Leave this show for the vultures, folks.
  • Fox cancelled this made me laugh my ass, glad adult swim and dvd production made them realize there mistakes... The suits have not clue to what we like.

    Man i remember when this 1st came out on dvd. I was a huge fan and was dissapointed that it was cancelled, so i ended up running to best buy the day 1st season came out. I had figured since this got cancelled people really didn\'t care about it and i should have a copy waiting for me, boy was I wrong they had sold out of it early that morning and i was like how the hell does a show that no one care about get sold out. Well that showed those dopes at fox that this was special and that they just messed up.

    For the show, what can i say its funny as hell. The characters are very entertaining and this keeps the show fresh. I enjoy watching stewy trying to take out his mom, i like seeing how stupid peter is and seeing him get into trouble, brian is just redicouluse (yea i know i spelled it wrong) its like the creators mocking disney and everyone else that has a talking dog on there shows and makes him interact with the humans. And the rest there all funny, this show is great.
  • Hilarious! The funniest cartoon ever made by far.

    This show is without a doubt the best animated comedy there has ever been; I am a big fan of The Simpsons, Futurama, etc, but this is certainly the most "laugh out loud" funny of the lot. I accept the fact that episodes of The Simpsons have a sustained plot whereas this tends to just do whatever the hell it likes, but thats what makes it so different.
  • Oceanic6 is wrong. Great episode but Shipoopi sucked.

    I just have to comment because I was flabbergasted by the terrible comments made by 'oceanic6'. How could he POSSIBLY say that Stewie is his least favourite character? How can he even watch the show in that case? Stewie MAKES Family Guy, I have actually never met anyone who finds him anything but their favourite character. And the Shipoopi scene from this episode was stupid. Needless to say that was the part that 'oceanic6' enjoyed. Ridiculous. Great episode otherwise - Stewie beating up Brian was classic. Family Guy is funny for its randomness and poking fun at pop culture, as well as the personalities of some of the characters, especially Stewie. People should stop complaining about storylines, because the best episodes don't need them. 'Morals' etc detract from Family Guy. That's why this episode was good.
  • South park is right about this show.

    Family guy once had an appeal in the early seasons but now it doesn't. The cut aways are stupid they say remember the time i punched myself in the balls and it rolls a pointless clip. The gags drag on long enough to the point were it just plain boring and the majority of the time their just time fillers. In family guy they constantly reuse jokes up until the point where it is not even remotely funny they have had 3 chicken fights, Cleveland has fallen out of that bath tub like what ten times sure these kinds of things can be funny the first and second time but really come on. Then there is the Cleveland show which is just terrible I saw and episode and Cleveland said "I have fallen out of that bath tub more times then it could possibly be funny" so they are aware of it so why are they still doing it? And also they have done the bird is the word joke that is just plain annoying and unfunny and they have had to have Conway Twitty for 3 minutes I'm dead serious some boring country singer just to fill up the episode. Have you ever seen any other show do this?
  • Seth isn't even trying anymore

    Family Guy was once a show that pushed the envelope and made very crude, yet funny jokes. Everyone has seen it, and whether you liked it or not, it got people laughing. As the show went on, it got funnier but somewhere along the show, something went wrong and the show has lost its comedy and interest. In the first 4 seasons, there was a great amount of humor and it had variety to it, but now on the recent seasons, the jokes are repeated too much and there is not as much variety as before. I know shows have a tendency to repeat their own jokes, but Family Guy does it too much. Compare it to The Simpsons, they use a lot of the same jokes again and again, but they bring in new humor in almost every episode so it shows that The Simpsons is trying to get new humor in. In Family Guy, the same jokes are used to much and there is very little new humor added to the show. The plots themselves are still pretty good but not as good as the first 4 seasons, these new ones are stories that have been done before on other shows or recycled episodes with more humor in it. The cut away gags aren't even as funny anymore and just don't seem to be as interesting or charming like in the first 4 seasons. Another problem with this show is that almost every character is now out of character with who they once were. Peter was a goofy, funny, and wacky character who would get into trouble by accident and was a loving person to his family. In the recent seasons, he has become less distant from his family, he is not as goofy and funny, and seems to be arrogant. Brian was a funny and witty dog who excelled at dry humor in the early seasons and was likable since he had a crush on Lois and did his best to control his love for her. In the new seasons, he is a cold hearted person who puts down everyone and everyone's ideas, he is a hypocrite, he wants to be with Lois now and every girl he dates is a bimbo and he doesn't care as long as he has a woman to bang. Quagmire was a funny, warm and friendly sex driven person who always provided hilarious sex jokes in every episode. Now he is just obsessed with wanting Lois, he doesn't really provide as many sex jokes, and he is not as warm and friendly like before. Joe used to be all about action, but now he is quiet and not as energetic as before. Stewie though was the biggest change, he used to want to take over the world and made great jokes, but now he is not interested in world domination, and is used for a lot of gay jokes and is closet gay I have absolutely no problem with gays, but Stewie makes gays look really bad and he is not funny like before. Everyone else had little to no change in character. But why did a majority of the main cast change personalities? Family Guy was a good show while it lasted and while some of the new episodes still make me laugh here and there, it's not enough for me to really watch this show anymore. Seth has been going down hill since airing The Cleveland Show and he needs to get it together. It's a shame to see this series has gone down hill, and maybe it's time that Seth cancel this show and put all his effort into his only watchable show, American Dad, or postpone this show to get new ideas and humor going. If you want to really enjoy Family Guy, watch the first 4 seasons and avoid every other season.
  • I'm done. Family Guy has become so unfunny, so badly written, that I'm quitting watching this show.


    This was the worst episode of Family Guy, in fact the worst episode of any TV show, that I've ever seen.

    I pull funnier things than this off the inside of used bandaids. I find funnier things than this at the bottom of my handkerchief at the height of allergy season. Wards full of late-term ebola sufferers are funnier than this.

    Ashton Kucher consoles the rest of the cast of Two And A Half Men by patting them on the back and saying "There there, at least we're not as unfunny as Family Guy".

    I would rather eat a large bowl of live centipedes than watch this episode again. I would rather have unnecessary bowel surgery. I would rather lick the inside of John Goodman's underwear after he's been for a three-day hike without changing clothes.

    I hate you, Family Guy writers. You've killed what was once the funniest thing on TV. You suck.

  • Not an enjoyable show

    Well, to start it off, this show has copied one of the most beloved shows of all time, The Simpsons. It is also racist, crude, politically incorrect, and stupid. Sure there are some funny jokes here and there, but mostly it is just dumb. Another thing, Peter Griffin is not a "family guy". He is a careless father (Homer Simpson cares about his family) who is obsessed with porn stores and hangs out with his weird friends. No disrespect to those of you who like this show, but it is just dumb. Also, their baby Stewie wants to kill his Mom! I don't know what got into these writers with their ideas. This show can also be very mean to Asians, blacks, and Mexicans. One word-Crap.

    (Thumbs up if this show isn't freakin' sweet!)

  • This is a great show but..

    This show is about a guy named Peter Griffin and his family who are Lois Griffin, Chris Griffin, Brian Griffin, and Meg Griffin. This show is funny because Peter ends up making trouble but he makes his troubles kinda funny. There was a episode when Peter bought a tank when he was suppose to find a car for Meg so instead he brought the tank for himself and used it to cause trouble. The things that I don't really like about the show is that is too random like every character mentions a weird moment and that kinda makes the show boring or a waste but some of those moments are funny. Another thing is that they show a lot of reruns of this show which kinda gets annoying but it depends on the person watching it and I kinda find it annoying but at least it's better than shows that you know are a waste of time. Overall, this show is great comedy animation show and it could make you laugh but it could be boring if you watch it too much though.
  • Funyyyy!!!!!

    Family Guy is one of the most funniest shows on tv right now. It always cheers me up when im in a bad mood. . . The main cast and their main parts are Seth MacFarlane, who voices Peter Griffin, Stewie Griffin, Brian Griffin, Glenn Quagmire, and Tom Tucker.... Alex Borstein as Lois Griffin.... Loretta Brown (until the character was retired in season four), and Trisha Takanawa. . Seth Green as Chris Griffin; and Mila Kunis as Meg Griffin. The main cast do voices for several recurring characters other than those listed, as well as impersonate celebrities and pop-culture icons.
  • A good show overall, but there are things in this show that I'm starting to dislike.

    Family Guy is a good show. Seasons 1-3 were really good, season four and season five were pretty decent, and season six was alright. However, in season seven, the show went downhill. The storylines got worse, the characters started to annoy me, and the jokes just weren't as funny. Fortunately, the show went uphill in season eight, but there are still a few things in this show that I don't like.

    Gross-out gags- I'm getting sick of the writers overusing gross humor. It's okay once in a while, but I'm getting tired of the characters vomiting all the time. I remember in one episode where Brian had to "clean" Stewie's diaper. It wasn't funny in the least.

    Violence- Is it me, or are the characters getting really violent towards each other? Seriously, they just beat each other up for the worst reasons. I remember last night's episode where Quagmire barged into the Griffin's house, and mercilessly beat Brian. Scenes like that are unnecessary, and they're being used too often.

    Lois- My new least favorite main character. She's extremely judgmental and rude to everyone. Also, she's really mean to Brian, and that's why I hate her character.

    Racist humor- Family Guy is a funny show, but it definitely isn't funny when it blatantly makes fun of other groups of people. Things like people assuming that black people are robbing them just aren't funny.

    Despite the bad, there are definitely some things in this show that are improving and keeping me watching this show.

    Brian and Stewie- I know some people think these two characters are taking over the show, but I like seeing them in most episodes. They're my favorite characters in the show, as they're both hilarious, and they bring emotion into the show.

    No Meg bashing- Meg getting picked on by the Griffin family got annoying after a while, but it's finally stopped. I like seeing Meg stand up for herself, and not be a punching bag.

    Good humor- Despite some of the bad jokes in this show, there are still parts that make me laugh. The humor is still occasionally witty, and can be hilarious.

    Overall, Family Guy has its flaws, but its still a good show. It had a bad run for a while, but it's improving, and I still like it.
  • Makes me laugh more and more every episode.

    This is possibly the best TV show out there. It could be the next The Simpons in meaning this could be the show that goes as long as them. Personally my favourite character is Stewie. Although i wish they'd bring back a few more episodes were he trys to kill Louis(his mother). My favourite non family character would be Quagmire. He is 1 of Peters main 3 friends and for sure the most funny. My favourite episode would be PTV s4 ep forgoten. In this episode Peter creates his own TV network. If your reading this and Family guy is own stop reading and go watch
  • It's the Stewie/Brian duo, the musical numbers and the sometimes gorgeous animation that's worth sticking around for.

    If Family Guy had the wit from its earlier seasons and never had the "jokes" on domestic violence, rape and sexism, it would be my idea of heaven. Cartoon? Check. Random and observational humour? Check. Cute, funny, effeminate baby boy? Mmm-hmm! Music that captures the swinging joviality of the MGM era? You better believe it, buddy. To expand on my point about wit, I wish today's FG eps would contain the quick, subtle conversations it used to have (Brian: "What? I said 'runt'.") and give up on the three expletives per episode (are they part of a deal that says they have to cram them in as much as they can or something?) because you don't need to swear constantly to be funny - and I'm tired of scrambling desperately for the mute/pause button whenever I'm watching FG and one of my parents enters the room. FG barely ever swore in the earlier seasons and a great deal of the dialogue in the earlier seasons was really funny. It would be funnier if Lois or Peter were about to swear in an episode and then realised Stewie was in the same room and had to drag the word out to change it into another word. I bet any money I could write a funny FG ep that didn't contain one expletive/offensive word (oh yeah, I said it!)
  • A once funny show is now nothing more than a sad desperate cry for attention.

    Family guy used to be one of the funniest shows on tv, but now they recycle the same jokes and skits over and over and over until it actually becomes annoying. The Fox Sunday Line-up has become nothing more than a desperate attempt for Seth MacFarlane to stay on tv. What happened to good sunday shows like king of the hill and futurama. Its pretty sad when The simpsons (22+ years old) is the best show in the line up. I hope he just gives up soon so fox can make room for a new sitcoms that arent reusing the same jokes from seasons 1-3
  • Another low-budget time filler by Fox.

    Another low-budget time filler by Fox. By this point in the game, its clear that Seth Mcfarlen is just creating shows to get more money for himself by doing all the voices. Cheap animation, outdated culture referances, terrible voice acting, and low-shots are all that comprise this rapidly aging series.
    I know no adults who watch this show, but i know plenty of children who watch it. Which makes perfect sense considering your essentialy sentancing yourself to 22 minutes of sex jokes, fat jokes, and fart jokes. The bread-and-butter of low quality comedy.
    Do yourself a favour and avoid this show, if you must watch something, make it a show with something clever to say such as The Simpsons or Futurama.
  • crap

    This is a very pointless tv show. The jokes are irrelevant to the plot and not even moderately funny. This is basically the same dumbass humor of other Seth Green shows such as "Robot Chicken" and the dreaded "American Dad". This show is very outclassed by the Simpsons and copies a lot of Greoning's jokes. This show is pretty much created for stupid people who enjoy dumb pointless humor and interchangeable jokes. This show is for people who don't understand The Simpsons or Futurama. This show is for dumbass kids and hooligans. If you see this on one the 10 different channels its broadcasted on than please change it to something meaningful.
  • Family Guy rises from the ashes of cancellation and continues it's keep it's rank as the funniest and one of the best shows on TV today.

    Even though I was made at Fox cancelling Family before, I am glad they realized it's popularity on Adult Swim and the huge success on DVD. Family Guy is the funniest show on television. There is never an episode that makes you fell deja vu. Ever scene gives you original laughs as Peter continues his hilarity of ignorance and Stewie presses foward his plan to rule the world. Everyone has their own unique hilarious character, like Quagmire's obsession with women, especially Lois. Seth McFarlane is a true genius and I hope Fox will continue to air Family Guy. It is what most other comedies should be: fresh and original. Family is definitely the funniest and one of the best all-around shows on televsion today. Mr. McFarlane, I salute you.
  • Hilarious show. A little dumb sometimes, but who cares! It's awesome!

    The Griffins aren't exactly your average everyday family, even though they are portrait to be so, but their wacky adventures and personalities high lights Family Guy from other "family" shows. On these hilarious animated series anything and everything can and will happen. Enriched with pop culture which is usually parodied and humored making everything even funnier, and it's truly non-stop laughing with the griffins. The family is composed by the idiotic father Peter, the clever mom Louis, the evil baby Stewie, the neglected teenage daughter Meg, the even more dumb son Chris, and the amorphous family dog Brian, who acts and enjoys martinis like any regular human adult would. To the collection of outrageous characters adds up the neighbors, like Joe Swanson, Cleveland, and my favorite: Glenn Quaqmire. I love the flashbacks, which is a feature I haven't seen in any other show as a characteristic, even though these flashbacks do not collaborate to the evolution of the story, but they never fail on bringing the laughs out of anybody. This isn't exactly what you'd call a "smart show" to be quite honest, or something a kid below fourteen should watch, but when older viewers just want to relax and forget about problems and just have a guaranteed laugh, Family Guy is the best choice.
  • We follow the legacy of the Griffin Family, in their twisted, yet un-challenging adventures. This show is called Family Guy.

    Family Guy, it's know to some people as the "Simpsons Killer" and it may just be a Simpsons Killer. Family Guy is a show that consists of a average family, living in a average town, or that's what they want you to believe. Peter, the father, is a lovable fat man, who just is a plain... idiot. He gets drunk most of the time, and really doesn't make sense. Lois, the mother, a sweet caring woman, who looks after the family, and survives every attempt her crazy one-year-old tries to kill her. Stewart, or Stewie, is a bent World-Domination baby who attempts to take over the World, but can't even take over the mother. Chris is another big fellow, he's 13, and he wouldn't even hurt a fly, unless it's on his food. Meg, a 16 year old, she's the drama-queen of the family, always complanining how the "Cool teens" pick on her. Then there's Brian, the family dog, the intellegent one of the family if somebody will call it that. He is one who loves a goood ol' alcholoic drink, once in a while.

    All of this family together makes a few things: Havoc, great moments in the show, and sometimes disturbing thing. But in the end, this show is excellent in every way, I can say one thing, it will make you laugh, it's just that great, you will find a sense of humor if you have not already.

    Family Guy was created in 1999, way longer after the Simpsons, there has been controveries that Simpsons is better than Family Guy, but face the facts, Family Guy is a great show, and it has more sense of humor, and is more funnier. But note, most epsiodes aren't intended for younger kids, they show nudity at some sorts, and stuff flat out not intended for kids. But besides that, Family Guy is a great show and will make you laugh from one time to another. Family Guy is exactly what it was named "freakin sweet"
  • This show makes me laugh my a$$ off everytime I watch this. There is no show that comes close to FAMILY GUY.

    Family Guy is the only show that can make you laugh all the time. It was ahead of its time because FOX canceled this show. It took them a long time for them to understand that Family Guy was one of the best shows they had. I'm happy that they finnaly brought this show back and I hope they don't take it away. I recommend this to anyone who like to laugh a lot and if you find out that you like this show, go out and look for the first three seasons out on DVD. This show rocks my socks.
  • Quality Entertainment but with a few bad episodes

    I feel it's not right to compare it to the Simpsons, Futurama or South Park, It delivers the crude jokes that make it loved or hated in a good fashion most of the time, character development is decent but not perfect and the cutaways are bizarre and a lot of the time are the best part of an episode (although they do get tiring sometimes).

    There are episodes which have storylines that really don't work and rely purely on the jokes to make it work but the great majority of episodes keep me laughing. Some more original jokes and less Celebrity mockeries would be good, also it would be neat if they did Viewer Mail Episodes more often rather than messing about with an Idea the writers have that just doesn't work.

    There are plenty good things I could say about it. I really don't think the humour took as much of a fall as others are saying here but that is my opinion. Just short of a 9 in my opinion, easily (oh god they're gonna kill me for this) among the greatest comedy shows on TV.

  • I can see why so many people love it, and I can see why so many people hate it.

    This is definitely a show that's for those who like parodies, drunk, sexual, offensive, and violent humor. I have no exact favorite, but Peter and Stewie are on the top duking it out.

    The first season was good for warming-up. None of the episodes were classics, but they were funny nontheless.

    The second and third seasons were without a doubt the best. Almost no episodes were unforgettable, and the ones that are still had the humor from the first season.

    Season 4 was about as decent as season 1, but not any lower than that. It was a comeback after they were cancelled, so it was another warm-up. At least this season had a few classic episodes.

    Season 5 and on I lost interest in. The fifth season had some good ones, I won't lie; however, some were just so boring that I actually changed the channel.

    So yeah, it'll entertain you somehow, but if you wish to get the good laughs, I recommend seasons 2-3 and if you love it, seasons 1 and 4, and if you STILL love it, check out the other seasons.

  • Well, it has gone downhill and lost some of its humor but it's still not that bad as some people say

    Season 1 - 8.5/10

    Season 2 - 9.0/10

    Season 3 - 9.5/10

    Season 4 - 8.5/10

    Season 5 - 8.0/10

    Season 6 - 7.5/10

    Season 7 - 7.0/10

    Season 8 - 5.0/10

    Season 9 - 4.5/10

    Season 10 - 5.5/10

    Season 11 - 7.5/10

    Season 9 was the worst IMO. But most of the stuff on FG is not to be taken seriously yet people still do! Yeah the Conway Twitty and 80s music video stuff was stupid and not funny and most of the repetitive gags were funny the first time around but not the next 100 times. I liked Peter fighting the giant chicken and the episodes where Brian and Stewie travel through time or get cloned or even travel to various parallel universes. I just don't get why people say this is the worst animated show, not even close. But there are a lot of flaws and cheap humor but other than that, it's not bad. I do miss the humor from the 1999-2002 years but come on, everyone has to move on okay. I just wish the Family Guy haters would stop! Seriously grow up you stupid trolls. I'm not all keen to reviews since every single page has nothing but bad reviews by trolls who have nothing better to do than write fake crappy reviews of shows they probably have never even seen. But anyways if you watch this show, try to watch the Brain and Stewie episodes, they're the best IMO and don't listen to the haters just ignore those sad pathetic trolls! Like I sad, Family Guy is not terrible just mediocre at times, thank you!
  • Its the worst show now.

    The show used to be so good in the years 2000-2005 but now it is just showing nothing but Stewie and Bryan gay show. Why is Stewie gay Do they think that for a 1 year old baby to be gay that it's funny. Because its not funny. And there is no more episodes about Peter about him being dumb. He's just a non factor in his own show. Worst show now. Just a pitiful show now. I hope they cancel this show real soon. If they don't show and bring the comedy back then this show needs to be canceled.
  • Family guy is in my top 3 greatest cartoons on tv today. Its fresh, politically incorrectand ,unpredictable, and hilarious to watch! Keep this show on forever!

    Family guy is in my top 3 greatest cartoons on tv today. Its fresh and unpredictable. All characters are perfectly balanced and unique. Stewie and Brian are my favorite. The shock factor in the politically incorrect jokes makes this show stand apart from most of the shows today.
    I hope they never censure this show of cancel it. Family guy makes all the statements that need to be said once in a while. The prostate exam episode still makes me smile every time I think of it. Everyone had those times where they are thinking something they cant say because it is not correct to comment….well in cases like that I see some family guy episodes flashing in my mind…and it's hard to not grin. Keep this show on forever!
  • Family Guy is the best show on TV today and is probably the funniest too. This show is even better than the Simpsons.

    Family guy is one of the funniest shows on TV today and probably one of the funniest of all time. The plots are good and the stories are funny. The Characters are funny and have great voice actors to play them. The show all feels like it flows good and that helps to make it more funny.

    The plots are usually for more adult viewers and the jokes are aimed towards adults. The jokes that they do make are very funny, and are usually placed at just the right time. Some people say that the jokes are to sexual or inapropriate, but I think that is what make the show so funny.

    Even though they were taken off the air Family Guy was so popular that Fox had to bring it back. That says something, I don't know of any other shows that have been canceled and then came back on the air. Even though Family Guy is into its fourth season the series is still running strong and keeps bringing the laughs. This show is one of the funniest and best overall shows on the air today.
  • Starting to go downhill

    I have loved the older episodes of family guy but recently I have found myself hating recent episodes, They seem to try too hard to get laughs unlike previous episodes when it flowed with the story. Still love the show but they need to tone it down a bit.
  • Family Guy's So Bloody Addictive

    I totally agree with all of what "therealdeal" has said. I'm sick of people moaning that the only Family Guy seasons that were good were 1-3. Sure, season 3 upwards - the shows were awesome. But season 1 and 2? Please, its obvious why the show was cancelled. The episodes are boring and the characters are under-developed, but I'm not saying that they should never have been made. In fact, I think it's more interesting now to see how far the characters have come. Stewie is good as an evil baby, but when he was just evil it was a bit dull. I, like "therealdeal" also enjoy hearing Seth voice his opinions through Brian. Why is everyone complaining so much? He created the character and has the right to do as he wishes. Many have also complained about Quagmire's transformation into an upright bitchy snob. Well, just like Stewie and Brian, the character had to go somewhere. Yes, I think they could do with bringing back the more cheery and perky Quagmire we all loved. However, I think he's become a lot cooler and sly with the ladies, which is good development for his character. I do have a bit of a problem with Peter. He's become downright idiotic with far less compassion or feeling. Lois is becoming increasingly irritating. All she does is nag now. I want the cool karate-fighting Lois back.

    I'll be honest. Sometimes the shows fall flat. Sometimes there are jokes which are just rude or gags I just don't get. But this show is soooooo addictive. I think it's something to do with the rich variety of characters. I was thinking about this as I was staring at my giant Maxi Family Guy poster on my wall...
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