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  • Never liked the Family Guy, but an episode did save my husbands life

    My son (currently 20 y/o) loved watching the Family Guy. I would hear him laughing from the other room and I would just yell out, "that show is dumbing you down!" A little over two weeks ago, while out of town, I called to chat with my husband and asked how his day went. He said, "Well, started with getting a flat tire on the truck, then later I cooked a steak and almost choked. Sean had to do the Heimlich maneuver twice to dislodge the steak, fractured my ribs in the process, but I'm alive, breathing and no brain damage due to lack of Thinking Sean learned it in school or some other after school activity, we asked him where he learned it as we wanted to call and give whoever credit for sharing this knowledge. Imagine our surprise when Sean said, "The Family Guy". Soooo... If anyone can direct me on who/where to contact I would so appreciate it. I still don't like the show and will never sit and watch it, but i must give credit where it's due.
  • Unbearable!

    I agree that American Dad is the superior show. I hope Family Guy gets cancelled before too long.
  • Sometimes it works, other times it just fails :/

    Family Guy is an adult cartoon that people either love or hate; I've sat through several adult cartoons and most of them were just okay while some failed miserably. Family Guy is in the okay category; there are some jokes I actually find funny, but most of the time the humor is just so blandly executed it makes you wonder why it's still on the air. Then there's the matter of the characters; Homer Simpson- I mean Peter Griffin is an idiot, but unlike Homer at least he has a sense of reason in some episode. Lois is Peter's wife who tries to keep things in order, Chris is the typical teenager that watches porn and is as dumb as his father, Stewie is the evil baby and Brian is the straight dog. I'm going to talk about Meg separately from her family because she's every teenage daughter we've seen before; she's belittled, she's humiliated, she's abused, she's harassed etc etc. And what's worse is that she just puts up with it and we as the audience are supposed to laugh at her torture. That's not how it works, if you're going to make torturing someone funny, they need to deserve it. Squidward is a jerk to SpongeBob, he gets hurt, the audience laughs. That's what we call slapstick, when a character gets his comeuppance for being a jerk. Meg never acts like a bitch to anyone, unless they treat her like shit; having her tortured for no reason isn't good comedy. Let's talk animation; it's not bad, but I've seen much better. The character designs have this really awkward look to them, especially with their heads; but like Hey Arnold, the rest of the animation is find and it's really a nitpick. The animation itself moves rather quickly, so quickly in fact that when they move a frame or two of animation is missing. Then there's the writing for each episode and---ughhhhh---it is just bad. For the plot of each episode doesn't pick up until several minutes in and when it does pick up, it is executed very poorly with pointless cut aways and annoying gags. So, yeah Family Guy has its moments, but there are much better shows than this; it's now gotten to the point where the people that were demanding the show be brought back after it was cancelled in 2003 are now the same people who want it to die. Maybe the should've been content with what they got instead of acting like a bunch of spoiled brats; then they wouldn't complain as much
  • This Show Has Ran Its Course, The Humor Doesn't Work Anymore


    It was a really funny show, the last seasons have been lacking in humor though. Family Guy should have retired with positive nostalgia while it was still on top, now every season its reputation shrinks more and more and its too late. It's humor is massively stretched now and the producers seem to just copy and paste older gags into the plots of recent episodes. They continued to follow this trend with there recent seasons without noticing that even using those older gags over and over makes the show less enjoyable. So even when they don't do that they go overboard on the shock humor and it can't even be called "shock humor" anymore because they will somehow make it overly disturbing than it has to be, it does not work anymore.
  • I'm a hardcore fan indeed. But this show needs serious changes.

    I am a huge fan of family guy. And I probably always will be. But I've noticed how it has declined lately. Seasons 1-6 were definitely the best seasons, my favorites are 4 and 5. The first 6 seasons were the most original and had good plots and funny humor that everyone would love. It has slightly gone downhill since Season 7, but I still really loved Seasons 7-12, in fact some of my favorite episodes are among those seasons. But Family Guy DEFINITELY showed the downfall in Season 13. It was a horribly desperate season with lazy writing, boring plots and dry jokes, as well as unnecessary cutaways that make me lose interest in what I'm actually watching. I could only name a handful of episodes I actually enjoyed from that season.

    But this show seriously needs a comeback, fast. Whoever is doing the job right now need to get working because the newer episodes are just less funny. Now I'll admit that Season 14 has been pretty good so far (except for the premiere, that was awfully painful to watch). But before this show ends before it's time, they need to make serious changes:

    1) PLEASE give Stewie more screen time, and Peter and the guys less screen time. A lot of the plots lately have been centering around Peter and his friends and they've been extremely boring. Plus, I hate Peter as well as Quagmire. 2) Change Peter's personality back to the way it was in Seasons 1-3, because to be honest, his self-importance, ignorance, and abusive personality is really putting me off. 3) Make sure the Meg abuse, or even the slightest comment or joke towards her is over completely now. I love Meg a lot and even though many people find it funny, I certainly don't. I find it disgusting, I've probably only laughed at it a couple of times when I first watched it. and,4) stop with the boring, unneeded, time-filling cutaways. They make me want to turn the *** show off. Idk, maybe you need them to fill up the episode time because there has been a lack of effort in them? Just please stop with them because they make the show unbearable to watch.

    Clearly, I know that this show has lacked in sense or even humor since maybe 2011, but I still enjoyed the show from then up until Season 13. That season was horribly awful. Season 14 is an improvement indeed and I'm enjoying it a lot but they'res still some things that I want to see changes to. And all 4 of them are above. I'll always love Family Guy, but I'm not afraid to admit that this show has been lackluster lately. And if things don't change then it will end sooner than wanted. It certainly won't run as long as The Simpsons, it's most comparable show, but that's the way it is. Family Guy has just gone downhill lately and it's certainly not what it used to be. I kind of agree with people who say they rehash old stuff too. Please, just please, get your shit together and make serious changes to what was once a good effort. This show has hit the bottom of the pit. (my rating is 7.5 due to my love for the show including all the awful changes and because of s13)
  • mehh its ok but has some serious problems

    easy things that will make modern family guy better (1. give it more chicken fights come on writers they're a fan favorite (2. try to tell more actual jokes ( poop jokes,sex references,random pop-culture references that come out of no where ,and being gross doesn't count as a joke) (3. get rid of Cleveland he is unfunny and annoying, (3. give Stewie more screen time he is the best character on the show (4. Stop being preachy Its Family Guy not South Park the last episode they made was about racism and how it is bad ( * GHASP* Imagine that racism is BAD may be next time they will teach us stealing is bad or that FISH live in WATER) that kind of plot isn't funny not funny family guy you had one job be funny
  • A good show overall, but there are things in this show that I'm starting to dislike.

    Family Guy is a good show. Seasons 1-3 were really good, season four and season five were pretty decent, and season six was alright. However, in season seven, the show went downhill. The storylines got worse, the characters started to annoy me, and the jokes just weren't as funny. Fortunately, the show went uphill in season eight, but there are still a few things in this show that I don't like.

    Gross-out gags- I'm getting sick of the writers overusing gross humor. It's okay once in a while, but I'm getting tired of the characters vomiting all the time. I remember in one episode where Brian had to "clean" Stewie's diaper. It wasn't funny in the least.

    Violence- Is it me, or are the characters getting really violent towards each other? Seriously, they just beat each other up for the worst reasons. I remember last night's episode where Quagmire barged into the Griffin's house, and mercilessly beat Brian. Scenes like that are unnecessary, and they're being used too often.

    Lois- My new least favorite main character. She's extremely judgmental and rude to everyone. Also, she's really mean to Brian, and that's why I hate her character.

    Racist humor- Family Guy is a funny show, but it definitely isn't funny when it blatantly makes fun of other groups of people. Things like people assuming that black people are robbing them just aren't funny.

    Despite the bad, there are definitely some things in this show that are improving and keeping me watching this show.

    Brian and Stewie- I know some people think these two characters are taking over the show, but I like seeing them in most episodes. They're my favorite characters in the show, as they're both hilarious, and they bring emotion into the show.

    No Meg bashing- Meg getting picked on by the Griffin family got annoying after a while, but it's finally stopped. I like seeing Meg stand up for herself, and not be a punching bag.

    Good humor- Despite some of the bad jokes in this show, there are still parts that make me laugh. The humor is still occasionally witty, and can be hilarious.

    Overall, Family Guy has its flaws, but its still a good show. It had a bad run for a while, but it's improving, and I still like it.
  • Awesome and hilarious!!!

    Love family guy. It speaks the truth of the aspects of life. It's also brings light to reality.
  • Hilarious, That's it.

    It's just stupidly hilarious, but nothing more. So much fun to watch.
  • What happend to the comedy?

    As we all know many shows lose their touch as time goes on. However in my opinion Family Guy has been the worst offender of them all. While it was never my favorite cartoon, Family Guy used to be a really funny show. Yes while at the surface it seemed to be a subpar sop***ric Simpsons clone it actually was a clever funny and even occasionally heart warming show (though it was still packed offensive yet funny humor) Sadly though the subpar Simpsons clone that people accused it of is what I would generally describe the newer seasons.

    Where Family guy lost its tough is very controversial. Some say it was after the 2005 comeback. some would argue it wasn't until season 13. To me seasons 1-3 were definitely the best but on the other hand 4-6 weren't too shabby either. For me season 7 was when the show took a turn for the worst.

    Peter became a sociopathic criminal with hints of pedophilia and incest in one particularly awful episode, Brian has became a pretentious dick who is just there to blabbe Seth's thoughts, and Stewie is just a gay stereotype now. Almost all of the other characters have suffered as well, these were just the ones that stuck out in my mind.

    Now as for the comedy it is generally pretty lackluster now. Cutaways are rampant and lazy as they get, the overly long gags are just dreadful and seem to go on so long that even if it was funny to begin with it got tedious and dull. Many of the references are just as forced. The biggest problem is the "shocking humor". I use air quotes because it isn't shocking, just so, so desperate. Instead of trying to amuse they just show the most heinous things and these things fill up entire episodes! They aren't funny for obvious reasons and they aren't even shocking because they show them so freaking much! It's like an 11 year old just discovered what curse words are.

    With all these negatives though the score isn't very low. I think it would be unfair to give it a lower score because it used to be a funny series and even the newer episodes can be good if not great! Sadly these good episodes have gotten increasingly rarer and rarer, this is giving me a harder time forgiving the show for what it once was when the good to bad season ratio is getting less favorable each season.

    It's Fox's time to pull the plug from Family Guy. Maybe give it another season or 2 and a movie but that's all this show needs at this point. Even with other series like The Simpsons, Adventure Time, SpongeBob and American Dad (to some extent, American Dad is still quite good) yes they have gotten worse but the episodes are still generally solid and the bad episodes are usually just boring. Family Guy's bad episodes are downright insulting and the series has lost a lot of dignity and respect as result to that. Let the show rest in peace while the crew works on American Dad or a new show with the enthusiasm that was long lost here. Or maybe Family Guy will improve, who knows :p
  • American Dad is so much better

    I used to love Family Guy in seasons 1-4. Seasons 5-7 had mostly good episodes and also a few bad episodes, but seasons 8 to present are terrible. It's all a bunch of forced crude humor for the sake of crude humor, liberal propaganda, religious bigotry, and unfunny jokes based on characters being assholes to everyone. I especially hate Lois and Bonnie. They are truly awful characters. I wish this show got canceled years ago. It's now the worst of the 3 SMcF shows. The Cleveland Show was ok yet boring, and American Dad has always been pretty good. If the current year was 2006, I would rank the show 9/10. In 2012, I would give it 5/10. Now it's only 2/10. A few of the episodes from the last few seasons are decent, which is the only reason it's not 1/10.
  • Family Guy Needs To End

    Just like Phineas and Ferb, Family Guy is a show that needs to stop airing, along with all of the other garbage like this show such as The Cleveland Show. But, I'm going to stick mainly to Family Guy now, because unlike our 'beloved' P&F, which ended, this show is still going on. The reason why this show needs to die is because of the Lady And The Tramp parody they did with Michael Vick. I can tolerate some show poking fun at this movie, which is one of my passions, but to parody it with such little care whatsoever, and having a parody that involves drowning two of my favorite characters, with HORRIBLE animation is INEXCUSABLE. FUCK THIS SHOW UP ITS ASS! And that's not the sole reason this show should be banned from every single network ever. It's also because everything I have seen of this show is unfunny anti-humor drivel with some of the worst fucking animation ever. This show doesn't even deserve a 1, because giving it 1 is basically like giving it a cookie instead of cake. This show deserve only one "1", and that is a fat middle finger stuffed up its ass and out its mouth.
  • South park is right about this show.

    Family guy once had an appeal in the early seasons but now it doesn't. The cut aways are stupid they say remember the time i punched myself in the balls and it rolls a pointless clip. The gags drag on long enough to the point were it just plain boring and the majority of the time their just time fillers. In family guy they constantly reuse jokes up until the point where it is not even remotely funny they have had 3 chicken fights, Cleveland has fallen out of that bath tub like what ten times sure these kinds of things can be funny the first and second time but really come on. Then there is the Cleveland show which is just terrible I saw and episode and Cleveland said "I have fallen out of that bath tub more times then it could possibly be funny" so they are aware of it so why are they still doing it? And also they have done the bird is the word joke that is just plain annoying and unfunny and they have had to have Conway Twitty for 3 minutes I'm dead serious some boring country singer just to fill up the episode. Have you ever seen any other show do this?
  • Our brains can not take anymore of this garbage

    To rate this show at all is actually a waste of time.

    The characters are boring and exxaggerated.

    It seems only to have one function and that is to make people that watch it stupid.

    I've tried watching this show but it seems as if it was written by a very sick person, Simpsons could at least be funny as it was a serious comedy this UTTER GARBAGE has no place on TV or ANYWHERE!

    Better to cancel it and save us the boredom
  • best show ever. too bad matt groaning riped of this show we should sew him

    this show is much better than da simpsonz and american bad. seth and his team of writers put so much genius into this series. i cried so hard when brian died, laughed so hard when brain gave stuie herpes, and went hysterical when peter married chris. peter is way better than that doug ripoff homer simpson and that dumb satan smith. he is the best cartoon dad ever, don't you forget about it. family guy is the best show ever and it deserves a thousand emmies, not the shitty ripoffs above. this is the best cartoon ever to grace television history and i hope it gets remembered for thousand of years. 10/10 A++++++++++++++++++++
  • Family guy/american dad

    I think family guy and american dad should make an episode where they have a wife swap. They should make an episode where Francine and Louis switch husband's for a week.
  • Uncalled for language

    The language they use on Family Guy now is inappropriate (i. e. Fuck, cock, asshole, dick,etc)

    It was funny without the bad language adding the bad language just shows no class.

    Quit while your ahead....
  • MacFarlane has sold way out!

    MacFarlane has sold way out! His show has just turned into every other show! It is nothing but dumbed down trendy idiot propaganda now! That is the best way I can describe it, without going into deep detail. And I do not feel like wasting anymore of my time explaining why a crappy show stinks! Thank you!
  • Great show. Really funny. Way better than new Simpsons. Reminds me of Simpsons in its classic seasons.

    Come on guys, whats wrong with you? You all really need a sense of freakin humor for cryin out loud.

    This show is really funny & its way better than those boring ass newer episodes from The Simpsons.

    Yes, Family Guy did go sort of downhill, but episodes from 2013-present are still leaving people in stitches.

    Family Guy is not afraid to push the edge of the acceptable boundaries. Jokes about Michael J Fox's high profile battle with Parkinson's disease have caused public anger (these people really need a sense of humor), but the show continues.

    The Griffins and their aqquaintiences are really funny in their own ways.

    Peter Griffin is hilarious, he is on a tie with Homer Simpson. Lois, being a nagging wife and mom still manages to be funny at times, Chris , being an idiot has his moments, Meg sucks tho although everyone's treatment to her can be hilarious at times- for example, whenever Peter yells Shut up Meg! Everybody laughs and in the Star Wars parodies she is shown as some kind of gross monster , and Stewie & Brian are pure comedy gold especially when they go on their foreign Sci-fi adventures together.

    Quagmire is frighteningly predatory in his sexual advances, and Joe makes consistent jokes about the inability of his legs to work, & when he disagrees with something he yells and it never fails to make you laugh. Cleveland may be a bit tasteless but that doesn't effect the shows clever humor. Mayor West, oh my God he's the man. He's played by and based on his real identity (Adam West obviously) but in a cartoonish manner. They even have James Woods as a character for Gods sake.

    The cutaway gags are underrated, seriously. Even Trey Parker & Matt Stone (creators of South Park) bashed these. Come on, there just jealous. Without their amazing cutaway gags, the show wouldn't be anywhere near as original and comical. Rather than simply saying "oh no,we're done for and its all my fault" Family Guy has a tendency to say something like "this is worse than that time I saw Michael Jacksons groin treatment dance (cuts away to Michael Jackson slapping his groin, hitting it with wood and even shooting it while he still dances on stage) . Absolutely brilliant.

    The success of Family Guy lead Seth MacFarlane and his writers to produce successful films such as the Ted films and Million Ways to Die in The West, and I highly reccomend them for any fan of this show.

    I think FOX should pass the torch to Family Guy as todays most successful animated sitcom on FOX. The Simpsons were better than Family Guy at a long point, but that's long over. Go watch a Simpsons episode from season 18 and beyond then watch a Family Guy episode, then compare the humor and see what I mean.
  • Mind changed on this show!

    Not really a Simpsons rip-off, it's super hilarious! I don't give two shits if I'm 13 and like this show!
  • Family Guy

    First seasons were good, the later seasons are meh/bad
  • This is still airing?

    This show used to be "funny" back when it first started airing and crude humor was still sort of new. The fact that this is still airing now though is unbelievable to me. How many edgy, used up jokes can they still manage to pull out of their asses? If you like a show that's repetitive, idiotic, slapstick humor, I'd recommend this to you. Otherwise, find yourself a better show to watch. This one is horrible.
  • Seth Macfarlane can suck my ass.

    If you are dumb and ignorant then this show is perfect, if you are slightly intelligent you think its funny but stupid, if youre actually intelligent you realise quickly that the show is pretentious, boring, repetitive, needlessly insulting and poorly written. JUST DIE ALREADY!!
  • I love it.

    I just love how they talk shit about everyone. I love the fact they risk/risked getting sued because of it. Same with south park. Literally just love the shit talking. I hope they get worse too and offend everyone at some point. They say what most people want to but can't. Or won't. I know the show will most likely end soon. But it's too bad.. Maybe someone should just make a show that shit talks the whole time. I definitely would watch that.
  • a stupid idea of a show from the get go

    its shit full class shit its not funny it makes people sick to their stomach its insensitive and full of anti religious symbolism and mean spirited jokes bottom line THIS SHOW NEEDS TO DIE AND BURN IN LIVING HELL
  • @Lukas1977 thanks for sharing but ... PISS OFF will ya! Great show.

    Great show. .the sad part is that you get the feeling that Seth and gang don't wanna keep doing the show. Not sure why that happens, I guess too much of something gets to be too much. The fans still love it, I love it! Stewie is no longer trying to kill his mother and bent on world domination. That blurb about what the show is "about" is very out of date. Family guy has grown into a modern animated sitcom with characters you love and hate. I look forward to Sunday nights because of this show... until they bring the X-Files back this is as good as its gonna get! (and it may not get that good
  • Old episodes are better

    I dont know if its just me or that episodes gets even more weird and not funny every time. I still like them but old episodes are funnier to me plus they dont make em spanish anymore it will make me understand better

  • Family Guy

    The show that ripped-off "The Simpsons" is one of the most loved/hated show on earth. It's funny, intense, and etc. Back then, the show has been cancelled twice by FOX, and now they want it. Who would've known that several people hated the series, including animators, who express their opinion and/or feelings about "Family Guy". The show maybe stupid at times, but it's an okay show. The only character I feel really bad the most is: Meg Griffin, and the character that REALLY should've stayed dead is Brian because honestly, his egotism and cruelty is really getting on my nerves. But the one thing that really, really, REALLY irritates me the most about the show is those stupid gag cutaways that really has nothing to do with the episodes. It's getting old and I want that to change (it's no wonder people chose "South Park" over this show). This show has received a lot of criticism from so many people and animated TV shows (such as: The Simpsons, South Park, Futurama, because of their unsuitable content, their lame cutaways and somewhat derivative plot. Sometimes, and I repeat, SOMETIMES I wish the show really was cancelled. Okay, so I admit I have a love/hate relationship with the series, but at least I'm honest about it.

    The only score I would give "Family Guy" is a 4.0 out of 10.
  • disgusting show

    this show is disgusting ,its a disgrace